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Welcome to Sunderland fellas

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Welcome to Sunderland fellas  Empty Welcome to Sunderland fellas

Post by Yes We Gyan on Sat 29 Jan 2011, 7:42 pm

Well, they're here. Eventually. Took their time but to have another 2 top class players on our books is fantastic. Don't forget, Inter paid Euro 18m for Muntari only 18 months ago and he went on to do the treble with them last season. Sessegnon was being tracked by Arsenal and Chelsea a year or so ago so hes no mug either.

To be honest, with these two on board, I really can get excited about the next 14 games and although we are short up front (in numbers not Asamoah height Lol), I am confident about our credentials now for a European push. The club have backed Bruce 100% again in the transfer market and have shown they are willing to give him everything he needs to deliver the ultimate goal.

I still think that a forward will be brought into the club and although Fuller isn't my choice, I'm happy to go with SB's decisions if that turns out to be the case. I still live in hope there is another ace up the sleeve though and we have just over 28 hours to find it.

Whatever though, this is just a season that gets better and better every week and for the first time in my life, we were realistically safe at Christmas, sitting in a comfortable 6th at the turn of the year and still hanging onto the shirt tails of the nations elite clubs as we enter February. Spurs and Chelsea and rightly touted as potential winners of the EPL and the country is now Dalgleish crazy and seem to want Liverpool to challenge for top 4 places but no-one is mentioning Sunderland AFC and i think that's just fine.

There is no pressure on 'little old Sunderland' to do anything and I reckon this below the radar status suits the club perfectly. We will just keep doing our stuff each week (starting Tuesday) and with our new signings, keep surprising everyone with our resilience.

I am absolutely bursting for Tuesday night and a chance to do the double over the league champions. How many times have we been able to say that and more over really have the conviction behind it to say it. They are coming back into form and it will be a really hard game but kid yourself not, Ancelotti and the Chelsea team wont be relishing the trip either. We have arrived in this league in 2010/11 with some aplomb

Me, I just add and say, welcome onboard Sulley and Stephane. The magic carpet just got the shake and vac treatment today.

Long may it continue. Very Happy

Yes We Gyan

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