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Conor Benn v Manny Pacquiao - Boxing dies another day !!

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Conor Benn v Manny Pacquiao - Boxing dies another day !! Empty Conor Benn v Manny Pacquiao - Boxing dies another day !!

Post by TRUSSMAN66 Thu 21 Mar 2024, 10:16 am

Although some sadistic types may opine that it would be fitting for a drug cheat to finally destroy the great Filipino.....Although you can maybe think Manny was clean if you want to believe Ricardo Lopez could have smashed the crap out of Mike McCallum....Your choice and you are welcome to it.. thumbsup

But for me I've seen enough tragic old legends wiped out when they should be in their armchairs after having who knows how much life shortening crap bashed out of them...

GOMEZ Lko9 Layne (26-9)
BENITEZ Lko9 Hilton
LOUIS Lko8 Marciano
JEFFRIES Lko15 Johnson
ROBINSON v Just about anybody when he was 40+...

The list is endless...

Manny will be a lot older than all of them.....Pushing 46...Out for three years and coming off a loss.....

Yes....Hypocrite Hearn who people love because he talks "Street" apparently.......The guy who wanted anyone who failed a drug test to be kicked out of the sport no questions asked unless he is a moneymaking stable fighter.......The guy who said Froch v Kessler was a PPV one off and then put the garbage slob Whyte on it...The guy who said Eubank was okay to fight with only some illegal drugs in Benn's system.....

Even more importantly the piece of trash who cried when a fighter died on one of his cards and now he wants to put the Filipino's life on the line...

I've been bodybuilding 35 years now and I'm only a few years older than Manny.....I need three minutes between sets now when I needed one in my twenties....You just can't fight ten hard rounds when you are closer to fifty........Especially not with a former juiced up puncher that has probably canned the stuff but will still retain some effect from the gains....You never lose all your strength when you go natural again..

Whichever way you look at it this it is a disgrace........Paul v Tyson is hardly better........

Anyone that buys it needs to look in the mirror !!


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Conor Benn v Manny Pacquiao - Boxing dies another day !! Empty Re: Conor Benn v Manny Pacquiao - Boxing dies another day !!

Post by Mochyn du Fri 22 Mar 2024, 4:13 pm

Makes you wonder why MP is fighting, surely he has enough cash? But I'm mixed on this one. If a fighter wants to fight then it's okay for a younger fighter to want to put his name down on their CV. Seem to remember Enzo Mac taking a lot of stick for fighting RJJ but the American wanted to fight so in that case why shouldn't you want to put such an illustrious name down on your record?

Your article kind of answers your own concern in that you don't like old stars fighting way past their peak but then as your list demonstrates, this has been happening since men laced up gloves so I'm not sure if "boxing dies another day" with this match up.

Mochyn du

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