Monday 20th November's 6CW Anarchy LIVE

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Monday 20th November's 6CW Anarchy LIVE

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Thu 23 Nov 2017, 6:43 pm

Match 1
Number 1 Contender's Match for the UK Title
Jerome Dubois vs. Hero vs. Mike Hill vs Edward Plague
*The camera pans around the arena showing the rabid 6CW fans awaiting the first match of the evening holding signs such as “DP 4 life”, “Moyes’s barmy army” and “Ben Stokes was framed” as we reach the Lloyd brothers at ringside*

HA: We welcome you tonight to another huge evening of 6CW action!

HE: Anarchy is here, and anarchy is what we have in store for you I’m sure!

HA: No more, no more blather, we go straight into fist throwing, full force fighting tonight! Straight into the ring as we have a number one contenders match for the UK title, between the interesting array of stars of Jerome Dubios, Hero, Mike Hill and Edward Plague”

HE: “It should be a good contest, and Mike Hill, the legend, is already out!”

Mike Hill is stood in the ring waiting as "Glorious" echoes out through the speakers, the lights dim and then a sole white light shines on the stage, Hero has his back to the crowd for a few moments before turning and standing arms out wide. He confidently walks down to the ring and climbs up the steel steps, he sits on the top rope for a few moments before leaning back exaggeratedly, again with his arms out wide. He then backward rolls onto his feet.

HA: “Hero looks on it”

HE: “Looking to recapture gold again. Brings a tear to the eye!”

‘Mind Eraser’ begins to play and Jerome Dubois coolly walks out to the stage. He raises his hands high in the air before making his way to the ring and climbing inside

HA: “Dubois looking to reclaim gold, after his loss at Beachfront Brawl a few weeks ago”

HE: “He looks sharp tonight”

"He is a legend" blares out around the arena, The lights in the arena begin to flicker and the titantron begins to turn to static before the lights go out altogether...after a few second the lights come back up and Edward is stood on the stage, his plague mask covering his face, he walks towards the ring as the lights begin to flicker again. Edward rolls in to the ring and begins to pace the ring, usually shouting at the crowd before removing his mask and revealing a sick sadistic smile.

HA: “Plague is focused”

HE: “Brother, brother, brotherhood – see what I did there?”

HA: “Jesus Christ…”

Ding, ding, ding!

Hill is staring across at Plague, who smirks back wildly. Hill strides forward, right into the face of Plague who takes a couple of punches before dropping Hill with a huge headbutt and the Next Big Thing Falls to the mat, meanwhile Hero and Dubois circle the middle of the ring before tying up. The jostle for an advantage before Hero backs Dubois up in to the corner of the ring. Hero unloads on the champion with a flurry of haymakers, each one finding their mark, as Dubois falls to the outside leaving Hero and Plague face to face. 

HA: “Ooo boy!”

Plague goes for a clothesline only for Hero to pull him down with an inverted backbreaker. He rolls Plague up into a pinning predicament.

Ref: 1..............Kick out!

Edward Plague powerfully forces the shoulder up. Both get to their feet, Hero goes for a kick to the gut. Plague grabs it only for Hero to hit an enzaguri kick to the head. Hero quickly bounces off the ropes and takes Plague down with a sling-blade. He covers.

HE: “A strong start from a rejuvenated, re-energised Hero.”

HA: “Watch out tho!”

As Hero gets up after the pin, Jerome Dubois reenters the ring and ties up with Hero. Dubois forces himself free and Hero staggers around the ring. He stumbles towards the ropes and Dubois runs at him clotheslining him to the outside over the top rope. Dubois exits the ring after him and grabs his head driving it against the crowd barrier before irish whipping him into the steel steps. He drags him up by the arm only to knock him down with a short arm clothesline and then he lifts him up again and hits a snake eyes type move dropping Hero across the steel steps before lapping up the adoration of the crowd…

HA: “Dubois taking out Hero here…but look out!”

As Dubois is taunting, Mike Hill leaps across the steel steps with a crossbody and rains down a flurry of punches on the French superstar. After finishing with Dubois, Hill enters the ring to go after Plague, but Plague picks up Hill by the throat and drives him back into the turnbuckles, before cracking a series of forearms into the face. Plague then nails a big boot in the corner. He covers.

Ref: 1.................2..............Kick out!

Plague drags up Hill, he throws him into the ropes. Hill attempts a crossbody block, Plague catches him easily across the chest and then launches The Next Big Thing across the ring with a fallaway slam. Hill stumbles up and Plague sends Hill crumpling into the mat with a clothesline from hell. He hooks the leg.

HA: “Plague dominating so far. “

Ref: 1.....................2...............Kick out!

On the outside, Hero has stirred and is pounding on Dubois. Herowaits for Dubois to get to his feet and leaps through the air with a shoulder tackle. He gets to his feet and begins to stalk the champion. As he gets to his feet he greets him with a kick to the gut and powerbombs him into the barricade, sending Dubois into the crowd!

HA: “Dubois destroyed by Hero there, meanwhile Plague is picking it up in the ring!”

As Hero is taking out Dubois outside, Plague continues dominating Hill in the ring. Plague hauls Hill up by the waist, dropping him with a German suplex. Plague runs the ropes, nailing a boot to the head, he then follows that up with the Plague Stomp. 

Ref: 1......................2.......................Kick out!

Edward Plague drags up Hill, he knees him in the gut and then lifts him high into the air...


Plague goes for the pin…

Ref: 1………….2…………..HERO BREAKS THE PIN!”

Hero leaps into the ring and breaks the pin, by hitting Plague with a brutal knee to the face, sending the big man rolling towards the ropes completely dazed…Hero looks at the motionless Hill and covers…

Ref: 1…………….2……………..3!

Ding, ding, ding!

Hero quickly scoots out the ring to the outside as Plague comes to and realises what has happened…

HA: “Hero stole that one really quickly!”

HE: “He saw an opportunity and took it, veteran savvy coming through there”

Hero makes his way to the back celebrating as 6CW Anarchy cuts away…

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Re: Monday 20th November's 6CW Anarchy LIVE

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Thu 23 Nov 2017, 6:49 pm

*Backstage, Anthony Grace stands with Charlotte Grey

CG: Anthony, thank you for joining us. Are you excited to team up on tonight's main event and face the returning Scott Harris?

AG: I'm sorry, I am not here to field questions. Thank you for your time, my representative will not take the mic.

*Grace nods to his left and then walks off camera and away to the right. As Grey stares on, dumbfounded, Jack Hurst appears where Grace once stood. He answers before Grey even turns to see him there

JH: A silly question, Miss...I presume Miss, I cannot see anyone marrying you, to be frank...Miss Grey. Scott Harris is one of a number of washed up former "stars"

*He air quotes as he says stars

JH: And I use that term loosely, for he is just another who hopes to bask in the limelight of Anthony Grace. It would be like Marlon Brando desperately clawing his way into a Grace production

CG: Marlon Brando is dead

JH: Precisely. He could just rest respectfully, but the Grace train is there to board, for some people, and they think it is as easy as standing on the platform and jumping on

Soon, though, they realise that talent is not to be ridden. No one rides the talent in Hollywood, and no one will ride the talent for free in 6CW. You pay to ride the talent around here.

CG: Pay?

JH: I've earned my ride with Anthony and we ride together to the climax that you will all soon see. When Anthony gets his hands around the glory, wraps his fingers around the gold that sits on another man's waist right now...then you'll all see. Sure, these imbeciles might moan, but we will ride through to the very last drops of success

*Charlotte stares, eyes wide, shocked

JH: Suck it up, Charlotte. This is what is happening. Thank you!

*Hurst tuts and walks away

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Re: Monday 20th November's 6CW Anarchy LIVE

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Thu 23 Nov 2017, 6:49 pm

*Noise echoes down the corridors, and then turning around a corner are Perfect Jack and Clarke James. They carry protest signs. On Jack’s are the words “Reborn? Ridiculous!” whilst James’s is Father Ted inspired. They chant as they walk


*They march forwards until they are met by Tim Allen



*They stand still in front of Allen

TA: Why are you shouting at me?



TA: Well, I’m not talking to people who shout at me…

*Like scorned children, they react

CJ: Oh hey, Tim, no. We need you to spread the message.

PJ: You can be our insider, under cover, spreading the insurgence.

TA: And what message? What insurgence?

CJ: That Reborn MUST go. His tyranny knows no bounds.

PJ: Our bank accounts have been DECIMATED by his notorious desire for screwing the little guy

*James turns to his partners

CJ: Vote yes, Jack. Let love win

*The pair stare quizzically at each other, so Allen pushes them on

TA: You are unhappy to defend those titles?

CJ: Of course! We were put forward to defend them two weeks ago, and we are still champs

TA: You didn’t defend them, Clarke.

PJ: Woah there, the match was made and in the chaos, things went awry. That is not our fault

TA: You did---


*They stare angrily at Allen and then march on


*Allen watches them go

TA: Moved? Too many cardboard title shots to the head, Alan Shearer is already filming a doc...”

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Re: Monday 20th November's 6CW Anarchy LIVE

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Thu 23 Nov 2017, 6:50 pm

Match 2
O'Callaghan vs. Jack Hurst

HA: Next up we have a chance for O’Callaghan to build momentum against a man who doesn’t seem to have done anything but carry Anthony Grace’s bags these last few months.

HE: He’s not even getting an entrance, he’s already in the ring. A joke

"Run this town" by Jay-z ft Rihanna, Kanye West blasts from the speaker and as the music begins, O'Callaghan walks confidently onto the stage wearing a white hooded vest top, he throws the hood down and marches to the ring ignoring the crowd as be does.

HE: O'Callaghan is out to prove himself tonight and is going to show Hurst that it doesn't matter who your friends are...O'Callaghan is tougher than an alliance with Anthony Grace!

HA: These guys both have a point to prove out here tonight.

The referee checks both combatants before signalling for the bell.


HA: Let's do this...who is going to get the momentum and who could be set back even further!

Both men meet in the middle of the ring and lock up with Hurst trying to take the legs with an MMA style manouver but O'Callaghan holds strong, standing his ground and locking in a head lock, O'Callaghan keeps up the pressure hitting a hip toss that sends Hurst on to his back before jumping in the air and bringing a knee down on to Hurst's chest followed by a cover that "The Count" pushes off straight away.

HA: O'Callaghan putting some good pressure on his opponent out here tonight, he needs to do more though.

HE: It's a smart tactic, force Hurst to use his energy and wear him down

HA: Hurst is a bit harder to wear down than most, he has shown great resilience since arriving on the scene here in 6CW.

Hurst gets to a seated position but O'Callaghan is on him straight away with a front face lock dragging Hurst up and landing hard knees to the gut before hitting a snap suplex and making another cover. Once again Hurst pushes free before the ref can even get to the ground.

O'Callaghan quickly drags Hurst up, whipping him in to the ropes and waiting for his return but as he does Hurst is able to duck the clothesline attempt and build up a huge head of steam on his way back!

HA: Jack Hurst looking to take control!


The fans cheer as Hurst barrels back in only to have O'Callaghan hit a huge spine buster that causes all the air to be pushed from the chest of Hurst, O'Callaghan smiles before once again leaping in the air, this time bringing two knees down on to the chest of Hurst.


HE: O'Callaghan has started strong and that plan is beginning to work...Hurst ribs could be broken after this sustained attack!

HA: O'Callaghan is feeling confident...he wants to end this now!

O'Callaghan gets to his feet beckoning for Hurst to join him and as he reaches his feet O'Callaghan pushes Hurst back, aiming a huge kick to the chin of Jack Hurst.

HA: NO! Hurst ducks out of the way!

As O'Callaghan looks to end things with the superkick, Hurst ducks and grabs O'Callaghans head into a Muay Thai clinch throwing knee after knee to the head of O'Callaghan. . O'Callaghan falls to the floor on his hands and knee's. Hurst seizes the opportunity running the ropes as O'Callaghan rises to his knees.


HE: Hurst can't capitalise here, the early assault from O'Callaghan has left him reeling.

Hurst drags himself over O'Callaghan looking for the cover. Every move he makes seem's to hurt his ribs.


HA: Hurst can take control here now but that attack to the ribs may be too much to get over!

Hurst reaches his feet as O'Callaghan struggles up off the mat allowing Jack Hurst to react fast, wrapping his legs around the waist of O'Callaghan locking in the rear naked choke.

HA: Instinct alone here from Jack Hurst. The tables have turned! O'Callaghan is struggling to break free! It might not be long before he fades!

HE: Hurst hasn't got it all locked in...he can't put too much pressure due to the damage already done by O'Callaghan.

Hurst continues to struggle, before reaching out and managing to only just get a fingertip to the rope causing the ref to break up the hold. Hurst is up quickly and pulls O'Callaghan to a kneeling position before landing vicious kicks lighting up the chest of FFTR case holder. The crowd boo along with every single kick only to be cut off as O'Callaghan catches the leg pulling Hurst in to a giant shoulder block directly to the chest sending him back in to turnbuckle before running in and looking for a knee.


*O’Callaghan watches as Hurst staggers around, and then wastes no time, charging back towards the middle of the ring as Hurst falls on his face. The legs are lifted and O’Callaghan looks to lock in the Sharpshooter.

HE: Hurst is fading here!

HA: The ref agrees!


HA: He’s out cold, the ref has called this.

HE: Hurst put up a fight, but O’Callaghan is vicious.

HA: Indeed. One big move and, just like that...its all over.

HE: And its O'Callaghan picking up a vital win at the expense of Jack Hurst here tonight.

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Re: Monday 20th November's 6CW Anarchy LIVE

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Thu 23 Nov 2017, 6:51 pm

*Out in the back, Edward Plague stands with Liam Wood and GazzyD. He is clearly furious

EP: Tonight the insolence ends, and you two gentlemen remember that we are a force of nature.

Tonight the 6CW mouthpieces are zipped shut by the dominance we wield

Tonight we shall put an end to these puppet and popularity whores who threaten the world that we are building here.

*Plague looks Gazzy in the eye, walking closer to him to stand eye-to-eye

EP: You need to be with us tonight, brother. This army lives and breathes at the strength of each individual.

*He continues to stare, breathing heavily, and Gazzy’s eyes look back dispassionately. Plague turns to Wood

EP: You need to lead and remind the world who you are. Are you the man that failed before us, or the man that is empowered with us?

*Wood’s eyes sharpen and tighten, but Plague seems to like this reaction.

EP: The Brotherhood rise tonight, without fail.
*From this scene, we cut to the TA together with Max Adamson

MA: Team Adamson! Are you ready to end careers? Better not say that, actually, some of these Englishmen get a little upset…

*He stops and thinks for a second

MA: Let’s make this an all out war! Yeah?!

*Horrigan and Jackson just stare at him

MA: Oh yeah, can’t say that either…

*He paces, but Jackson takes a step towards him

JJ: We are not going to be held down by the bull**** that has stood in front of us. The pity parties, the games; we are here to take control and put this place on lock. They need to be fearing us at every turn, so brutal is the damage we can do and so quickly can we turn pressure into victory.

And you

*He looks directly at Adamson now, fiercely, making the point to stop

JJ: You are going to see just how cold these two young bucks can be in pursuit of excellence

*Jackson slaps Horrigan on the chest and they walk away, leaving Max alone

MA: Young bucks? That won’t catch on…wait for me!

*Adamson hurries after them.

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Re: Monday 20th November's 6CW Anarchy LIVE

Post by Dolphin Ziggler on Thu 23 Nov 2017, 6:54 pm

Match 3
Three way Elimination Tag Match for the Tag Team Titles
Clarke James & Perfect Jack (c) vs. The TA vs. The Brotherhood (GazzyD & Liam Wood)

HA: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to Anarchy!

HE: Huge contest up next for you here, the Tag Team Championships are on the line!

HA: And what a contest this one promises to be, a three way elimination match for the title belts.

HE: Clarke James and Perfect Jack captured the titles at Beachfront Brawl against the TA and The Brotherhood, who get an almost immediate chance at revenge tonight.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman...the following contest is a TRIPLE THREAT ELIMINATION MATCH FOR THE 6CW TAG TEAM TITLES...

Introducing the first challengers...they are the team of LIAM WOOD AND GAZZY D...THE BROTHERHOOD!

"He Is Legend" roars out through the speakers, the lights in the arena all dim as Edward Plague walks out onto the stage. He then steps back as a mix of Liam Wood's "Revival Mode" and Gazzy D's "Freedom" hits as the duo stroll out onto the stage looking confident. They march down the ramp, sliding in under the rope as Plague stalks around the outside of the ring.

Ring Announcer: Introducing the second challengers...the team of FRANK HORRIGAN AND JACKSON JACKSON...THE TA!

'Machine gun’ starts playing and the crowd are mixed in their reactions as Max Adamson walks out onto the stage, with Frank Horrigan and Jackson Jackson walking alongside him, presenting a united front as they walk to the ring.

Ring Announcer: And finally...they are the reigning and defending 6CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...CLARKE JAMES AND PERFECT JACK!

‘Blind Faith’ starts playing and the crowds boos continue as Clarke James walks out. He looks around at the crowd before walking down to the ramp. He reaches the ring and climbs on to the canvas before turning around to face the crowd and throws his arms in the air drawing boosfrom the crowd.

‘I am Perfection’ blasts out of the speakers. Perfect Jack walks out to the stage and straight down to ringside ignoring some of the jeers he receives from the crowd. He slides inside the ring and barges past his opponents en route to climbing the turnbuckle and throws his arms in the air.

HA: These two have somehow developed into an incredible team, from a position of hating each other to being almost inseparable.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Frank Horrigan starts the match off for the tag team champions, going in against Clarke James. The pair lock-up and unsurprisingly, Horrigan uses his sizeable power advantage to drive James back into the one neutral corner of the ring. James places his body into the ropes, forcing the break. CJ slowly walks forward and again locks up with Horrigan.

He locks in an armbar hold on James, before lifting him into the air by the knuckles and then converting that into an arm drag takedown. James stumbles up to his feet, Horrigan scoops James onto his shoulders and then plants him into the canvas with a Samoan Drop.

Ref: 1................2..........Kick out!

James forces the shoulder up. Horrigan immediately walks to the corner and makes the tag to Jackson. Horrigan lifts up James, hitting a scoop slam as Jackson then flies off the top rope with a leg drop down across the throat of James. Jackson hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.................2............Kick out!

Jackson rolls up to his feet, he allows CJ to his feet before hitting him with a couple of kicks to the stomach. James lurches forward and Jackson quickly takes him down to the canvas with a swinging neckbreaker. He covers.

Ref: 1..............2.........Kick out!

HA: A strong start from the tag team champs, constantly isolating Clarke James.

HE: That's the key to these matches, keep yourselves in the match at all times.

HA: And shutting The Brotherhood out of the action too.

Jackson tags in Horrigan. He stands in the corner waiting as Jackson drags up James and Irish whips him into the path of Horrigan who crashes a big boot into the skull of James. Jackson then runs at Horrigan who gorilla presses him up into the air and Jackson drops down with a splash. He rolls out of the ring as Horrigan makes the cover.

Ref: 1..............2.............Kick out!

James forces the shoulder up. Horrigan lifts up James and slings him over his shoulders for a powerslam but the former European champion drops down the back. He stumbles around and desperately tags in the closest person, which luckily happens to be his partner, Perfect Jack.

Jack runs into the ring and takes Horrigan down with a chopblock. Perfect Jack then quickly pummels away at the side of his head with a series of punches, before running the ropes and connecting with a kick to the side of the head. He hooks the leg.

HE: Fantastic opportunism there from the veteran Perfect Jack.

Ref: 1....................2.............Kick out!

Perfect Jack gets to his feet, he twists the right arm of Horrigan around viciously, then hitting a series of stomps and leg drops down across the shoulder. Horrigan gets to his feet and Jack hits a brutal armbreaker. Horrigan lurches forward, Jack kicks him square in the face, he jolts up and Perfect Jack follows that with a codebreaker. He covers.

Ref: 1......................2............Kick out!

There's a kick out from Horrigan. Perfect Jack drags him to his feet in an armbar hold, he follows that with a knee to the gut. He goes for a suplex but Horrigan blocks and counters with a big release suplex of his own. Jack rolls up and Horrigan flattens him with a discus clothesline.

HA: Still the Brotherhood yet to get a foot into this match, Gazzy and Wood must be getting extremely frustrated on the outside.

Ref: 1..................2..............Kick out!

Horrigan leans over, he picks up Perfect Jack by the head and drags him to his feet. He hits a couple of crunching body punches, Jack attempts to reply with some big haymakers of his own but Horrigan simply walks through them. He follows that with a big headbutt, followed by a boot to the stomach.

The tag champion then launches Reilly out across the ring with a release scoop slam. PJ staggers to his feet and Horrigan runs in like a freight train, nailing a big bicycle kick on Perfect Jack. He covers.

Ref: 1......................2.............Kick out!

PJ forces the shoulder up. Frank Horrigan rolls Jack onto his front, he then drives a couple of stiff knees down into the back. Horrigan then synchs in a grounded abdominal stretch on the world champion. He slowly drags him to a vertical base, displaying his remarkable strength, before connecting with a big release fallaway slam. Horrigan drags Jack to the middle of the ring and covers.

Ref: 1......................2..............Kick out!

Horrigan drags up Jack, he then Irish whips him into the corner. Horrigan sprints in, hitting a big splash. Jackson tags in, he springs in, sprints to the opposite side of the rope, leaps off the middle rope one-footed to increase his momentum before connecting with a vicious running, corkscrew European Uppercut.

PJ slumps down, Jackson climbs to the top rope, Horrigan then bench-presses him from the top rope down into a splash on PJ. Cover.

Ref: 1..................2............Kick out!

Jackson hits a couple of stiff knees into the back of the head, he then applies a double underhook hold. He brings Jack to his feet and then launches him out across the ring with a tiger suplex. PJ sits up and Jackson hits a soccer punt kick to the chest. Cover.

Ref: 1....................2..............Kick out!

Jackson brings Horrigan back into the contest, he grabs Perfect Jack by the legs, swinging him around at a great velocity...

HE: We know what comes next...

HA: Double stomp from Jackson Jackson!

Ref: 1.......................2.................Gazzy D breaks the pinfall!

HE: Gazzy with the save!

HA: But he stopped an Elimination!

HE: I get the impression that the Brotherhood have just about had enough of being left on the outside, they don't care about that.

HA: I suppose you can't deny they will always take matters into their own hands if necessary.

Liam Wood is soon into the ring after Gazzy, he sprints over to Jackson and dropkicks him hard off the apron down to the outside. Wood joins Gazzy in pummeling away on the gigantic Horrigan in the corner, with the pair switching places to nail successive assisted shining wizards.

They dump Horrigan out over the top rope, although not before Wood tags himself in. During their beatdown of Horrigan, Perfect Jack has been able to crawl to the corner and bring Clarke James back into the match.

James runs across but Gazzy is still in the ring and the brotherhood quickly go to work on James, taking him down with a double side slam. Gazzy throws James into the corner, where Wood follows up with a huge running yakuza kick. Gazzy grabs CJ by the head, nailing a bulldog out of the corner.

He leaves the ring as Wood covers.

Ref: 1...................2..........Kick out!

James kicks out. Liam Wood applies a grounded double underhook lock on James, dropping some knees down into the back of his head. Slowly he brings James up to his feet and then throws him across the ring with a double underhook suplex. James rolls up to his feet, throwing a wild clothesline that Wood ducks underneath...

HA: Pele kick followed by a superkick!

Ref: 1...................2..............Kick out!

Perfect Jack tries to join and help his partner out, but Gazzy D reads it and takes him out with a flying shoulder block. Gazzy lifts up Jack just as Wood brings Clarke James to his feet, the pair then hit synchronised delayed vertical suplexes. Jack rolls out of the ring, Gazzy sprints off the ropes and flattens him with a suicide dive.

He jumps back onto the apron as Wood lifts James into a powerbomb position. He steps back carefully, allowing Gazzy to tag in. He climbs to the top rope and they hit a clothesline/powerbomb combination. Cover.

Ref: 1..................2..............Kick out!

Gazzy drags Clarke James to his feet, where he hits a couple of powerful punches to the head. James falls to one corner, Gazzy then launches him into the opposite and builds up a head of steam to crash into him with a big dropkick to the head. James falls forward and Gazzy hits a DDT. Cover.

Ref: 1.................2..............Kick out!

Gazzy brings Liam Wood back into the contest. Wood drags up James, he throws him out across the ring and on the rebound, James goes for a crossbody block. Wood catches him, nailing a fallaway slam.

Gazzy re-enters the fray without a tag, James rolls to his feet and Gazzy runs the ropes, nailing a Chris Jericho-esque dropkick. James staggers back into Wood, who nails a reverse swinging STO. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1....................2.............Kick out!

Liam Wood gets to his feet, he stomps down repeatedly on the back of Clarke James before hauling him to a vertical base. He hits a knee to the gut, then some knees to the face. He then lifts James onto his shoulders...

HA: Lungblower!

HE: That could be it!

Ref: 1......................2...................Kick out!

James forces the shoulder up, Wood pounds the mat in frustration. He brings up the co-champion, kicking him in the stomach. He sets up for the Manson Driver when Jackson Jackson grabs the leg of Gazzy, sweeping it from underneath him as Gazzy's head bounces off the ring apron.

Wood is about to go and attack only for James to counter with a back body drop. Wood rolls to his feet, James hits a Samoan Drop. Cover.

Ref: 1.................2...........Kick out!

Clarke James waits for Wood to rise, he then throws him into the ropes and connects with a tilt-a-whirl neckbreaker on the rebound. James goes up top...

HA: Corkscrew Senton!

Ref: 1.....................2.............Kick out!

Wood forces the shoulder up. Clarke James allows him to rise, he ducks a wild clothesline attempt and then connects with a big atomic drop. James runs the ropes, hitting a spinning heel kick. He covers.

Ref: 1....................2................Kick out!

James gets to his feet, he brings in Perfect Jack. The pair throw Wood into the ropes, hitting a double hip toss. Wood rolls to his feet, Perfect Jack hits a bridging belly to back suplex into the pin.

Ref: 1........................2...............Kick out!

Perfect Jack drops a series of knees down into the back of Liam Wood, he then hauls him to a vertical base where he pops a series of forearms into the back of the head. He pushes Wood into the turnbuckles, following that with a knee to the back. He grabs Wood by the waist, nailing a German suplex. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...................2...............Kick out!

Jack locks in an armbar hold, he stomps away on Wood and then Irish whips him into the ropes. On the rebound, Perfect Jack hits a spinebuster. He then grabs the legs of Wood...

HA: Sharpshooter!

HE: This is where Jack thrives, the submission game.

HA: He targeted the back throughout that whole spell of offence, now he's looking to take that opportunity.

Jack wrenches back on the hold but Wood manages to turn his body and then uses his legs to boot Perfect Jack away...

Jackson leaps onto the apron, he runs along and sends Clarke James flying with a forearm smash, preventing Jack from tagging his team-mate. Jackson doesn't wait for a tag, he simply steps into the ring. He hauls up Jack, lifting him onto his shoulders and nailing a snake eyes. He follows that with leaping double knee ala Kenny King and Jack slumps down.

On the outside, Horrigan lifts up Gazzy D, setting him up for a powerbomb. He runs towards the railings...

HA: No! No!

HE: Counter! Thank god!

HA: Hurracanrana from Gazzy!

Horrigan is sent crashing into the railings. Gazzy steps onto the apron, Jackson lifts Wood up. Wood goes for a desperation boot, it's grabbed by Jackson...


Jackson falls to one knee and Wood crashes a superkick into the chin.

Ref: 1...................2.............Kick out!

Jackson kicks out. Wood goes to the top rope, he stands waiting for Double J to rise, he flies off and nails a missile dropkick. Cover.

Ref: 1.......................2..................Kick out!

Wood drags up Jackson, he boots him in the knee and then sets up for The World Eater by lifting Jackson onto his shoulders but Jackson manages to elbow his way out. Wood runs the ropes, only for Jackson to flatten him with a discus elbow. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1....................2...............Kick out!

Jackson drags up Wood, he throws him into the ropes and nails an inverted atomic drop on the rebound. Jackson runs the ropes, nailing a running dropkick to the side of the head. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...................2...............Kick out!

Liam Wood kicks out. Jackson brings him to a vertical base, booting him in the stomach. He goes for a suplex, it connects. Jackson brings him up, hitting a 2nd suplex. He brings up Wood...

HA: The three amigos!

Ref: 1.......................2.................Kick out!

Liam Wood once again kicks out. Jackson waits for him to rise, stomping his foot. The former world champion staggers towards him... the knee from Jackson as Wood shields his face. Jackson runs the ropes, nailing a vicious kick to the face. He covers.

Ref: 1.......................2..................Kick out!

HE: Liam Wood has taken so much punishment here, how on earth is he surving?

Jackson drags up Gazzy, planting him with a side slam. He brings him back up to a vertical base...

HA: TTJ1 locked in!

HE: Chicken-wing hold synched in!



HE: Yet again stopping a potential elimination, what the hell?

HA: Jack and James must fancy their chances against The Brotherhood more, particularly with the amount of offence Wood has taken.

Perfect Jack starts stomping away on the body of Jackson Jackson, who stumbles up to his feet. Perfect Jack launches him into the ropes, on the rebound he connects with a snap powerslam.

Perfect Jack drags him up to a vertical base by the head, he runs towards the corner and smashes Jackson's head into the turnbuckle. He grabs Jackson by the waist and then connects with a belly to back suplex into the turnbuckles.

HE: Perfect Jack not going for a pin, trying to eliminate Jackson from the equation.

Liam Wood pulls himself up using the ropes, with Gazzy getting a tag, although Wood seems unaware. Perfect Jack has pulled Jackson in close...

HE: Perfect-plex!

HA: Wood sees his chance!

Liam Wood levels Perfect Jack from behind with a double axe handle to the back of the head. He whips Jack into the ropes...


HE: Why isn't the ref counting?

HA: Because he's not the legal man Henry! Gazzy got the blind tag.

Wood gets to his feet protesting with the referee who points towards Gazzy to indicate the tag. Wood marches over towards his tag partner and begins remonstrating with him furiously.

HE: Liam Wood is not happy.

HA: Gazzy certainly not backing down from this one!

HE: Signs of dissent within the ranks of the Brotherhood.

Wood continues to berate Gazzy as he steps into the ring, as Wood leaves, with Gazzy glaring across at Wood as he shouts at him...


Ref: 1..........................2...............................3!

Ring Announcer: Liam Wood and Gazzy D...The Brotherhood...have been eliminated!

Liam Wood drops off the apron looking furious as Gazzy D gets to his feet in shock. He argues with the ref but simply signals a three count. Gazzy steps out of the ring, walking towards Wood who is stood with Edward Plague.

HA: Not the way the Brotherhood envisaged this match going down...

Wood looks at Gazzy and then Plague, who nods at Wood. Suddenly the former world champion lunges at a shocked Gazzy as the crowd descend into boos. Wood pummels away at the head of Gazzy with a series of punches as he is lay prone on the mat, desperately trying to protect himself.

HA: What the hell is going on?!

HE: The Brotherhood have turned on Gazzy! He was never truly a part of this group!

Wood pummels away at Gazzy with punches and forearms. He then hauls up his now former tag team partner, before launching him into the steel railings. Wood picks up Gazzy, placing him onto his shoulders and again dropping him down onto the railings.

Liam Wood drags up Gazzy and slings him across into the opposite railings. Gazzy is slumped against the railings, Wood hauls him up in a full nelson hold, walking towards a smirking Plague.

Plague grins and he pounds down on the head of Gazzy with big punches as the boos around the arena get louder.

HA: This is heinous to watch, just a vile beatdown of a defenceless man.

Plague pummels away on Gazzy, Max Adamson stares across from ringside, watching Gazzy being beaten down on...

HE: Adamson watching on helpless...

HA: Not for much longer!

The crowd erupt as Max Adamson sprints over, he drags Plague back by the shoulders and then pushes Liam Wood away. Adamson stands over Gazzy, trying to shield him as Wood and Plague look at each other. Adamson seems to realise the situation...

HA: Attack is the best form of defence!

Adamson runs at Plague, fists flying in every direction as he tries to take it to the leader of the Brotherhood. Liam Wood quickly runs in, taking Adamson out with a double axe handle to the back of the head. They stomp away on the grounded Australian as they are once again drowned out by huge boos.

HE: Here come Adamson's troops!

The TA step out of the ring, Plague and Wood walk away from the beaten down Adamson and Gazzy to meet the duo head on. Horrigan and Plague begin piling punches into each other, as Liam Wood and Jackson take a more measured approach, exchanging roundhouse kicks.

Horrigan and Plague are quite even in their exchange, Wood gains the advantage with a flurry of kicks to the legs, he follows this with another flurry of punches and elbows to the head and chin.

Jackson fires back some European Uppercuts only for Wood to drive a knee up into the stomach. He then drives Jackson back-first into the ring apron, he then smashes the back of Jackson into the apron continually. Wood pulls Jackson forward and plants him with a superkick. Jackson stumbles back, Wood rolls him into the ring as he runs over to chopblock Horrigan down, allowing him and Plague to beat down on the big man.

In the ring, Clarke James picks up Jackson...


Ref: 1...............................2.....................................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Ring Announcer: The TA have been eliminated...Clarke James and Perfect Jack are the winners and STILLLLL YOUR 6CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIOONNNNSSSSSS!

HA: In amongst the chaos, Clarke James and Perfect Jack have emerged victorious with their title belts still around their waists

HE: You have to hand it to these two, they always find a way of getting the job done.

HA: From mortal enemies to an almost unbeatable tag team, the transformation is frankly incredible.

Clarke James and Perfect Jack celebrate wildly in the ring, high-fiving and embracing as most of the fans focus on the outside looking at Liam Wood and Edward Plague who are stood over the prone bodies of Max Adamson and Gazzy D.

Wood drags Gazzy to the ring as Plague does the same with Max Adamson. They roll them into the ring and then follow suit, Clarke James and Perfect Jack watch on. They hold their arms aloft and roll out of the ring, leaving Wood and Plague.

HE: Smart from these two, it has nothing to do with them and they're best off far out the way.

CJ and PJ walk up the ramp with the titles on their shoulders as Liam Wood and Edward Plague stomp away continually on their two victims. Wood and Plague throw them into the corner, hitting running forearms simultaneously. They pummel away on the two men as the TA stir on the outside.

Jackson and Horrigan watch on from the outside for a moment, before turning and walking up the ramp.

HA: It looks like the TA have decided that is the best choice too.

The TA don't look back as Plague and Wood continue with their brutal assault on Adamson and Gazzy. Wood and Plague lift up the pair, placing them into powerbomb positions and hit the double powerbomb used by the authors of pain.

Plague and Wood haul the duo back-up, and then hit powerbombs from inside the ring to out. They stand in the ring, glaring down at the prone, convulsing bodies of Adamson and Gazzy.

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Re: Monday 20th November's 6CW Anarchy LIVE

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*In the back, Scott Harris is seen sat down with Timothy Allen

TA: Scott, let me be the first to officially welcome you back to competition in 6CW…it’s been a while!

SH: Some might say it’s been too long, Timothy. But I’m feeling fresh and ready for it.

TA: A long break, why now? Why return now?

SH: I wanted to. I’ve been itching for some competition again, I really have, and then Reborn called. I know Robin, he’s passionate and loud, but it wasn’t really anything he said, to be honest.

It all just fell into place at the right time. I’d wanted something more, and I’d been watching on from afar and finding that this place, well, Needs More Harris.

TA: What aspects? Why was 6CW in need of your presence?

*Harris smiles

SH: You know what, I left disillusioned before with the state of things. I left something that, to me, was no longer a wrestling company.

And it recovered when an important but disastrous figure was forced out. I watched on, in a better place, working off my own back. But I’ve seen things change, and this time I wanted to remind the 6CW audience about the purest reason we are here: damn good wrestling. Is there anyone better, as a pure wrestler, than me? Obviously, I think not. And now I come back to prove it.

TA: Do you have a lot to prove?

SH: Yes, I think so. I think I left it long enough that actually people had no longer put my name out there. You weren’t getting to the GTG and hearing “maybe Harris is the number 30! Maybe Harris will enter as a surprise” – people had forgotten. And others had come in here and tried to do what I was best at. They wanted to be the Dean Malenko, let’s say, the man who wanted to wrestle and wrestle so damn well that success only followed. Not brawled, not scrapped, not just fought for their life, but actually put on a clinic. I put on a clinic of professional wrestling, and this time I will do it all the way to championship gold.

TA: And that’s the aim now, is it? Gold?

SH: Reaching for the top should always be the goal, but now I feel a little bit more motivated. Before, well things stopped being about wrestling. With all the Eastenders drama gone, now I can prove to the world that I am the best pure wrestler in this business. And that way leads glory, richly deserved too, I might add.

*He smiles, Allen thanks him for his time and we head back to ringside.

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Re: Monday 20th November's 6CW Anarchy LIVE

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Match 4
Champion vs. Champion
Dicey Reilly vs. Geoff Steel 

HA: Next up here on Anarchy we've got two of our champions in action in a champion vs champion showdown.

HE: Two 6CW veterans who still find themselves at the business end of the card, with championship gold around their waists.

HA: It's a testament to their longevity, particularly when you consider the smash-mouth style of both men.

HE: With title belts comes championship pride, neither of these men will want to lose any of that this evening.

‘Last Resort’ starts to play as the crowd cheer and Steel walks out to the stage. He walks from side to side playing up to the crowd before making his way down to the ring tagging the hands of the fans. He stops at the bottom of the ramp to tap his title belt continually.

HE: Steel successfully defended his title belt last time out on Aftermath, making it two consecutive wins over Jerome Dubois with the gold on the line.

HA: I've got a huge amount of respect for Dubois but it's a step up in quality of opponent tonight for Steel against the world champion.

'Born to fight' blasts through the speakers and there is a crashing ovation from the crowd as Green and gold pyros burst into the rafters as Dicey Reilly walks out onto the stage. Dicey Reilly is the picture of focus and determination as he makes his way down the ramp, cracking his knuckles. He runs up the steel steps and then steps into the ring, and lofts his title high into the air.

HA: Dicey scored a very impressive victory himself last time out, defeating Hero and O'Callaghan in a pulsating triple threat contest.

HE: He wasn't even involved in the match for long periods Harold, total fluke nothing more.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Steel and Reilly march towards the middle of the ring, they lock-up but not for long as Steel rocks Dicey backwards with a couple of European Uppercuts from close quarters. Dicey falls into the ropes, Steel whips him out across the ring and goes for a back body drop but Reilly springs over the top into a sunset flip pin.

Ref: 1................Kick out!

Geoff Steel powers the shoulder up, he and Dicey get to their feet simultaneously, Steel blocks a clothesline attempt and then pulls Reilly in before throwing him down with a hip toss. Dicey rolls up and Steel knocks him down with a big shoulder block. Reilly is again up to his feet, Geoff Steel boots him in the gut before planting him into the mat with a DDT. Cover.

Ref: 1...............2......Kick out!

Reilly gets the shoulder up, Geoff Steel locks in an armbar hold. Dicey gets up to his feet, he spins out of the armbar hold and manages to apply a hammerlock on Steel. The TV champion drives backwards, driving Reilly into the turnbuckles.

Steel then unloads with a series of big elbows to the head, freeing himself. Steel takes a few steps back before running in and hitting a big splash. Dicey falls to the floor, Steel climbs to the 2nd rope before diving off and hitting an elbow to the face. He hooks the leg.

HA: This is an impressive start from Geoff Steel, really mixing up his offence.

Ref: 1................2...........Kick out!

There's another kick out from Dicey Reilly, Steel immediately locks in a side headlock. Once again Dicey is quickly up to his feet, this time he whips Steel into the ropes. He rebounds to the middle of the ring, and takes down Reilly with another firm shoulder block. He runs the ropes, Dicey drops to the mat as Steel approaches.

Geoff Steel then rebounds back off the ropes as Reilly gets to his feet, and he crunches the world champion down to the mat with a leaping lariat. Steel covers.

Ref: 1................2.............Kick out!

Geoff Steel brings Dicey Reilly to his feet, he sets up for a suplex but Reilly blocks. Steel goes for the suplex again, once more it's blocked and this time Reilly manages to counter with a suplex of his own. Steel rolls to his feet, Reilly snapmares him down to the canvas before running the ropes.

He leapfrogs over Steel the first time around, before bouncing off the opposite ropes and hitting a boot to the face of Steel who has just sat up on the canvas. Dicey drops down into the pin attempt.

Ref: 1................2.........Kick out!

Dicey looks to slow the match down a little, locking in a grounded abdominal stretch on Geoff Steel. He hits a series of knees into the back of the former tag team champion, keeping the hold locked in.

HE: Clever stuff from Reilly, looking to wear down Geoff Steel while also giving himself a little rest bite.

Steel eventually gets to his feet, only for Reilly to drive him down into the canvas with a pumphandle slam. Steel sits up, Dicey runs in and plants him face-first into the canvas with a bulldog. Reilly covers.

Ref: 1..............2..........Kick out!

Dicey applies an armbar of his own on Steel, while also placing a boot across the face for good measure.

HA: Reilly returning to the submission hold, again slowing things down.

Steel fights to his feet, Reilly whips him firmly into the corner. Dicey then sprints in, connecting with a huge brogue kick to the head. Steel falls forward and Reilly hits him with a sidewalk slam. Cover.

Ref: 1...............2............Kick out!

Dicey grabs Geoff Steel by the waist, hauling him straight from the canvas up to his feet and then throwing him across the ring with a gutwrench suplex. Steel rolls to his feet, Reilly hits a brainbuster. Cover.

Ref: 1.................2..............Kick out!

Steel gets the shoulder up, Dicey allows him to rise and sets up for a T-Bone suplex but Steel starts fighting back with a series of headbutts, forcing Dicey to release the hold as he falls into the ropes. Steel whips him out across the ring, and hits a snap powerslam on the rebound, transitioning down into the cover.

Ref: 1..................2............Kick out!

Reilly forces the shoulder up, Geoff Steel gets to his feet and boots away at the head of Dicey. He then drags him to his feet, where he goes for an Irish whip. Reilly reverses the momentum, Steel rebounds to the middle of the ring where Dicey attempts a belly to belly suplex.

Steel blocks and then counters with a belly to belly throw of his own. Dicey Reilly rolls to his feet and Steel crunches him down to the mat with a big boot. Cover.

Ref: 1...............2..........Kick out!

HA: Tremendous back and forth contest between these two!

Geoff Steel allows Reilly to his feet, before firing in a series of knife-edge to the chest. He switches up, hitting a number of open-hand chops. Reilly falls into the corner, Steel then runs in and hits a big clothesline. Reilly falls forward and Steel drops him with a powerbomb. Cover.

Ref: 1..............2............Kick out!

Steel stands over Dicey, waiting for him to rise...

HA: Setting up for the blade cutter!

HE: Back body drop!

Steel rolls to his feet, Dicey knees him in the stomach and nails a swinging neckbreaker.

Ref: 1..............2............Kick out!

Dicey Reilly lifts up Geoff Steel, lifts him onto his shoulders and then runs across the ring, hitting a Celtic cross. Steel sits up, and Dicey levels him with the Hangover Cure. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1...............2..............Kick out!

Steel kicks out, Reilly applies a sleeper hold. Steel fights up to his feet, Dicey hits a couple of elbows to the back of the head, he then drags Steel towards the corner...

HA: Exploder suplex into the turnbuckles!

HE: What a move!

Ref: 1....................2...................Kick out!

Steel just about kicks out in time. Dicey Reilly stands in the corner, waiting for Geoff Steel to rise. He goes for the Craicdown, but Steel counters with a back body drop this time.

HA: Identical counters to their finishers.

Dicey rolls to his feet...


Ref: 1........................2....................Kick out!

The world champion manages to kick out. Steel drags him to his feet, he throws him across the ring and nails a spinebuster. The TV champion then goes for the Steel Works...

HA: Reilly kicks him away!

Dicey boots Steel out of the hold. He kips to his feet as Steel runs back in. Dicey plants a kick into the ribs...


Ref: 1..................................2.........................................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

HA: And this one is over!

HE: Tremendous contest here between these two warriors.

HA: Two champions giving it their absolute all, in the end it was Dicey who just had enough left in the locker to put Steel away.

HE: Reilly looking in fantastic form as of late, really rising to the challenge of all these contenders chasing his crown.

*As Dicey starts to leave the ring, Stronger by Kanye West kicks out of the speakers

HA: Well, well, well, it’s the General Manager

HE: Cutting short Dicey’s celebrations? That won’t be popular…

HA: I don’t think Robin Reborn has ever been popular with the Irishman anyway!

*Dicey stands in the middle of the ramp as Reborn walks down confidently, striding past the 6CW champion. They meet stares, but the GM doesn’t miss a step as he strolls down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and goes straight across to grab a mic as Dicey walks on.

RR: Hold there, brother. You may wanna hang around and hear what your boy has to say.

*Dicey turns around and raises his eyebrows, a mixture of annoyance and curiosity.

RR: Eyes on me, champ…

*Reborn turns to face the fans now

RR: Your boy is back, it’s a new day

*The crowd chant (yes it is!) and Reborn smiles

RR: You lot need to cease and desist…however..! Robin Reborn is looking to kick this place back into fifth gear, get the turbo on once more. We been lingering in the left hand lane, too scared to get things moving.

And I’m tired of it. So we gon make some changes. Starting with your man on the ramp, and one quarter of your main event tonight; starting with your two world champions.

*He glances to an intrigued Dicey, then carries on.

RR: Competition demands you find the best. And the best competitor is not a pair of world champions. So I’m setting them a deadline, a date, giving them a bit of time to enjoy those two titles before they disappear.

*Reborn revels as the crowd start to pop a little in excitement.

HA: What’s he saying?

HE: No more world titles?

RR: So those two men are gonna have one last defence. 7th January 2018, the New Beginning PPV will be the last time you see the EWF and the 6CW World Championships defended.

Cos at 6CW Ashes to Ashes, we gonna do something big, something huge. Two become one, baby! Unification!

*The crowd roar!

HA: Unification! One world champ!

*Everyone in the arena looks shocked and excited, but Dicey’s eyes narrow. A smile comes across his face, mixing menace with interest.

HE: The 6CW world champion doesn’t look too worried

HA: Dicey doesn’t back down from a fight, I think this is exactly the challenge he’d want!

*Reborn meets the eye of Dicey and carries on talking

RR: So Cerberus and Dicey can defend those titles one last time at New Beginning in January. And whoever are the two men holding those titles will be joined by 4 other men. 4 other men who will battle to qualify for one of the biggest matches in the history of this company.

Six men, one match, one world champion. Ashes to Ashes.

*Reborn drops the mic as the crowd roar, but before his music can play, the lights fade out and Cerberus music drops.

HA: Oh my..!

*The EWF World Champion walks out onto the stage, and in a red spotlight, surrounded by smoke, both world champions stand eye-to-eye.

HA: Two men whose destinies may have just been altered

HE: One power will remain…but they’re going to need to keep hold of those titles in the meantime

HA: They’ve squared up like this before, two men who did not like having someone else claim to be the world champion

HE: And now we build up to the day we have one world champ, THE world champion. No subtitle, no ifs, no buts.

HA: The one man who will sit upon the throne.

*Dicey and Cerberus still stand, unmoved. Eventually, Dicey smiles at Cerberus and walks past him. The EWF champ stands still for a few seconds then walks down the ramp, crossing paths with Reborn as he goes, eyeing him up too.

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Re: Monday 20th November's 6CW Anarchy LIVE

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Main Event
Engel Harlequin & Anthony Grace vs. Cerberus & Scott Harris
HA: It’s time for our main event of the evening…..huge tag team action!

HE: They would have been better assigning the armed forces to officiate this match because I am not so sure that a referee will be enough…

HA: So much history…so much ill-feeling and hatred that is ready to bubble over and explode

HE: And that’s just Engel and the EWF Champion Cerberus!

HA: Add into that the return of Scott Harris, his desire to prove himself again, combined with the manipulative and consistently conniving Anthony Grace, well…

HE: You see why I wouldn’t want to ref this match?!
HA: Well, Cerberus’s mood doesn’t look to have improved from his normal one with Reborn’s news!
Survival by Eminem plays and Scott Harris is welcomed back into competitive action in 6CW

HA: Is now the time for Scott Harris? Once before, he put his name on the map and cemented his place as a real front-runner in this company….will he realise his potential in the coming months?

HE: Not if Anthony Grace has anything to do with it…..Harris is in the shadow of better men and he lacks the temperament to rise above it….

HA: I don’t know if I agree with that at all….Scott Harris does indeed have to settle again but he’s always been a classy wrestler

Harris slaps the hands of a few fans before he climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring. Harris bounces back against the ropes and then fixes his eyes on Cerberus

HA: Always imposing, always powerful, and a man who has been on form for a long, long time around here.
*Harris and Cerberus just stare at each other before waiting in opposite corners for their opponents

HA: Anthony Grace used to be a popular figure here in 6CW, despite his arrogant overlay….but ever since he returned, he’s become a sworn enemy of this nearly everyone in this company, he has reverted back to type and these people hate him for it…

HE: These people are stupid….Grace has made the best career move possible because he now recognises his own genius.

Grace swaggers out onto the stage and poses in front of the cameras.

HA: You can see the hatred in Cerberus’s eyes….he has absolutely no respect for Grace

HE: And that is why Cerberus will fall…..he is not intelligent

Grace circles the ring, taking in what he always appears to see as adulation from a crowd that hates him.

*Finally, with Grace waiting outside the ring, we hear The Klaxons flying out of the speakers, It’s Not Over Yet playing loudly as Engel saunters out

HA: He regained popularity in 6CW, but now the fans feel no desire to trust him

HE: For once, I’m with them. The guy is nuts.

Harlequin laughs off the boos of the crowd as he walks to the ring. He slowly makes his way down the ring, making sure to retort to every bit of abuse that he receives. Engel then climbs up into the ring and he grins and shakes his head as he looks over towards Cerberus….

HA: So much animosity between those four ropes right now….

HE: This is going to be great….

There is a brief discussion between both sides and then Anthony Grace and Scott Harris take up the reigns for their respective teams. There is a roar from the crowd for Harris as he and Grace begin to circle one another…

Grace and Harris lockup in the centre and Harris quickly pulls his rival into a side headlock. Grace swings side elbows into the ribs of Harris and then he rushes into the corner, pressing his feet up onto the turnbuckle and he flips up and over Harris’ head…

HE: Anthony Grace is so smart….it is his key strength…

Harris quickly spins around but is knocked off his feet by a dropkick from Grace. They get back up and Grace looks for a hiptoss but Harris locks his arms and counters into a hiptoss of his own, only for Grace to counter in midair with an armdrag…

HA: These two men have a lot of confidence in themselves, and so far their styles blend into one another…

They get back up and Grace looks for a running monkey flip, sending Harris crashing into the centre of the ring. Grace then runs off the ropes and he returns with a handspring into a moonsault……………..1…………….2…………shoulder up.

HE: Anthony Grace knows that he has Harris’ number…..he has everything that Harris wishes he had

HA: Please tell the truth…..Harris is a technician in a way Grace could never be.

Grace drags Harris up and he looks for a piledriver but Harris counters with a big backdrop. Grace gets back up and Harris flashes chops to his chest and whips him across the ring, lowering his head for another backdrop as he comes back….Grace hops over him and sprints off the opposite ropes before returning with a one-handed bulldog….

HA: This is one match that could not get old for me….Harris and Grace have a remarkable chemistry….

Grace kicks up onto his feet and he quickly rushes to the ropes and dives into a springboard, floating back for an asai moonsault…

HA: Knees up…

Harris pushes his knees up into the midsection of Grace and sends him rolling away. Harris gets back up and he waits for Grace to get up in the corner before nailing him with a shining wizard and he pulls him out into an overhead suplex……………………….1…………………….2………..kickout!

HA: This has been a fine way to kick off the match….if the rest is anything like this then we are going to set some amazing wrestling…

Harris pulls Grace back up and he hits a snap suplex before rolling over and he tags in Cerberus. Cerberus step over the ropes and then lands a standing legdrop to Grace………………1……………..2………….shoulder up.

HE: Cerberus is only a month away from the end of his career….I guarantee someone is going to finish him off once and for all. That belt is a target, and he won’t handle the pressure of leading the EWF Championship into a unification match at Ashes to Ashes in March.

Cerberus drags Grace back up and he drills him with a faceplant suplex before dragging him into the corner.

HA: Anthony Grace is rattled here….

HE: He just needs a break…STAY AWAY FROM HIM!

HA: Cerberus is back to his absolute best….the title has only improved him

Cerberus gets back up onto the apron and he waits for Grace to get back up before near enough ripping his head off with a huge clothesline

HA: Beautiful...devastating but beautiful

Cerberus lifts Grace up again and throws him like a sack of potatoes across the ring. He drags him into the middle...
……………Grace kicks out.

HE: Let Engel get in there so he can end this stupidity…

Cerberus pulls Grace up again and turns him into a neckbreaker before he chucks his foe to the corner. He beckons Engel in. Harlequin climbs in and the two men walk towards each other, standing eye to eye

HA: Screw feel the love tonight, can you feel the hate searing off these two men?!

HE: Electricity isn’t enough to describe the sparks of pure fury coming off them.

*Both men just starting throwing fists at each other as the crowd roar. But Engel rakes the eyes before slamming Cerberus face into his knee.

HA: Engel Harlequin is turning it up a notch here…

HE: Cerberus is in the house of pain now….OH YES!

Engel laughs at the booing fans and then he drags Cerberus into a huge suplex…………….1…………………..2…………..Cerberus just gets his shoulder up. Harlequin pulls Cerberus back up and he gutwrenches him into the air before driving Cerberus back down across his knee. Engel shows his strength to keep Cerberus in his arms and then he lifts him into another gutbuster…..and then a third.

HA: The strength there was incredible! People don’t do that to Cerberus!

HE: This is great to watch…Engel Harlequin displaying his dominance for all the world…

1………………………2…………….Cerberus gets his shoulder up. Engel gets to his feet and he taunts Cerberus before dragging him back up and turning him around…

HA: Don’t taunt this man! He doesn’t play Engel’s games!

*Engel’s arrogance and lack of focus are shown to be foolish as Cerberus slams a huge boot into his face. Cerberus beckons Engel up and he lashes fists into body before a huge European uppercut staggers Engel into the corner. Cerberus follows in with another big running charge before using his strength to lift Engel up onto the turnbuckle…

HA: Cerberus has turned this around in a flash….now he is looking for high impact…

Cerberus gets up onto the ropes but Engel drives his forearm forward and into Cerberus’s throat, Cerberus’s head drops as he tries to catch his breath and then Engel rolls over the top of him….


HA: Devastating impact….

Engel drags Cerberus down off the ropes and nails a crunching sunset flip powerbomb. Both men are on the canvass, desperately trying to crawl their way across to make the tag to their teammates…

HA: Both of these men need a tag…

HE: I think Cerberus needs it a lot more…

HA: He’s been caught a bit shocked here, Engel’s crazy has returned, but some of the moves are new.

Cerberus drags himself over and reaches out to tag Scott Harris’ hand but Engel Harlequin grabs Cerberus’s foot and drags him back. Cerberus hops up on his free foot and he succeeds in landing a huge fist to the side of Engel’s head…Harlequin staggers across and falls into Anthony Grace….

HA: Talk about a fluke…

Grace quickly makes the tag and he springboards into the ring and lands a flying forearm to the back of Cerberus’s head, preventing him from making the tag. Grace then runs forwards and nails a spinning heel kick to Harris, sending him flying from the apron…

*Crowd boo

HE: Well played, Anthony…

Grace dusts his hands off and grins before dragging Cerberus into the centre of the ring and connects with a russian leg sweep

……………Cerberus gets his shoulder up. Grace gets up and he mocks the audience as he beckons for Cerberus to stand…

HA: Anthony Grace really is full of himself…

HE: He has every right to be….this man is the future…

Cerberus stumbles back up and Grace grips his arms and tries to turn him around but Cerberus puts the brakes on and manages to shove Grace away to the corner but Grace heads straight up the ropes and twists back with an incredible running knee to the head….

HE: That is why Anthony Grace is going to be a world champion…

Cerberus tries to stagger back up but Grace rushes in behind him and nails a neckbreaker……………..1…………………2…………..Cerberus just manages to get his arm off the canvass. Grace complains to the referee and then he gets back up and drags Cerberus towards him…

Cerberus spins right out and he kicks Grace in the stomach before hooking his arms and pulling him to the centre…


Grace puts the blocks on and he spins out before crashing Cerberus down with a backstabber. Grace rolls his away to the corner and he leaps up to the top rope. The crowd boo him but he merely turns and mocks them…

HA: Grace needs to concentrate on the match…

*Grace laughs and jumps off for the elbow


Cerberus moves out of the way and sends Grace crashing down onto the canvass with real impact. Cerberus is able to get back up to his feet and he quickly locks his hands under Grace’ arm and drills him with a sidewalk slam

HA: Cerberus got him….this is over….


HE: Noooo…

HA: That’s a three….


As Cerberus gets back up, he is almost destroyed by a spinning wheel kick from Engel Harlequin. Engel looks happy with himself as he rolls back out of the ring and Anthony Grace crawls across…

HE: Yes…

HA: Harlequin and Grace are going to steal this damn thing….

………………thr-Scott Harris makes the save!

HE: Damn you Harris…

Harris drags Grace up and he rocks him with right hands before whipping him off the ropes and he throws him across the ring with an overhead suplex as he returns. Harlequin gets in and looks for an attack but Harris ducks it and counters with a German suplex…

HA: Scott Harris just exploded into this contest…

Harris grabs Cerberus’s arm and he pulls him to the ropes before climbing out onto the apron and he makes the tag. Harris climbs back in and he waits for Grace to get up before nailing a t-bone suplex…………………1………………………..2……………….shoulder up.

HE: Cmon, Anthony…

HA: Grace is three sheets to the wind….he cannot prevent this attack…

Grace staggers back up and Harris drags him into a wrist clutch suplex and then he heads to the corner and starts to climb. The flashbulbs are going off and the crowd are cheering as Harris launches himself into the air….


Harris lands the flying splash to Anthony Grace and he hooks both legs……………..1…………………….2……………….Harlequin breaks up the pin. They scramble back up and Engel scoops Harris onto his shoulders…


Harris spins off the back and he grabs Engel by the scruff of the neck before throwing him over the top rope. Grace takes advantage and grabs the back of Harris’ trunks……………….1………………….2…………….Harris just manages to kick out!

HA: Grace almost stealing one there….

Both men scramble back up and Grace leaps into the air for a hurricanrana but Harris moves aside and watches the relative amateur fall onto his back pathetically. Grace stands up fast, but Harris spins behind him and hits a quick three German suplexes without release. He drags him up for a fourth, then swivels him round



HE: Did he kick out?

HA: Barely…

Harris wipes sweat from his brow and asks the referee if it was a three but the official tells him two. Harris gets back up and he waits for Grace to get to his feet and he grabs his arm…


Grace leaps out over the shoulder of Harris and he grabs his arms before twisting him around looking for the A-Level

HE: This is it…

Harris manages to push Grace away and he collides with Engel Harlequin on the apron. Grace staggers back into Harris…



HA: It’s over…

Harris thinks he has the match won but the referee is signalling to him that Engel made the blind tag on the apron. Harris looks dumbfounded but has no time to react as Engel spins him around and looks to strike


Harris drops beneath it and then pops up nails Engel with a chopblock before grabbing his legs and tries to turn him over onto his stomach…


Engel squirms and twists before kicking out with both feet and sends Harris flying back into the corner. 

HA: Cerberus made the tag…

Engel gets back up and he sprints into the corner for Harris, but Harris moves so fast that Engel doesn’t see Cerberus boot replacing him. He smashes into it face first, staggering back-first

HA: Engel is out of it




HA: It’s over…


*Engel is flat out, and Grace is well up the ramp before anything can happen to him.

*With Cerberus and Harris standing tall in the ring, another world champion’s celebrations are cut short by Kanye West’s Stronger as Robin Reborn waltzes out onto the stage, mic twirling in his hand.

HA: He’s back out here again, brother! And his announcements lately seem to only cause trouble for men holding championships

HE: Whoever let this happen is clearly not fit for purpose in this business, just like Reborn isn’t.

HA: He seems to have got a bounce back in his step since he got to play around with power in the 6CW corridors.

*Reborn allows the music to fade and then looks up into the ring, raising the mic.

RR: What it is, is what it is! It’s time to make some more moves in this joint, cos a brother wants to see some drama!

And we need to see title contenders, cos we got ourselves a PPV on the horizon! The first week of 2018, they’re calling it New Beginning! Sunday 7th January, baby!

But I want action soon, I want these crowds coming through the doors every single night expecting big things poppin! So we gonna have ourselves a number one contender match for that title of yours, Big Dog. You might be thinking unification, but you gotta get there first.

And our main event next week is gon go a long way to deciding if you can hold on. Your boy Scott Harris, he wants in. And he gets it. It’s gonna be Scott Harris vs. Engel Harlequin vs. Anthony Grace to see who faces Cerberus at New Beginning for the EWF World Championship! Wooooooo!

*A woo echoes around before the crowd roar for the huge news

HA: Harris versus Engel versus Grace, main event in two weeks time!

HE: People won’t wanna be late for this one, brother! Anthony Grace will show you all again why he is the premier act on this show.

HA: He’ll have his chance against a deranged lunatic and 6CW’s sharpshooter!

*Reborn stares down at the ring, where Cerberus turns from meeting his stare to looking down at Harris

HA: Until December, we’ll see you on Anarchy in two weeks, goodnight!

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Re: Monday 20th November's 6CW Anarchy LIVE

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