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Post by Paul Mac 6CW Mon 28 Apr 2014, 9:19 am

Well here we are on the road to Night of Glory and at Behind the Curtain we wanted to get your view on who right now is at the top of the game ahead of the biggest night of the year, the votes taken from a wide selection of the 6CW universe were as follows:

Number 5:

In terms of victories this man had suffered a downturn in 2014. Embroiled in arguably the feud of the year he put on stand out performance after stand out performance but could not get the upper hand on his opponent. Over the past few months in an unlikely 'partnership' this man has had a turn in fortune and has started to reinforce his position in the Main Event scene. With a new mentality and a plan for the future our number five iscertain to have a big say in what happens at Night of Glory.

Gazzy D

Number 4:

At the top of the tree for the entirety of 2013, some would see number four as a downward step for this individual. Perhaps in recent times he has taken on one fight to many and the weight of expectancy on his shoulders became to much too bare. Certainly not out of the shake up expect this man to come back stronger than ever

Nate Nack

Number 3:

This man spent the second half of 2013 banging his head against the glass ceiling only to break through in spectacular fashion at Day of Reckoning. The former EWF champion has promised for months that he would dish out his own brand of law enforcement and leaving Tyler Roth and Thunder in his shadow the rest of the roster must surely realise that this man means business

Vincent Costello

Number 2:

The focal point of The Authority, new found respect was given to this man after overcoming the fearsome man of war Ojore at Day of Reckoning and then very nearly becoming the undisputed champion only being outlasted in the Gateway to Glory match by the new champion Max Adamson. This man will surely have a huge amount to say when all the dust settles at Night of Glory


Number 1:

Feud of the year 2013 winner, Gateway to Glory 2014 winner and the new 6CW Heavyweight Champion. This man may not be everybody's cup of tea but he has certainly made huge waves since his return to the company. His alliance with Gazzy D may be a contractual obligation but to the outsider looking in the arrangement is bringing mutual benefits and we would be fools to think this will not continue on the biggest stage of all.

Max Adamson

Paul Mac 6CW
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