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Ferrer - mono?

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Ferrer - mono? Empty Ferrer - mono?

Post by lydian Tue 17 Jun 2014, 3:58 am

Ferrer, who lost to Rafael Nadal in last year's French Open final, withdrew from the Dutch grass event this week without playing due to stomach problems. "I'm not sure if I can play at Wimbledon," Ferrer said on Monday, adding he came down with flu after Roland Garros. "I'm going to talk with my doctor in Valencia tomorrow and see. It's been 10 days now and that's just too long for this problem."

The guy pushes himself physically like crazy...his immune system is probably always being compromised so it never takes much for a mono virus floating about on aircraft, etc, to latch on to these finely tuned athletes, especially the ones working so much harder than the others. Soderling was another case in point...he'd physically pushed himself ridiculously in the 2 years up to his withdrawal from the tour. His immune system I reckon just fundamentally got blasted and remodified itself to the point he'll never be right again. That's what arguably getting into the shape he did to do well during 2009/2010, e.g. at RG09/10, cost him...

Anyway, I hope not re: Ferrer...but you heard it here first if this drags on...if he withdraws from Wimb, it might push Raonic into a dangerous top8 seeding too...

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Ferrer - mono? Empty Re: Ferrer - mono?

Post by laverfan Tue 17 Jun 2014, 7:14 am

I saw Lorenzi at #1, and was a bit miffed because I like watching Ferrer at Den Bosch. Thanks for that piece of information. Is there more in Spanish newspapers?

Get well soon, Daveed!

I hope it is not Mono. broken 


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Ferrer - mono? Empty Re: Ferrer - mono?

Post by lags72 Tue 17 Jun 2014, 12:23 pm

I really do hope he can make Wimbledon. Am always keen to see the strongest/most complete possible field at the Slams.

If he does skip it, we know it will be for a very good reason ; it would mean breaking a current streak of 46 consecutive Slam appearances dating way back to 2003, and only two active players can boast a better run.


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Ferrer - mono? Empty Re: Ferrer - mono?

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