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CWA Week 2 14th June 2012

Uryu Ishida
Zoot - Trevor Swann 6WF
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CWA Week 2 14th June 2012 Empty CWA Week 2 14th June 2012

Post by JJJohnson Thu Jun 07, 2012 5:16 am

Match 1
Over the top battle royale (Prize to be announced)
Cedric Jones vs Tito Amoruso vs Dennis Hart vs Jimmy James vs Grendal vs Frankie Trotter vs Mike Conrad

Match 2
Johnny Oko vs Stefan Alvey

Match 3
DJ Elektronic vs Chris Conforzi

Main Event
Fatal Four Way (Winner progresses to World Championship Match)
Vlad Marius vs Teddy Grimstone vs Johnny Goldman vs Jimmy Phillips


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CWA Week 2 14th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Week 2 14th June 2012

Post by Zoot - Trevor Swann 6WF Thu Jun 07, 2012 6:00 am

*The sound of Silence starts to play as we expect the appearance of Cedric Jones in the CWA arena*

PS: Oh dear here comes that fruitloop of a mime Cedric Jones.

CA: He certainly didn’t have a great week last week with Tito Amoruso...

PS: Hey is he any relation to Vince Russo?

CA: Erm it’s AMOruso... anyway Cedric took a hell of a beating at the hands of Tito. He is a real fan favourite already with his entertaining outlook but I’m not sure if he will be back this week. He is scheduled to be in a huge over the top battle royal match with six other competitors though with a prize to be announced.

PS: I hope it’s a meal out with Hayley.

CA: I doubt it Paul. Cedric is really taking his time though I think he might not be here.

*Cedric appears at the top of the ramp finally. He’s wearing his trademark black and white stripe top and makeup. He has crutches with him though and is really struggling to move down the ramp. He makes his way over to the fans and shakes hands with some of them.*

CA: Good to see Cedric here but I’m not sure the wresting world is really for him now. Stage, circus or street performance is more his style I feel. The fans cheering him on though and loving the spirit he is showing.

*Cedric he gets to the ring and tries to climb in but slips into a crumpled heap*

PS: Now this is funny guys. He’s a joke.

*Cedric tries again but slips and gets a crutch caught in the ropes. He untangles himself and goes to try again.*
CA: Someone help him this is painful to watch great attitude but he needs some help people.

*Cedric gathers himself together before trying again. This time though he throws down the crutches and shrugs his shoulders before jumping onto the apron and then over the top rope. The crowd start cheering as they realise that Cedric was only playing and isn’t too badly injured after all.*

CA: Excellent stuff Cedric had us all going there.

PS: Cheapskate

*Cedric jumps around the ring before smiling and giving the thumbs up to the crowd who are going wild. Cedric stops jumping around and looks to the crowd he sees a small child who has painted up their face in a similar manner to Cedric and points at them. He waves to the child who waves back before beckoning for them to come to the ring.*

*The child is helped through the crowd and lifted into the ring with Cedric. Cedric shakes hands and then holds his fists up as though he is about to start boxing. The child laughs back so Cedric drops his hands and moves the child’s hands up into a similar position before resuming his boxing stance.*

PS: He can’t do this to a member of the CWA audience!!!

CA: I think he is only playing.

*Cedric circles his hands before grabbing a hand of the child as though they are locking up. He pretends to be thrown down to the canvas by the child before standing up and backing off fearfully shaking his head. He drops to his knees and puts his hands together pretending to pray for mercy. The crowd laugh.*

PS: This is pathetic

*Cedric stops puts a finger in the air as though he has had an idea and walks over to the child whom he lifts up carefully and places them over the top rope onto the apron. The crowd roar and Cedric celebrates*
CA: I think the plan this week is for Cedric to do a lot more of that and to put as many people as he can over the top rope. He plans on winning that battle royal match I’m sure and getting that prize.

*Cedric pats the child on the head and slides under the ropes exiting the ring. He helps the child down from the apron and produces a beret which he places on the child’s head before helping them back into the crowd. He starts to walk up the ramp and leave as the crowd cheer; waving to people as he goes and then falling over an invisible object as usual.*

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CWA Week 2 14th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Week 2 14th June 2012

Post by Guest Thu Jun 07, 2012 8:22 am

The camera cuts to the backstage corridor where there is a lone man leaning against a wall. The man is looking down at the ground, almost transfixed, when a stage hand comes walking past.

SH: Are you ok there?

The man lifts his head and is revealed to be Vlad Marius. Marius looks coldly at the stage hand for a moment before answering.

Vlad: I’m fine thank you, now move on.

SH: Are you sure? You seem a little...

Vlad: (In a very cold and sinister tone) I said move on.

The stagehand takes the hint and quickly walks on past as Vlad remains staring coldly across the hall, before he again begins to speak.

Vlad: It is said that everyone makes mistakes, but before Thursday I didn’t believe that I was capable of such a thing. It seemed that only the weak minded could make errors, but then I managed to do so and allow Goldman to pick up his win. Now although I can admit that I made a mistake, I can promise you one thing, and that I will never let it happen again. I played mind-games and didn’t know when to stop playing them, but now I have found my boundaries, I will only get more dangerous from now on. As regards to your win at New Dawn Goldman, I hope you savour it more than any other moment in your life, as the next time we are in the ring together, I’m going to make sure that you wish you’d never even arrived at the arena on that night.

A twisted smile comes across the face of Vlad as he moves away from the wall and walks towards the camera, which backs away slightly as he does so.

Vlad: Which neatly brings us neatly onto next week’s event, where Mr. Lennox has decided that his smartest move is to give me another shot at making an impact with the other three supposed top contenders of this federation. Now I think we can all agree that by the end of the night, I was already shown to be the dominant force in this company, and had it not been for other circumstances, I would have already made an example of a certain superstar, by driving his skull straight through the mat. Goldman, you will gloat of your victory, you will tell everyone that listens of your 5 minutes of fame, but next Thursday things will all change. I implore you to come out and try to prove your worth against me again, because if you do, I will make sure you end in exactly the same manner as you know it would have at New Dawn. But onto the other two competitors in this match, firstly my partner from New Dawn, Teddy Grimstone, the man who was nowhere to be found by the end of that match. I know how strong a man you are and how tough you can be, and granted, that could have made you a very good partner, but unfortunately the lack of intelligence you posses does pose a problem to your future in this federation. Your brute force is not enough to counteract my mental capacity, and I will play you like a harp in the match, right until I am done with you, at which point you will be subjected to an attack from an angered wolf. Then onto the final piece of this puzzle, another man who seems to building a connection with a member of the Lennox family, but this one seems to be foolishly for pleasure, and that man is Jimmy Phillips. There was all of the talk of you being “The Talent” and yet by the end of the match, much like Grimstone, you were gone and I never even had the chance to take you on man to man. No matter though, as I will enjoy finally getting a chance to tear at that back of yours and see if I can’t make you reconsider wrestling as your choice of sport. In simple terms, after what happened at New Dawn, you will all have your guard down, believing that I am all hype and no business, when in reality, you need to be more worried than ever before, as a wounded animal is a dangerous one, and if you hurt my pride, you hurt me to my very heart.

Though, all of this is not the main talking point from New Dawn, no, that is the tension that is growing between myself and the progeny of Mr. Lennox, Callum Lennox. At first, I thought that young Callum was a more honourable man, a man who didn’t want his father’s money, unlike his harlot sister, and wanted to make it on his own. Now I see him in his true light, an imbecile who gets into fights he neither belongs in, nor can handle. You will rue the day that you made an enemy out of me Callum, as I am more than ready to try and break another man’s back just because he got in my way, just imagine what I would do to someone who has made things personal with me. My advice to you is to run far away, so far that even a wolf couldn’t track you, as the next time that I see you, I will ensure that the authorities are looking for each part of your body for weeks.

Vlad then lets out a sadistic chuckle to himself before snarling at the camera, then walking past it up the corridor as the camera fades to black.


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CWA Week 2 14th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Week 2 14th June 2012

Post by Uryu Ishida Thu Jun 07, 2012 9:12 am

* " Shiny Happy People" starts playing as Dennis Hart walks out to a chorus of boos from the New York crowd. He sighs and shakes his head looking at the scared cameramen and is approaching one when his music changes to "We are the Future" and he smiles, patting the cameramans shoulder hard as he says "Thats better" to him before rolling into the ring. He walks around and looks at the crowd, taking his time as he smiles before looking up at the ramp. *

Hart: You guys in the back learn quickly, good.

*He then looks around smirking*

Hart: Now I know you are all wondering why I did what I did to Jimmy Jacobs last week. Why did I come out during Wrestling 101 and proceed to wreck the set? Well if you don't know the answer to that you either do not own a computer because you all live in Yonkers or you were all not educated past primary school!

Crowd: BOOOO!!

Hart: I had better explain anyway so you all can follow along like the sheep you are. I was signed to this company, if you can call it that after I showed Mr Andrew Lennox flaws in his security and production crew. Later on I will be showing him in this ring how bad his security is and how it should act in the future to keep scum like you out there and away from areas you shouldn't be!

*He smirks and looks at the unhappy crowd*

Hart: Jimmy Jacobs is the kind of person you all should dislike because he thinks he is better than you. He was educated and is now a Professor at a University. He is better than every single one of you and he was rubbing it in your face. He thinks he can teach you all something but what I intend to teach him is that I am better than him, better than everyone else in the back and better than each and every one of you!

*The Crowd boo more as Dennis rolls outside the ring, grabs a steel chair and sets it up in the middle of the ring before sitting on it.*

Hart: My education back in the UK was insulting, it might have been just as bad as yours except mine had at least one attractive woman in every school. I left their system the first chance I could because I was known as a bad influence by my teachers. I got into fights, broke bones and was a good student in terms of my results. I got straight A's and I never lost a fight. I then taught myself a few moves to survive and fought two idiots outside Rock City. I got a job there that night by kicking out and breaking the ribs of two drunken Muppet who thought they could sneak in! I left a few years later when I knew my services as a bouncer were too rough for their standards and I proceeded to break a leg on each one of the bouncers before taking a flight to this dump. I don't know why but I feel like I can do some good here. Teach you that I am better than all of you, that I am best for your future and that the lesson Jimmy Jacobs will learn is that you do not run your mouth, you are not better than me and that this kid will school you like nothing you can read in any fancy textbook! My demonstration later on will show you how good I really am.

*He heads out of the ring as "We are the Future" plays, laughing happily*

Uryu Ishida

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CWA Week 2 14th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Week 2 14th June 2012

Post by Lee Thu Jun 07, 2012 9:28 am



'King Of The Kill' blasts out as Johnny Goldman strides out onto the ramp and the crowd go wild.

PS: Oh god the goofball is here

CA: The crowd really seem to love Goldman, why is he a goofball?

PS: Did you see his match?

CA: The one he won?

PS: The one he took a hell of a beating and only won due to a distraction!

CA: Well I think we will have to agree to disagree on that one.

Goldman walks down the ramp tagging hands, he reaches the ring and climbs the turnbuckle and salutes the fans, he looks around for a younger fan and spots a girl with her father and gives her his T-Shirt and shakes the fathers hand before returning to the ring to a large pop from the crowd.

He points at the ring announcer asking for a microphone...

JG: Make some noise New York! TIME TO SHINE!


JG: Now to last week, me and Jimmy Phillips were teaming against Teddy Grimstone...


JG: ...and one Mister Vlad Marius


JG: Now I made a very big mistake last week, and right off the bat I wanna apologise to you all, I underestimated these two guys and rightly took a lot of punishment in that match, call it arrogance call it naivety what I call it, is 'Lesson Learned'. I hope you guys heard Vlad mouthing off earlier cos' I sure as hell did...

...Vlad old buddy old pal, I got one thing to say to you about your warning for our fatal four way match this week....BRING IT!


JG: see, thing is, as much as you feel without the interruptions you would have won that match, and maybe you are right, but had I not have gone into that match blind to your "abilities" then I would have planned ahead properly, see I ain't your run of the mill "superstar", I am a Goldman Gym trained, New York city born and raised, wrestler!


JG: Now I have faced you, I know how you go about your business, I will not make the same mistakes I did in our first match and you will certainly not catch me out like you did, and I SWEAR! you will know how very serious I can be when I have an aim, and I am aiming right at the World Championship title!


JG: AND STEP ONE! Is winning that Fatal four way, and that means going through you and 2 other talented wrestlers, so be it, I ain't here to make up the numbers, I am not here to make hollow threats, or promises I won't keep. I am here to win, I want to win it all and I am willing to put my body on the line to succeed for all of you! (Crowd: Yeah!) for my father for my mother and for myself.

JG: I thank you all for the support, I dedicate last weeks win to you and hope you stay with me through my career in CWA, I hope I can repay that support with bringing home the big one, and hopefully the first CWA WORLD... CHAMPION!........ CAN BE ONE OF YOUR OWN, A LOCAL BOY FROM THE GREAT CITY OF....





'King of the Kill' blasts out the speakers and the crowd cheer as Goldman raises his arms and climbs out the ring and heads up the ramp, he waits at the stage and salutes the fans one more time before disappearing behind the curtain.

CA: Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen, a heartfelt and sincere message from Johnny Goldman, the roster has been warned, he means business and wants to win the big one!

PS: The guy is deluded, he says he underestimated Vlad last week, I say he assumed he was much better than he actually is, and when he saw this, he panicked and got a lucky win!

CA: Either way he won and is in the fatal four way with a shot at the World Heavyweight Title on the line, he has as good a chance as anyone! we will be back after these messages folks.


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CWA Week 2 14th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Week 2 14th June 2012

Post by Gregers Thu Jun 07, 2012 12:04 pm

(Backstage we see Stefan Alvey walking before a womens voice is heard)

?: Hey Stefan wait up

(Stefan turns around and Michelle Steel jogs into shot. The two hug before they walk together with Michelle interviewing Stefan as they go)

MS: Lovely to see you again Stefan, how did you find it out in the CWA arena for the first time?

SA: The pleasure is all mine Melissa (Stefan smiles). As for my time out in front of the awesome CWA fans, well lets start by saying that it was an honour. For the first time in months I felt truly welcome. See Melissa, even with all of the backing that I have received from your father I still longed for the adulation from the fans. You see I wanted to be open and honest with them, thats why I left people in no doubt about my sexuality before my match on the first show.

MS: It must have made you proud Stefan

SA: Exactly Melissa. And you know what, I vow to each and every member of our audience that has ever been subjected to injustice, to anyone who has ever been discriminated against. That I, Stefan Alvey, The Icon, will become your CWA World Champion.

(Stefan smiles at Melissa before he notices someone in the lobby that himself and Melissa have just arrived in)

SA: Hey Kid, well done last week...


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CWA Week 2 14th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Week 2 14th June 2012

Post by Bull Thu Jun 07, 2012 2:42 pm

CC: Not bad out there yourself old man.

CC: Just joking was an honour to face you out there, I know though you’re a bit upset not to have won that match which you deserved to but hey this means where both undefeated.

Chris looks down before looking back at Stefan

CC: oh i think i missed heard you talking about the title??
Something I have all ways wished to get my hands on hope we do well enough to get into that match as I would be more than happy for a rematch.

CC: Oh and Stefan don't worry about what some people think about your private life and make sure it does not affect you life here as after all its private so you have my respect and have well and truly earned it even if something happens in your private life I’m here to support you and so are the fans of this place.



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CWA Week 2 14th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Week 2 14th June 2012

Post by Gregers Thu Jun 07, 2012 2:54 pm

(Stefan smiles at Melissa before turning to Chris)

SA: Old Man?

(Stefan pretends to punch Chris before the pair laugh)

SA: You almost pushed me to the limit out there you know, and you're what? 19? Wow kid. Seriously wow, back at 19 I was barely able to hit a suplex let alone some of the moves you can do! And it would be an honour to face you again, or even to team up...

MS: Is that an official team formation Stefan?

SA: You're getting ahead of yourself Melissa, I just mean that Chris here seams like a good lad. And as for your comments about my private life really mean something.

You see Chris, the injustice that I suffered solely due to who I am did affect my career but I am determined to show that The Icon can be just that. An Icon to a generation. A symbol that you shouldn't just lie down and accept what people say.


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CWA Week 2 14th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Week 2 14th June 2012

Post by Guest Thu Jun 07, 2012 4:41 pm

A couple of hours after the show ends the majority of the CWA stars have gone home. The camera pans around an almost empty parking lot. The only vehicle in site is the run down Civic Jimmy Phillips drove in. He can be seen trying to get it started as the engine continues to turn over

JP: Piece of.....

He's cut off by a voice off camera

???: you were impressive, shame the same can't be said about your car

Hayley Lennox walks into the scene

JP: Miss Lennox...hi (he begins to blush), it's good to see you again

Hayley gives Phillips a flirtacious look

HL: You as well. Like I said you really were impressive out there this evening. I can see why people call you 'The Talent'

JP: Thanks, I was so nervous heading into tonight, but if I'm honest nearly knocking you over on my way to the ring turned out to be a blessing in disguise. As soon as I saw you, all those nerves were gone

Hayley lets out a flirtacious chuckle and playingly pushes Jimmy away

JP: Meeting you when I did, it spurred me on even more, just knowing you were watching and I had a chance to impress the bosses daughter

HL: well you certainly did that, and you impressed Daddy as well. You must be shocked to know you could be the first CWA Champion?

JP: You can say that again. I was just made up to have gotten the 'W', but your father's announcement, well that was more than I could've dreamt of. Just have to make sure I get there by winning next week, and that ain't gonna be easy. We may have beaten Vlad and Grimstone tonight but that will just mean they're both more fired up next week. As for my partner Goldman, if he proved anything tonight it was one thing, he's one tenacious dude. He took one hell of a beating and stuck in there to get us the win. All I can do is my best, pick wereI finished tonight and who knows, if I get to main event the PPV I can get shot of this heap of junk and upgrade to something that actually works

He tries the engine again but it continues to turnover

HL: Listen, you could be here all night. How bout I drop you off? You can come back and get your car tomorrow

Phillips' face turns a pinkish shade as he nods in acceptance and Hayley opens up the limo door and inites him in

JP: After you

Hayley climbs into the limo followed by Phillips and the limo exits the parking lot


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CWA Week 2 14th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Week 2 14th June 2012

Post by TwisT Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:27 am

Johnny Oko is seen in an abandoned shack, sitting cross-legged on the floor. The room is dark and eerie and you can sense the heat as steam bellows around the room, making it difficult to see the former Turk leader. Oko, with his shirt off and eyes closed, has sweat pouring down his body. In both hands, he holds a kendo stick which is slightly falling apart at the end and is covered in blood.

Suddenly, he yells in Japanese and slams the kendo stick behind him on his back. A heavy thwack sound vibrates off the walls, and Oko, eyes still closed, winces a little. A commanding voice sounds out from the gloom, which makes Oko wince again…..

Voice: 46…..

The camera slowly pans round Oko, as he mutters to himself in Japanese. It stops behind him, and shows his back is red and blistered. Three long blood stained streaks run down from his shoulders to the base of his spine. He once again smacks the kendo stick behind him, and creates a fourth fresh streak, as his skin gives in and creates a new blood filled line.

The Consultant steps out from the steam and looks down at Oko

The Consultant: We will call that one a half. You didn’t put any effort into it. 46 and a half…..carry on.

Johnny Oko: Is this not enough?!

The Consultant: Clearly not. You lost your first match due to ill discipline, cockiness and lack of focus. The whole purpose of this is to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes in the next match. So……46 and a half.

A mobile ringtone shrills out and breaks the silence of the surroundings. The Consultant reaches into his inside suit pocket and retrieves his phone. He motions to Johnny to carry on, and then turns and answers it.

The Consultant: Yes……? Indeed, we have much to talk about and thank you for phoning. I am sure a man of my expertise can be very useful to you…..

A loud smack is heard and Johnny cries in pain, his first sign of his weakness in 48 hits of the cane.

The Consultant: Excuse me one second……..*aside* very good Johnny! Let us call that 48. But less of the noise please……. I am taking an important phone call.

The Consultant walks into the steam, and you can faintly hear a conversation going on. Johnny O starts breathing heavily and grits his teeth. He takes one hand off the kendo stick and rubs the sweat off his forhead and then puts his fingers through his hair. A thought dawns on him, and he reaches into his pocket and brings out a small sliver of foil. He skilfully opens it up with one hand and reveals a single long piece of bubble gum. He places it into his mouth, and closes his eyes again, this time in pleasure. His jaws start moving up and down, and he slowly and deliberately blows out a bubble. A faint pop sound, much less than the sounds the room has heard, fills the air. Johnny rolls the gum back into his mouth with his tongue, and chews vigorously. He grabs the kendo stick with both hands again and, this time with eyes open, smacks the weapon across his back once more. No appearance of pain crosses his face. From a distance, a familiar voice cries out…..

The Consultant: 49!

Johnny rolls his eyes and mutters in Japanese again. He adjusts his legs and holds the kendo stick out in front of him and lays the tip on the cold hard floor. He stares at the end and concentrates. Footsteps are heard as The Consultant walks back into shot. He folds his arms and stares at Johnny.

The Consultant: Well?

Oko bellows in Japanese and then slams the stick all the way from the floor to his back in one swift motion. The end of the kendo stick breaks up and pieces fly across the room. He chucks the remains of it away, which rattles loudly, and bows his head in exhaustion.

Oko: 50………….

The Consultant smiles. Slowly he reaches down into his pocket and takes out a small photograph. He hands it to Johnny, who is still breathing heavily with blood dripping down his back.

The Consultant: This is your next opponent. Stefan Alvey……..the so called Icon. I want you to make a statement in that match. Don’t be overlooked. Make sure, when that bell rings, you concentrate on nothing else but winning. If it comes via a lot of pain for Alvey, then so much the better.

Oko takes the photograph and stares deeply at it. He places a hand behind his back, and when it appears in view, it is covered in red. Oko smears the blood over the photograph and silently whispers “gaijin”. He spits at the photograph and saliva mixes in with his own blood and makes Alvey not visible.

Oko stares up at The Consultant and starts blowing out more bubbles from his mouth. Then, slowly but aggressively, Oko starts ripping up the photo in very small pieces. He stands up, still in pain but trying not to show it, and bows in front of The Consultant, who nods his head in response. Oko then hands The Consultant the remains of the photograph and slowly walks out of shot. A door is heard slamming, and then the room is filled with silence again.

The Consultant looks down at the remains of the photo in his hand and smirks. Suddenly he chucks the pieces into the air and it showers above him. He bursts out with deep laughter as the camera fades to black. That laughter, manic in tone, continues to ring out even after the screen goes dark.


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CWA Week 2 14th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Week 2 14th June 2012

Post by Blade Fri Jun 08, 2012 12:58 pm

The titron flickers into to life and the crowd goes crazy when the scene open's in the parking lot and there's a huge bin lorry reversing into two parking spaces with orange lights flashing and "This Vehicle is reversing" warning blaring out of the speaker through the back end of the lorry.

It parks up just at the side of the huge refuse bins and then the crowd cheer loudly as Mike Conrad opens the drivers door and steps out onto the hard cold concrete.

Conrad is wearing old jeans with a rip on one knee, An old t shirt with the words that read clean me written on the front of it and all so a Yellow high vis vest which reads on the back of the vest Conrad's refuse department services.

Conrad then grabs one of the huge refuse bins and then drags it over to the back of the lorry and attaches it to the crane presses a green start button and the bin lifts high in the air and the contents spill into the back of the yellow refuse lorry.

Conrad stands there with a smile on his face and waits for the lorry to go through its routine and the refuse bin slams hard on the concrete floor, Conrad then walks over and detaches the chains and then drags the bin to its original position.

Conrad rubs the back of his neck from his match last week and moves his head from side to side and then drags another refuse bin and does the same task again.

Conrad finishes his job and then walks over to the front of his cab and gets out his gym bag and starts to head towards the entrance of the First arena but is then cut of by Katie Leigh.

Katie Leigh: Hi Mike can I have a few words with you before your match tonight?

Mike Conrad: Ask away hunny.

Katie Leigh: First off why the hell are you taking the trash out, We have a contract for that sort of thing and Second how is your neck from last weeks match against Frankie Trotter.

The crowd start to boo loudly when they hear Frankie's name.

Mike Conrad: I know you have a contract with the local refuse company but I can do you a better deal and take the trash out for a lot less money and just thought I would bring down my baby girl and show what she could do.

As for your second question well my neck is hurting like hell but I have a very high pain thresh hold and will get through tonight in my match which is a over the top battle royal and the winner receive's a prize yet to be announced an i am going to be that winner hurt neck or not.

The crowd start to cheer loudly for Mike Conrad.

Katie Leigh: And what about your opponents in the battle royal tonight, How are you going to cope with that many men in the ring at one time?

Mike Conrad: Simple Katie by throwing every man over the top rope and the first man I will throw over with will be the very man that I faced last week in my debut match and that is Frankie Trotter.

The crowd let out a huge raw of approval towards Mike Conrad.

Mike Conrad: Now please excuse me Katie I have a few more trash cans to empty then get ready for my match and take the real crap out of the ring.

Katie Leigh smiles and then moves a side so Mike can walk past her and he gives he a little wink as he goes past her which makes her blush a little.

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CWA Week 2 14th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Week 2 14th June 2012

Post by Marky Sat Jun 09, 2012 12:29 am

As Mike Conrad walks away, Big Frankie Trotter slowly approaches Kayleigh;

BFT: I musta bashed that boy on the loaf really hard, seeing as he's even getting yer name wrong. Don't worry love, Frankie Trotter knows yer name. Don't worry, I aint makin' yer me Trouble n Strife, far from it love, but it's the respect Frankie Trotter gives aaht, know what ah mean? Mike Conrad got his fackin' head kicked in and nah ee's making aht like ee's after revenge? Do fackin' what son? You dozy old Orson. I nearly snapped his Gregory in two, I gave 'im a beating within an inch of 'is life. And ee reckons 'eel back at me in the Over the Top Rope Battle Royal?

(Frankie Trotter smirks at Kayleigh)

BFT: I'm not sure abaht chuckin' blokes over the top rope, but it saaands like a fun time, I will be the last one on me tod, and when I win, i'm gonna get absolutely fackin' Brahms, to celebrate. "Prize to be announced", do us a favour! Tell Lennox that unless it's a cash prize, i'm not that bovvered truth be told, see, i'm only in it for the spondulies, the readies, i'd 'appily beat these berks up but I want paying for it, know what I mean love?

(Kayleigh nods)

BFT: Nah, you can tell soppy Love sacks Mike Conrad to see me in the ring if 'ee wants anuvah head kicking, until then, adios cheeky chops, keep those mincies sparking...

(Frankie Trotter winks at Kayleigh, she looks a little uncomfortable)


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CWA Week 2 14th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Week 2 14th June 2012

Post by Blade Sat Jun 09, 2012 4:43 am

The crowd in the arena cheer loudly when they see on the titron that Mike Conrad is sweeping the corridors of the first Arena.

Mike Conrad: By god there some dirty folk round here, All this littler glutting the place, Man I should get the cleaning contract for this place.

The crowd cheer even louder when Kayleigh Reed walks into to the picture, Conrad looks up and smiles at Kayleigh Reed.

Mike Conrad: Hey Kayleigh sorry about before, I didn't mean to get your name wrong hun but a women a beautiful as you is enough to make any man for get your name.

The crowd cheers as Kayleigh smiles at Conrad and brushes hair hair with her fingers and flicks it to one side.

Kayleigh Reed: That's ok Mike don't worry about it, Well now that am here how about a quick interview about your match tonight?

Mike Conrad: Sure hun ask away.

Kayleigh Reed: well how are you going to win in your battle royal against 6 other men but with no offence that are much bigger than you.

Mike Conrad: No offence taken hun, You see I have one thing that the other guys don't and that is speed, They will have to catch me first and I will be too quick for them and when the timing is right one by one they will go over the top rope.

The crowd gives out a huge cheer.

Kayleigh Reed: We all know your neck is not 100% from last week when you did the suicide dive over the top rope and hit your neck on the barricade, do you think your neck will have an impact on the match?

Mike Conrad: Well like I said when I saw your earlier my neck hurts like mad but I can take the pain as long as I'm breathing I will do any think to win and I mean any think.

Cedric Jones, Tito Amoruso, Dennis Hart, Jimmy James, Grendal and most of all you Frankie Trotte you had all better watch out cos Mike Conrad is coming for you and you guys are gonna get thrown over the top rope and Mike Conrad is gonna clean house.

The crowd cheers as Kayleigh stands there looking at Conrad who just goes back to his cleaning of the corridor.

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CWA Week 2 14th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Week 2 14th June 2012

Post by Mat Sun Jun 10, 2012 4:01 am

"Teach you a lesson" blasts out over the speakers and Jimmy James walks out onto the ramp, he is cheered by the crowd. He steps through the middle rope and is handed a microphone.

Jimmy James:Let's try this again shall we, and maybe this time I won't get interupted by an uneducated, ill-mannered, disrespectful meathead like Dennis Hart.

*The crowd boo Hart's name

Jimmy James:I'd like to address Mr Hart. He came out here last week and destroyed the set for Wrestling 101 and then he tried to beat me up. I've seen your kind before Hart. I work in Education, I see kids like you every day. Too cool for school, more concerned with writing notes to their friends than taking notes on the lesson they are being given.

The kid who always tries to show up the teacher, pick up on the smallest error, always playing for the laugh. And do you know what ALWAYS happens to that kid in my lecturues Hart? He gets shown up. Just like you got shown up last week when I managed to escape you. How could I escape the great Dennis Hart? Me, a scrawny little university lecture against an athlete in his prime.

The kid will always end up embarassed, because Dennis-Brains always beat brawn. But the thing is, the student never realises that. They just get more angry, more embarassed and then they try to get physical. They look at me, I'm not the biggest bloke in the world and they I'll be able to throw him around a little, that'll show him. But just like last week with you, they get shown up because of my technical wrestling ability.

They don't have the brains to quit whilst they are ahead, and that's your problem Dennis. You should have just left me alone, gone and picked a fight with some other muscle-bound, fake-tanned man mountain. But no, you came out here and decided to confront me, mock me even. That was a big mistake Dennis, not A grade thinking at all.

Bring your notepad next week Dennis, bring your pen, bring a video camera and set it to record, because you are going to be taught a lesson you will never forget. You need to be educated!

*James leavs the ring to loud cheers from the crowd, he walks up the ramp tagging the fans hands.

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CWA Week 2 14th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Week 2 14th June 2012

Post by Crimey Mon Jun 11, 2012 4:43 am

*Kayleigh Reed is stood backstage, she adjusts her tight short dress.*

KR: How do I look?

Cameraman: Great, obviously, you've spent the last 10 minutes getting ready.

KR: Well we're going out live on, of course I want to look good.

Cm: Erm...we're already on.

KR: Oh my God! Why didn't you tell me?!

*Kayleigh covers her face before running behind a door, after about 30 seconds she comes back out, she has clearly touched up her make up and moved her dress some more.*

KR: Right, let's go find...*she looks on her piece of paper*...oh God.

Cm: What?

KR: It's Teddy Grimstone. Michael interviewed him last week, scared him half to death.

Cm: Everything scares him half to death.

KR: Yeah, true. Well viewers, right now you're going to get the exclusive scoop with CWA main eventer Teddy Grimstone right now courtesy of moi, Kayleigh Reed.

*Kayleigh struts down the corridor until she comes to a locker room. She hesitates for a second before starting to knock. Suddenly she jumps as a hand lands on her shoulder.*

??: What you tryin' to get in there for?

KR: Erm..erm...I'm looking for-

*Kayleigh turns around and sees the scruffy brown hair of Teddy Grimstone, some falling into his face. He is wearing a black vest with a skull on it and cargo pants. He is frowning at Kayleigh.*

KR: You!

TG: Me? What do you want? I didn't order a hooker. Not tonight anyway...

*Kayleigh looks shocked.*

KR: I'm not a prostitute! I'm one of CWA's reporters.

TG: Oh...great.

KR: Well last week you lost your first match in CWA and ended up in a table wreck, were you disappointed with the start?

TG: Yeah...gutted. F**k off! That Lennox guy paid me more than I've ever earned after that night. I got to inflict a lot of pain and managed to walk out of the arena myself, I see that as a success. Win/loss records at the end of the day just don't matter, I'm still at the top of the card this week so I clearly did something right and let's keep our fingers crossed, get on our knees and pray really hard that my pay-check is even bigger this week!

KR: Do you not think that it doesn't bode well for the future starting with a loss?

TG: HELLLOOOO?! Are you deaf or just stupid? I just explained then, I couldn't care less. Goldman and the other guy can revel all they like in one win, in a months time nobody will remember, nobody will care. I'll win and lose plenty of matches here in CWA, I've already won and lost plenty of matches in my career. If I let every loss hit me hard I wouldn't be here today, I'd be at home crying into my dinner. But I'm again here this week, ready to go out there on Thursday and kick ass as usual.

KR: Do you think that you can become CWA's first world champion?

TG: I'm not gonna lie...Sally...?

KR: Kayleigh.

TG: Right, I'm not going to remember that, but whatever. I'm not gonna lie, it'd be quite good to win my first world title. I've heard you get a bonus every day you stay world champion. It'd be good to give a big middle finger to those guys that told me I wouldn't make it because I wasn't good enough. I see so many of those guys in this company, who think that because they can do a few pretty suplexes, because they can do some 'amaaazing' (!) jump off of the top rope that they're something f******g special, because they're not. I'll be happy to end their dreams in an that! Because real life is something so much more brutal, and to cope you have to be brutal back that's why I'm succeeding, because I'm a b*stard, no...I'm THE B*stard. You just listen to my loyal backing, they'll tell you. And I'm telling you, that it's the only way you can get ahead in life.

It's not poetry, it's not heart-warming but listen to me right now...

*Teddy grabs hold of Kayleigh's arm, she is clearly terrified.*

TG: It's the F*****G TRUTH!

*Teddy lets go of her, gives her a mocking smile showing how many teeth he has lost and he pushes her out of the way and opens his locker room door and steps in, slamming the door behind him as he goes.*

Cm: Are you alright Kayleigh?

*Kayleigh has tears in her eyes as she catches her breath.*

KR: I think I'll let Ray deal with that b*stard next time. That was Teddy Grimstone viewers, I'm sorry that you had to put up with that.

*The camera switches off.*


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CWA Week 2 14th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Week 2 14th June 2012

Post by Nay Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:49 pm

*Backstage Raymond Alexander is stood fixing his hair as he is given the signal from his cameraman. Raymond instantly lifts the microphone and looks into the camera*

RA: Good Afternoon, I am delighted to introduce Tito Amoruso and his brother Francesco.

*The camera swings around to show a tall dark haired man, with designer stubble before panning down a foot and focusing on Tito Amoruso. Tito is dressed in tailored trousers, his shirt sleeves are rolled up and his buttons are casually undone showing off his chest hair.*

RA: Tito, firstly let me welcome you and your brother to CWA, last week you were, umm, we shall say unavailable for interview, so lets start with what brings you to CWA?

*The cameraman drops the camera a little to get Tito into shot, which Tito notices but growls, before staring up at Raymond*

Tito: I think you now why i could not be interviewed, why I turned up late Raymond, And i am pretty sure you know what brings me to this god forsaken company.

*The cameraman pans up to get a look at Raymond's face before dropping it back to Tito's level, at this Tito grabs the camera out of the cameraman's hand and throws it it the floor, the camera starts to flicker but eventually keeps recording as Tito launches himself at the cameraman and starts stomping on him with Francesco trying to hold him back*

TA: Seriously, what's your problem? Are you doing that on purpose? Are you trying to make me look stupid?

*Tito is finally dragged away, but not before he spits on the cameraman*

Francesco: Brother, this is the second week in a row you have lost your temper for no reason, look at him!!!

*Francesco points to the cameraman cowering against the wall, blood running down his face*

FA: This man was just trying to do his job, he was not trying to make fun of you, just like last week the mime was just entertaining the crowd.

TA: You know as well I as do brother that he just needed to stand back a further 5 yards to get us all in shot, as for you Raymond you know fine well I am here because it was one of the conditions of my release from prison. They say it will a good outlet for my anger yet every time I try to fight someone they cower in a ball and i seem to be in the wrong. This company is pathetic.

FA: Tito, you have a match this week, when you are in the ring you can be as violent as you want, but outside the ring you have to calm down or you will be going straight back to Jail. Momma & Pappa already think you are going to end back there, do you want prove them right after 2 weeks.

*Tito looks down at the ground, before looking up and exploding*


*Tito turns and fixes his gaze on Raymond Alexander who is still standing around looking shocked, before composing himself*

TA: You are right Francesco, I will try to keep my temper from now on but for you, not for Mum and Dad,. They mean nothing to me.

Come I have a match we need to prepare for.

*Tito and Francesco start to walk away, once they reach a good distance away, Raymond Alexander comes back into shot to check on the cameraman*


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CWA Week 2 14th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Week 2 14th June 2012

Post by Adam D Tue Jun 12, 2012 3:04 pm

The lights in the arena dim and a light below the stage floor shoots skywards.
Into the beam walks DJ Elektronik dressed in a silver unitard and cape. He spins around within the beam sending light to every corner of the arena.

He eeventually steps out and is handed a keyboard guitar which he throws over his head and runs down to the ring.

He climbs in and starts hitting the keys which play out song samples.

"Born to be wilddddddddeeeee"

"Born to be wilddddddddeeeee"

"Born to be wil"

"Born to"

"Born to"



Elektronik lifts his finger from the key as the word "born" echos around the arena.

PS: This is somewhat bizarre. We still know nothing about this man other than he is famous for being unknown...if that makes sense.

CA: And this is just plain odd. But I kind of dig it!

PS: Are you trying to be cool again? You are a 45 year old man - get a grip!

CA: I like Elektronik - he is the first person ever to win a match in the CWA - he deserves respect!

Elektronik hits some more keys.

"This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end"

CA: What next?

PS: Dont you get it yet? He is taking the angst of the modern teenager and transforming that pain into musical genius. He understands the plight of the Sudanese people and it is invoked in his masterpieces.

CA: What are you wittering on about?

PS: Well what else do you think he means? "Born". "The end".

CA: Maybe he is leaving!

PS: He is!

CA: He is retiring?

PS: No he is leaving the ring, numbskull. Well ladies and gentleman who have just tuned in, we have just had a remarkable performance by the avant garde talent that is Elektronik. He talked off his birth and the end and none of us have any idea what he is on about.

CA: Well you think its something to do with Sudan and teenagers!

PS: Well Elektronik has now left the ring and gone through the curtains to the back - hopefully we will find out soon what this cryptic message was all about.

Adam D

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CWA Week 2 14th June 2012 Empty Re: CWA Week 2 14th June 2012

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