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606v2 Slammy Awards 2011 - Awards

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606v2 Slammy Awards 2011 - Awards Empty 606v2 Slammy Awards 2011 - Awards

Post by JoshSansom Fri 02 Dec 2011, 2:14 pm

After weeks of anticipation, excitement and intrigue..... MtotheC's WWC was over and you were left with this pap. Anyhow, I have left the polls open for a suitable amount of time and now I can present the awards! I must say that I felt as though this was all conducted in the good humour that I had hoped and it goes to show what an excellent and vibrant community this is. I am also honoured to have been nominated for a couple of categories and I would like to thank everyone who did so (cheques in the post guys! Wink ).

Also, to the winners it would be great to have an acceptance speech at the bottom - keep it serious or make it humorous, the platform is yours!! Smile

Ask the Tart's Question of the Year (as personally chosen by Davieswasacrippledtart):

"Does Vince ever feel any remorse for what antics have happened in the past and does he actually befriend anyone in particular that he is the boss of? I know on 606 i got told that he has been to past concerts with Cena. Is he really as nasty as people make out? If there are any genuine good things he has done to perhaps help anyone, can anyone shed any light on them for me please?" - HolyMiky

Congratulations to Miky, hopefully he is still active enough to see this.

Prediction of the Year:

Electric Demon for "Heath Slater to be WC in a few years" .... wonderful commitment to the cause there ED!

Post of the Year:

Pauline1980 for "got to be a wrestling fan to understand" about Gaffer... never has a comment been so brutally designed to wind someone up

The "We All Think You Are Wrong; But We Respect You (Sort Of) For Refusing To Change Your Mind In The Face Of All The Evidence" Award:

Electric Demon - hats off to you for the thread and this should be one for the Slater-haters.....

Most Argumentative Bugger of the Year:

Gaffer! Overcoming the odds and Mr H Gaffer secures his first Slammy.

Fantasy Booker of the Year:

Gaffer! Establishing the fact that there wasn't a huge amount of point in him leaving the stage Gaffer is presented with his second Slammy though the real test may come when he and Mr H trade booking story lines in their own thread.

Hissy Fit of the Year:

Mr. H's "Shoot" Article.... if you haven't read it I suggest you do. Brilliant.

Best Newcomer of the Year:

MtotheC..... really, was it ever in doubt?! Fantastic effort with the WWC.

All Round Good Egg of the Year:

Hero - in a year in which our esteemed founder has built the site up there seems no-one more deserving

Regular Feature of the Year:

Random Thoughts by the undisputedY2D2 .... genius and insanity in equal measures but also one of the best reads on the site

Thread of the Year:

Ask the Tart by Davieswasacrippledtart .... legitimate knowledge and internet forums rarely go together so well, fantastic effort to Gavin and everyone else who contributed in terms of questions and answers.

Best Overall Contributor:

And the winner is .................. GAFFER!!!!!!! In a clear victory for clear opinions, regular posting and a Scotch mindset Gaffer is crowned the best of the best on 606v2 for this year and I don't believe that anyone not trying to WUM him would argue with that. Congratulations.

So, for the reckoning there is a great spread of winners but both Gaffer and Electric Demon can call themselves multi-time Slammy winners. Will one of them go on to become the next Michael Cole, we hope not! Smile Anyway, it is also great to see that so many different people were nominated, so many were considered worthy of an award by someone and I hope and I am sure that this site will be bigger and better for the second annual Slammy Awards in 2012.

Now is time for the after show party, BYOB unfortunately but do enjoy yourselves!



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606v2 Slammy Awards 2011 - Awards Empty Re: 606v2 Slammy Awards 2011 - Awards

Post by MtotheC's Wrasslin Biatch Fri 02 Dec 2011, 2:42 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen of 606V2, I can't put into words how much of an honour it is to win two awards here this afternoon. You have made one V2 contributor a very happy man tonight.

Now in years to come, I will doubtless be heralded as one of the great visionaries. It's humbling to hear that said about me, but I concede that it may be true. In years to come, I will likely have forgotten about all of you, whilst I'm away discovering the future stars for Power Slam magazine, or maybe even my own publication. But I can reassure you that you will never forget about me, or the thread where I once said, that Heath Slater was the future of the WWE.

And I must not forget, that these two Slammy awards are not just for me ladies and gentlemen. But they are for Heath. They are two golden beacons of hope that signal that any dream, no matter how outlandish, no matter how ridiculed, no matter how ginger - can become reality ladies and gentlemen.

These two Slammy awards are two shining beacons that will keep the Slater Haters awake at night.



Because ladies and gentlemen... Heath Slater IS the future of the WWE. Just like Electric Demon is the future of 606V2. And if you only remember one thing this time next year... remember that I said it first... that Heath Slater would win a singles title by Wrestlemania 2013. When he's lifting that title - you would do well to remember that!

And if you only remember two things, remember that for every headline impressive performance, you get an equally impressive under the radar one, and Electric Demon has delivered it. Whilst Gaffer has been dropping PIPEBOMBS... Demon has been quietly cleaning up the debris!

Remember that... and the Heath Slater thing.

MtotheC's Wrasslin Biatch

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606v2 Slammy Awards 2011 - Awards Empty Re: 606v2 Slammy Awards 2011 - Awards

Post by Mr H Fri 02 Dec 2011, 3:30 pm

'The Slammy Award Winning Mr H'. I like it.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me!

Mr H

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606v2 Slammy Awards 2011 - Awards Empty Re: 606v2 Slammy Awards 2011 - Awards

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