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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 23rd January 2020 (Genesis Build-Up Week 2)

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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 23rd January 2020 (Genesis Build-Up Week 2) Empty 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 23rd January 2020 (Genesis Build-Up Week 2)

Post by JJJohnson Mon Jan 13, 2020 9:18 pm

Bout 1
Damion Onyx vs Perfect Jack

Bout 2
O’Callaghan/Uryu Ishida vs Angelo Trust/Ricky Nelson

Bout 3
Cerberus vs James McManus

Bout 4
Marty Helms vs Dante Phoenix

Main Event
Jackson Jackson/Vincent Costello/Karl Kramer vs Liam Wood/Hero/Jimmy Phillips

*Scott Harris will call out his attacker
*Miss Jessica will address the Hero/Costello situation
*Plus more Genesis build-up

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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 23rd January 2020 (Genesis Build-Up Week 2) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 23rd January 2020 (Genesis Build-Up Week 2)

Post by Marky Fri Jan 17, 2020 5:57 pm






“Take me to the Hospital” by The Prodigy hits inside the Emirates Arena in Glasgow, and the crowd immediately cheers as the man who successfully retained the 6CW World Heavyweight Championship, Jackson Jackson, makes his way out to the stage.

JT: Bittersweet show last week for Jackson Jackson, he retained his title in an instant classic against Damion Onyx, but post match he found out in a big way who his next challenger is.

HL: Oh Wood is coming for him, they had some verbals before their respective matches last week but Wood took it up a notch when he left the Champ laying.

JT: It will be interesting to see how Jackson responds.

Jackson is wearing a black tracksuit top zipped up, with black jeans and some pristine red Adidas Gazelle trainers, with his 6CW World Championship over his shoulder. He nods along to his music as he walks down the ramp, seemingly in a jovial mood as he gets into the ring and mockingly snatches the microphone off of Mike Bird, before sharing a grin with the ring announcer. Jackson waits for his music to stop as a “Jackson” chant picks up.

Jackson: So here’s the thing. I have been on the rise and rise lately. I came from nowhere to become your World 6CW World Heavyweight World Champion of the World. It’s a huge climb for someone pigeonholed into being a Tag Team Wrestler pretty quickly. Even though the evidence is there that some of the biggest stars in this industry came out of a tag team. I’m not going to list them all now, because nobody cares. I’ll only list some of them. Like Shawn Michaels. Edge. Robin Reborn. All three were part of a successful tag team, and went on to become World Champion. And the next time someone does that, they can add Jackson f*cking Jackson to that list.

Jackson raises his Championship into the air to cheers, before flopping the gold back over his shoulder

Jackson: This isn’t a fluke you know. This isn’t some fairytale story. I am not your hero, I am something different. I’m not going to pretend I got to this position on natural ability. I’ve worked my b*llocks off to get to this level, and I’m going to have to work even harder to stay here. I’m not some plucky underdog who had a kind draw and managed to win. I have spent countless hours and days and weeks in the gym, in the ring, on the mat, training hard, working harder. I have been making myself stronger. I have been making myself quicker. I have been making myself tougher. And this Championship is not something I take for granted, because this Championship isn’t a reward for winning a Tournament. No. This Championship is justification for all my hard work. This Championship is vindication. I have gone through a hell of a tournament to get this belt. I went through another war with Damion Onyx to keep this belt. And believe me Liam Wood, I will go to greater lengths to keep it when you come at me.

Jackson breaths out a sigh as the crowd chant his name again, he looks at his Championship and smiles

Jackson: Oh, I have something else to show you all. My new t-shirt, available now at, and all good merch tables.

Jackson unzips his tracksuit top to reveal a t-shirt with the slogan “Things certain in life. 1. Death, 2. Taxes, 3. Being Jacked Off” on it.

Jackson: Pretty catchy huh? Everyone knows that every World Champion worth their salt needs a good slogan. Otherwise what’s the point. It’s like going to the gym and not Instagramming it…

Jackson grins to himself before continuing

Jackson: But back to this Wood thing. I look forward to it. The 400 was a long time ago now, but I am proving just how deserving I was to be in that group. At the time, it was two Championship contenders in Marty Helms and Liam Wood, and then a Tag Team. Nah. I am proving every single day that I am as good if not better. I did it when I beat Marty in the tournament semi finals, and I will do it when I beat you Liam. We get a sneak peak at what’s to come this week, when we cross paths in a six man tag. I team with Karl Kramer, and a man I shared a time limit draw with, Vincent Costello. I’m not going to pretend we’re friends, that’s not what this is about. This is about teaming up to get our respective pounds of flesh. Kramer has issues with Phillips. Costello has issues with Hero. Hero and Phillips have the bonus of getting their hands on the Champ, but I’m focusing on you Liam. I’ve got issues with Liam and his associate Carrierbag. Whatever his name is. Either way, the good news is I don’t have to wait until our Championship match to get my hands on you Wood. Let the games begin, bitch.

Jackson smirks and holds up his Championship once more, the crowd cheer once again and Jackson takes his tracksuit top off to show his t-shirt in full.


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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 23rd January 2020 (Genesis Build-Up Week 2) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 23rd January 2020 (Genesis Build-Up Week 2)

Post by Uryu Ishida Tue Jan 21, 2020 6:38 pm

Uryu is seen backstage leaving the physio room as he stretches his neck muscles.

UI: Every single week, same thing..."Retire Uryu, your body cant handle much more" at least I can keep giving him the same answer of "Not yet, too much to do"

Uryu then slowly walks towards a monitor and glances last weeks fatal four way involving O'Callaghan. He shakes his head as he watches him doing nothing for the majority of the match.

UI: Smart I admit, but not exactly popular to do. And he's my tag partner this week... guess i'm gonna do the lions share of the work and he will want the glory. Things like that aren't given out for free, especially with me. look at the new faces though, at least I can say there is potential here. Though they have to realise it themselves and the old guard like myself and Perfect Jack are not going to go away quietly. Here is where ability matters, here is where skill, will and thrill combine into a performance that gets you closer to your goals. It's no secret what my goal is before I go. In fact, it should be everyones goal here. A mad scramble for the top prize in the company.
Every day I am here I train, I sign autographs and show the world what I can do. I take that same tiny step forward towards my goal. I see others taking huge leaps over me yet once they are at their goal, they think they are safe to put the brakes on and soon they are falling back so far that I can't even see them. I am a man who is making sure that once I reach the top, I aim to stay there and maybe progress further, Push the title to new heights and see what the world can offer. I have taken sadistic beatings by crazed clowns, been betrayed god knows how many times and fought through injury after injury and still I keep on going. I have learned many lessons in all my years and anyone who thinks I am going to go down easily, be a stepping stone for their careers I suggest you look back at the beatings I have taken all through the companies I have been in and then look back at my match last week. Look at me jumping off the titantron onto McManus and Helms. Look carefully, do you notice my eyes? Look closely at them and you might realise that they are not those of a man who has given up, but those that have a lot left to achieve and he is going to do it!

Uryu starts heading towards the entrance ramp, still talking to a camera.

UI: Every match I am in. Tag match, handicap match, last man standing, pink slip on a pole match, whatever! Whoever I am facing or partnered with is going to get a good look at a man who is not going to quit on doctors advice. Who's not going to stop just because management told him to and is never going to surrender because he hurts too damn much! If you want to risk attacking me, then expect a lot more than you bargined for.

Uryu Ishida

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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 23rd January 2020 (Genesis Build-Up Week 2) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 23rd January 2020 (Genesis Build-Up Week 2)

Post by Bentyf1 Wed Jan 22, 2020 3:13 pm

*The 6CW universe is greeted to a brightly lit scene in one of the many corridors of the Emirates arena in Glasgow Scotland. The camera then pans to an interview pen area where a large plasma screen television is hanging aloft supported by grey metal girders with the bold red lettering of 6CW on the screen. Standing in front of this is the self-proclaimed, planets champion, Damion Onyx. Onyx is wearing a green string vest with the earth proudly etched into the material, his plain black wrestling trunks and his neatly tied recycled wrestling boots. Onyx looks dead into the camera, his eyes sunken and raw, under his right eye is a bruise suffered from the war with Jackson Jackson in previous weeks. Onyx runs his hands through his bald head in frustration, clearly holding back tears at the losses he has suffered under Jackson Jackson. He composes himself to begin speaking into the camera and indeed the 6CW universe.

DO: My name is Damion Onyx… and I am your people’s planets champion. Because this planet Needs a champion and it needs saving immediately. Tonight I have a match against one of 6CW’s most talented athletes, Perfect Jack. If I beat Perfect Jack tonight, I will be on my path of redemption to claim the 6CW world championship. But you all already knew that.

DO: What you all probably don’t know is, that since December the ninth, I have considered every day a failure. Because ever since December the ninth when I… When I…lost. When I lost the chance to become 6CW world champion against Jackson Jackson and the following loss I must come home every night. I come home every night in this miserable country where my beautiful American girlfriend waits for me and my little girl wait for me. After uprooting them from California… they still support me.

*Onyx pinches his nose as the fans continue to loudly boo in the background at Onyx’s rant. Onyx then breathes deeply before continuing his address. *

DO: And every single night I come home from wrestling, vegan activism or personal training, my girlfriend kisses me and then my little girl looks at me in the eyes and she hugs me…and I put this fake smile on my face… but inside, I hate myself. I loathe myself. Because I am a champion… and I deserved to be a champion. I’m Damion Onyx’s the planets champion and I should be the best 6CW Champion of all time.

DO: And if that means to put myself back into championship contention I must go through Perfect Jack, a man, I personally have no issues with or problems with. A man I respect with his accomplishments in the industry. If I have to destroy Perfect Jack tonight so badly tonight and leave him in so much agony that he wishes he could go back in time to wrestle guys who couldn’t lace my boots, then so be it. It’s what I have to do.

*The fans continue to boo loudly and chant “You don’t win friends with salad” as Onyx becomes enraged. He shakes his head before clutching the microphone harder and raising it to his lips to speak once more.*

DO: You people look down on me and chant that? How dare you. You think this is a joke, this is funny to you? Not only am I trying to save the planet from its reckless consumption, I am the best wrestling alive today and I deserve respect! I train every single day, I diet, I recycle, and I use modes of transportation which don’t damage our destroyed environment and you people have the nerve to chant that and boo me?! You people are hypocrites…

DO: This world is a sham… You people should be respecting me not abusing me. I am a shining light to the world… a beacon of hope! My message needs to be loud and clear to the world. Hey kids, what does it say about your parents if they’re encouraging you to chant abuse at me? A man who’s trying to save your futures from the climate apocalypse, how dare you.

DO: This arena is filled with self-absorbed, self-centered hypocrites, and I’m not going to take it anymore. Tonight starts my ascension back to the top of this business, and you can walk with the planets champion Damion Onyx… or you can face total extinction.


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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 23rd January 2020 (Genesis Build-Up Week 2) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 23rd January 2020 (Genesis Build-Up Week 2)

Post by Perfect Jack Fri Jan 24, 2020 12:59 am

The following takes place soon after the events of Perfect Jack's fatal four way match at Proving Grounds.

Perfect Jack is walking backstage with a towel wrapped around his shoulders and a cold bottle of water in hand. He is approached by Christy James.

CJ: Perfect Jack that was a fantastic victory on your comeback PPV match. How are you feeling at this time?

Perfect Jack still catching his breath after the match.

PJ: I feel perfect, tired, but perfect. I proved a lot of people wrong out there tonight. First of Ricky Nelson and Mike Hill who yet again thought they could worm their way and cheat me out of another victory. Not this time amigos. Perfect Jack on pay-per-view reigns supreme yet again. I made Ricky tap and boy it felt good.

CJ: What next for Perfect Jack?

PJ: What next? Whoever my next opponent is. For the time being, it's time for some rest and recuperation. I've got to keep my body in peak physical condition to keep beating back those who think they're better than me and those who keep disrespecting me. When that's done, I've got my eyes on championship gold. I didn't come back to hang around and take part, I came back to take over.

CJ: Thank you Perfect Jack

PJ: You're welcome.

Perfect Jack walks of sipping his bottle of water as the interview video ends.

Perfect Jack

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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 23rd January 2020 (Genesis Build-Up Week 2) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 23rd January 2020 (Genesis Build-Up Week 2)

Post by ncfc_Tooze Fri Jan 24, 2020 10:18 am

The scene opens up with James McManus standing outside his locker room. He takes a deep breath before he is seemingly about to speak. He stares deeply into the camera his eyes blood shot and with dark rings round them from the lack of sleep he has been having. He stares deeper into the camera before taking another deep breath. He points into the camera.

JM- You caused this marty. You did this all by your self.

McManus shakes his head before getting himself back on to track

JM- Cerberus I'm coming for you. To prove a point to prove to the world that the fire and the dedication is still there. That's why I came after you to prove that I am still one of the best this company has to offer. I am still the future of professional wrestling and tonight I prove that.
Now if you will excuse me I need to go get ready

As mcmanus closes the door to his locker room we hear a mystery voice

??- William Shakespeare once said

This is all we hear of the conversation as the door slams

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6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 23rd January 2020 (Genesis Build-Up Week 2) Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Thursday 23rd January 2020 (Genesis Build-Up Week 2)

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