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Mersey Tigers Basketball Challenge: Halfway line challenge

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Mersey Tigers Basketball Challenge: Halfway line challenge Empty Mersey Tigers Basketball Challenge: Halfway line challenge

Post by GeoffSnapes Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:29 pm

This challenge is brought to you by the Mersey Tigers professional basketball team, one of the leading clubs in the British Basketball League. Formerly the Everton Tigers, the club have won 2 trophies in their 3 year existence and have now rebranded in order to engage with the whole of Merseyside and beyond.

All you need is a basketball court (or just a basket - but you'll need to be 14m/45ft from it) and a basketball. You have 3 attempts to score from the halfway line. If you hit the board, you get 1 point. Hit any part of the basket without it dropping in, and you'll get 3 points. Score a basket and give yourself 5 points. If you decide to try trick shots, put a 1 in the difficulty score for each trick shot, otherwise score 0 on difficulty

Make sure you post a video to prove your efforts. Oh, and your score's not just down to your efforts - other people will be able rate your entry based on how good (or bad) they think your basketball skills are. Want a good score - do a great video, and ask your friends to rate you highly!

Have you got what it takes to beat the pros from the Mersey Tigers?

Take part at Halfway Line Challenge


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