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Jack Draper - Future Star?

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Jack Draper - Future Star? Empty Jack Draper - Future Star?

Post by Born Slippy Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:57 pm

Having made the Wimbledon junior final this year, losing a tough 3 setter, 16 year old left-handed Jack Draper looked a good prospect. At that time, he was unranked in the seniors but has subsequently focussed on competing in Futures events with post Wimbledon results of:

Belgium F6 - R16
Slovakia F3 - SF
GB F4 - Won
GB F5 - Won
Nigeria F4 - SF
Nigeria F5 - Won

All the above mean that, by the time the results flow through into the rankings (Futures events tend to be a week behind), he will be ranked about 420 in the world (having been unranked on 6.8.18). No other 16 year old is currently in the top 1000. Only one 17 year old, the very talented Molleker, will be ranked higher and only 2 or 3 18 year olds. Jack doesn’t turn 17 until December, so could go still higher before his next birthday.

I’d expect he may try and play a couple of Challengers before year end. Will be interesting to see how he goes with that extra step up in class. One to watch.

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