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6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 22nd November 2020

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6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 22nd November 2020 Empty 6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 22nd November 2020

Post by JJJohnson Tue 10 Nov 2020 - 19:45

6CW Presents Proving Grounds - The Road to World's End

Show lineup:

*Major Born in Fire fallout

*Update on Marshall Murdoch's condition

*Clarke James will speak on shocking Born in Fire climax

*Who will be the next to step up to world level and stake their claim for the championship?

*Two time 6CW World Champion, Daniel Reilly returns to action

*The in-ring debut of Ethan Shaw - How will Uryu Ishida respond after the mysterious newcomer's attack?

*GazzyD vs Ricky Nelson - The Re-match for the TV Championship. Gazzy's first weekly televised bout in two years. Are Nelson & Hill back on the same page? Will the ten minute time limit make a difference?

*How will Uryu respond to Christy's no show at Born in Fire?

*Will we see Dicey Reilly or Marty Helms in a 6CW ring again?

*Will the return of The Fanatic boost James McManus' career?

*Will we see Dante Phoenix' mysterious alter ego again?

*Who will the "Haunting of the Hall of Fame" target next?

*Are the Wolf Gang still on the same page? Is the Robin Reborn-Liam Wood rivalry finished?

*Plus a huge 8 man tag team main event

Jackson Jackson/Liam Wood/Perfect Jack & Tyler Roth vs Clarke James/Crime Lord/Karl Kramer & Robin Reborn

6CW Creative

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6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 22nd November 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 22nd November 2020

Post by Uryu Ishida Fri 13 Nov 2020 - 11:01

"Hold on Tight to your Dream" starts to play as Uryu hobbled out, his left knee in a light brace and taped up. He slowly walks to the ring with a small smile and gingerly steps into the ring, getting passed a mic.

UI: Well...Born in Fire wasn't great for me was it? A friend was surprised and well...if they want to talk about it backstage I am willing. Then my match...Karl...

Uryu shakes his head and sighs.

UI: Four times I had you beaten and yet...all you did was rely on Charles to bail you out again. I honestly should have requested him being barred from ringside but knowing him he would have snuck out of that. Karl, for once in your life be a man. Be a man and try to win on your own merits. You have them somewhere but you seem to struggle to find them, much like whatever balls you have. Though you will likely say you have more important things on your mind right now, you have to admit I was right. I said you would be in a war and you were, you tried to pin me countless times and I just kept kicking out. You struggled to keep me down and you know it.

However...we both have new challenges to face and that brings me onto Ethan Shaw. I have a lot of questions and chief among them is this. What makes you think that jumping me after a match is a good idea? What makes it such a wonderful idea that you take on one of the few men in this company who refuses to quit? Go look back at my history, all the matches and opponents who have tried to end me and see how they were after the match! See how they reacted when I kicked out every single time they did not go far enough! Look at what they had to do to keep me down. God I am so sick of overconfident wrestlers thinking I am their way to the top, do I look like I have an "Ambush me" sign on my back? If you wanted a match against me all you had to do was ask, I would have gladly given it you. If you just want to try and take me out again, here I am and in much better shape than when you tried last time!

Uryu throws the mic to the ground and spreads his arms wide as the mic picks up him yelling.

UI: Come on then!

Uryu Ishida

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6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 22nd November 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 22nd November 2020

Post by Ethan Shaw Fri 13 Nov 2020 - 17:39

The scene opens with a dark room in an abandon warehouse where a chair is set in the middle of the shot with a golden bat leaning agains the chair as dust and dirt is seen all across the floor. Behind the chair “summum malum” is seen graffitied on to the wall. Ethan appears in the chair zooms in on him as his cold eyes glare into the camera.

ES: You had be warned…You had been told, but you failed to listen and then it happened…

We flashback to Born in Fire…

*Fleur Michaels tries to get a word with Uryu as he re-enters the backstage area but Uryu isn’t in the mood to talk. He says he needs some time to think but is then spun around and dropped by a “codebreaker” from Ethan Shaw, 6CW’s newest recruit. Shaw transitions the move straight into a triangle choke that leaves Uryu unconscious as Fleur Michaels screams for help. Shaw kneels over Uryu with a sadistic grin as the scene ends.

ES:  It’s ironic it all happened at Born in Fire…Because those i three words that I can very much feel and associate myself with as i killed the flame that very night! There was no greater feeling that hearing that heartbeat pumping away in fear, feeling you breath fade away on my very skin until you were no more…

The screen played Uryu unconscious once more as Shaw continues to hold on.

ES: You know what they say…Every experience serves its own purpose whether it is necessary or not…You will learn from this as you tried to hide your vulnerabilities. But those exact same vulnerabilities will work the same way they all do. Because vulnerabilities creates fear, fear creates instability, instability creates self destruction. I am actually surprise so many of you don’t understand this. You can’t find me right now, because you can’t find you, and even if you did find you, you would not like what you would have found, because you are not you, and i am not like you and that TERRIFIES you…So prepare yourself…My canvas has been set and i will paint my art piece with your blood as this destruction of 6CW begins.

Ethan Shaw

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6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 22nd November 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 22nd November 2020

Post by DanielReilly Sun 15 Nov 2020 - 8:17

The camera pans to a dark room backstage in the 6CW locker room. A flame flickers and a lit candle comes into frame with Daniel Reilly shown to be holding the camera as the flame illuminates his face between flickers.

DR: ‘Guess who’s back? Did you miss me? I know you all know exactly who I am but allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Daniel Reilly. I am the king and the most dangerous wrestler in the world!
Around about a decade ago, I entered 6CW at its beginnings and became the most dominant wrestler this brand had ever seen! I went to war with the likes of Dicey Reilly and GazzyD and formed an unstoppable and legendary stable called Revolution with the likes of Perfect Jack. Look in the record books and you will see that not only did I capture the 6CW Championship, but damn I held it twice!
So as I look upon the 6CW landscape today, I see a hell of a lot of new faces, and whilst we may not yet of meet, I’m not here to earn your respect, I already have it!
But why did I leave? And why now have I chosen to come back? Well I guess you could say that after climbing to the top here, I needed change, and a new challenge. I travelled to Japan where I fought inside the ring and the caged octagon to further claim my stake as the most dangerous man in wrestling. But yet I wasn’t feeling quite as fulfilled as I could have. My mind kept wandering back over here to my old stomping ground and seeing these new bucks coming in claiming to be the best in this business, claiming to be the kings, claiming to be 6CW! And that’s when it happened, that’s when I knew I needed to re-educate a few people around here who seem to of forgot their place.
This week, I return to in-ring action and am fed my first victim. Whoever you may be, make no mistake about it, you will bend the knee and lay slain before me when the match is said and done.
And as the question about whether I am back as a full time competitor here in 6CW? Well let’s just say that I’m going to find whoever claims to have the keys to this kingdom and snatch them back, reclaim MY 6CW Championship and once again sit atop 6CW. Prepare for broken dreams!’

The camera cuts to black.


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6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 22nd November 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 22nd November 2020

Post by x12x Wed 18 Nov 2020 - 9:23

As the camera rolls we see the new 'Liberty' Champion Liam Wood stood in the halls of the 6CW Area with a smile on his face and the title over his shoulder. Wood adjusts the belt before talking directly to the camera.

Ever since the dust settled at Born In Fire X people have been asking me if I was going to be changing the name of the title back to the UK Title but I'll be honest, the name doesn't really mean a damn thing to me.

You see, when Reborn got this title he changed the name to make it mean something it never was...he tried to make it seem like he was this hero who was making a stand when in reality he was a small fish in a big pond who needed back up at every opportunity.

So call it the UK Title, call it the Liberty Title or even make up a new name but when you do...remember to call it mine because that's what it is and that's what it's going to be for a long time now that I've finally got my hands on it.

Wood smirks and takes a moment to soak it in before talking once again

I'll be honest though, I kind of like the name...but you know what I like more? This belt being over my shoulder represents what I always knew, that if Robin Reborn didn't kill me, I was always going to come out on top and now we get to see the same old story play itself out...

...the pretender loses the thing that validates him, the cracks begin to show and sooner or later, they disappear. We saw it with Vincent Costello, we saw it with Joshua, we saw it with Engel and we're about to see it with Robin Reborn.

It won't be long before we see him and the other 'wolves' running away with their tail between their legs because for guys like that, if they don't have a status symbol or something to show the world just how 'good' they are, they have nothing. They don't cope at rock bottom and they don't stick around...

Wood pauses again before speaking again

This title gave Reborn something to talk about but without it, he's just the guy who walked in to a war with a 3 on 1 advantage and still couldn't get the job done. He's just the man who pulled out every trick he had before realising that it just wasn't enough. That no matter how many times he knocked me down, I'd get back up and get right back in his face.

Now this title has meaning though...'s a reminder to every single wrestler in this industry that even if it takes a day, a week or even a year...that I do what it takes and get the job done. That no matter how many times I hit rock bottom I'll make it to the top again.

So guys, new or old...come let me show you what this belt should mean now that it's in the hands of it's rightful owner and not some jumped up coward who tried to use a political movement to cover up the fact that he was just never good enough.

Wood smiles one last time before walking off screen


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6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 22nd November 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Sunday 22nd November 2020

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