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Future Euro & RWC

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Future Euro & RWC Empty Future Euro & RWC

Post by TG Sun 23 Feb 2014, 1:27 pm

Watching the Euro 2016 France draw this morning, and in particular the upgraded stadia in France for 2016, I reckons it is nailed on that France will be given the RWC again in 2023, but this article here is food for thought:

Argentina 2023

With 65,000 in Rome yesterday to watch a team of perennial losers, whereas the successful Italy football team struggle now to attract 30,000 for games, what does this say about the state of rugby in Italy. Would it be better to give Italy the RWC?

The draw also got me thinking, in the context of pan-European game, wouldn't it be better to have a bi-annual Euro style tournament instead of the current 6N, that is open to wider European teams., The gulf in class between the top 4/6 and the rest would ensure that the traditionalists still get their marquee games, but it'd bring a greater sense of adventure to what at times seems like a tired format.


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