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Where do we go from here ???

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Where do we go from here ??? Empty Where do we go from here ???

Post by TRUSSMAN66 Mon Aug 14, 2023 12:10 pm

"Star Control....
Million miles from home...
Where do I go from here ???"...

Read somewhere Clarissa Shields has called out Keith Thurman......9 rounds of action there if it happens.....Take away 8 rounds and 59 seconds if Thurman got serious which he won't....Would it sell ???? Of course it would !!!! (Maybe Thurman could insult the feminists and Shields could turn over a table).....After all  Mayweather v Mcgregor did well because Boxing has become the WWE.....Where hype supercedes everything including the fight.....

Surprised it took this long really.......Chisora throws a chair and there is an extra 10,000 buys along with a fine which Hearn is happy to pay...Haye v Chisora before that..

Jake Paul isn't to blame he's a symptom of a hijacked sport......No one would pay for him to play snooker after calling O'Sullivan out....Boxing is perfect for this invasion.

The problem is I don't see a way out of the mess.....The slobbish Tommy Fury made more money against Paul than 99% of World champions do defending their title.  What actual meaning is there to Jake Paul defeating Nate Diaz ??.....About as much as the local Baker stopping the Postie with a recorded left hook....If Cindy Crawford called out Pamela Anderson 200k buys right there.

Optimists will say the sport is dying but perhaps it is already dead......Tyson Fury will bag 50 million for ducking the elite and like Conor Benn he will have the WBC spinning for him because they get a spoonful of the cream......

If talent has no meaning....Titles have no meaning.....I really don't see where Boxing goes from here....and I'm not sure i care that much either....

Sad to say... Sad


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Where do we go from here ??? Empty Re: Where do we go from here ???

Post by Mind the windows Tino. Mon Aug 14, 2023 5:03 pm

I hear ya, T-Bone. I've stopped watching 99% of boxing for the reasons you've outlined above. It's a sh*t show of a sport these days.

But I did watch Navarrete v Valdez Saturday and was reminded what a great spectacle it can be at times. What a wonderful fight between a couple of guys who left it all out there. Plenty of skill, heart and respect. Fantastic fight. Great to see MAB and Morales sat next to each other at ringside as well.

Sadly, they are few and far apart though. The exception that proves the rule. If people are going going to pay for the sh*te you've alluded to then the sport will continue to wither.

You can't polish a turd but just occasionally, you can roll it in glitter.

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