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Wher's The Kipper?

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Wher's The Kipper? - Page 2 Empty Wher's The Kipper?

Post by jimbopip Wed 20 Nov 2019, 1:25 pm

First topic message reminder :

Execeterr Chiefs v Glasgow Warriors or Hail, Hail The Gang's All Here...Where's the Kipper?
   Sandy Park
   23 November sometime mid afternoon ish.

Well, second game in the group and this may well be the decider. Shocked  Certainly it will go a long way to settling the top spot. By my Descartian logic whoever loses out of Sale & La Rochelle is definitely out. Unless they then win the following double header against Chiefs or Glasgow.

Dream scenario; Glasgow win at Execeterr, La Rochelle maintain the French custom of being useless away from home and lose to Sale. They then do the French thing of shrugging their shoulders in disgust and play a second string against Glasgow, thereby gifting us ten points. Glasgow  are four out of four with a home game to come and a victory lap of honour to round things off away to  Sale. NB in this scenario Karen Gillan knocks on my door at 2:00pm on Saturday to say , "I heard you don't have BT sports, Jimbo so I've set up an account for you. May I watch the game with you? Is this skirt too, too, short? It won't distract you will it? By the way Kylie just called to say she will be here by half time....with the pies. heart  heart  heart

Nightmare scenario; Sale get mullered at home to a resurgent La Rock, Execeterr laugh themselves sick as Hoggy runs in a double hat-trick, at lucnchtime on Saturday MrsPip sits me down and gazing into my eyes says, "You know you always wanted to spice things up in the bedroom? Boris is coming round this afternoon to show us his manifesto." vomit  vomit  vomit

Otherwise, there is the tantalising prospect of Glasgow fielding an ex-Chief at 15 and the Devonians fielding an ex-Warrior at 15.

Ickle Jonny may be back from his extended holiday.  Yahoo

I think we'll see

1. Kebble
2. Chuckles
3. Ragnar The Pretty
4. The Return Of The Jonny
5. Cummings
6. Batman
7. Batman's husband
8. Middle Fagerson.
9. Hornito
10. Haircut
11. Ratuuu
12. Smiling Sam
13. Not A Pony I know Grigg played well on Saturday but I believe we need to really take it to them if we want to win.
14 DTH
15. Seymour I would be tempted with MadMata,  hsn't really convinced so far at15.

16 Turner
17 Allan
18. Rae
19 McDonald, but probably Swinson
20. Matt Smith
21. Aldi price
22. Furra line
23. MadMata


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Wher's The Kipper? - Page 2 Empty Re: Wher's The Kipper?

Post by bsando Sat 23 Nov 2019, 6:21 pm

One big plus about Wilson getting the Glasgow job is he’ll without a doubt bulk up the pack and bring more of an impact there for Warriors.


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Wher's The Kipper? - Page 2 Empty Re: Wher's The Kipper?

Post by jimbopip Sun 24 Nov 2019, 12:13 pm

Well chentlemennn, I think we all knew the trip to Execeterr while probably the most convivial away ground (they did the free curry in the bar before the match just like last time; fine fellows that they are) was bound to be the most difficult match. And so it proved Sad  And then some. Sad Sad

So, where do we stand?

A double header against La Rochelle, home to Chiefs and away to Sale. probably needing at least 15 points. Just to interject a note of realism: if we qualify and end up seeded seventh or eighth then it's away to Sarries or Ladyboys and I can't see us getting much joy there. We really want La Rochelle to get hee haw from today's game. Then Chiefs and Sale to swap wins. That way we might benefit from La Rochelle doing the French thing and being totally disinterested when we go there. we can beat Chiefs at Scotstoun and then travel to Sale for essentially a knockout game.

Straws, clutching? Maybe.


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Wher's The Kipper? - Page 2 Empty Re: Wher's The Kipper?

Post by BigGee Sun 24 Nov 2019, 12:54 pm

It will be hard to qualify from here, even if we were to win 3 more, the lack of BPs so far is likely to count againgst us.

Truth probably is, we are struggling at this level this season. We might get a better feeling of where we are after the double header against the French

Exeter look very impressive and it is going to take a good side to best them this year!


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Wher's The Kipper? - Page 2 Empty Re: Wher's The Kipper?

Post by Sponsored content

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