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Top14 Saviour or Sinner?

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Top14 Saviour or Sinner? Empty Top14 Saviour or Sinner?

Post by emack2 Sun 27 Jan 2013, 9:08 am

Bored as I no longer have Tv access to games at present,thought would hopefully start a debate.With the Coming of the Pro Era nearly every thing has changed.Better grounds,Surfaces,High tech boots,balls,training facilities,medecine that is the up side.The downside is it is now just a job for many,getting and keeping fit a side product.
It used to be said that the difference between the 2 codes was Fitness and the tackling that has been more or less fixed by it being a job.Now
with the Pro Era has come player mobility Players decide earlier in the careers there future.
In the early days players with established international Cvs went North or to Japan for a pension.Now if they are not first choice at Super or test level by say 23 they jump ship.
SA have set the precedent you can play Overseas and still for your Country so the SA Internal game suffers,the others haven`t yet succumbed
but probably at some point will.
Now lets look at this from several points of view,the player not getting game time or recognition goes for cash and maybe a test career abroad
fair enough.
Second point players just going for a pay day doing just enough to get by but not fulfilling there full potential.
Third point those established and decided they want money more than the shirt etc.again you cannot blame them.
Now how do you feel this has effected your National or Clubside.Specifically the Top 14 now drawing players from UK based teams to the detriment of there national sides.
What happened to the Armitages for example a couple of seasons ago they were supposed to be the answer,Sexton now moving there etc.
For the fan a team that has success with a squad of half overseas players it is great for the test side less so.


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Top14 Saviour or Sinner? Empty Re: Top14 Saviour or Sinner?

Post by sensisball Sun 27 Jan 2013, 9:45 am

Speaking from a Scottish perspective the option for our best players to move abroad is a real bonus as it frees up limited spaces for the next generation of potentail test players.

Nathan Hines simply contnues to get better and better. After stints with Perpingan and Lenister he is now a main stay of the Clermont pack. Yes, i know he has now retired from Interntational rugby, but playing abroad helped rather than hindered his Scotland career.

Now Johnnie Beattie has rediscovered form with Montpellier and will hopefully be back in the blue shirt for Twickers next week.

I think it is more of a problem for countries with bigger playing resources such as England. With more international class players available it is hard to pick someone playing in France ( such as Steffan Armintage) when your captain and others are playing well in England. The EPS means the safer option is to pick home based players to allow maximum preparation time.


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