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Post by Paul Mac 6CW Mon 30 Jun 2014 - 21:17

So the results are in after the two biggest shows of the year so far, the 6CW universe has spoken- The votes received were:


1. Max Adamson (Turncoat)
2. GazzyD (Freeeeeeeeedoooooooooooom!!!)
3. Liam Wood (The only way is up)
4. Scott Harris (based upon Aftermath and also the possible "ace" he holds by being Jones' son)
5. Edward Plague

I don't think Leone and JJ should get a rating yet as they haven't been in a match (although I am sure people will argue that they are "powerful" in 6CW now). Same could be said of Andrews and Magnusson.


5. Dubois

He came talking and talking and talking about redemption. Where would he have been with defeat? The victory was huge, as was a place in the HOF. Now he wants glory. Also getting reaction everywhere he goes.

4. Plague
The division is his now.

3&2. JJ/Leone
They are the news of 6CW.

1. Max

Whatever it needs, Max will do it. And he holds a lot of cards now.


1. Scott Harris & Mike Masters - Both got big wins and still hold the tag titles

2. Liam Wood - Continued his winning form after beating Vincent Costello by beating the newest Hall Of Famer.

3. GazzyD - Despite having a bad few weeks/months Gazzy could be the handpicked star of Daniel Magnusson

4. Jax Cutler - Continued his strong showings

5. Bam Sparkleston - Got a win over his hero


5. Enforcer
Although he failed to capture the 6CW World Title at Night of Glory, Enforcer is now one of the biggest wildcards in 6CW. Will he remain with the Authority? Will he join 6CW's resistance? Will he simply do what's best for Enforcer? Only one man knows the answer to that question at the moment.

4. Scott Harris
A victory in single competition over the EWF World Champion can only do positive things for your standing in the company, and this is the case for Scott Harris. One half of the reigning 6CW Tag Team Champions also seems to have created a mildly better working relationship with his partner Mike Masters, though this seems more to do with having a common enemy.

3. JJ Johnson
The buzz surrounding his return was immense and he was able to deliver at Aftermath with the 6CW fans eating out the palm of his hand

2. Max Adamson
After riding high following his victory at Night of Glory, Adamson was successful in defeating his former employee Gazzy D at Aftermath, albeit with a little help.

1. Gazzy D
Now that he's shaken off the shackles of Max Adamson's control, Gazzy D looks on course to do much bigger things in the coming months in 6CW. Although he suffered a setback at Aftermath, it's clear Gazzy D is now Adamson's biggest threat in the company.


1. Max Adamson
2. Liam Wood
3. Scott Harris
4. JJ Johnson
5. GazzyD


1. Max Adamson - The champion has too be top of the list. Has had a great few weeks.

2. Scott Harris/Mike Masters - Got a win at NOG despite the differences, only win for Uprising at NOG too. Also two seperate big wins on Aftermath.

3. Liam Wood - Got his redemption and a big win over Costello. Looks to finally be heading in the right direction.

4. Edward Plague - Got the title and has formed the brotherhood, has looked really strong.

5. Daniel Reilly - due caputuring his title and dominating Blade at NOG. He, along with the Authority came off looking really strong at NOG.


1. Max Adamson
2. Liam Wood
3. Scott Haris
4. JJ Johnson
5. Keith Leone

Final Votes

5. JJ Johnson - 10 points - New Entry
4. Gazzy D - 13 points - Up one place
3. Liam Wood - 18 points - New Entry
2. Scott Harris - 19 points - New Entry
1. Max Adamson 29 points - Non mover

Mike Masters - 9 points
Edward Plague - 5 points
Keith Leone - 4 points
Jax Cutler - 2 points
Bam Sparkleston, Daniel Reilly, Enforcer, Jerome Dubois - 1 point

Paul Mac 6CW
6CW Creative

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POWER 5  Empty Re: POWER 5

Post by Marky Mon 30 Jun 2014 - 21:36

I love how Max was 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd, and... Not in the top 5 Laugh

Great depth to the 6CW roster mind.


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POWER 5  Empty Re: POWER 5

Post by DP Mon 30 Jun 2014 - 22:57

Surprised Harris is at 2! Will certainly take it though, long
may it continue!!


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POWER 5  Empty Re: POWER 5

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