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Are great Fast Bowlers slightly mentally unhinged?

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Are great Fast Bowlers slightly mentally unhinged? Empty Are great Fast Bowlers slightly mentally unhinged?

Post by kingraf Fri 15 Mar 2013, 7:41 pm

A year ago I bought SA Sports Illustrated, it had an interview with the South African pace set-up. And all of them almost word for word, described the journey to superstardom the same way
"I always wanted to beat my opponent, not beat him up, but beat him"
"I wasnt looking at the medium-pacers or the slower bowlers growing up"

But the one that got a non-cricket playing mate of mine confused, was a portion where Allan Donald explains that he never wants to hurt an opponent, but if the guy gets hurt it happens, he will just get back to his mark and bowl the same ball, just faster!!

It reminded me of a story I read about a young Brett Lee, when he re-arranged the dental work of a fellow kid during u/12 cricket trials.
I mean, is this a characteristic found in other sports? If a tennis player had a thigh injury, most pros would be hesitant to cash in, but it fast bowlers seem like the type of people who would lure him to the net, and then try hit the thigh.

I remember when I was 14/15 I opened at a club match. One of the opposing bowlers was a man who has recently made a bit of a splash in international cricket. General nice guy. But in one spell, I think he didnt bowl one ball in my half of the pitch. I hit a few got laid out once, a few whizzed past my ear. But he didnt relent. To this day I think the man is unhinged!

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