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Amir Khan

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Amir Khan Empty Amir Khan

Post by Liam_Main Fri 15 Apr 2011, 3:55 pm

Since Amir's shock loss to Breidis Prescott three years ago Amir Khan has had many doubters even though he's now a world champion and has beaten some of the best operators in the division he still has his alot of people thinking he's a flawed fighter.Amir has a weak but not glass chin despite having a weak chin he has the heart of a lion and takes alot for him to go down.For example the Maidana fight he got hit with some hard shots but still stayed up and went on to win the last two rounds and win the fight.Current P4P number 1 Pacquaio has even said he thinks Khan will be the best fighter of the era and I think I would agree,yeah Khan still has to make improvements but in every fight he seems to be improving and when he reaches his best will be one of the best fighters in the world.IF he gets the fight with Mayweather that he wants he's got a fairly good chance if he keeps improving at the moment Mayweather would win but in a years time I think Khans in with a shout.Khan is a very quick fighter and his work rate maybe too much for Mayweather.

Khan's a very exciting fighter and just because he's got the 1 loss on his record people write him off.In his last fight he took on the type of fighter that didn't suit him a big banger apart from the 10th round his performance was brilliant baring in mind that alot of people didn't believe in him.Since then Maidanas went on to get a controversial win over a 34 year old Erik Morales I had Morales winning by a round and you've just gotta think how much the Khan fights knocked Maidanas confidence or was it just a off day for Maidana or did he not train as hard because he thought Morales was a easy win he did appear to be gassing after even the fourth round but back onto topic Khan has all the attributes to become a very good fighter and with wins already over Kotelnik,Maidana,Salita,Barrera and Malignaggi has made a big stamp on the boxing world.And a summer bout against American Timothy Bradley is very possible.

My prediction for tomorrows fight against Paul Mccloskey is a mid to late stoppage for Khan..but it's possible I could be wrong and the underdog Mccloskey does the upset if this happens i'll be be prepared to get slated of all you people:D :P

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Amir Khan Empty Re: Amir Khan

Post by eddyfightfan Fri 15 Apr 2011, 4:01 pm

i think your'll be safe, mid late stoppage sounds bang on to me


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Amir Khan Empty Re: Amir Khan

Post by azania Fri 15 Apr 2011, 4:04 pm

Pac is hardly likely to say his stablemate will be an also ran AFTER he retires.


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Amir Khan Empty Re: Amir Khan

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