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World Rugby clarifies the try-scoring law.

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World Rugby clarifies the try-scoring law. Empty World Rugby clarifies the try-scoring law.

Post by Rugby Fan Wed May 24, 2023 9:03 am

World Rugby has clarified the law on scoring a try. During a Sevens match in HK, a defender knocked the corner post over, while trying to make a tackle. The scoring player went to ground the ball but ended up placing the ball on the corner post, which had fallen flat in the in-goal area. You can see a video of the incident on the World Rugby explainer below:

The laws don't explicity deal with this outcome, so World Rugby has clarified that the referee can award a try, if he decides it would have been scored without the cormer post obstructing the grounding. There'll be a rewrite to include any item which ends up im the in-goal area.

While World Rugby describes this as a "unique situation, highly unlikely to be repeated", Sevens often throws up posers for the laws of the game, which end up as scenarios in the longer code. Some aspects, like the kicking clock, are weakly enforced in XVs but strictly policed in Sevens, with some dramatic outcomes resulting.

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