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The Case For Hamed (from 606)

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The Case For Hamed (from 606) Empty The Case For Hamed (from 606)

Post by fearlessBamber Thu 19 May 2011, 10:26 am

Hamed was an outrageously talented fighter who transcended boxing with his extroverted big punching style. He provided us with some wonderfully entertaining fights and in his heyday generated a Tysonesque aura of invincibility: so much so that he went into the Barrera fight as a massive favourite.

In terms of achievement he reigned as featherweight champion for *5 years* holding WBO, IBF and WBC versions of the title and would surely have been undisputed champion if it were not for the alphabet boys' nonsense.

Importantly, a large proportion of his opponents were world class and had winning records before and after facing him.

After being dominated by Hamed, Vincenzo Belcastro lost a SD for IBF super flyweight title and regained the Euro title. Despite being humiliated by Hamed, Steve Robinson regained Euro title and became a winning fighter again. Although he lost to Naz, Medina beat Kevin Kelley and won WBO feather title. Tom Johnson held IBF title over 4 years before being destroyed by Hamed. Kevin Kelley, a former World champ and renowned world class fighter, was KO'd by Hamed in a wild brawl. Another great scalp, for Hamed, is that of Wilfredo Vasquez: reigning WBA feather champion (5 defences) and former WBA super bantam champ (9 defences) and not forgetting Paul Ingle who went on to win IBF featherweight title.


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