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Daniela's Daylight Mugging....

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Daniela's Daylight Mugging.... Empty Daniela's Daylight Mugging....

Post by yloponom68 Sat May 31, 2014 10:48 am

So Hantuchova serves up a ball, her opponent Kerber returns it deep at the baseline, the call is out, but Daniela has played the shot back
into Kerber's court. Quality Umpire then awards the point to Kerber? WTF? And these people are paid professionals??

To then add insult to injury, Tournament Director then comes onto the court, speaks with the Umpire, and Daniela and...wait for it....
enforces the decision. If we see this lady in the "chair" again this tournament - wow! And how can any player have confidence in a
Tournament Director that gets "Tennis 101" so badly wrong on worldwide media! Uugh, and double uugh....

Reminds me of sitting watching Venus v Sprem at Wimbledon - Venus serves a fault, Sprem hits it back into Venus' court - point called for
Sprem!!!!!! No, actually it's second serve Venus!!

Hey, these things do happen, and we are ALL human. Umpired, line-called and directed enough tournaments myself to know, sometimes things
DO go wrong - but if we have instant reply available - this was the PERFECT time for someone to do that, and inform the umpire over the radio
that Daniela's reply had been IN the court, so LET, LET, LET it be! And on to Saturday.....


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Daniela's Daylight Mugging.... Empty Re: Daniela's Daylight Mugging....

Post by YvonneT Sun Jun 01, 2014 8:29 pm

Regardless of whether Daniela's reply was in the court or not, if a ball is called out then overruled but the player had a reasonable chance of play on it, isn't it a let?

Must be so tough for a player to see such an obviously wrong decision with no redress at all.


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