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Daniel Reilly vs Blade

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Daniel Reilly vs Blade Empty Daniel Reilly vs Blade

Post by JJJohnson Thu 15 May 2014, 9:57 pm

6CW UK Championship

Tale of the Tape:

Height: 6ft - 6’4
Weight: 220lbs – 220lbs
Age: 23 - 25
Hometown: Birmingham, England- Belton, England
Accomplishments: Former 2x 6CW Champion – Former 6CW TV/Tag Team Champion
Finisher: “RKO” – “Powerbomb”

Night of Glory Record:

Daniel Reilly:
Night of Glory I:vs AK Worthy (Reilly wins)
Night of Glory II: vs John Liederman/Team Xtreme/Alessandro D'Agostino (Reilly wins 4 on 1 handicap match)
Night of Glory III: vs Perfect Jack/Lex Hart/GazzyD (Reilly loses 6CW Championship to GazzyD)

Night of Glory III: vs The Untouchables V2 (Blade and Frank Rook win the 6CW Tag Team Championships)
Night of Glory IV: Treasure Trail (Blade is unsuccessful in winning the ladder match for a title shot)


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Daniel Reilly vs Blade Empty Re: Daniel Reilly vs Blade

Post by Daniel Reilly Thu 05 Jun 2014, 3:03 am

A camera cuts into life. It is that of a handheld camera and it's view suggests it is lay on the ground. The camera is shooting in black and white. Distant footsteps can be heard, slowly growing louder as they step closer and closer, before a boot walks into the picture, and the camera shakes as a hand leans over and lifts it up, turning it around so that the man picking up the camera can be seen. It's Daniel Reilly, with his 6CW UK Championship belt slung over his shoulder.

DR: It is time. It is time that the true fighters, the true surviours and the true Champions stand up and be counted. The time in which we can carve our name into history books. A time where we can go from mortal to legend. It is time for Night of Glory!

Once this recording has finished, it should find it's way into the hands of a man who goes by the name of Blade, and so if you are watching this, Blade, I want you to listen very, very carefully.

Blade, you are entering a Colosseum alone, with no sword to help you as you have to go face to face with the hungriest, meanest, most dangerous lion that you will ever have the misfortune to meet. Blade, at Night of Glory, as you walk down that ramp to the ring, you will be walking through my tunnel of fire, walking past the burning ember into a fate that you have so foolishly chosen for yourself.

You see Blade, this wasn't supposed to be this way! You didn't have to endure the suffering that you have decided to bestow upon yourself. We faced off no more then three months ago, and I told you that you would just be another victim. That's all you were supposed to be, Blade. I beat you in that match, just as I said I would, but you just wouldn't stop. You still came out and spoke my name when you had no business doing so. You still found ways to attack me, ways to provoke me, and now you have become more then a victim, you've became endangered!

You didn't have to choose this path, and now Night of Glory will not be an evening filled with glory for yourself as I pick you apart, bone by bone, as I leave you laid on the ground, wishing you hadn't came back to my kingdom.

Yarmouth Blade, you are going to let these fans down. These fans that you ponder to so much, you're going to let your city down, you're parents are going to be more ashamed of you then they already are. I'm going to leave your dreams and career in ruins.

Blade, I am the UK Champion! You should bow at my feet for the pure fact that I kindly allowed you a shot at my Title. I won this to add prestige, pride and glory to this belt, and in my short reign I have done that. A victory over you will not mean a lot, Blade, but the image of me stood at Night of Glory with my UK Championship held high into the sky is the image that will be displayed across television screens for years to come.

Blade, you are going to Night of Glory. You're going to go against a true great. I bet you think all your dreams are coming true, right? Think again, I'm going to break them!

Daniel Reilly

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