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Usyk v Chisora.....Is it Spinks-Cooney or Bowe-Hide !!!

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Usyk v Chisora.....Is it Spinks-Cooney or Bowe-Hide !!! Empty Usyk v Chisora.....Is it Spinks-Cooney or Bowe-Hide !!!

Post by TRUSSMAN66 Tue 09 Jun 2020, 10:48 am

Out of all the fights out there in the boiler....This is one of the most fascinating...

Sure Usyk isn't as good as Spinks....Chisora isn't Bowe...But it's an intriguing matchup...

Usyk might put on weight but he isn't a Heavy and no way can he beat AJ or Fury....But can he beat Chisora ??...Can he take a decent whack from a Heavy ??...

Chisora is nothing if not durable and he gets 12 rounds to try to land something that stuns the top Cruiser ready for a pile on....Usyk though not very quick on his feet is a savvy southpaw and quality technician...He could outbox Derek for 12...

Will Chisora try something to un-nerve him at the presser like Bowe v Donald ???...A good matchup on paper that was finished before the first bell...

Hard to predict...Just like Chisora..

But I go for Chisora in 6....World of difference between Cruiser and Heavy.....Holy made it but he was very special..


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Usyk v Chisora.....Is it Spinks-Cooney or Bowe-Hide !!! Empty Re: Usyk v Chisora.....Is it Spinks-Cooney or Bowe-Hide !!!

Post by Soul Requiem Tue 09 Jun 2020, 10:58 am

Chisora is more than decent despite his numerous losses, doesn't shirk from a challenge and occasionally pulls off a good win and in recent years does seem to be hitting harder than ever so is no pushover especially for a smaller guy, given his style I quite like his chances, stoppage around 9 when his size starts to tell.

Soul Requiem

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Usyk v Chisora.....Is it Spinks-Cooney or Bowe-Hide !!! Empty Re: Usyk v Chisora.....Is it Spinks-Cooney or Bowe-Hide !!!

Post by 88Chris05 Tue 09 Jun 2020, 12:48 pm

Not a bad second fight at Heavyweight for Usyk. Chisora is shop worn but still carries enough of a threat to bolster Usyk's Heavyweight credentials if he wins. If nothing else, he'll certainly test Usyk's strength as a Heavyweight up close, which someone like Witherspoon who is a bit more of a mover wasn't able to do.

Personally I think Chisora has been picked at a good time for Usyk. Dereck comes to fight and pressure you, but I don't think he's got that same intensity and bite anymore. If the pace slows even slightly Usyk will start picking him off, which was a hallmark of quite a few of his big wins at Cruiser. The Heavyweights tend to work at a bit of a slower pace and this will suit Usyk, at least in this matchup. A slightly risky fight so early in his Heavyweight campaign but I think he'll come through it. Usyk is certainly very ambitious and clearly fancies his chances of mixing with the very best at Heavyweight, so a loss here would be quite a big setback.

I'm very intrigued to see how far Usyk can go at Heavyweight. History suggests he's up against it but I think there is still enough potential there to make it interesting. He has had success against bigger guys and outboxed (and stopped) genuine Heavyweights in the WSB, albeit at a much lower level and under pro-am rules.

He's got the hand speed, combos, footwork etc. and is a smart fighter who can make adjustments mid-fight...But as Truss alludes to he is (or has been - maybe he'll reinvent himself as a Heavy) a relatively aggressive and come-forward pressure fighter, albeit a very classy and quite technical one. He's probably just a shade too small and too hittable to make that style work against the very best Heavyweights.

The exception might be if he boxes, uses angles and speed a bit more like he did against Gassiev, in which case he could outbox someone like Wilder, maybe even Joshua - until he gets caught, which might wipe out whatever lead he had in a split second and make it irrelevant. Very hard to see how he could beat Fury given the size and styles of each man. In fact, if Fury sticks with this new, aggressive out of the traps style he's learned under Steward and goes after Usyk the way he went after Wilder, I could see him blasting him out inside three or four rounds, given that Usyk tends to grow into fights and seldom does his best work early.

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Usyk v Chisora.....Is it Spinks-Cooney or Bowe-Hide !!! Empty Re: Usyk v Chisora.....Is it Spinks-Cooney or Bowe-Hide !!!

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