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are we gonna win against?

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are we gonna win against? Empty are we gonna win against?

Post by Blade Fri 18 Mar 2011, 8:59 am

Leeds united?

my heart yes but my head is telling me we have no chance in hell.

if we cant beat Watford home or away what chance do we have with a team gunning for promotion?

now that hendoe is out will he start with bagdonocig or how ever you spell it lol i do hope he does he is playing well at the moe and knows were the net is.

drop cressy and play cheddy boy up front and bomb bard them with bullet crossers into the box.

who would you have on the wings?

i would put squinny and Yates on the right just let them run like mad down the wings and try and force Leeds into making fouls so we can get those crosses into the box.

so come on blades lets hope we can get one over Leeds united but i can not see it happening, lets hope they can prove me wrong. up the blades.

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