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Paris - France vs England

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Paris - France vs England Empty Paris - France vs England

Post by Bazzer79 Thu 03 Mar 2022, 11:25 pm

Evening all!

First post in a while. I'm lucky enough to be in Paris for France vs England and will be heading to the match (albeit on my tod). It's been 18 yrs since I last went to Paris for a match, and I'm looking for some pointers for the best place to head pre-match for a drink and to catch the earlier games on Super Saturday???

Le Frog & Rosbif was good fun last time - but that was a long time ago!!! Hoping that the Championship will still be to play for. From what I remember Stade de France is an awesome stadium and French fans have always provided a fantastic and unique atmosphere - I can't wait!

Good luck to all the teams in their remaining games. Hoping Italy can end their barren spell - kicking them out isn't the answer, World Rugby should be supporting them more financially to build the game in Europe/Globally.



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Paris - France vs England Empty Re: Paris - France vs England

Post by Gooseberry Fri 04 Mar 2022, 8:17 pm

Suspect its a few years since many of us went to Paris, hope you have a great time. As for where to go maybe depends how you're planing to travel to their and the stadium? We caught a couple of world cup games just wandering around the 3e Arrondissement , there was plenty of bistro type places with casual atmospheres showing games.


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