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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:47 pm

6CW Anarchy - 26th June: We're Halfway There

*A video package opens the show:

VO: Tonight, 6CW takes you on a journey: a journey that is leading us to Night of Glory. Every man in this company is fighting; every wrestler fighting for the chance to shine on the biggest stage of all.

Where careers are made

*Reborn is the champion! Reborn is the champion!

Where stories begin…and end

* It's over....the nightmare begins...
Dammit.....GazzyD has been destroyed by The Forgotten....but why?

And legacies cemented

*…………and STILL 6CW World Heavyweight Champion…………Maaaaaaxxxx Addddaaaammmmmssssoooooonnn!

VO: Tonight, we take one step closer to Night of Glory 2017, and the stars are being to align.

Number one contenders, title defences and men vying to lock themselves inside the Elimination Chamber…all for glory.

Tonight, the landscape shifts once more…

*We join the show live and Anthony Grace is standing in the ring

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:50 pm

HA: Welcome to 6CW Anarchy, ladies and gentlemen

HE: Night of Glory is fast approaching, and we’re halfway there, but none of that is as important right now as the words the man in the ring is about to say…

*Grace adjusts his hair quickly and then speaks.

AG: Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to express my deep concern about the condition of 6CW and the leadership that seems determined to let the good ship Wrestling drift straight into our own iceberg.

HE: Finally! Someone says it how it is!

AG: I am calling out the authorities in this company – Enforcer!

HE: Calling out the incumbent GM!

AG: Monster Energy have put money, endeavour and no lack of critical thinking to guide 6CW to new heights. I would congratulate them on their genius in bringing Anthony Grace back to 6CW, and it is only down to them that I have returned. I think right now might be a good time to stop and applaud their brilliance…

*Grace stops and claps, seemingly Henry Lloyd does too, but the audience rain down boos

AG: Enforcer deserves those boos, good thinking 6CW! That idiot, he thinks I need to earn my slot in that elimination chamber! Ridiculous! I bring eyes to this company, I bring attention in the press, I bring all the money in!

And now he thinks that I should jump through hoops against bums and tramps to hold some back-alley title contract.

He tries to raise hurdles, but tonight I will just win this and go on to Night of…

*Cameron Faith’s music plays and the crowd roar.

HA: Faith had enough!

*Faith stands at the top of the ramp with a mic in hand.

CF: Oh aye, fock that! We ain’t listening to that pal

HE: We?!

*Steel storms onto the stage with a mic in his hand too, his music roaring out as the crowds cheer

GS: No…f*cking…way! We may be rivals in there tonight too, but I wanna shut this tw*t up before we throw hands!

*The crowd cheer as the pair storm the ring and fly at Grace. The ref rings the bell and they both swing at the actor.

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:50 pm

Match One
Anthony Grace vs Geoff Steel vs Cameron Faith

Grace runs straight from the ring, the pair both throwing air punches at him as he slips between the ropes and to the outside.

HE: Anthony Grace is smart, I’ve said it so many times and this only shows it once more!

HA: Some call him cowardly…

HE: Oh poppycock – two men are targeting him in a triple threat – well he’s removed himself from their idiocy and bullying. Chess play, smart, intelligent, genius.

*Steel and Faith look at each other. They get ready to fight, then straighten up and smile

HA: Something’s afoot here, brother

*They slide out of the ring on separate sides and slowly walk towards Grace. They are on the left and right of the ring respectively, and Grace on the side opposite to the ramp.

HE: This is indecent, Harold! There’s no craftsmanship in this – oh yes! BLINDSIDED!

*The pincer movement is denied as Mike Hill flies over the barricades and wipes Steel out with a chair shot to the back of the head.


HE: Wow, Harold. Just…wow


Faith and Grace are both shocked as Hill lays shot after shot onto Steel’s prone body. Security eventually come down to drag him away and medics are called for

HA: Good god almighty…I can’t keep watching these two men do this

HE: They cant sustain it, Harold. One of them will either be arrested, forced to retire or downright die.

*Faith watches the medics come down the ramp – his distraction let’s Grace play a trick of his own

HA: Grace is grabbing the bell…

HE: There’s no DQs here, he can do what he wants

*Instead of an attack, he knocks his knuckles against it. The slight sound alerts Faith: the Scotsman laughs

HA: Faith has seen the funny side, but this is certainly very weird --- wait, what’s going on now?

*Security guards come from the timekeeper’s area and three men form a line blocking Faith’s path to Grace. Grace smiles and then grabs a microphone.

AG: Cameron, sit there and stew for a while will you? There’s a good lad.

*He grins as Faith begins to shout, but walking over only sees him pushed back by the guards

AG: Oh, I wouldn’t try – Monster Energy have provided me with the best muscle this country could offer. You see, I do not have to put my body through undue risk on television, Cameron. And what with the VICIOUS assault on Geoff Steel there, well, I can’t call this match anything but an undue risk. What could happen next?!

*The crowd begin to boo.

AG: Boo all you want, ladies and gentlemen, but Enforcer knows this to be true too.

*A suited man begins to walk down the ramp

AG: Ahhh! Mr Crowther – a loyal Monster Energy representative – do come shed some light on the situation, if you please!

*The man makes his way around the other side of the ring, passing the medics as they wheel away Steel on a stretcher. He gets to Grace and is offered the mic

MC: Uh hum: due to the lucrative terms of Anthony Grace’s 6CW, and the interests of Monster Energy needing to be protected, Anthony Grace shall not endure any weekly episodic matches in which he could be placed in a risk that is deemed “beyond necessary.” As such, Monster Energy would like to agree with the stance of our premium superstar and call this untenable.

*He turns to the announcer

MC: Announce this match a draw!

*The announcer looks to the referee, but he only offers a shrug.

Announcer: Due to the circumstances so described, this match is officially announced as a draw!

*Boos ring out around the arena, with Grace mocking apology. Faith’s fury has turned to disbelief, now somewhat laughing at the situation. We go to adverts.

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:51 pm

*Backstage, Perfect Jack and Clarke James are arguing. They stand in a corridor of the arena; a table next to them has both the UK and INT titles on.

PJ: You don’t know what you’re talking about. Shut up! Be quiet and sit down somewhere else whilst I sort this out.

CJ: What? You shut up! You haven’t even got stamps on your passport mate, so you can’t have it!

PJ: Stamps on my? What are you talking about? I represent this company on a global scale, my image is known everywhere

CJ: Fine, take it. I know the people of this country don’t want you to represent them anyway

PJ: More than just this country you backwards a*se, it’s the United Kingdom

CJ: You couldn’t even name all the counties

PJ: Counties? I suppose you would know, because people are still trying to book you for opening little Post Offices and stuff; people don’t even realise you’re wrestling again. Whereas me? I’m Mr Worldwide

CJ: You’re Pitbull?

PJ: You don’t make any sense to me.

CJ: Nothing will make sense to you when I knock you over the head with my titles.

*Clarke and Jack stare each other down, then suddenly turn to the table and grab the UK title. They have an end each and get into a tug of war.

PJ: Gimme…the…belt!

CJ: It’s mine you knobhead!

*They both swing their spare hand to the table and pick up the INT title, and now have two battles going.

CJ: Just…f***…off!

*Neither man will relent and the scene fades with them squabbling like children.

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:52 pm

*The scene turns to another part of the arena, a changing room. Crime Lord is taping his boots, preparing for the coming match. Hero walks in

H: Ahh, there he is. Ready? Prepared? Does one remember what he was taught?

*Crime Lord ignores Hero, continuing to tape.

H: Sights are set high, here in this company. That means old alliances can be very fruitful to make sure that you can follow footsteps once more, old friend.

*Hero has moved over to Crime Lord, and with those last words he places a hand on his shoulder. It is this that causes the former 6WF man to break. He fires his arm up and hits the hand off him, before darting to his feet and getting into Hero’s face. Hero just smiles, but Crime Lord is not happy

CL: Listen, you washed up old man. There is no friendship, no alliance, no camaraderie. You are a spent force; my Night of Glory will not be dictated by the waning of your powers. So stay in line, don’t play any of your silly little games and I will carry you on my back to that Elimination Chamber.

H: Sounds thrilling

CL: Oh, it will be – in there I can decimate you once and for all. Until then, I’ll use you this evening when I want to stay fresh: I know how to maximise my impact in that ring. Experience has given me intelligence, but time has only seen yours waste away.

*Crime Lord pushes passed Hero and out of the room, Hero laughing quietly.

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:52 pm

*We change scenes to see Enforcer on the phone in his office, screaming furiously

*There is talk on the line


*Enforcer slams the phone down and screams at nothing before seeing the camera


*The camera nods up and down

E: Let’s get things moving, huh?! Mike Hill wants to play bandito?! At Night of Glory, Geoff Steel…Mike Hill…no more games: I Quit Match!

*Enforcer slams a fist on the desk

E: Now get the f*** out!

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:52 pm

Match Two
Clarke James & Perfect Jack vs Hero & Crime Lord

HA: Up next we've got tag team action as Clarke James and Perfect Jack take on the pairing of Hero and Crimelord.

HE: All four competitors will be looking to make an impression tonight as the 6CW universe watches on this Road to Night of Glory.

HA: All four of our competitors are in the ring and it looks like we are ready to go.

Crimelord steps forward as Hero steps through the ropes. Perfect Jack and Clarke James discuss before seemingly agreeing that Perfect Jack will be first in the ring. The referee signals for the bell and Jack meets Crimelord in the centre of the ring, locking up like two bulls. Crimelord gets the upperhand, driving a knee into Jacks gut. Another knee follows as Crimelord grabs the head of Jack and throws him into the ropes. Jack slides under the legs, Crimelord spins round only to be sent crashing to the mat with a perfectly exectuted dropkick.

HA: Brute strength and technical ability on show here.

HE: Crimelord back to his feet and frustrated.

Crimelord charges Jack, only to be met with a hiptoss. He rushes up to his feet and charges once more, another hiptoss sends him across the ring, a series of hiptosses one after the other. Crimelord pulls himself up by the ropes and turns to face Jack who has the crowd on there feet.

HA: Crimelord just cant string together any kind of offence.

Jack and Crimelord meet in the middle once more, locking up. The pair jockey for position around the ring. Crimelord takes advantage with a forceful headlock. Jack is sent to the ground via headlock takedown and Crimelord holds him down with a rear chin lock.

HA: Crimelord wants this at his own pace.

Jack squirms out of the hold and gets to his feet. He backs into his corner and tags in Clarke James. James rushes towards Crimelord with frantic rights and lefts which send him crashing through the ropes to the outside. Hero and James' eyes meet and Clarke James signals for Hero to enter the ring.

HE: Hero having none of this and rightly so.

Hero climbs down from the apron to tend to Crimelord as Clarke James watches on. Perfect Jack drops from the apron and walks round the ring towards the pair but the referee clocks him and blocks the pursuit. Crimelord climbs to his feet just as James attempts a baseball slide.


Crimelord managed to drag Hero in front of him to take the full force of the baseball slide.

HE: Nobodies friends here.

Crimelord drags james from under the bottom rope to the outside and slams him hard into the steel steps. Crimelord drags James into the ring and goes for the cover.


HA: Clarke James kicked out.

Crimelord stands over James and smirks as he rises to his feet.

HE: Overhead belly to belly from Crimelord sends James across the ring.

As the dominant Crimelord stalks Clarke James, Perfect Jack attempts to interfere but is stopped by the referee.


Hero is choking Clarke James on the bottom rope while the referee is distracted. Crimelord grabs James from the ground.


As Crimelord continues to dominate James, Perfect Jack tries to build up the crowd in support of his partner. Hero meanwhile begs for the tag.

HE: Smart move here from Hero, picking at the spoils.

Hero tags in and lifts James up before hitting a body slam and going for the cover.



Hero lifts James up once more and throws a kick to his gut.


Replays show Clarke James catch the leg of Hero and with the last of his energy, hit the high impact kick to the back of Hero's skull.

HA: And now its a race to make that tag.

HE: Hero might be unconscious here.

HA: Jack is begging for the tag and looks fired up.

Clarke James makes the tag and Perfect Jack storms the ring attacking Crimelord and sending him to the floor. Hero rises to his feet and swings a punch at jack, Jack ducks and hooks Hero into a suplex position.



Crimelord attempts to break up the pin but Jack breaks it himself and hooks Crimelord.


Jack Perfect plexes Crimelord onto the body of Hero.

HA: Jack determined to win this match.

Clarke James pulls himself up from the corner and leans in for a tag. Jack refuses to make it.

HA: Tension out here between this pairing and I dont think James is happy.

HE: Jack might just have this match won.

HA: James wont let Jack take the glory out here.

Clarke James enters the ring and drags Jack back, arguing with him in the corner.




Perfect Jack spins round as Hero heads towards him...

HE: ENCORE!!!!!!



HA: Hero and Crimelord steal the victory out here.

HE: What a match!!

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:52 pm

*We cut backstage to see Charlotte Grey with a smartly dressed Jerome Dubois*

Grey: "Mr Dubois thank you for joining me at this time"

*Dubois looks Grey up and down*

JD: "Oui, oui madame, anytime"

*Dubois adjusts his tie, and does a little shuffle

Grey: "You have a big match tonight, your first title shot since your return, how are you feeling?"

JD: "Jerome Dubois is feeling, tres bien merci"

*Dubois winks at Grey who giggles before composing herself*

Grey: "You face quite a challenge tonight in the form of Cerberus don't you?"

JD: "Madame Grey, ze only big challenge je faces is trying to fit ze pantalon on in ze morning, oui"

*Dubois does a little shuffle again, Grey now a tad uncomfortable but smitten*

Grey: "Well....what do you think you will bring to the TV title if you win tonight?*

*Dubois flicks out a pair of sunglasses, adjusts his sleeve to show off his rolex, places the sunglasses on and continues*

JD: "Madame Grey, Jerome Dubois shall bring ze class to la tele title. You see Cerberus is like ze undercooked poulet, he give ze crowd a funny taste in ze bouche, where as Dubois, Dubois is like ze finest caviar, a class above ze rest and will give ze people what they want..."

*Dubois winks at Grey, blows her a kiss, and walks off into the distance as 6CW Anarchy cuts away*

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:52 pm

*We cut to the Lloyd brothers, who are sat at ringside*

HA: "We cut backstage, to a very weird setting, those of you who are into boxing will be familiar with these face off interviews, but those in rassling may not be"

HE: "It's an interview pal"

HA: "Ah yes, but this one is with a twist. Backstage we have the Parasite Killers and the Soldier of Fortune, ready to be interviewed in a face off, but the mediator will be none other than Max Adamson, the manager of the TA"

HE: "Max?! Oh yes! I am in. Let's do this!"

*The screen cuts away to a darkened room with Max Adamson sat the head of a table, the Soldiers of Fortune, Castiguer and Sicarius one side and the Parasite Killers, James McManus and The Fanatic, sat the other*

Adamson: "Welcome, welcome, to this weirdly dimly lit room, where yours truly Max Adamson, the legend of 6CW is sat, on behalf of my clients The TA, with some tag teams who compete for the #1 contendership to lose to my champions, at some point"

*Adamson smirks, neither of the tag teams react too much, eyes fixed on one another*

Adamson: "I have some pre-set questions here, but Max Adamson being the cool dude he is, likes to go a little off script, so lets start off with throwing a few curveballs in here...The Fanatic, we barely hear you speak anymore you giant freak...can you tell me why you haven't split up with the deadwood that is James McManus yet?"

*Adamson chuckles, Fanatic looks at McManus, who then speaks*

McManus: "No comment"

Adamson: "That's weird Fanatic, you said that without moving your lips mate...lets try again shall we?"

*McManus glares at Adamson, Fanatic goes to speak, before McManus hushes him*

McManus: "I said no comment...Max."

Adamson: "Jeez it's like talking to a talking doll here, keeps saying the same thing, let me guess next Chris Wilkerson will say Wrestlemania 29 was better if you were in attendance?"

*The room falls silent, before Adamson turns his attention to the Soldiers of Fortune*

Adamson: "Who are you lads?"

Castiguer: "We....we are soon to be number #1 contenders for the tag team championship."

*Adamson nods his head*

Adamson: "Touche, touche. I mean, really you're both competing to lose to the glorious Frank Horrigan and Jackson Jackson, but it's nice you lads get a spot on the show rather than just being round the ring for one of their matches...I'm being hurried for time, because quite frankly, you're boring quickly each tell Max why you will win the #1 contenders match this week?"

*Adamson looks at the Parasite Killers*

McManus: "We are the best tag team in 6CW, we are the most destructive force in this company. Monday night, we destroy those wannabes across the table and then, we're coming for the TA"

*The Parasite Killers get up and leave, before the SOF go ahead*

Castiguer: "It's simple. We have proven, and will prove again, that the Soldiers of Fortune are much better then the Parasite Killers. Oh and Max...tell your boys to watch their backs...their time is almost up"

*Castiguer and Sicarius get up, and Sicarius tips over the table as they walk away, Adamson mouths "Ooo, you're hard" as 6CW Anarchy cuts away to commercial break

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:54 pm

Match Three
Tag Team Title Number One Contenders
Soldiers of Fortune vs Parasite Killers

*Returning from the break, all four men are ready at ringside.

McManus starts off in the ring against Castiguer, the pair lock up and McManus locks in a side arm bar hold on the shorter man. Castiguer quickly hooks a leg behind McManus and trips him to the mat. McManus rolls back up to his feet but Castiguer stops him with a knee to the gut, McManus stays on his feet but stumbles back and Castiguer flies in with another running knee that connects with the face of McManus sending him to the mat but once again McManus is able to roll quickly to his feet only to get a boot to the stomach and then planted by a DDT that spikes him on to the top of his head.

HA: What a quick start from one half of the soldiers of fortune here! The smaller man really getting his offence in to try and put the match to bed straight away!

HE: He's only shorter, McMannus and him weigh exactly the same...just wait till Sicariusarius gets in though...the man is a beast!


McManus pushes the shoulder up off the canvas. Castiguer lifts McManus up by the head and hits him with another leaping knee that causes him to fall in to the ropes, Castiguer then runs in looking for the Yakuza kick only for McManus to duck under sending Castiguer over the top rope on to the apron. Castiguer is up quick but is caught with an european upper cut from McManus that stuns the shorter man on the apron before McManus attempts to make his way over to his corner

HA: You said Sicarius was a beast then what about The Fanatic?! The man is 7 feet tall!

As McManus gets half way across the ring Sicarius charges in and begins to land clubbing blows to stop the tag to Fanatic, McManus fights back landing repeated european uppercuts to Sicarius but as he turns to get to Fanatic Castiguer leaps back in to the ring with a huge springboard missile drop kick that sends McManus down to the mat with Castiguer making the cover


HA: Fanatic in with the save! I think he's seen enough!

HE: Sicarius is back in!

As Fanatic drags Castiguer up off McManus and locks the hand in for the chokeslam Sicarius charges across the ring hitting a huge diving shoulder block that sends Fanatic staggering back to the ropes, Sicarius then looks for a second but Fanatic hits a back body drop sending Sicarius all the way down to the ground. Before Fanatic can do anything though Castiguer charges the length of the ring and hits a drop kick that sends him out of the ring too

HA: This match is threatening to break out in to chaos...

HE: Threatening?! The moment it was booked it promised too!

Castiguer gets back up after the massive drop kick and turns to face McManus but to his shock McManus is up and begins to land stiff strikes before whipping Castiguer hard in to the turnbuckle. Castiguer stumbles back to the middle of the ring where McManus is stood waiting

HA: TOMBSTONE! McManus looking to end this!

HE: Reversed by Castiguer! THREE AMIGOS!

HA: McManus reacts well though...what an impact!

With both men down the replay begins to play, it shows Castiguer dropping down the back of the tombstone attempt before spinning McManus around and hitting two of the three amigos suplexes but on the third one McManus is able to hook the leg stalling the third suplex before pushing distance between himself and Castiguer and hitting a massive lariat.

HA: Both men look broken after the exchanges so far, their partners have made it back to the apron so the advantage is on who can make the tag first!

Castiguer and McManus both begin to stir and begin to crawl towards their respective corners only for Castiguer to reach Sicarius first making the tag...

HE: Here comes Sicarius!

HA: and Fanatic...

HE: NO! Wait!

As McManus reaches his corner he leaps for the tag to Fanatic only for Sicarius to grab the leg of McManus meaning he comes up short. Sicarius quickly then charges at Fanatic hitting a clothesline to hit him off the apron but the 7ft superstar is able to hold on to the ropes and keep his ground

HA: The Fanatic is refusing to be knocked down!

HE: He won't have a choice soon! Sicarius is going to keep going until he's on the ground!

Sicarius bounces off the ropes and hits another stiff elbow to take Fanatic down but once again Fanatic grips the ropes and stays put on the apron. Sicarius grits his teeth and looks for another running elbow but as he reaches the corner to take Fanatic down he's stopped

HA: McManus has the waist for Sicarius! German suplex!

HE: Wow that was pretty impressive!

The fans jump to their feet as Sicarius is sent flying with a german suplex when looking to take Fanatic down, McManus then gets to his feet and makes the tag to Fanatic. As Fanatic looks to go after Sicarius though Castiguer is back in and landing strikes to the much bigger man.

HA: Castiguer might be a bit out of his depths...there's over a foot in difference here...

HE: I don't think Castiguer feels out of his depths against anyone!

Fanatic is able to grab Castiguer by the throat in a choke style move, launching him over the top rope to the outside only for Castiguer to land on the apron. McManus reacts quickly though hitting a spear through the ropes that sends both men in to the guard rail from the apron

HA: What an impact but now we have two legal men in the ring with Sicarius and Fanatic ready to go head to head!

HE: What a pairing that is! One is nearly 300lbs and the other is 7 feet tall!

As Sicarius gets to his feet Fanatic is stood waiting, the pair eye ball each other as the tension rises in the ring. Suddenly the action explodes and the pair collide, Sicarius is able to push Fanatic back and the pair end up falling through the ropes where the brawl begins to escalate on the outside forcing the ref to start the 10 count. On the other side Castiguer and McManus are back up and the action has begun to spill towards the stage as the two men begin to land rapid fire strikes.

HA: The action is spilling out towards the crowd...if I was front row I'd start to worry

HE: McManus and Castiguer are battling it out on the stage!

At ringside the count continues as Sicarius and Fanatic have begun to throw each other in to the apron and guard rail causing some of the fans to stand up, attempting to move back as the guard rail begins to buckle under the force of the two men, on the stage though McManus and Castiguer have reached the edge and are attempting to out do each other as McManus land a kick to the gut of Castiguer

HA: This isn't good! What is McManus thinking?!

HE: I don't think he is!

The fans are stunned as McManus hoists Castiguer up with a stalling suplex causing the pair to fall from the stage on to the concrete with a crunch, the pair remain motionless. At Ringside though Sicarius has been able to pick up Fanatic over his shoulder and charges the length of the ringside area before hitting a diving body slam that sends both men crashing through the guard rail taking out some of the fans forcing the ref to call for the bell as all four men lie motionless

HA: The ref has seen enough! What a collision all four men have been through...

HE: It just goes to show how far these men will go to get the chance for championship gold!

As the camera cuts from man to man we see EMT's rush in and start to check on them as we cut away.

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:55 pm

*Charlotte Grey stands alongside JJ Johnson

CG: JJ – a big night ahead for you. Tonight you have the chance to not only put to bed this rivalry you and Dicey Reilly have formed in recent times, but also earn your spot in the main event of Night of Glory 2017; the chance to take Cassius Zhi for the 6CW World Heavyweight is within reach. How are you feeling?

JJ: Awh hell, I’mma bout ready to end all this Irish bulls*** and turn my attention to gold! Ain’t got to be about anything else, but a little retribution over Dicey only sweetens the taste.

CG: Your return has had highs and lows: is this the chance to prove you’ve come back as good as ever?

JJ: Hell yes, Missy Grey, hell yes. JJ Johnson wants to go out there and shut fools down, showing all that I came back for was glittering and gold.

*Grey goes to speak, but stops and smiles

CG: Well, I shall welcome another former world champion to the conversation, the man Cassius Zhi beat to hold the 6CW World Champion.

RR: Yeah, welcome your boy Reborn to the chit-chat.

JJ: What you want, fool?

RR: Just passin’ through, brother. You need to calm yourself down; pressure getting to you?

JJ: It got you beat, kid. You had your chance and crumbled to Cassius.

RR: You ain’t even grasped your chance yet, old man. And you better make sure you do. You were the poster boy, now you the warning not to stay too long. Desperate, fool. Y’all better make sure the pressure ain’t puttin’ pay to you

*Reborn walks away, but Charlotte doesn’t let the interview finish

CG: Do those words ring true? To someone like Reborn, you may once have been an idol. Has this returned risked that?

JJ: Watch and learn, Charlotte. Watch and learn.

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

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*Outside, Tim Allen stands alone in front of a camera.

TA: I was hoping to bring 6CW a fresh interview with Cerberus this evening. The man himself had entered during our thrilling third match of the night. However, Cerberus has told me he is unwilling to talk, although his refusal certainly sent a message to Liam Wood.

*Footage of the confrontation plays. Tim Allen stands with his mic in hand, then rushes forward as he sees Cerberus approach.

TA: Cerberus, Cerberus, a word please?

*Cerberus stops at Allen’s feet, so close they are that toes must be touching. He towers over the interviewer, his frame imposing itself over the much smaller interviewer. Allen takes three steps back. He goes to speak, but Cerberus does first

C: No. Talking is for the imbeciles who think opinions matter. They mean nothing, it will only be fact that matters; fact will be shown to be me destroying Liam Wood and his dirty pact with Edward Plague. I shall show them both to be fools. At Night of Glory, I leave the arena as a double champion.

I have said this before, and that is why you haven’t seen me running my mouth since last week – nothing new needs to be said. Go talk to the puppets, they are always given plenty to say.

*With that, Cerberus storms into the building. The scene returns to Allen.

TA: As angry and driven as ever, but…urm--

*He stops and visibly looks afraid. The picture is then interrupted as Liam Wood walks into shot. Edward Plague then flanks Allen on the other side. Plague takes the microphone from Allen’s hand and pushes him away

EP: 6CW is trapped, and the key to salvation is with me. My brother here has found this to be true; Liam Wood and I shall see pressure build on Cerberus. He is to dance to our tune, is he not?

*Wood is given the mic

LW: Tonight we break Cerberus, we break O’Callaghan, and we break GazzyD.

*Plague smiles

LW: Church is in session, bow at the feet of Brother Plague!

*Plague smiles as Wood stares down the lens intently. The scene fades.

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

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Match Four
TV Title Match
Cerberus (c) vs Jerome Dubois

*Anarchy returns with the cameras focused on the ring announcer who is stood in the middle of the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentleman...the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL...

Crowd: ONE FALL!

HE: Idiots...

Ring Announcer: And is for the 6CW TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!

*Pop from the crowd*

Ring Announcer: Introducing first...THE CHALLENGER...he hails from Paris, France and weighs in at 275lbs...JEROMMMEEE DUBOIISSSS!

"Mind Eraser" blares around the arena and the crowd pop as Jerome Dubois strolls out onto the stage carrying the French flag. He waves it around with great pride as he walks down the ramp to the ring, nodding respectfully to the fans. Dubois slides under the bottom rope into the ring.

HA: What a huge opportunity Jerome Dubois has found himself presented with this evening, a chance to once again capture gold in 6CW, something that he hasn't achieved in many a year.

HE: Usually Dubois, anyone in fact, would be delighted with this chance at winning a title...but when you know it's up against someone like the monstrous Cerberus, then you have to ask the question, is it really going to be worth it?

HA: Dubois is certainly going to have to be at his very best to win this contest.

Ring Announcer: And now...he is from DEADMAN’S CORNER and weighs in at 275lbs...he is THE 2017 GATEWAY TO GLORY WINNER...and theeee REIGNING AND DEFENDING 6CW TELEVISION CHAMPION...CERBERRRRRUSSSS!

"Haunted" blares out as the lights dim around the arena, red lights then start flashing around as Cerberus stalks slowly out onto the stage. He is glaring at Dubois, who leans against the turnbuckles in the corner, trying his best to look relaxed. Cerberus steps onto the apron and then over the top rope, staring straight ahead at the Frenchman.

HE: This man is without a doubt the most dominant, most feared competitor in 6CW at the moment, just look at the way he brutalised his competition in the Gateway To Glory match.

HA: Of course, he faces EWF World Champion Liam Wood at Night Of Glory, looking to claim his first world title in 6CW. What Dubois must be hoping is that the TV Title is a bit of a distraction.

HE: You don't think Cerberus is capable of holding two titles at once? He could hold every title as far as I'm concerned, he is just that feared.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Jerome Dubois goes in for the lock-up only for Cerberus to drive a knee up into the gut. Dubois keels over and Cerberus immediately fires in big elbow smashes to the side of the head as Dubois desperately attempts to shield himself. Dubois falls into the ropes, Cerberus whips him hard across the ring and nails a big boot on the rebound. Cover.

Ref: 1...................2.....kick out!

Dubois kicks out but Cerberus is straight back onto the offence, leaping up to his feet and stomping away on the head of Dubois repeatedly. Dubois eventually gets to his feet where Cerberus fires in a succession of huge right punches to the chin, Dubois staggers back into the corner.

HA: Cerberus looking like he is giving Dubois short shrift this evening.

Jerome Dubois goes in for the lock-up only for Cerberus to drive a knee up into the gut. Dubois keels over and Cerberus immediately fires in big elbow smashes to the side of the head as Dubois desperately attempts to shield himself. Dubois falls into the ropes, Cerberus whips him hard across the ring and nails a big boot on the rebound. Cover.

Cerberus runs in going for a clothesline but Dubois ducks underneath it. He throws Cerberus into the corner and then reels off a series of Knife-edge chops into the chest, leaving red marks across Cerberus’s upper body. Cerberus walks forward out of the corner, Dubois lifts him up and connects with a scoop slam. He then bounces off the ropes, hitting an elbow drop. He hooks the leg.

HE: Impressive display of power there from Dubois, who believe it or not, weighed in at the same as Cerberus this evening.

Cerberus gets the kick out, Jerome Dubois places him into an armbar whilst stomping away on the shoulder. He brings Cerberus to his feet, only to throw him to the canvas with an arm drag. Cerberus rolls to his feet, Dubois connects with a spinning forearm smash. He then runs the ropes, hitting a dropkick to the side of the head. Cover again.

Ref: 1...................2........Kick out!

Dubois is up to his feet and is clearly growing in confidence, doing a little French dance as he waits for Cerberus to rise. The champion gets to his feet, Dubois tries to lift him onto his shoulders for a powerslam but he can't get Cerberus into the air. Dubois tries again but Cerberus cracks a vicious elbow into the side of the head.

Jerome Dubois stumbles around dazed and Cerberus grabs him by the waist and slings him across the ring with a German suplex. He covers.

Ref: 1...............2...........Kick out!

Cerberus gets up to his feet, he immediately drops a couple of knees down into the face of Jerome Dubois. He then drags Dubois up to a vertical base where he slings him over his shoulders. Cerberus runs to the corner, he drops Dubois down face first on the turnbuckle with a snake eyes.

Cerberus turns Dubois around, placing him on the top rope before connecting with a brutal rope-hung jawbreaker. Cerberus then runs the ropes, hitting a big splash down onto Dubois. He covers.

Ref: 1...............2...........Kick out!

Dubois kicks out. Cerberus drags him up to his feet and then throws him into the ropes, before hitting a big sidewalk slam on the rebound. The monster then runs off the ropes, nailing a big leg drop across the throat.

HA: Cerberus utterly dominant here this evening!

HE: As anyone with half a brain cell knew would happen.

Ref: 1................2............Kick out!

Cerberus allows Dubois to his feet, he kicks him in the stomach and then goes for a crucifix powerbomb, only for the Frenchman to drop down the back. He rolls up Cerberus...

HA: He's going to steal this!

Ref: 1....................2...............Kick out!

Cerberus kicks out just in time, the duo rise to their feet. Dubois goes for a clothesline that Cerberus ducks, he then grabs Dubois by the throat and plants him viciously into the canvas with a chokeslam. Cover.

Ref: 1.................2.................Kick out!

Dubois forces the shoulder but Cerberus is back to dominating the contest. He drives some knees into the back of the head before applying a double underhook, he drags Dubois towards the corner and then connects with a tiger suplex into the turnbuckle. Cerberus drags Dubois away from the corner, lifting him into the air and nailing a knee drop brainbuster. He covers.

Ref: 1...................2................Kick out!

HE: What a display this is from Cerberus, perhaps one of the most dominant title match displays we have seen in recent time.

Cerberus allows Jerome Dubois up, he scoops him onto his shoulders and sets up for a Death Valley Driver. Dubois somehow manages to land on his feet, Cerberus turns around...


HE: Huge spear from Dubois!

Ref: 1.......................2...................Kick out!

HA: Cerberus showing some fight, both in his wrestling and resisting the offence being throw at him.

Dubois gets slowly to his feet, he goes to the top rope and waits for Cerberus to rise. He flies off, attempting a dropkick...

HE: Look at that!

HA: Cerberus just batted him away!

Cerberus pushes the flying Dubois down into the canvas. The Frenchman rolls to his feet, Cerberus goes for a brogue kick...

HE: Ducked...


The TV Champion cracks the ref with a vicious boot to the skull and he collapses to the mat. Cerberus looks down for a moment, smiling, and then turns around. Dubois hits him with a couple of big European Uppercuts, then some big knife-edge chops. Dubois runs the ropes but walks straight into a huge spinebuster.

Cerberus then drags Dubois to his feet...

HE: Death Bells Toll!

HA: It's no good though Henry, the referee is still down...

Cerberus looks down at Dubois, he places a foot on his chest and steps over before signalling impatiently for a referee to come down to the ring to make the count. Cerberus shakes his head at no sign of a ref, turning back towards Dubois...

"Revival mode" hits...




Wood steps out onto the stage, Cerberus beckons him down to the ring and Wood smiles, before bursting into a sprint...



Wood unbuckles the title belt from his waist, holding it in his right hand as he runs to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope, Cerberus picks him up but Wood dives underneath his right arm and then bounces off the ropes, Cerberus turns around...


Wood smirks down at the grounded Cerberus, but then drags him to the corner, placing the title belt over the face of Cerberus...



Wood picks up his title, he rolls out of the ring and makes his way up the ramp, smiling. Dubois crawls over towards the prone Cerberus, totally unaware of what has happened. He places an
arm over the monster, just as the referee stirs...

HA: Surely not?

HE: No way!

Ref: 1..............................2.......................................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!






Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman...the winner of this match by way of PINFALLL and NEEWWWWWW 6CW TELEVISION CHAMPIOOONNNNN...JEROMEEEE DUBOISSSSSSSS!

HA: I don't think the fans know what to do here. Cheer, boo, celebrate, who knows?!

HE: Jerome Dubois is the new champion, I'm sure they're happy about that, but it came from a huge assist from Liam Wood.

HA: That is certainly the story tonight. Wood has cost Cerberus the title tonight, and you have to think the big man won't be happy with that.

HE: It's one nil to Wood in the mind games.

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

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*Robin Reborn is walking down the corridor, talking with Charlotte Grey

RR: Look, the piece was better for my intrusion, and you definitely got a juicy little scene. So, naw, I ain’t apologising and you know I ain’t gonna!

*The pair are smiling as they walk and talk. Their conversation is interrupted by a very loud conversation around the corner that they approach


*Grey and Reborn turn the corner and Grace is screaming into his phone. The Hollywood actor does not see them


*The phone goes flying across the floor as Reborn slaps it out of Grace’s hand. Anthony spins to face him

AG: What in the good Lord’s name do you think you’re doing?!

RR: Shutting your bull**** up, son – I ain’t bout to hear all that. You ain’t even fighting matches now…

AG: You? The failed champ who somehow got chances over me? You should be begging me to stay here and bring eyes on your flippy-floppy nonsense.

RR: You using this place more than those energy drink boys using you. The whole world knows you can’t act for s***, and we all see you can’t fight nothing neither.

AG: Petulant moron, I’ll wipe the smirk off your face when you see me out there with a gold belt round my waist. My people will see to it – they might see your last days in this company are hastened too

RR: That a threat, b*tch? How bout you find me out there? You think you all that, maybe I’ll be out in that Chamber too. Then we can see who is going places fool.

AG: Yes, yes. Lots of talk, but my movies are hitting your demographic already: I don’t need to associate with you!

*Grace snaps his finger and a production member scurries over to pick up his phone. Grace has already walked off, so the member of the crew chases after him. The scene cuts away.

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

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*We see Engel now, squatting down in the corridor, down on his haunches. His eyes are closed and a shadow approaches to stand over him. Engel feels the presence there and looks up

EH: You seem to be omnipresent recently, Mr Hero.

*Engel stands and the camera pans out to show him face to face with Hero.

H: Hero works in mysterious ways, friend. And that is what you are, a friend. And friends should lean on each other, but lean together. To balance, yes, a balance must be struck.

EH: And what do you imply, oh Hero?

H: Does Reborn rest on you too much, Engel? What benefit is in this for you? He seems to be getting an awful lot: someone to blame, your trust to betray like he did so readily at Day of Reckoning, and now he uses you to try earn redemption. Where once he stole a world title, now he wants you to win him the tag titles like Jack Hurst before you.

*He stops and pauses

H: I wonder, does he care that you were on the path to greatness? I would suggest he cared, but for himself. Selfishly, he saw your chance to eclipse him – you cannot do so in a tag team, I daresay. Motive does reveal itself.

*Hero looks into the slightly desperate eyes of Engel

H: One must only hope that he is helping you. For if he hinders you, what should his fate be?

*Hero walks away, leaving Engel to stare after him as the scene fades.

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

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Match Five
Tag Team Title Match
The TA vs Engel Harlequin and Robin Reborn

The camera pans along the crowd and we see signs for names of 6CW present and 6WF past, including "Tiote loved it here", "Chris is going to my thighs", "Ed Kent likes seals” “Beer = 2nd rate podcaster” and "#RIPBolasie" as we reach the Lloyd brothers at ringside!

HA: “What a night of action so far, but up next we have a huge 6CW Tag Team Title bout between reigning champions the TA, and the slightly hastily put together team of Engel Harlequin and Robin Reborn”

HE: “A procession for the TA mate”

HA: “I wouldn’t be so sure – Reborn talked last week of a plan to Engel, and this seems to be it…or is it?”

HE: “How would I know? I don’t care – I just wanna see my main dawg Max”

HA: “Jeez…”

Ring Announcer: “Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall……..and it is for the 6CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!”

Introducing first....THE CHALLENGERS...hailing from New York City and weighing in at 230lbs...ROBIN REBOORRRNNNNN!

“Stronger” blares out as the fans erupt into cheers and smoke pours out onto the stage. After a few moments, Robin Reborn leaps through the smoke, before landing in a forward role, leading to louder cheers from the fans. Reborn then jogs down to the ring, tagging fans hands as he goes, before sliding in under the bottom rope. Reborn then paces around the ring, looking out at the fans before turning to face the ramp.

Ring Announcer: “Introducing next...the challenger... weighing in at 280lbs...ENGELLLLLL!”

The arena is plunged into darkness as "Time is Running Out" kicks in through the speakers, a single spotlight shines on the stage as Engel emerges from the backstage area, the spotlight follows the exaggerated movements of Engel as he makes his way down to the ring. Engel stops at the bottom of the steel steps, looking up at Reborn before entering the squared circle.

HA: “These two look focussed tonight, this must’ve been part of Reborn’s plan?”

HE: “Who cares? They’re going to lose, because Max Adamson said so”

Ring Announcer: “Introducing their opponents….the reigning and defending 6CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…..THE TA!”

"Machine Gun" clatters out of the speakers and Max Adamson leads the 6CW Tag Team Champions out onto the stage. Jackson Jackson kneels down and poses in front of the camera with his title as Frank Horrigan stands behind with his massive arms in the air…

HA: “The TA have been looking for challengers these past few weeks, and tonight they should find some stiffer ones”

HE: “Stiffer? How can it get stiffer than what this dominant team have already gone through.”

HA: “You…you know what I mean”

Horrigan and Jackson enter the ring, and both teams go to their respective corners.

Ding, ding, ding!

The bell rings to get the match started, Engel Harlequin starts off against Frank Horrigan. The duo lock-up, Harlequin applies a side headlock which Horrigan quickly counters with a belly to back suplex. Engel rolls to his feet, Horrigan flattens him with a short-arm clothesline. Engel rolls up once more and Frank Horrigan nails a powerslam. Cover.

Ref: 1................2.......Kick out!

Engel forces the shoulder up. Horrigan drags him up to his feet, where he then fires in a series of hard right hands to the face. Engel Harlequin is backed into the corner, where Horrigan switches tact to European Uppercuts. Engel tries to reply with some punches of his own but Horrigan simply walks through them and flattens Engel with a clothesline. Cover.

Ref: 1................2...........kick out!

HA: "Very strong start to this match-up from Frank Horrigan."

HE: "The TA look like they mean business tonight."

As Horrigan pulls Engel to his feet the bigger superstar is caught out by a surprise european uppercut that staggers him back, Engel hits another knocking Horrigan in to the ropes before Engel charges across the ring to make the tag to Robin Reborn, Adamson screaming at Horrigan to stop him

HA: "He's going to make the tag!"

The crowd groans as Max Adamson climbs onto the ring apron, distracting the referee from seeing Engel make the tag to Reborn, allowing Horrigan to knock Reborn from the ring and Engel must continue. Horrigan drags Engel back into the centre of the ring and hits a vile German suplex that brings him down hard on his shoulder. Horrigan covers, cockily placing a foot on Engels' chest

Ref: 1..............kick out!

HA: "Too cocky a cover there!"

HE: “They’ve got it in the bag, Horrigan just having some fun here”

HA: “Well Adamson already involved once, we’ve barely got into the match – so dominant are they?”

HE: “How did he get involved? He was just getting a better view”

There's another kick out from Engel. Frank Horrigan hauls him to his feet and goes for a suplex, but Harlequin blocks it. He drives a knee up into the stomach and then counters with a suplex of his own. Horrigan rolls to his feet and Engel takes him down with a reverse STO. Cover.

Ref: 1.................2..........Kick out!

HA: “Both men make the tag out!”

Horrigan and Engel both crawl to their corners and tag in their respective partners, as Reborn and Jackson Jackson enter the match. Jackson goes in for the lock-up, Reborn takes him down with an arm drag. Jackson Jackson stirs to his feet, Reborn leaps at him, knocking him down with a Lou Thesz Press before nailing a succession of huge punches. He is forced away by the ref, Jackson stumbles up and Reborn knocks him down with a flying clothesline.

HA: “Robin Reborn’s plan coming into action!”

Ref: 1............2.......Kick out!

Jackson forces the shoulder up, Reborn places the tag champ into a front facelock. He drags him to a vertical base, before connecting with a series of European Uppercuts into the chin. Robin Reborn then whips Jackson Jackson firmly into the ropes, on the rebound Reborn leaps into the air and connects with a big dropkick.

Jackson gets up to his feet, Reborn knees him in the stomach and then bounces off the ropes, connecting with a corkscrew neckbreaker.

Ref: 1..................2........Kick out!

HE: “Reborn doing some good work here I must admit”

Robin Reborn locks in an armbar hold on Jackson Jackson, finally looking to slow down the pace of the match. Jackson slowly gets up to his feet, and Reborn throws him down with an arm drag take-down. The tag champ rolls to his feet, Reborn sprints in and connects with a head-scissors takedown. Jackson stumbles to his feet and Reborn connects with a spinning shoot kick to the stomach, Reborn runs the ropes, sunset flipping over the top into a pinfall.

Ref: 1...................2...............Kick out!

Jackson drives the shoulder up, Reborn leaps to his feet and drives a couple of firm stomps down into the head of Jackson Jacksons. The former world champion then follows that up by running the ropes, hitting a leaping double foot stomp down onto Jackson. He goes to cover….

HA: “Adamson dragged Jackson from the ring!”

HE: “Genius!”

Max Adamson drags Jackson Jackson from the ring to the outside, where the TA regroup together planning their next move.


Suddenly Robin Reborn comes flying over the top rope with a ……….dive and takes out the TA! Reborn grabs Jackson Jackson and throws him back into the ring as Horrigan tends to the downed Max Adamson

HE: “Reckless, horrific, dragging Max Adamson into this match unnecessarily. Poor from Robin Reborn”

HA: “Dragging Adamson in??? ARE YOU MAD!”

Reborn irish whips Jackson Jackson off the ropes, and nails him with a huge spinebuster before tagging in Engel who then goes for the pin.

Ref: 1………………..2…….kick out!

Harlequin goes on the attack, he clambers onto Jackson and then piles huge punches into the head of his rival. The referee gives the 5 count, with Engel only just breaking in time. The ref tries to warn Engel but he is brushed aside by Engel who wants to go straight back after the tag champ.

Engel stomps away on the head of Jackson Jackson. He then lifts up the current tag champion, placing him on his shoulders and then running to the corner. He hits a snake eyes down onto the top turnbuckle. Jackson falls to the mat, Engel goes up top...

HE: Corkscrew Plancha!

HA: High Risk and potentially a high reward move for Engel!

Ref: 1......................2.................Kick out!

Engel gets to his feet looking agitated. Reborn motions for calm from Engel from the outside. Harlequin stands over the tag champion, waiting for him to rise before booting him in the gut.



Engel hits Aversion therapy near the ropes and goes for the cover…

Ref: 1…………………..2…………………FOOT ON THE ROPE!

The replays show as Engel makes the cover, Max Adamson sneaks round and places the foot of Jackson Jackson onto the bottom rope and draws the attention of the referee to it. Engel seeing this snaps, and goes for Adamson, Reborn cutting him off and telling him to focus.


HE: “Rightfully so? It was great ring awareness from Jackson Jackson”

Reborn screams at Engel to tag him in, and Harlequin does so. Reborn enters the match, but Jackson Jackson hits him with a scoop slam now both men are downed in the middle of the ring…

HA: “Why does Adamson have a mic?”


Max Adamson grabs a mic, with Reborn and Jackson down in the centre of the ring, and stands at the bottom of the ramp.

Adamson: “Just face the facts Harlequin, you’ve never been able to win the big one. You will never have the legacy I do, you will never have the accolades the TA do, you Engel Harlequin, are nothing but a….clown!”

Adamson puts down the mic, as Engel seething with rage from before finally snaps with Reborn down, and rushes Adamson who tries to retreat up the ramp. Both men exchange punches as the referee looks on helplessly

HE: “What is Engel doing? He’s fallen right into the trap surely!”

HA: “Someone needed to shut Adamson up!”

As Engel and Adamson continue to exchange punches as they reach the top of the ramp, Jackson Jackson and Reborn stir in the ring. Frank Horrigan, realising Engel is gone and this is their opportunity enters the ring to form a 2 on 1 situation.

HA: “Reborn stands one against two here…surely he is done!”

The crowd urges Reborn on, as he launches himself at Horrigan, but he is soon overwhelmed by the two members of the TA with a flurry of punches and kicks, leaving him strewn in the corner. As Reborn lays in the corner, Jackson Jackson hits him with a sliding baseball slide, before Horrigan runs in with a vicious knee across the face. Jackson covers.

Ref: 1……………………2………………kick out!

The TA look visibly annoyed, Horrigan screams at Jackson to lift Reborn and to finish it. Jackson swings Reborn at Horrigan, who hits him with a knee to the gut and lifts Reborn on his shoulders as Jackson heads to the top rope…


Jackson comes over with sliced bread and goes for the cover...

Ref: "1................2...................3!"


“Machine Gun” comes over the speakers as Frank Horrigan and Jackson Jackson stand tall, hands held aloft by the referee in the middle of the ring, with the titles around their waist. Reborn, lays flattened in the ring.

HA: “Stole, stole one!”

HE: “Stole? I see a victorious dominant tag team, who have just defeated a former world champion and world champion contender”

HA: “You know without Max Adamson’s shenanigans they’d have lost!”

HE: “Where are they?”

Horrigan and Jackson begin to make their way to the back and up the ramp, as Harold Lloyd informs the world that Adamson and Engel continued fighting into the backstage area, but are being restrained by security as 6CW cuts away…

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

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*Charlotte Grey is with Dicey Reilly

CG: I’m here with Dicey ahead of his huge number one contenders main event tonight against JJ Johnson. Dicey, the feud has brewed for weeks; are you ready to end it?

DR: That’s the way to ask that, Charlotte. Am I ready to end it? Not JJ, not even Cassius, but me. And I am, no word of a lie. I will be ending it tonight, in that very ring, and going on from there to end the reign of terror Mr Cassius Zhi has put us all through.

CG: Which has been a long time coming for you…

DR: Oh, too fecking long, girl! I’m ready and willing, I’m excited! I’m gonna go there and do everything he hates: I’ll brawl, spit, cuss, kick his teeth down his throat then drink the place dry!

*JJ walks into shot and Dicey’s back straightens, fists tighten and eyes narrow

DR: What you want now? Last chance saloon for your career is out there in half an hour. Last orders being called…soon be time for you to go

JJ: Always with the drinking. And just like when you quit after a hard Christmas in the Drunken household, the only drinking you’ll be doing will be drowning your sorrows.

*Dicey steps towards JJ and JJ matches it

DR: Why wait, you piece of s***?!

JJ: I haven’t wanted to for one single second, you dirty old fool.

*The pair stare intensely at each other, both itching for a fight, when their attention is drawn to a voice that interrupts

“Oh do behave, you trash.”

*The camera pans back as Dicey and JJ turn to see Cassius Zhi.

CZ: I’ll take charge here. I take charge everywhere. No wonder they put me in the black and white for the main event, I run this damned company.

*JJ and Dicey now both move away from each other and take steps towards Zhi

CZ: Nuh uh uh! Security!!

*Security rush over and form a guard in front of Zhi – he taps the side of his head

CZ: What I have and you two don’t – brains. Why I’m champion and you two never will be ever again? Same answer. And as you two kill each other to merely spend some time in a ring with me, I’ll be seeing every weakness nice and close.

*He turns to security.

CZ: Gentlemen, I shall take leave. Keep these two apart, usher them to separate dressing rooms and keep a clean corridor; I shan’t be housed in a zoo.

*He laughs and walks away as security line up between the two challenges and the scene fades

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:10 pm

Match Six
Liam Wood & GazzyD vs O'Callaghan

HA: Well it has been quite a night here already on Anarchy….

HE: And still we've got some huge things coming our way…

"Run this town" begins playing from the speakers and there is a huge reaction from the crowd as O'Callaghan makes his way out onto the ramp. The former INT & UK Champion looks extremely focused as he strides down toward the ring…

HA: It's been a trying few weeks for O'Callaghan, he has been on the wrong side of many bad decisions and screwjobs…tonight he has the chance to change his fortune…

HE: It's a huge chance but an extremely difficult one…

HA: One has to start wondering if Enforcer has it in for the Irishman….in order to earn his way into the Fight for the Right Elimination Chamber he must win a handicap match against a current world champion and a 6CW legend….it's a backhanded opportunity if ever I saw one…

HE: But an opportunity nonetheless and O'Callaghan can't sniff at it…

O'Callaghan rolls under the bottom rope and begins to use the ropes to stretch as "Revival Mode" booms out and the crowd's reaction turns to boos. Liam Wood struts onto the stage with an arrogant smirk on his face…

HA: Well doesn't the EWF Champ look proud of himself…

HE: Why wouldn't he? He's on a roll…

HA: He is potentially a dead man walking after tonight's events….I would not advise invoking the wrath of Cerberus…

HE: Wood knows he is facing Cerberus no matter what at Night of Glory, earlier tonight he showed that he can get inside the monster's head and throw him off his game…

Wood leaps up onto the apron and then climbs through the ropes. He has a few choice words for O'Callaghan as the referee keeps them apart. There is a raucous atmosphere inside the arena, a real big fight feel, and then "Limelight" sends the crowd into a frenzy….

HA: What an ovation for Mr 6CW….

GazzyD walks out onto the stage and looks delighted by the reaction of his adoring followers. He touches his heart and bows to the audience as he walks to the top of the ramp…

HA: It is safe to say it has been a rollercoaster of a year for GazzyD….he has endured so much, he is still enduring so much right now but the love and adulation of the 6CW Universe has never wavered…..

HE: These people love a loser….

Gazzy is halfway down the ramp when flames explode from the stage and then "Haunted" by Disturbed shatters the airwaves. The fans are on their feet as Liam Wood's expression changes from arrogance to uncertainty…



Cerberus marches out onto the stage with fire blazing in his eyes. He walks straight past GazzyD and makes a beeline for the ring. Liam Wood is looking from side to side, plotting an escape route, but realises he has nowhere to run…

HA: You reap what you damn well sow….

Wood is pointing at the referee and asking him to do something but the official just shakes his head. Wood takes a deep breath and then sprints to the ropes and dives through…

HE: Get him, champ….AHHHHHH!

Wood looks for the suicide dive but Cerberus just catches him on his shoulders and then charges him back, slamming him into the ringpost with ultimate power. Wood is slumped in a heap a the crowd goes wild…

HA: Liam Wood cost Cerberus the TV Championship…..payback is a b1tch…

HE: Get down there and help your partner, Gazzy….

Gazzy just stands on the ramp and watches as Cerberus drags Liam Wood up and then launches him into ringside barrier with such velocity that Wood flips upside down, his spine smashing off the railing….Gazzy turns to the crowd and shrugs his shoulders…

HA: Liam Wood is no friend of GazzyD's….

Cerberus drags Wood around to the announce area and begins to smash his head repeatedly off the table before whipping him into the steel steps with an ear-splitting bang. Gazzy shakes his head and gives O'Callaghan the thumbs up before turning to leave….

HE: I don't think so…

Gazzy finds his way barred by Edward Plague. The two men stare each other down for a few moments and Gazzy seems to doubt his next move. Plague is staring right into Gazzy's eyes and the 6CW favourite turns his head toward the ring once more…

HE: Plague is controlling him….

HA: Is he forcing Gazzy to Wood's aid?

Gazzy seems ready to make his way down the ramp but he stops short and starts to shake his head. The crowd are willing him on and he turns back to face Plague once more, a defiant look on his face…

HA: GazzyD will not be a pawn in Plague's game…


The boos ring all around as Plague grabs hold of Gazzy and just drills him on the stage with a "sister abigail". He kneels over Gazzy and whispers to him before flicking his hair from his face and looking down the ramp….

HA: And now Plague is gonna help Wood….

HE: It's about damn time someone did…

Cerberus has pulled away the cover off the floor, revealing the concrete underneath, and he delivers a devastating chokeslam which leaves Wood writhing in pain….

HE: He's gonna kill him….

HA: Kill? I doubt it….I think the aim is just to seriously maim…

Cerberus looks up and he sees Plague coming. He smirks as he drags Wood up and slings him under the bottom rope…

HA: If Plague wants a fight then Cerberus is more than happy to oblige him….

Cerberus stands his ground as Plague stops and stares at him, suddenly second guessing his attack. The crowd are going wild as the referee calls for the bell…

HE: No this isn't fair…

HA: This is a match…..finally it is underway…

O'Callaghan looks the official, who indicates the match has begun, and he smirks as he approaches Wood and drags him to his feet…

HE: This isn't fair….

HA: It's just as fair as Cerberus' match earlier….BITTER END!

O'Callaghan pumphandle lifts Wood into the face-first driver and then hooks both legs as the crowd count along…


HA: O'Callaghan wins…………O'Callaghan is going to Night of Glory to Fight for the Right….

HE: This is a travesty…

HA: This is what revenge looks like… Liam Wood knows what awaits him at Night of Glory…..he knows what happens when you pi55 off Cerberus…

The crowd are on their feet as "Run this town" booms out and O'Callaghan mockingly wipes sweat from his brow. The Irishman gets to his feet and he points up at the "Night of Glory" sign before nodding his head….

HA: O'Callaghan is in the Elimination Chamber, he will have the chance to earn a world championship opportunity anytime he wants it….he is on the road to greatness…

HE: This just isn't right….do something, Plague…

HA: Edward Plague is an intelligent man, he is not going to pick a fair fight with Cerberus….I don't believe anyone can win that kind of fight….

Cerberus smiles at Plague as the Brotherhood leader climbs into the ring to check on Liam Wood. O'Callaghan leaves the ring and fist pumps the air as he makes his way up the ramp…

HA: It has been one hell of a night….the landscape of Night of Glory is becoming clearer and clearer but coming up next folks it is the big one…

*An image appears on the screen of Dicey Reilly & JJ Johnson, drawing a huge pop from the audience.

HE: A clash of titans…

HA: This is a matchup for the ages…..two of the very best we have ever seen…..Dicey Reilly…..JJ Johnson… man is heading to Night of Glory to challenge Cassius Zhi for the 6CW World Heavyweight Championship but who is it going to be? Do not go anywhere because we are about to find out...

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:11 pm

*That man, Cassius Zhi, the 6CW World Champion, is backstage with Charlotte Grey

CG: Cassius, what is your plan in tonight’s match? Do you have an idea on what you want to happen?

*Zhi sneers

CZ: I don’t care what happens, as long as the two morons hurt themselves.

CG: No preferred winner?

CZ: I don’t care what happens, as long as the two morons hurt themselves.

CG: Really no strategy out there? No Cassius Zhi games to be played?

CZ: I don’t care what happens…

CG: As long as the two morons hurt themselves?

CZ: Finally, she listens. Now run along, you’re boring me and insignificant to my achievements.

*Grey looks at him, but he gestures with his hands for her to leave, shoo-ing her from the room.

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:11 pm

*At another end of the arena, Reborn and Engel stand face-to-face shouting

RR: What the f*** was that fool?!

EH: Couldn’t hold on, could you?! HEHEHEHEHE!


EH: Taking me from my own path to play your little games, and all for nought aye ROB-IN?!

RR: Oh you don’t wanna push me about what I doing. You ain’t know how to go win gold, look at your ar*e chasing that old Aussie b*tch around

EH: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hehehehe Mr Champion are you?! Where’s the belts? Where’s the belts? WHERE’S THE BELTS ROBIN?!


*The pair go head-to-head but are torn apart as Enforcer flies around the corner


*Reborn paces and Engel giggles

E: You wanna settle this? Next week: Robin Reborn vs Engel Harlequin – winner is in the chamber!

*The pair both smile, in different, very contrasting ways. Reborn *woos!* loud and walks away

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6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE Empty Re: 6CW Anarchy - Monday 26th June - LIVE

Post by Mat Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:38 pm

HA: Good evening Ladies and Gentleman, and welcome back to 6CW Anarchy!

HE: And what a tremendous show we have had tonight, through of thrills and spills, shock and surprises, the build up to the Night Of Glory really is in full flow.

HA: Talking of Night Of Glory, this next match...our MAIN EVENT...will have huge ramifications for our flagship Pay Per View.

HE: We know that Cerberus, the Gateway To Glory winner, has decided to cash in his title shot against Liam Wood...

HA: But as yet, the N01 contender to Cassius Zhi's 6CW Heavyweight Championship has yet to be decided, but tonight we find out who will face off against the tyrant of Tibet for that title belt.

HE: Will it be 6CW Hall Of Famer, The Legendary Brawler that is the Dublin Destroyer, Dicey Reilly? Or will it be Zhi's long-time rival, his cultural antithesis, the Franchise Initiative JJ Johnson?

"They Say" kicks in through the speakers. Cassius Zhi walks out from behind the curtain, a golden spotlight illuminating him amongst the crimson mist. Zhi holds aloft his 6CW World Title as he stares out around the arena, that trademark maniacal grin etched across his face. Zhi walks to the ring, stepping through the middle rope and pointing at his black and white striped referee's shirt.

HA: And of course, there is an added dimension to this match-up, with Cassius Zhi being the referee, the man charged with keeping the contest fair as these two icons of the business square off for the right to face him.

HE: It will be interesting to see how he calls it, that's for sure.

"Ante Up" rips across the arena and JJ Johnson steps through the curtain. There is certainly a mixed reaction for Johnson as he bounces up and down on the spot for a few moments. JJ then walks down the ramp coolly, tagging the few fans hands who offer high fives. He slides into the ring and stares down Cassius Zhi.

HA: There is so much history between these two, as you mentioned, they are polar opposites in nearly everything they do, everything that they represent.

HE: There is a personal animosity between these two men that is almost unrivalled in this industry. A lot of matches see trash talk before them to hype things up, but these two really mean it.

HA: And it of course the chance for a small bit of history, should JJ Johnson win, as it would mean that Johnson and Zhi will have headlined both 6WF and 6CW's Flagship Pay Per Views with a singles match against each other.

'Born to fight' blasts through the speakers and there is a crashing ovation from the crowd as Green and gold pyros burst into the rafters as Dicey Reilly walks out onto the stage. Dicey Reilly is the picture of focus and determination as he makes his way down the ramp, cracking his knuckles. He runs up the steel steps and then steps into the ring.

HA: And here he is, Dicey Reilly. This is a man who has been chasing the gold for some time now, he is desperate to have that 6CW Title back over his shoulder.

HE: But I think even more so, he wants to prove something to Zhi. Cassius seems to have overlooked Reilly, seeing him as an embodiment of 6CW's past, while Zhi sees himself as the future.

HA: That is not something which will sit comfortably with Dicey. And when it comes to Night Of Glory Main Events, there is no-one in this company who it will mean more to, nobody who knows what it means to be in that position, more than the Irishman who has been here since the start.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Dicey Reilly and JJ Johnson circle the ring, staring each other down from their positions in the ring. Reilly steps forward, looking for a lock-up, only for Cassius to step in between them. Reilly and JJ both shout at Zhi, who simply smirks back before casually stepping backwards.

HA: Zhi asserting his authority early on here.

Dicey and Johnson lock-up. Reilly pushes JJ back slightly, only for Johnson to drive Reilly backwards into the corner. JJ hits a couple of quick right hands jabs, but Dicey blocks, and then walks through the punches. Dicey unloads with a flurry of big left hands that force JJ back into the ropes.

Reilly unloads a succession of punches to the body, following that up with a stiff knee. He throws JJ out across the ring, Dicey bounces off the ropes and then connects with a clothesline on the rebound. Reilly leaps into the air, nailing a knee drop to the face. He covers.

Ref: 1..................2.........Kick out!

HE: Dicey looking to dominate the early moments of this contest.

JJ gets the shoulder up. Dicey Reilly locks in a side headlock on Johnson, who fights his way up to a vertical base. He then launches Reilly into the ropes, Dicey ducks a clothesline and rebounds off the ropes, but walks straight into a spin-out spinebuster from the former 6WF superstar.

Reilly stumbles up to his feet, JJ kicks him in the gut and then lifts the Irishman into the air, planting him into the canvas with an Emerald Fusion. JJ hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.................2...........Kick out!

There's a kick out from Reilly on this occassion. JJ immediately looks to get back on the attack, he hauls up Reilly and hits him with a couple of firm headbutts. Dicey stumbles back towards the corner. JJ proceeds to drive a couple of firm shoulders up into the gut of Dicey.

Johnson then throws Dicey out across the ring to the opposite corner. JJ follows in quickly with a huge stinger splash. Reilly falls forward straight into a Samoan Drop from JJ. He covers.

Ref: 1...................2.............Kick out!

HA: JJ now on top here, looking to use his speed to his advantage.

JJ begins to stomp down on Dicey, before taking a step back. The Irishman gets to his feet, JJ kicks him in the gut before hitting a couple of clubbing blows down across the back of his rival. JJ then slings Reilly down into the mat with a snap suplex.

Johnson gets to his feet, where he exchanges a fleeting stare-down with Cassius, before turning his attentions back towards Dicey who has got to his feet. JJ again scoops Reilly onto his shoulders and this time connects with a Fireman's Carry into a spinning side slam. He covers.

HE: Johnson matching speed with power, this is what makes him one of the absolute best in the business.

Ref: 1.................2.............Kick out!

There's another kick out from Dicey. JJ hauls him to his feet, where he fires in a couple of European Uppercuts and then follows that with a flurry of more conventional punches that force Reilly back into the corner. Johnson turns towards Zhi for a moment and smiles, before hitting a series of roundhouse kicks into the abdomen, mocking the 6CW Champion.

Zhi steps in, pushing Johnson backwards who smiles mockingly at his old rival. JJ brushes past Cassius, hitting a flying forearm smash onto Reilly. Johnson then drags Reilly forward and hits a knee to the gut. JJ runs the ropes...

HA: Scissors Kick!

HE: Johnson going for a big move early doors.

Ref: 1...................2................Kick out!

HA: Closest we've come so far!

Reilly kicks out. Johnson goes to the top rope, waiting for Dicey to rise. He goes for a flying lariat but Reilly catches him across the chest. Dicey then slings Johnson out across the ring with a big fallaway slam. JJ rolls to his feet, staggering into the path of Reilly who connects with a discus lariat. He covers.

Ref: 1...................2................Kick out!

HE: A timely counter from Reilly, who was beginning to fall behind in the momentum stakes in this contest.

The Irishman stands waiting for JJ to rise, he then knocks him immediately back down to the canvas with a stiff shoulder block. Johnson stumbles up and Reilly hits a second shoulder block. JJ gets to his feet a third time and this time Reilly runs the ropes before knocking down his rival with a flying shoulder block.

Johnson stumbles up to his feet, walking straight into a DDT. Cover.

Ref: 1..................2..........Kick out!

Dicey immediately lays into his rival with a series of big elbow smashes to the face. Reilly then lifts JJ Johnson up to his feet, where he continues with the elbows to the face, backing him into the ropes. Reilly goes for an Irish whip, Johnson blocks it and then attempts his own.

This is blocked by Dicey, who pulls JJ in close, kicks him in the stomach and then connects with a swinging neckbreaker. Cover.

Ref: 1...................2.................Kick out!

JJ Johnson forces the shoulder up, and Dicey is again immediately back on the attack. He sits up JJ Johnson, putting him into a sleeper hold and dragging him to the corner. Reilly then proceeds to smash the head of JJ Johnson off the 2nd turnbuckle, only releasing when Cassius drags Reilly away.

HA: That must have been mixed emotions for Zhi, he would have enjoyed watching that beat-down Reilly was being delived.

HE: He might not be so keen when he's on the receiving end of it though Harold.

Reilly brushes past Cassius, running into the corner and connects with a facewash kick. He drags JJ slightly away from the corner, going to the 2nd rope and hitting an imploding splash.

Ref: 1...................2..............Kick out!

Dicey Reilly drags JJ Johnson to his feet immediately, where he hits a couple of big knees into the stomach. He then lifts JJ Johnson into the air, walking around the ring for a few moments, before dropping JJ Johnson with a vicious brainbuster. He covers.

Ref: 1..................2..................Kick out!

HA: Reilly really is impressing here.

Dicey goes on the attack, by stomping away on the head of JJ Johnson. He then drags him to the corner, where he stomps down on the head of JJ Johnson until the referee steps in. Reilly sprints in, hitting a knee to the face. He then allows JJ Johnson to stumble out of the corner, before dropping him with a swinging DDT. He covers.

Ref: 1.................2...............Kick out!

JJ again kicks out. Dicey Reilly hauls up Johnson, he sets up for a powerbomb by hauling JJ into the air but he can't quite get him into the air. Reilly goes again, Johnson blocks and then manages to counter this with a back body drop.

Reilly gets up to his feet, Johnson boots him in the stomach and then connects with a powerbomb of his own. JJ doesn't stop there, lifting Reilly into the air and delivering a second big powerbomb.

HE: Potential momentum-shift here for Johnson.

Ref: 1...................2.............Kick out!

Dicey gets the shoulder up. JJ finally looks to slow things down for just a moment, as he locks in a full nelson hold on Reilly. The Irishman slowly gets up to his feet, where JJ proceeds to sling him down into the mat with a Dragon Suplex, bridging over into the pin attempt. Cover.

Ref: 1......................2..................Kick out!

JJ Johnson allows Dicey Reilly to get to his feet before lifting him into the air and connecting with a knee-breaker. Johnson follows this up with a dropkick the knees, before bouncing off the ropes and connects with a running dropkick to the side of the head. JJ then goes to the top rope...

HA: Twisting Leg Drop!

HE: Impressive athleticism from Johnson!

Ref: 1..........................2................Kick out!

Reilly manages to get the shoulder up. Johnson lifts him up to his feet, putting him onto his shoulders and hitting a powerslam. JJ goes back up top...

HA: Going High Risk once more...




Ref: 1.......................2.......................Kick out!

HA: Great heart from Reilly.

HE: I'm not sure JJ agrees with the count of Zhi.

JJ gets to his feet and remonstrates Zhi, perhaps more frustrated than with any real belief it was a slow count. Dicey is up to his feet, JJ kicks him in the gut and slings him onto his shoulders for the VIP Experience.

Dicey drops down the back, he grabs Johnson by the waist and throws him down to the canvas with a German suplex. He covers.

Ref: 1......................2...................Kick out!

Reilly stands waiting for JJ Johnson to rise, he then hits him with an atomic drop. Dicey then bounces off the ropes, levelling JJ with a big boot to the skull. He covers.

Ref: 1..................2............Kick out!

Johnson kicks out. Dicey drags him up by the head, hitting a number of knees to the face, before then lifting JJ into the air and planting him into the mat with a big powerbomb. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...................2..............Kick out!

Dicey places an armbar hold onto JJ, stomping down on the right shoulder up. He then lifts the former 6WF man to his feet, Irish whipping him into the corner. Reilly sprints into the corner, connecting with a big clothesline.

Reilly follows this up with a series of punches, switching between head and body with shots combining speed and power. Dicey then picks up JJ, sitting him down on the 2nd rope. Reilly sprints in...



Ref: 1.........................2...............................Kick out!


Reilly beats the mat in frustration, he looks up at Zhi who simply smirks back.

HE: Zhi is loving this. He is watching JJ and Reilly put everything on the line, risking their bodies for the win tonight, all to fight him at what will almost certainly not be at 100% after this war.

Dicey drags up JJ, he sets up for a belly to belly suplex but JJ blocks, he then counters with a jawbreaker and then a belly to belly suplex of his own. JJ drags Dicey slightly away from the ropes to cover.

Ref: 1...................2..................Kick out!

Reilly gets the shoulder up. JJ drags him to his feet, Reilly fires a clothesline at Johnson who ducks underneath it. JJ hits a belly to back suplex slam, and as Reilly falls to the mat Johnson grabs the ankle and synchs in an ankle lock.

Dicey Reilly immediately tries to fight the submission before too much damage can be done. He steps onto one foot, hopping around, Johnson tries to drive Reilly down into the mat but the Irishman continues to fight. He stands on one foot again, he manages to leap into the air...

HA: Enzaguri!

JJ stumbles around...



Ref: 1.........................2........................Kick out!

JJ kicks out just in time. Dicey allows JJ to his feet, he sets up for the Craicdown but JJ counters with a back body drop. Reilly rolls to his feet, JJ kicks him in the gut...

HA: That's how it's done!


Ref: 1.............................2............................Kick out!


HE: Incredible from these two!

JJ can't believe. He lifts up Reilly, who stuns him with a couple of big right hands. JJ responds with a left jab, a right hook, he attempts a left hook which Reilly swats aside and then throws a couple of stiff straight right hands into the face.

JJ comes back with more punches of his own, Dicey walks forward himself and nails a number of overhand lefts followed by sharp right hooks the face. Dicey begins to get the advantage, hitting a couple of uppercuts, he lines up another big clubbing right hand but JJ ducks it.

He leaps into the air, nailing a pele kick. Reilly stumbles about, Johnson kicks him in the gut and places Reilly onto his shoulders...


HE: Reilly drops down the back!

Dicey pushes Johnson into the ropes, he bounces back to the middle of the ring...


Ref: 1.........................2...........................Kick out!


Dicey gets to his feet, filled with rage, glaring at Zhi who stares back intensely and then looks down at JJ for a moment.

HA: I think Zhi has just seen that look in the eye of Reilly, if he didn't before, Cassius knows what he's in for now.

Dicey turns around, he drags JJ up from the mat just enough...



Dicey covers. He pins JJ while simultaneously staring down Zhi who drops down to the mat himself...

Ref: 1..............................2....................................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!



HA: Dicey Reilly wins! The Brawl To Beat Them All, The Scrap for the Strap, The Fight For The Right, Reilly has won an absolute barn-burner here tonight against fellow legend JJ Johnson.

HE: Reilly is going to Night Of Glory, Dicey will once again fight for a world championship at Night Of Glory.

HA: These two put everything into this match, and Cassius Zhi must have been impressed what he saw at close corner from Johnson and even more so Reilly.

HE: Dicey and Cassius? This is an absolute dream match, and I can't wait to see it.

HA: Zhi called that down the middle, you have to hand it to him, but that stare down at the end as Reilly got the pin says it all.

Dicey gets to his feet, he is immediately confronted by the sight of Zhi who is up to his feet after making the pin. The two stand, staring each other down, both of them holding their arms aloft in victory, as Anarchy goes off air.

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