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6CW Presents Beachfront Brawl - Monday 31st August 2020

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6CW Presents Beachfront Brawl - Monday 31st August 2020 Empty 6CW Presents Beachfront Brawl - Monday 31st August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon 17 Aug 2020, 9:59 am

Live from a custom built beach arena on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
Start time: 8pm (GMT)
Official theme song: 'Summertime Blues" by Rush

Bout 1
Clarke James vs Jackson Jackson
Official theme song: "End Of" by Biffy Clyro

Bout 2
6CW United Kingdom Championship
Uryu Ishida (c) vs Liam Wood vs Robin Reborn
Official theme song: "Blood Moon" by Wake Me

Bout 3
6CW World Heavyweight Championship
Marshall Murdoch (c) vs King Karl Kramer
Official theme song: "Kingdom" by Downstait

Main Event
War Games (For control of 6CW)
Team Frost vs Team Lawless
Official theme song: "Warriors" by Imagine Dragons

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6CW Presents Beachfront Brawl - Monday 31st August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Presents Beachfront Brawl - Monday 31st August 2020

Post by TwisT Tue 18 Aug 2020, 12:12 pm

“O Fortuna” plays out of the speakers on the deserted beach arena on Yas Island. Karl Kramer appears, leisurely carrying his robe over his shoulder, with his uncle carrying his nephews sceptre and crown behind him. They walk across the sand to the ring, that has been set up below a massive white canopy to protect everyone from the Abu Dhabi sun. Karl looks around him, before climbing the steel steps and entering the ring. Charles Kramer stays on the outside, looking confidently at 6CW’s King. Karl picks up a microphone and looks around again.

KK: No one expected me to be in this position, right? I didn’t have the name value. I didn’t have the history. I wasn’t someone well liked or intent to toe the f*cking line. And when it became obvious that I deserved to be in this 6CW Heavyweight championship match……the locker room of 6CW licked their wounds and f*cked off.

He paces the ring.

KK: I am King because I beat the best….

He stops and looks at the camera.

KK:…..and before anyone mentions my uncles interventions, lets not forget the champ had two in his last few title matches…..

He continues to pace the ring.

KK:…..I beat the best, and got myself a shot when matches for the gold were being given out like f*cking confetti. No one wants to see Crime Lord promise the best and then fall short. No one wants to see Jackson Jackson carried in another f*cking one sided match. No one wants to listen to Clarke James’ excuses.

He stops.

KK: But Marshall Murdoch….yeah you deserve to be where you are. Putting aside our outside help, we have proved that this PPV match is the best against the best. Two guys that people want to listen to and watch them battle it out. I have respect. I don’t f*cking like you. But I have respect. And I think the feeling is mutual.

He nods his head.

KK: So before we go out their and wrestle the match of the PPV, we can stand right here and let everyone know the two biggest stars in 6CW are ready. Because on this beach, it’s not going to be a brawl. It will be a f*cking war. And one that the King is decreed to win.

He lowers his microphone.


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6CW Presents Beachfront Brawl - Monday 31st August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Presents Beachfront Brawl - Monday 31st August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Wed 19 Aug 2020, 8:48 am

*The scene sets out over the beach on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. The white sands and glistening, clear, blue water are the backdrop to the custom-built structure that has been erected for Beachfront Brawl. A huge white canopy has been set up over the ring and then it becomes apparent that a retractable secondary ring has been pushed further out into the beach, ready to be drawn in when the "War Games" main event begins. The 6CW announce table has been placed to the left hand side of the entranceway, there is no stage, and palm tress surround the aisle on both sides. Crash mat coverings have been placed all around ringside, hiding the sand underneath, and a giant big screen is currently being raised in position above the entrance. The cameras pan around the back of the entrance to show three giant marquee tents and then behind those are over thirty production trucks and another dozen state-of-the-art trailers. Back at ringside there is the usual security railings with plexiglass barriers. The double "War Games" cage then comes into focus, fastened by titanium locks to the underside of the fortified canopy.

(Timothy Allen then appears on the screen and he is situated in one of the marquees. An interview podium with lights and another big screen is in place but Allen instead takes a seat as he faces the camera)

TA: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Yas Island here in the beautiful Abu Dhabi.....I have to say it is an absolutely incredible setup out there, I really didn't think 6CW could surprise me but they've done it once again. No other promotion on earth could have done this, this really is something to behold and it is a real shame that we can't have fans here because you deserve this just as much as anyone. That being said you will be able to catch all the action live and exclusive on Sky Sports.....Yes that's right, folks, I am proud to be the one making the announcement. 6CW has a new home from now on....the home of sport and that means that the action is only going to get bigger and truly is time to play!

(Allen grins at the camera as the "Sky Sports" logo appears on the screen behind him)

Allen: Currently the amazing production team are putting the final touches our custom-built arena, ready for next Sunday, and the stars of 6CW are beginning to arrive. They are staying in some of the must luxurious hotels on the Island but they also have access to all they need right here in the camp. Some superstars are already here and acclimatising to their surroundings but the man I am waiting to speak to hasn't yet left the UK so we've set up a video joining me at this time, a man who will be involved in the battle for control of this historic company, Team Lawless' Tyler Roth!

(The big screen comes on and Roth appears. he is sat in a comfy looking recliner with a white t-shirt on and black joggers. Roth looks incredibly relaxed but as intimidating as ever)

TA: Tyler, thank you for your time...

Roth: Cut the niceities and the usual nonsense, Allen....I know you've some how weaselled your job back and are trying to milk it for all its worth but just remember who'll be running the company after Beachfront Brawl....

*Allen looks a little paler

TA: Ok, let's get to it....a week on Sunday, War Games....Team Frost versus Team Lawless.....the winning team gets control of 6CW for their respective confident are you of securing victory for Jessica & Johnny Lawless?

*Roth's eyes glint with malice and he smirks

Roth: Is that a legitimate question? Have you been living with your head under a rock, Allen? Take a look what has been happening since I returned and ask again whether you think I'm confident?

TA: I just meant...

Roth: You really are (beep) at this, aren't you? Week in and week out I have absolutely decimated and destroyed each and every member of Team is plain for anyone with a modicum of a brain cell that they are no match for me....heck four on one and they still couldn't lace my boots....but I'm walking into that match with three other men by my side, three men with the same goals and aspirations....this, Allen, is going to be beyond a walkover.....everyone is expecting a battle for the ages but in reality it'll be nothing more than a humiliation.....I wouldn't be surprised if mere seconds after the final member enters the match and they lock that cage door it'll all be that time we will have personally victimized each and every man on Team Frost.....that beautiful white sand out there on the beach will be stained red...

TA: We're talking about three former world champions.....

Roth: Blah, blah, blah....I've heard it all before, I know the same lazy script......three former 6CW Champions, Perfect Jack was also a 6WF Champion....Dante Phoenix was a big star in North America....who the hell cares? My team is comprised of three, young, hungry lions looking to make a name for themselves and then there is me...

Talk about my achievements, Allen....cmon, tell the people all about me...

*Allen fumbles over his papers and Roth laughs again

Roth: No, because it doesn't fit your narrative....same old MSM (beep).....Tyler Roth is one of the biggest stars in the history of Japanese wrestling. It is well known that the Far East is the hardest market to break into, the most difficult for a foreigner to establish themselves and yet I did it.....I struck fear into the hearts of fans and competitors alike...Japan quivered and shook whenever they felt my presence...Godzilla ain't got (beep) on me and you just remember that...

I left this God forsaken place and I cut my teeth against some of the most brutal men in the business.....I left "warriors" at my feet begging for mercy as their blood ran like a river and they cried like a baby...

And for those of you too ignorant to look up my work, don't worry, because I am going to give you a front row seat to my biggest massacre to date...

You think what you've seen so far is bad? Boy you ain't seen nothing yet....

TA: And do you really believe that Jessica & Johnny Lawless are the right people to lead 6CW into the future?

Roth: I've made my point clear before and I'll humour you again, just this once....I am a mercenary, I work for the highest bidder, and I don't give a damn whether it was Mickey Mouse running the show as long as he signs my goddamn cheque at the end of the month...

I don't work off of loyalty because nobody has ever shown me any.....but Jessica & Johnny Lawless have come as close as anyone to establishing some layer of trust....because they believed in my ability, they sought me out and they asked for my help....this company (beep) on me, they threw me on the scrapheap and made me believe I was worthless.....I went to Japan, carved my own path to success, and that's when the call came...

See me and the Lawless twins share some common goals.....revenge and power......Jessica & Johnny have had their fair share of setbacks in life, they've been treat like dirt, they know what it feels like to be an outcast.....and they manifested that, just like I did, and vowed revenge on those who disrespected them.....I always knew one day I'd come back to 6CW and I'd make them pay, make them realise what a mistake they'd made...

I know what it's like to lose, to feel so desperately that you deserve better but fail nonetheless. It's frightening, turns your legs to jelly....But I have overcome it and that's the difference....because our opponents have no idea.....they should dread it, they should run from it.....but in reality they are too arrogant and soon they will come to realise that their destiny will arrive all the fact,their destiny is already here.....or should I say, I am here....

The moment I arrived is the moment the countdown to annihilation started and now it is upon us...I'm going to make them watch every single second.....I'll hold their goddamn eyes open so they can witness each moment that their heroes crash and burn.....

And together me and my cohorts are going to take it all....every last bit of power.....and when we're done you're all going to wonder how you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us...

We'll starve this company from the inside out, soon you'll be the ones with nothing....begging for the scraps....begging for any morsel of opportunity....

And from there I am going to continue to take and take and take until I have it all in the palm of my hand.....see that's my price and there's nobody else on Earth who can match return for control of 6CW, Jessica & Johnny Lawless have promised me that I'll be the biggest star 6CW has ever had....

I am inevitable.....and there's no superhero in this story, no army of good guys to stop me.....this is the end as you know it, I am going to shred this version of 6CW to its very last atom and then we will create a new where only the strong and worthy survive....

(Timothy Allen looks utterly stunned by what Roth is saying)

Roth: So enjoy your time in the Abu Dhabi sun,'ll be one of the first to go....collect your Dicey Reilly action figure, kiss your collectable Perfect Jack lunchbox......rub Marty Helms' feet and stroke Dante Phoenix' golden hair....because death waits for no man.....and the Reaper is on his way!

(Roth points to the scythe on his t-shirt and then switches off the camera, leaving Timothy Allen looking around at other 6CW employees with fear)

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6CW Presents Beachfront Brawl - Monday 31st August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Presents Beachfront Brawl - Monday 31st August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Thu 20 Aug 2020, 1:54 pm

(We are backstage at the Beachfront Brawl complex and Dante Phoenix is standing by with Fleur Michaels in one of the giant media tents. Phoenix' blonde hair is streaked with black and red and he seems slightly preoccupied as Fleur has waved him over for an interview)

Fleur: I know you're busy, is a huge ten days now as you prepare for Beachfront Brawl and War Games....have you been out at ringside to get a look at everything...

(Phoenix wipes a bead of sweat from his forehead)

Phoenix: I think I underestimated how hot it was out here, that's my first impression...

(He opens up a bottle of water and takes a sip)

Phoenix: I'm sorry, Fleur...what was the question?

(Fleur smiles but looks a little concerned)

Fleur: I was just asking if you'd had a chance to look at what you are facing out there and how you are preparing for War Games.....I see you've decided to change their hair up a little....looks good...

(Phoenix gives a weak, distracted smile, and takes another sip of water)

Phoenix: I went out earlier....I mean it looks good, if you don't factor in that the whole future of the company is on the line...they tell me it'll be a whole lot cooler on the night once the sun goes down....I think I underestimated how hot it was out here....

Fleur: You already said that....are you sure you're ok, Dante?

(The sweat on Phoenix' head is now quite noticeable and he looks a lot paler as he takes another sip of water. He is looking right through Fleur Michaels and then appears to notice her for the first time)

Phoenix: Huh? Yeah, I'm absolutely fine, Fle...

(He stops abrubtly)


(The water bottle falls from Phoenix' hand and spills all over the floor as Fleur jumps backward)

Fleur: Dante....I think maybe you should see a doct...

(Phoenix throws up his hand as the sinister laughter fills the air again)

Phoenix: Do you hear that?

(Fleur looks extremely concerned now)

Fleur: Hear what, Dante.....please can I go and get a doctor...

Dante: There it is again....that voice....


Dante:, no, no...

Fleur: Can somebody get a doctor...

(Dante has his hands on the side of his head now)

Phoenix: Somebody please make it stop...

(Phoenix suddenly darts from the interview area, leaving Fleur Michaels looking for help, and the cameras pick him up again as he storms inside one of the state of the art trailers. He slams through the bathroom door and begins retching in the toilet)

???: You can't run, Dante....

(Dante's head shoots up out of the toilet bowl, spittle and sick on his chin, and his skin colour has drained to an almost paper white)

???: Asking the poor girl if she can hear on earth could she?

Dante: No, go're not real, you're not here...

???: Then why are you responding....hehehe, you always were stupid and pitiful...

Dante: I'm not listening...

(Phoenix staggers up to his feet and, with his hands trembling, turns on the sink taps. He throws cold water all over his face and then stares up at himself in the mirror. His eyes are bloodshot and he looks as though he has seen a ghost)

Phoenix: See, nobody there....get it together,'s just the heat....

???: Except you know that it isn' thought you could lock me away, thought that I'd just disappear.....but you're nothing without me, Dante...

(Phoenix claps his hands to the side of his head and is humming loudly to block out the voice. He staggers out of the bathroom and over to his bags, where he begins to root inside and tossing the contents all over the floor)

Phoenix: Please, please.....they have to be in here...

???: There's nothing you can take to make me go away, Dante.....there's no are fighting the inevitable...

Phoenix: No....not now, please.....this is not the time.....

???: You didn't care about that when you incarcerated me.....but now I'm free and you are going to deal with the consequences....

Phoenix: No, I can't....just go away...

(Phoenix slumps against the side of the bed, his eyes rolling out of focus, and he cradles his head in his hands)

Phoenix: It's all in my's all in my head......breathe, breathe...

???: Just because it's in your head doesn't mean it isn't can't run anymore, Dante....I'm coming...

(Phoenix' seems to be falling out of consciousness and a banging can be heard on the trailer door as a voice sounds from outside)

???: Dante, Dante are you in there? I got a doctor to take a look at you.....Dante, Dante...

(Phoenix' eyes begin to close as the cold, hysterical laughter fills the air once again and then Dante collapses on the floor as the scene ends)

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6CW Presents Beachfront Brawl - Monday 31st August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Presents Beachfront Brawl - Monday 31st August 2020

Post by gazzyD Mon 24 Aug 2020, 10:03 pm

After Proving Grounds has gone off air Christy James is backstage with a cameraman. Team Lawless can be heard in one of the changing rooms bragging about the events from the earlier lumberjack match

RN: did you see the fear in Frosts stupid face when Tyler picked him up whilst tied to the chair. Priceless.

MH: Man, those idiots really backed the wrong horse didn't they if they think they have a chance at Beachfront Brawl.

The door to the dressing room opens and the earlier victorious Jimmy Phillips exits leaving a raucous scene behind him.

CJ: Jimmy, you have a minute for a quick interview

JP: You know what Christy, as much as I usually detest these little chats with you, The Talent is feeling somewhat generous tonight. So go ahead, fire away what stupid questions you've got swirling round in that air filled head of yours

CJ: Well, there is no need to be rude

Phillips doesn't respond and motions Christy along with his hand urging her to start her questions. Christy being the consummate pro takes a moment to compose herself

CJ: So, Jimmy, after tonight Team Lawless must feel confident heading in to Beachfront Brawl?

JP: I'm sorry, whats that? Beachfront Brawl? You still think thats going ahead? I mean did you not see what happened earlier tonight?

CJ: you're referring to the horrible assault on Cillian Frost?

JP: Horrible? Christy, this is war. In any war there are bound to be casualties. Frost learnt that the hard way tonight.

CJ: You almost sound proud saying that

JP: and why shouldn't I? This whole thing was meant to be heading to a climax at Beachfront Brawl but after the events of tonight, whats the point? The war is over. Team Lawless have won. Cillian Frost is finished and with that so is his silly uprising, his gang of merry men who never stood a chance to begin with

CJ: well I have it on good authority that the match is still scheduled to go ahead regardless of the condition of Cillian Frost, the ownership of the company is still going to be on the line. So what do you have to say to that?

JP: I think I've made it clear already haven't I? Did Team Lawless not show tonight that there are no lengths we will not go to? Have Team Lawless not shown already that we are in every way superior to those who foolishly oppose us? If they insist on this still taking place then thats fine by me. The more chance to prove to Miss Jessica and Mr Lawless that they were right in trusting in me to fight this war for them

CJ: Well, at the risk of upsetting you as I know you hold a high opinion of yourself, most people suggest that the X Factor in this match is Tyler Roth, I mean its no secret that he has provided an edge to Team Lawless. Thoughts?

Phillips doesn't look happy but a wry smile quickly appears on his face

JP:ooooooo almost got me with that one. I see what you're doing there. Trying to spread a bit of disharmony in the ranks of Team Lawless. Maybe you're better than I thought you were.....very sneaky. But the Talent will answer that question. For now we all know what needs to be done. we have one goal and it is to ensure that this company stays under the rightful ownership of Miss Jessica and Mr Lawless. The company is safe hands with them, they know what is best for business.

CJ: You still haven't answered my question though, do you agree with those that mark out Tyler Roth as the danger guy in your team?

JP: Christy, I'll be honest. Tyler is a monster. His strength, his speed, damn right its impressive. But you're forgetting. I'm the Freaking Talent, Jimmy Phillips, The genetic blueprint, The MVP and it will be me and nobody else that leads Team Lawless to a victory over those has-beens and no marks.

CJ: I think thats a bit insulting to your opponents, what makes you so confident? Do you not think they will want to prove a point after months of being mistreated? Do you not think they will want it more after seeing what you have done to their leader tonight. Do you not think....

JP: alright, alright Christy. Jeez. Why am I not surprised you stick up for those bunch of losers. After all you married a loser didn't you. I'm almost surprised that they didn't wheel gazzy out for this truth be told. At least he had the foresight to stay away.

Christy goes to respond but Jimmy keeps talking over her

JP: I've been clear from day one that this kicked off. After years being overlooked, after years of being unappreciated, Miss Jessica finally is the first person with the common sense to see what a commodity she has in the Talent. I have no intention in going back to how it was. Back to being overlooked week after week. I have no intention of going back to being thrown in multi man matches filler matches. So yeah, that is why I'm confident, and I'll let you in to a little spoiler, when Beachfront Brawl is done, and I've emerged with my arm raised in victory I'm putting the champions of this company on notice. The time of The Talent is coming, and that's not a prediction, its a spoiler

Phillips pushes the microphone back toward Christy and hastily exits the shot

CJ: A very confident Jimmy Phillips there, always a pleasure. As always I've been Christy James, make sure you tune in for Beachfront Brawl. See you next time


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6CW Presents Beachfront Brawl - Monday 31st August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Presents Beachfront Brawl - Monday 31st August 2020

Post by Uryu Ishida Tue 25 Aug 2020, 11:01 am

Uryu hobbles to the arena as he spots Frank glaring at him. They walk towards each other and Frank stops Uryu with his hand. A few seconds pass as Uryu nods at him.

Frank: Didn't think you would go that far. Even I believed you were done.

UI: Well you thought I was done a year ago.

F: Too bloody right, you look like Poopie.

UI: And you're a complete Kumquat as always Frank.

F:... not a stupid way to outsmart them though. Go die in the ring.

Uryu looks a little surprised but smiles and heads towards the ring as Frank flips him off. "Hold on Tight to your Dream" plays as he steps out and walks towards the ring, he gingerly climbs in and looks around.

UI: Well, I honestly didn't expect to have to use that tactic so soon...but I can say he absolutely deserved it! He has tried again and again but he can't seem to keep me down. Not only does Lion realise I can outsmart him. Liam realised that I am a lot more dangerous than he thinks. Just because i'm in the autumn of my career doesn't mean I am dead yet! I'm gonna prove that even in my current condition I am still able to remain champion!

Uryu looks around, smiling as he waits.

UI: Who's it gonna be to try and fail to shut me up? Who's it gonna be to learn the hard way that jumping on is a lot easier than jumping off!

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6CW Presents Beachfront Brawl - Monday 31st August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Presents Beachfront Brawl - Monday 31st August 2020

Post by x12x Thu 27 Aug 2020, 10:18 pm

Uryu stands in the ring waiting for a reaction as Revival Mode by Every Time I Die blasts through the speakers bringing Liam Wood out on to the stage. Wood pauses for a moment staring at the UK champion and the man he faces in just a few days time before speaking

Uryu you seem think that your little act of 'retiring' and then instantly saying 'I was joking' is some sort of mental warfare that has gotten under my skin but honestly, I don't think it was an act...

You see, whenever you talk about yourself you project all of these feelings of inadequacy on to your talk about yourself like you don't have long left and you said it're in the autumn of it all. You try and act like I'm going to underestimate you but you're doing it to yourself and you're playing the victim.

Wood smirks and paces the stage

The ironic thing is, you're talking like it's over while also acting like you've already which is it? I'd get you to answer but honestly, I don't think you know yourself...I think that you're desperate and looking for ways to hold on to that title.

Wood slowly begins to walk to the ring, rolling under the bottom rope and standing toe to toe with Uryu, the tension is palpable as the former and current UK Champions stare at each other.

Don't get too comfortable...I'm the man who put that title on the map and I had it stripped from me...I never lost it. It was taken away when this company shut down and I feel like I deserve a chance to show what a REAL champion can do with a belt like that.

You see, I won't act like my career is dying or act like i'm not good enough...I'll make sure I show what pride a champion SHOULD have instead of looking for ever chance to play the victim.

It's true what they say...if you play the victim you will always BE the victim and I might have changed my ways and promised to be a better person but at Beachfront Brawl, if you give me an opening...I'll make sure to victimise you and anyone else who steps in my way of becoming the champion once again...

...because that's what I do.

Wood lowers the mic, his eyes on Uryu.


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6CW Presents Beachfront Brawl - Monday 31st August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Presents Beachfront Brawl - Monday 31st August 2020

Post by Perfect Jack Sun 30 Aug 2020, 11:44 pm

Perfect Jack is backstage in the interview area a few hours before Beachfront Brawl when he is approached by Christy James.

CJ: Perfect Jack we are just a few hours away Beachfront Brawl, there's a lot of tension in and around the arena, nervous faces across the building here today. How are you feeling knowing this could be pivotal in the history of 6CW?

PJ: I'm feeling fine and I'm feeling confident and so are the other lads on the team before you ask. I know there's a lot of tension and nerves around here today but those who are listening need to know this, we are not going down without a fight. 6CW courses through our veins, none more so than myself.

CJ: Two weeks ago at the end of Proving Grounds we saw Mr Frost throw off the stage into the production area through several tables.

PJ: That was a heinous and cowardly assault. Assaulting an elderly gentlemen in Cillian, disgraceful. But i didn't expect anything less from that lady of loose morals Jessica and her little band of lap dogs, hanging around her every word and waiting on baited breath for her too flutter her little eyelids towards them. They're gonna feel the repercussions for that.

CJ: One last question before you go and prepare.

PJ: Go ahead.

CJ: Last week we saw a glimpse of a chance meeting you had with Johnny Lawless at water cooler where he made an interesting offer to you ahead of tonight's big match.

PJ: Wait a minute, what are you suggesting? Are you suggesting that I would turn my back on 6CW and side with them? After all the bad they've done to me. Are you mad Christy? Are you out of your mind? Jesus wept. I tell you what, I'm disgusted and appalled that you even had the gall to ask me a question like that, after all hours I've given you out of my days to stand there and listen to your silly little questions. I am 6CW for life and don't you forget that.

Perfect Jack walks away shaking his head in disbelief as Christy James stand there shocked.

Perfect Jack

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6CW Presents Beachfront Brawl - Monday 31st August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Presents Beachfront Brawl - Monday 31st August 2020

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