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Six Nations 2021 - News, Views, Gossip and Banter

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Six Nations 2021 - News, Views, Gossip and Banter Empty Six Nations 2021 - News, Views, Gossip and Banter

Post by Pot Hale Sun Jan 31, 2021 10:10 pm

Despite all the gloom surrounding Covid, restrictions, and its impact on our personal lives, never mind sport, the Six Nations plans to go ahead.

I've spent the last 4 weeks turning the balcony on my second-floor flat into an outdoor garden room replete with TV, fire-pit heater and mini-bar. Hopefully, before the Championship is over, I can have at least 1 visitor over to watch a match and sink a pint.

How is everyone else planning to watch the series? Any innovative ideas to to generate some atmosphere or excitement?

As ever, the first round is likely to knock out some contenders, and give hope to the winners.

I was looking at the head-to-head win results for each of the teams since start of the 6N in 2000 and the stats look like this (in alphabetical order)

England: France (13-8), Wales (14-7), Scotland (15-4), Italy (21-0) :- 4-1

France: Ireland (10-9), Wales (11-10), Scotland (17-4), Italy (19-2) :- 4-1

Ireland: England (11-10), Wales (12-8), Scotland (17-4), Italy (20-1) :- 4-1

Italy - 0-5

Scotland: Italy (14-7) 1-4

Wales: Scotland (15-5), Italy (18-2) :- 2-3

England have commanding leads over France, Wales, Scot and Italy - none of those are likely to change. If they win against Ireland, then their HTH is tied for the first time.
France hold narrow leads over Ireland (and two draws to date), and over Wales - both of those could possibly be tied up, or more likely lead increased.
Ireland are the only team with a positive head-to-head against the current champions - another win in Dublin in the final round would keep them in the lead since 2006.
Wales can tie up their record against France.

Roll on the next 6-7 weeks and good luck to all the teams and fans.
Pot Hale
Pot Hale

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Six Nations 2021 - News, Views, Gossip and Banter Empty Re: Six Nations 2021 - News, Views, Gossip and Banter

Post by No 7&1/2 Mon Feb 01, 2021 10:30 am

The dreaded zoom call with a couple of friends. Trying to recreate the banter, have whatsapp set up for the general light hearted digs! 2 of my best friedns are Scottish and Welsh so always a good time, unless you're throwing away a useful lead at Twickenham. The last time we were sat in a bar in Edinburgh (random as the match was in London) so I'm sure it will be better than going through the grief that got me - there was a welsh stag do on in the same bar.

Didnt realise about the head to head with Ireland, we had an awful run against you in the 00s and a few rugby warm ups and AI to ignore. PO'C was the thorn in our side while we had a list of locks who were average to good and never really got beyond that.

No 7&1/2

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