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Are SKY about to dump Boxing ???

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Are SKY about to dump Boxing ??? Empty Are SKY about to dump Boxing ???

Post by TRUSSMAN66 Tue 15 Aug 2023, 10:57 am

5/6 shows this year ?? and we are in August........Smith and Eubank 2 about to be PPV for some reason (only a muppet buys that)  I mean Eubank the fraud already blown away by a Journeyman in a meaningless non title match....The awful stinky Cruiser champ losing to Billam Smith being the only other fight night I can remember in one of the worst fights in history..

SKY seem a little half hearted if you ask me.....BOXXER seem rudderless since the talented but sycophantic Adam Smith bowed out (Maybe he smelt the coffee)...

With TNT and others sniffing around Cricket...Soccer and other popular sports seems to me dropping Boxing seems like the obvious move.....Savannah Marshall isn't going to excite anyone.....

Think SKY on Boxing is soon to become a thing of the past..


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