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Fishing for tench - your preferred method?

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Fishing for tench - your preferred method? Empty Fishing for tench - your preferred method?

Post by Fists of Fury Tue 15 Nov 2011, 4:50 pm

I'd be interested in getting your thoughts on this one, gents.

In the past, I have had varying degrees of success float fishing, swimfeeding and ledgering for tench - most of it probably through float fishing sweetcorn or worm.

They've never been the easiest of fish to catch, and as such landing a tench is always quite a special moment for me, particularly given how much I like this particular species. Bigger tench, especially those with the reddish eyes are absolute beauties.

Are there any particular methods you use when fishing for tench, or any secrets you would like to share? They've not always been a fish that I've specifically fished for, but I'm tempted to have an outing or two...

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