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World Club Challenge.

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World Club Challenge. Empty World Club Challenge.

Post by Eckythump on Mon 31 Jan 2011, 12:33 pm

When you look at the venues of the W.C.C. the majority of them have been in the U.K, and more and more it seems to becoming a chore especially for the Australian teams.
This is because they say that as they hav'nt really got back fully into pre season training it interferes with their preperation.
Also this year St George thought long and hard before agreeing because they had long standing charity match commitments.
This is not having a dig at the Aussies,but cant something more suitable to both parties be found?.

The Four Nations as been held over the last few years alternating between the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere,why cant the W.C.C be arranged around this?. The two competing teams would proberbly both have players in the Four Nations so why cant the match be played at the venue of the Four Nations final the week after that competition as finished.
This way both teams would be playing a few weeks after the finish of their own domestic season and it would add to the Four Nations competition knowing that the final of the W.C.C was to follow.


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World Club Challenge. Empty Re: World Club Challenge.

Post by BicesterWarrior on Mon 31 Jan 2011, 2:59 pm

I went to the WCC warm up games against Quins the last couple of years, enjoyed both games and the chance to see NRL teams.

It was good to see both Manly and Melbourne taking the WCC more seriously than previous years; I hope St George's decision to begrudgingly only play the WCC isn't an indication of what's to come.

I assumed the reason the WCC was played up here was because our season had started and NRL's hadn't.


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World Club Challenge. Empty Re: World Club Challenge.

Post by farmduck on Mon 31 Jan 2011, 3:17 pm

This year the NRL season starts on March 12. I don't think you can play it in OZ before the season starts. Today was 40 and tomorrow is going to be 41 degrees. Even at ANZ Stadium at 8pm it might be over 30 degrees. In Sydney February is usually the hottest month.

I don't think it would work after the 4 Nations. St George only had 4 players in the 4N this year. The others would have a week of heavy drinking after the GF, then have to keep training for 8 weeks.

To make it even, mid-season would be best but we've got Origin then. The best way might be to give our GF winners a bye in about Round 4, or whichever week matches one of your CC rounds. Maybe you could give your GF winners automatic advancement through their first CC round - let's face it, is Skirlaugh really going to beat Wigan anyway?


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World Club Challenge. Empty Re: World Club Challenge.

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