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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by JJJohnson Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:21 pm

Official poster: TBA
Official theme tune:"Centuries" by Fall Out Boy

Live from Madison Square Garden, New York City
Start time: 8pm

Match 1
Ryker Kidd vs Tyler Roth

Match 2
6CW UK Championship
Buck Riggins © vs Dario Machiavelli vs Enigma

Match 3
Terrance Kray vs Jonathan Daniels

Match 4
JJ Johnson vs Lex Hart

Match 5
6CW Tag Team Championships
Red Arrows © The Death Squad vs Perfect Jack/Dicey Reilly

Main Event 1
6CW Championship
The Re-Match
GazzyD © vs Max Adamson

Main Event 2
EWF Championship
"The Bloodbath of New York City"
Vincent Costello © vs Anthony Grace

Main Event 3
Elimination Chamber
Mike Masters vs Liam Wood vs Keith Leone vs Thunder vs Jerome Dubois vs Jax Cutler


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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by Thunder87 Wed Apr 08, 2015 8:35 pm

The scene opens in the afternoon of Revolution, the arena is empty and roadies have just about finished setting up. The elimination chamber sits around the ring devoid of all life. Just as the roadies begin to clear out, Thunder appears down the side of the ramp carrying a punching bag on his shoulder and dragging one behind him. He drops the one on his shoulder on to the steps to the chamber and let’s go of the one he was dragging. Thunder looks the chamber up and down before jogging up the steps and walking through the door.

Thunder jumps up and down on the grate by the door of the chamber, Thunder jumps hard on the grate, seemingly testing how much it can take. He grips the chains and gives them a good, Ultimate Warrior style shake. From there he tries to squeeze his head through the gap, when he can’t get his head through, he chews on the chain. Thunder backs off from the chains, until his back touches ropes, he wipes his feet and climbs through the ropes and persists to run the ropes. In the centre of the ring, after his first bounce, he applies the breaks coming to total stop. He stares to the corner, past the turnbuckles to glass chamber behind.

Slowly Thunder walks toward the chamber, stepping through the ropes to be right next to it. He feels up the glass, slides the door open and runs his hands over the frame. He steps in. The door closes. Encasing the oncoming storm inside. Thunder reaches up, slide his hands through the chain roof, grips on to the chain and begins to perform pull ups. After the fifth one, he hangs there for a moment, looking up, his head tilts to left with an idea. He pulls his legs up and pushes them through the chains hang upside down from them. Thunder drops, flipping in the air on to his feet. From the crouching position, Thunder bursts his fist forward and punches the glass, immediately recoiling his fist from the pain of the punch.

Thunder shakes it off as he exists the glass chamber, he stops as a light bulb sparks on in his head. Slowly Thunder’s head tilts to look at the top of the glass chamber, a smile crosses his face. Thunder darts in the ring, leaps to the top of the turnbuckle, places his hands on the roof of the chamber and pulls himself up. There Thunder perches on the edge, his mind calculating. Thunder’s friend Brett Unknown appears from where Thunder came from dragging another three punching bags, Thunder acknowledges his arrival and leaps from the chamber roof, getting good air and distance with a frog splash to the mat.

Thunder picks himself up and calls for Unknown to throw him the punch bags. Unknown throws Thunder, each bag in turn. Thunder plonks each bag down around him as he catches them. He pulls a big black mark out of his pocket and write on each one, then he picks on up and carries it to one of the chambers, throwing it in and closing the door. The camera pans around to reveal that he wrote his fellow competitors names on each of the punch bags. The one he locked in a chamber had Leones name written on it.

Thunder lifts the punch bags representing Dubious and Masters and drags them off to chambers, closing each door respectively. Thunder steps back in the ring, with the remaining punch bags, Woods and Cutler. Thunder does eni meanie miney moe landing on the Woods bag, Thunder frowns and does it again, again landing on Woods, again he frowns. Thunder pulls a coin from his pocket and flips it, not happy with the result he does it again and again. Finally he makes the decision himself, dragging the Woods bag off to a chamber.

Thunder stands looking at the now, occupied Chambers. He whips the Cutler bag to the corner, he follows it in, nailing a running splash. Thunder climbs over it on to the top turnbuckle and up on to the roof of a chamber. He leans down and pulls it up, he sets it up, Thunder mimes being fought against, punching it in the head area. Thunder turns on the spot, taking off nailing a thunderous Thunder Clap on to the hard steel. Thunder uses the chains to pull himself back to his feet. Unknown leans half in to the structure as the scene fades out.

Learn anything?

Diving on to steel hurts…Let’s do it again...Until it doesn’t.


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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by Guest Fri Apr 10, 2015 12:46 pm

The camera cuts to a dimly lit room, with the main source of light being a television set at the far end of the room. The camera zooms in to reveal that the television is displaying an Elimination Chamber match. As the image becomes clearer the two men participating in the match are Keith Leone and Kenji Hidari. The camera then watches the final few moments of the match as Leone delivers a Tombstone Piledriver and makes the cover to get the pinfall victory. The moment the referee has counted to three, the action is paused and a voice is heard.

???: 3 long years…

The lights in the room come on and a chair is revealed next to where the camera is, in it is seated Keith Leone. Leone has an almost sad look on his face as he continues to stare at the image on the screen before he then continues to speak.

Leone: It was all so much simpler back then, I could say what I wanted, do what I wanted and beat up who I wanted because chances are, they were going to stab me in the back at some point. Alex Walker built an army to take over 6CW and take me down, and yet here I stand today, with all of that history behind me. But it’s sad that no matter how hard I try, I can’t be that man in that cell anymore. I’ve fought Walker since, I’ve been a World Champion in another company since, hell I’ve fought JJ Johnson since, and still I sit here as half the man I used to be. I know that this time around I can no longer be the “good guy”, that’s not how I function best. I need to be the man who has no friends and no allies; I have to remember that my own problems are just that, my own, because nobody else is going to be running to my aid. But yes, after a brief lack of judgement a couple of weeks ago I did make amends at Anarchy. For one week I did seem to be back at my best when beating Jax Cutler, but I more than anyone know that one week means squat in this business. Everyone in this industry will have their own 30 seconds of fame, and if you think that those moments make you a big man, then you are nothing more than a fool. If I walked in with the attitude that winning a beat the clock sprint showed that I was the best in that chamber, then I would be quickly torn apart by the other five dogs in there. No, all that the win at Anarchy means is that my chances of walking out victorious have increased somewhat, but once I leave that pod and am free in the Chamber, what happened at Anarchy means nothing. I fully understand and expect that I will be greeted by nothing but contempt and violence by my opponents, and that’s not a bad thing. At Revolution I will truly know whether I have gotten back to where I need to be. If I walk into that Chamber with even a hint of doubt in my mind, I’ll be leaving the arena on a stretcher that night. There will be no second chances, and if I can’t step up to the plate now then maybe I don’t deserve to be here anymore. Though on the other hand, if this Chamber does bring out my old side and I am back to my best, someone had better have five ambulances on standby. Because with most guys in this match, it is nothing personal, you’re all just in the wrong place in the wrong time, because I have a point to prove, and I never do anything in half measures.

Leone now switches off the T.V. and gets to his feet before pacing back and forth across the room, running his hands through his hair, before he finally stops. He then looks up at the camera and begins to speak.

Leone: Which leads me on to my five opponents at Revolution, five of the brightest talents 6CW has ever seen. We’ll start off with Liam Wood, the leading act of Wood against the world. Now I have to admit, I do like your attitude Liam, I mean it would be slightly hypocritical of me not to. I especially the lack of respect you have for most people, why does anyone deserve your respect until they’ve gotten into the ring with you and earned it. But here’s the thing, sometimes when you don’t respect someone enough, they prove you wrong somewhat, and when you’re locked in a Chamber with them, things can go wrong very quickly. When you referred to me as a “has-been” a few weeks ago, it helped remind that to some people, yeah I am an old timer who hasn’t really done anything to merit credit for a couple of years. Indeed it may be the best thing anyone has said to me since I returned as it has made sure I never get my head lost in the clouds. But it also built up a little bit of resentment inside of me toward you, as I’m sure you intended it to. I mean come on, I may be a has-been but at least I’ve been to the top of the mountain, whereas you have tried so hard on so many occasions and have just fallen short. Now I’m sure you’ll remind us all that you were EWF World Champion and TV Champion, which is undoubtedly impressive, but that was small time. Now you’re in the big leagues and it’s time for you to finally step up and prove your worth, otherwise old timers like me are just going to kick you into the gutter like we have so many times before. Next we have Thunder, the friend, the nice guy inside of this Elimination Chamber match. Our paths have crossed very little, all I really know about you is that you have some strong morals and a score to settle with Vincent Costello, and I completely understand where you’re coming from. You want the fairy-tale of the return to the ring, then winning this Chamber and beating Costello in the main event of Night of Glory for the EWF World Title, and I’m sure that sentiment is felt by a number of fans. The only problem with that is that fairy tales rarely come true unfortunately; they mostly end up as nightmares. I have lost count of the number of times I have either missed or been screwed out of my big chance. I was cheated out of the 6CW World Title over and over and over before I finally won it at Night of Glory IV, but it was during those times of being beaten down I learned you have to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Even when that means not being the “good guy”, because the ends can justify the means, and when the others aren’t playing fair, sometimes you have to bend the rules as well. I just hope you realise this before they have to cart you out of the Chamber at Revolution.

Who to move onto next, I know, Mike Masters, the man who should have it all. You have the movie star good looks, the amazing physique, and the natural talent that most guys would kill for. The only question most people have of your career is why you haven’t made it this far sooner, which is exactly what I want to ask. What held you back for so long? Scott Harris? No, it’s not that simple is it Mike. You have gone from breakout rookie to underwhelming main eventer in a matter of months and it’s all a problem in that clouded mind of yours. You have something up there that questions every move you make, I mean what other reason would you side with Jones for? You don’t need him and he desperately needs you, and yet you went looking for his help. Maybe you think he can act as your conscience for you, whatever it is that you think that he can offer you, I’ll tell you right now that you’re wrong. Jones is going to suck the success out of you until you are of no value to him anymore and he will dump you just as quickly as he found you. Because guys like Jones are always hanging around this business, looking to piggyback off of peoples stardom and he certainly hit the jackpot when found you. Moving on we find Jax Cutler, whose manager is definitely needed. I mean come on Jax, on two occasions we have come up against one another, you a beast in peak physical fitness, and me a now approaching “old timer” whose body has seen better days. But on both occasions you have failed to meet expectations. Again, it proves that all brawn and no brain is always a losing combination. Hathaway can be barking commands at you all he wants, but until you can truly learn to fight for yourself, there is no way you can hang in the ring with a guy like me. Some people are calling you a favourite Jax going into the Elimination Chamber, all I’m predicting is another disappointing display.

Then finally onto the man who has been a thorn in my side for the past weeks, the one and only French Phenom, Jerome Dubois. You may hide behind masks and wield bats now Dubois, but I will always remember you for what you really are. I mean travel back three years; I was fighting Genesis and where the hell were you, oh yeah, biding your time to pick a side. The moment things began to swing in 6CW’s favour, you were very quick to fight the good fight. You can put any excuse on it that you want, but we all know how gutless you have been and always will be. You have always preferred the darkness to the light not because you’re “cool” or an introvert, just because stabbing people in the back is much easier when they can’t see you. Quite frankly the reason I kicked you in the face when I came back was because you wouldn’t shut up and I doubted that you would have the guts to do anything about it. But hey, happily you proved me wrong, and now you’re going to be locked in a Chamber with me in just a few days. It’s going to be your own personal worst nightmare Jerome because with the other four guys, what happens in the Chamber is just business. With you though, I’m going to enjoy tearing you apart, and by the end of it maybe you’ll wish you stayed out of my way for good. To the five of you that will be stepping into the Chamber with me, good luck, cause boy you’re going to need it.

Keith Leone smirks into the camera as he now sits back into the chair and turns on T.V. again and begins to watch the celebration after the Elimination Chamber match.


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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by TwisT Fri Apr 10, 2015 1:16 pm

The scene opens up with an aerial shot of Madison Square Garden coming from a hovering helicopter. Spotlights scan the sky and massive Revolution posters are flying from outside the building. We can hear the crowd cheering loudly from inside the arena as the helicopter continues to slowly circle the MSG. After a few moments, we can hear the Lloyd brothers start their introductions.

HA: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the home of wrestling! Just listen to this capacity crowd!

HE: 6CW continues to pull in the masses and what a PPV we have in store for the people of New York!

The scene continues to show the outside of Madison Square Garden briefly, before it changes to show the Lloyd brothers at their commentary positions. They smile into the camera and then Harold speaks again.

HA: Yes indeed, Revolution is finally upon us. Three colossal main events as well as the rest of the card being full of talent. These fans are certainly in for a treat!

HE: And they may even see a famous film star get his head caved in. I am sure they will be cheering for that!

HA: You can’t honestly believe that the fans will be siding with Vincent Costello when he faces Anthony Grace?!

HE: Of course! Costello is in his own backyard! They will be supporting their fellow New Yorker!

The camera starts to sweep across the fans in attendance and picks out a lot of them wearing Anthony Grace t-shirts and “Believe 2 Achieve” merchandise. Smiling children wave their posters in front of the camera as Harold can be heard again.

HA: Look around you! Anthony Grace supporters fill this arena. For every poster I see for another 6CW superstar, I see another 3 surrounding it supporting Anthony Grace!

His brother can be heard scoffing on camera. Suddenly, the crowd’s attention is drawn to a heavy drum beat coming from speakers. The beat is repetitive and loud, as well as being suitable for marching soldiers. As the drumbeat continues, the arena screen starts to come on.

HE: What’s going on here? That’s Charlie Kramer……

Kramer appears in the backstage corridors wearing his crisp white suit. He carries his cane in his hand as he walks a few paces down the corridor. Kramer comes to a locker room door which is guarded by the one fat and one Asian security guards. The fat one nods his head at the approaching Kramer, while the Asian guy rolls his eyes. Kramer walks up to the door and taps it loudly with the orb of his cane. As the drumbeat continuously sounds out, the door is opened and we see Anthony Grace appear from inside. He is wearing a black trouser and cream shirt combo with the top button undone. The crowd instinctively go nuts at the sight of the COG leader.

HA: Listen to that noise! Are you still going to tell me Grace won’t get support for that EWF match?!

HE: ………

Grace moves his head to side to side and does a few jumps on the spot. He adjust the sunglasses on his nose and flings his suit jacket over his shoulder. Grace then nods at Kramer and starts to walk down the corridor with Kramer walking a few paces in front. The camera keeps focused on the front of them. The security guards take their position behind Grace and follow him as well. As the sound of the beat matches their confident strides, the crowd continue to cheer. All 4 men stare into the distance as they walk and Grace rotates his shoulders and continues to move his neck from side to side. The group pass various 6CW stagehands, who look on as the men pass them assertively.

HA: They are obviously heading to us now!

Grace gets near to the curtain and shakes Kramer by the hand. The agent and the guards pat Grace on the back before disappearing out of shot. He takes a while to stare at the ceiling with his eyes closed and then mumbles a pray under his breath. Grace crosses his chest a few times and kisses his wedding ring. He then nods to the producer just before the curtain, who then hands Grace his cheek microphone. Grace attaches it to his face and signals that he is ready. The marching beat starts to fade away and “Amazing Grace” fills the arena. The screen goes black and Anthony Grace bursts through the curtain. Flashbulbs go off across the crowd, who are popping loudly at the sight of Grace in the flesh. Grace stands on the stage and milks the adoration before saluting the crowd.

HA: Unbelievable scenes here! I don’t know what kind of entrance Anthony Grace will have at Revolution but that was the most confident and focused we have ever seen him. He looks ready for action!

Grace starts to walk down the aisle and tags the fans hands as he does so. He stops on numerous occasions to have his picture taken with various young members of the crowd and shakes the hands of their parents afterwards. We can see some slight bruising on his face still, but Grace seems in very high spirits. He reaches the ring as “Amazing Grace” continues to play and enters through the ropes. Grace takes his time and climbs on all four turnbuckles and salutes the crowd as he does so. He then walks to the centre of the ring and crosses his chest as the music fades away and is replaced by a loud pop from the crowd.

HA: The man of the hour, the year, the decade, has indeed arrived in New York City!

Grace scans the crowd and mouths “thank you” as the applause still fills the MSG. He bites his bottom lip and looks extremely humble, before holding his hand up politely for silence. Grace then coughs and takes a deep breath in.

AG: New York’s finest in attendance………….and some of the best DAMN COG’s going!

The crowd cheer at this and Grace nods his head. There are a few audible jeers heard but ignored by the filmstar.

AG: They said that I would be booed out of this city! But they also said I would never have a crack at the top title in 6CW. And guess what…..they are WRONG on both counts!

Grace looks stern for a few moments before his Hollywood smile appears. He places his hand through his hair and takes another deep breath in.

AG: Over the last few weeks, I have had to listen to the rumour mill go into overdrive. False allegations that I had brought my shot for the EWF title. False allegations that somehow I have the owners of 6CW in my pocket. False allegations that people are bending over backwards to give me whatever I want.

He looks into the camera.

AG: It is simply NOT true……….

Grace paces the ring while motioning wildly with his hands.

AG: I found myself in a hospital bed a short time ago and I watched the news reports. Talk of suing individuals. Talk of holding 6CW to ransom. Talk of throwing my toys out of the pram because a certain individual welcomes me to the main event scene.

Again Grace looks into the camera.

AG: It is simply NOT true…………

He stares out to the crowd.

AG: Because that is what it is my friends. It is simply TALK! From those closest to me. From those with no connection to 6CW. From those that have NO CLUE what I am thinking, feeling or intending to do! I am sure that these make great headlines. I am sure the gossip columns are full of the goings-on. I am sure that it is read about around the world.

He points out to various people in the crowd.

AG: But! The only thing you wonderful people need to listen to now is the words coming out of my lips. NOT from third parties. NOT from televisions and radios. NOT from anyone else but ME. Because only I can tell you what is going on in here……

Grace points to his head.

AG: And more importantly……here.

Grace points to his heart.

The crowd cheer at this and Grace takes another deep breath in and composes himself.

AG: Vincent Costello……..

The crowd boo at the name but a small section of fans cheer. Grace smirks at this and turns to the comfort of his supporters.

AG: Mr. Costello, it has come to my attention that you don’t like me. And try as I have to extend respect to all of the guys backstage, I am finding it hard to respect YOU. It is true that I have felt much anger over the past few weeks. Anger that manifested many times during the last match. This side of Anthony Grace frightens me but it is a side I have EMBRACED the times you have been in attendance. That scares me Mr. Costello. It really does…….

Grace looks down to the ground briefly, before staring up at the sky.

AG: Because of this, I have had many conversations with God so that he can provide guidance and so I don’t go down a path of disrepute anymore. A path that you walk on Mr.Costello. You may crave destruction. You may crave causing pain. But some of us wish to get their rewards in fair and just way. A path where people are proud to know you. A path where people are happy to support you. A path which demands respect from purely moral means…..

Grace looks over his sunglasses and stares into the camera.

AG: And let’s face it Mr. Costello, as much as you want to prove you are a man of this city, the great people of New York DO NOT respect you!

The crowd cheer at this and the camera picks on young COG’s holding their posters up higher. Grace smiles at the fans before taking his sunglasses off and placing them in his trouser pocket. Grace then turns back to the camera again.

AG: Look into my eyes Mr. Costello. Hear my words. You may break my bones, but my heart………….a heart beating in tune with this tremendous support……….will never stop. That means I am going to keep on coming Mr. Costello. That means I am going to keep on believing Mr. Costello. And come the end of the night, by the Grace of God, I will be the new EWF champion. Not through who I know or what they do for me. But because of MY heart, MY sweat and MY tears! It is something I BELIEVE………….


AG: And no-one is going to tell me otherwise. I have come too damn far in my career to be turned away by the thought of a mere man causing physical pain. I am not scared of it and I am not scared of you Mr. Costello. You have my RESPECT but you don’t have my ANXIETY. Because I feel none Mr. Costello. NONE! You know why that is the case? Because the people that will be cheering me on here at the MSG will push me HIGHER than I have ever gone before. The power will course through my veins and my soul will be ready for the battle. And in the end it won’t be just ME that beats you Mr. Costello, but a force of nature so strong that there is no way to combat it. I give you……THE COGS!

Grace stretches his arms out wide as the crowd show their support. He then shouts over the cheers.

AG: Mr. Costello……you know it is true. You have a hell of a fight on your hands at Revolution. Achievement is a mere Blockbuster away and you WILL feel it Mr. Costello……

Grace looks into the camera sternly.

AG: And you will FEAR it!

Grace nods confidently as the crowd pop. He waves to certain sections of the audience as the camera circles on the fans applauding.


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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by President Trump Fri Apr 10, 2015 2:45 pm

Dicey is in his lockeroom punching away on a large punchbag when Perfect Jack walks in drinking a frappuccino

Jack: That’s what I love to see Dicey

Dicey stops and wipes his sweat covered brow

Dicey: Well some of us aren’t as young as the rest so we need to keep in shape by putting in the extra work, should you be drinking that muck

Jack mocks a shocked face

Jack: Muck???? MUCK!!! I’ll let you know this is the best frappuccino money can Starbucks, I’ll tell you this, my grumpy old friend; if Gregorz my personal barista heard you say such blasphemy he would....

Dicey: Scratch my eyes out

Dicey starts laughing as he takes a sip of a protein shake and winces

Dicey: My god my did I ever start this health crap, I’m a finely tuned head kicking machine I always was, I don’t need this stuff to help with that

Jack: No you just need it to help with the rest of you, the drink was killing you and it was sad to see and if you continued you wouldn’t be here right now with me heading into another title match

Dicey smiles at Jack

Dicey: Thats true, damn, who would have thought it back in the day, that in 2015 me and you would be a tag team and on the hunt for the titles, what are we doing Jack

Jack: We are doing what needs to be done Dice, we are 6CW legends, wrestling Gods, we have done it all, see it all, punched it all, we deserve to be here to be going into Revolution as contenders for the Tag Titles, it doesn’t matter who we are facing or how young they are, we are born champions and how apt that we will win the Tag Titles at a PPV called Revolution, this is a new chapter in 6CW history and God Damn it we are gonna sh1t all over it

Dicey: I really think you are spending too much time with me but f**k it, let’s go out to that ring and see who has the biggest balls around here

Dicey throws on a t-shirt as Jack finishes off his drink and the two of them walk towards the entrance

Jack: Jesus Dicey you could have at least washed first

Dicey: Why does the smell of a real man intimidate you Jackie boy

President Trump

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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by Perfect Jack Fri Apr 10, 2015 3:54 pm

PJ: When they smell that bad, yes.

Both men laugh as I am Perfection hits the arena speakers as Perfect Jack and Dicey Reilly walk out onto the stage. The crowd cheer loudly with a mixture of both mens names being chanted by the crowd. Both men walk down the aisle tapping the outstretched hands of the fans in attendance. Dicey slides into the ring whilst Perfect Jack enters via the steel steps.

PJ: Its receptions like that made us come back to 6CW and that is why at Revolution, we aim to recapture the 6CW tag team titles and bring back some dignity and some respect back to the 6CW tag team division that it has needed for ever so long.

Crowd: Dicey Reilly...Perfect Jack...Dicey Reilly...Perfect Jack...Dicey Reilly...Perfect Jack

PJ: Ever since we came back, we've had The Red Arrows mock us, disrespect us, laugh at us, well I tell you what, you can say and do what you want because at Revolution, we take the tag team titles from you, and then we'll be the ones doing the mocking. You think us two old timers can't hang with the young guns? Well you keep thinking that way and you'll be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Crowd: Dicey Reilly...Perfect Jack...Dicey Reilly...Perfect Jack...Dicey Reilly...Perfect Jack

PJ: Me and Dicey, we may be the must unorthodox team in 6cw history, but I tell you what, when you pair up a finely tuned head kicking machine like Dicey, and a pure wrestling talent like myself, you will get results. You'll get entertainment and most of all, you the fans, will get new tag team champions. That's why we came back, it's good to have a laugh now and then, but when we step into this ring, we're all business and our business is winning championships and beating any and all who stand against us.

Perfect Jack

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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by President Trump Fri Apr 10, 2015 4:06 pm

The crowd keep cheering as Dicey takes the mic of Jack

Dicey: You see last week we had the chance to show the world that these old dogs have some new tricks but unfortunately we never got that chance, what you got to see was more finger poking than an underage disco

Jack and the crowd start laughing

Dicey: Did you like that one Jack

Jack: It got me

Dicey: But you did see something and that was me and Jack not backing down from The Death Squad or The Red Arrows, it doesn’t matter who is in this ring with us because we own this ring, we built this ring and at Revolution we will be crowned 6CW Tag Team Champions in this ring and if whatever their names are

Jack: The Forgotten

Dicey: I know I was being witty, and if The Forgotten (Dicey glares at Jack) try and pull a stunt like last week and try and steal out moment..........I’ll f**king kill the.......

Jack: Whoa there big fella, but I like the intensity

Dicey: Sorry but I will end them before they even start


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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by TwisT Fri Apr 10, 2015 4:23 pm

As the scene starts, we can see hundreds of fans wandering excitedly around Madison Square Garden. There are many different fans showing their support for their favourite wrestler and all the people seem extremely happy. Laughter fills the air and everyone has a smile on their faces. A few posters are passed showing various 6CW superstars and 6CW staff are on hand to answer any questions from those lucky enough to get a ticket to the Revolution PPV. These scene continues for a while before the camera slowly starts to sink down towards the ground. The floors below the MSG are shown before we get to a darkened area that has obviously not been seen for quite some time by human eyes.

In the middle of the room, Joshua sits crossed legged and tending to McCoy. He appears to be busy repainting the puppets face and has his back to the camera. The painting is done very carefully and methodically, even when the sounds of the happy crowd seem to startle him. Joshua stops and lifts his head to the ceiling towards the noise. When laughter is heard, Joshua cocks his head from side to side and flings his hair forward as if covering his ears. He looks down at McCoy and whispers:

They laugh…… if they know it is their last……..

Joshua continues his maintenance of the puppet for a while. When he seems satisfied, he places McCoy next to him and stares at the puppet:

The last time I painted you……..damage had been inflicted……..This time the damage will be caused by my hands……..and you will look your best for the performance……..

Joshua looks at the puppet as if expecting an answer. Instead the puppet just gazes lifelessly towards the camera in the position he had been placed in. Joshua shuffles around and now sits facing the camera:

And so we come to this……..the night where the falling domino will start the chain reaction……..The first stone cast in the unforgivable waters……..The time the chosen one will learn their fate……..

Again laughter from up above him quietly fills the darkened expanse. Joshua looks upwards once more and cocks his head sideways:

And their reaction…… to be expected…….

He turns back down to McCoy who hasn’t moved. Joshua flicks his hair back slightly in annoyance before looking at the camera:

It doesn’t matter…….They ignore the warnings…….They miss the signs…….They concentrate on safer things…….But their ignorance to unimportant matters…….will soon be their undoing…….

Joshua covers up his head with his hair:

Parade your stars……..Listen to their lies………Stroke their egos…….Enjoy the moment………Feel secure for the last time………For at the nights end……..When hell rises up and snatches you with deathly fingers………Realisation will dawn……..

Joshua slowly picks up McCoy and rises to his feet. He starts to walk towards the camera while speaking:

Revolution will bring the conclusion…….The question will be answered………The rest will fall to the wayside…….. And suffering will not be a choice………It will soon be a way of life…….

As the scene fades to black, Joshua disappears from view


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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Sun Apr 12, 2015 4:16 am

*Jack Hurst and Robin Reborn are walking purposefully down the corridors with the cheers of the crowd in their ears. Dicey and Perfect Jack have the crowd riled up.

RR: We gotta go do this

JH: I know, Robin, I know.

RR: What's the plan? What we sayin?

JH: There doesn't need to be a plan. We are going to go out there and speak from the heart.

*As they reach the entrance to the stage they are interrupted in their path by Tim Allen. He thrusts a mic straight towards them

TA: You've heard their words, what are you planning to do now?

*Reborn takes a step back, annoyed, but Hurst smiles

JH: Respond, Tim, like they are asking us to

TA: Asking?

JH: Oh, you think they go out there to talk trash for the chance to hear their own voices? No, Timothy, they are looking to provoke. And they've got our attention. We are record breaking tag team champions. We are the men who rebuilt a division they left to fester and die.

RR: They come back in here, runnin their mouths. It ain't about that. Man, they want the boys to earn respect? They don't know the meaning of the word?

*Reborn steps up to the cameraman and shouts at him

RR: Put this on the big screen! Get em looking, boy!

*The cameraman turns to his side and a producer nods. We see the arena and the big screen showing Reborn and Hurst.

RR: You see me now, old boys?! Huh?! You wanna talk about earning respect? You waltz back in here and talk about earning respect? It ain't just the Red Arrows who been busting their arses week in week out since this place came back from the ashes you left it in. Why you think Wood so mad? Why you think that damn Aussie Adamson hates Grace? Why you think Gazzy keeps coming back for more and more punishment?

*Allen interrupts

TA: These aren't johnny come lately type guys, we've got a hall of famer and a future hall of famer.

*Hurst steps in

JH: We know that, Timothy, we know all about them. Don't think we don't want the fight, Timothy, because we do. We know all about the success of this company, the major players from before we even stepped into a ring. What? You think we kept calling out for a challenge for no reason?

*Hurst looks down the lens

JH: We got you boys here, we said all the right things and played all the right games. We know the way to be remembered, and thats to run the gauntlet. You don't reach the top without climbing the ladder.

RR: But from challenge you gon' n made this bigger. Right now, this ain't just about being the best, this is about proving that this 6CW locker room don't just match the past, we put it to bed. You can call us out, you can say its "the right time" to drop our belts. Nuh uh, old boy, there ain't never gonna be a right time. We run and run. This is record breaking cos we the damn best team in the world, not cos it tells no good story. We the best on this microphone, in that ring, even on! Nobody can touch us!

JH: And The Death Squad are just another road bump. They represent what has turned us from happy go lucky guys to the intense champions you see now. They represent mismanagement, they represent the failures of today's 6CW. Because they keep falling at the hurdles of greatness, but that just means Magnusson and Andrews give them a leg up for another shot. We can't come at the old generation, the legends that inspired us to be who we are, with these dead weights clinging to our ankles.

RR: We come out there, and we'd shake your hands, but you got your games to play. You wanna make this good guys and bad guys. Cos this is funny to you. This is a game. You've done a lot of stuff, but back then you had drive. You had to earn everything. Now you just turn up. You get your laughs and tell the fans you're the top of the mountain. Y'all care more about selling the greatest hits of PJ n Drunken than making this company the big news in all of wrestling

JH: Let me break the fourth wall here. 6CW universe, there doesn't always need to be good guys and bad guys. There isn't always a heel. When we jumped to your every whim we got nothing. So now we just do it like we want to do it. This isn't an insult to you, we love the fans, we love this place, and gosh darn it we fight for its reincarnation every night. Those two in the ring may have laid the foundations, but they watched them crumble too. We've been here every night fighting for the best wrestling the world can tune into, that fans can come to see, and we put our bodies on the line just to be who we are. Robin here could hold it back, he could enter under the bottom rope and play it catch-as-catch-can. But he climbs ladders at Gateway to Glory and takes risks. And he loves it. So do you. He loves that too. But if you booed he'd still do it. You can love us or hate us, you can respect us or let these two legends, and let me tell you they are legends, tell you not to. And we'll turn up EVERY. DAMN. WEEK. And we'll do what we do.

RR: That's what we do, son, thats how we get it done. I came into this place talking bout the new prince. And I'm standing here with gold now, boy

*Reborn turns to the producer

RR: Play our damn music, them boys need to see the reason they'll never be tag team champions in 6CW ever again. And if you ain't a champion here then you ain't a champion at all, b*tch

*Reborn drops the mic and storms to the stage as Uptown Funk blasts out of the speakers. Hurst winks at the camera, shakes Tim's hand and follows his partner to the stage

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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by x12x Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:12 am

OOC: The following promo takes place on the night of Revolution

As the seats in Madison Square Garden begin to fill up the titatron on the huge stage begins to flicker to life catching the attention of the fans in attendance. For a second it shows nothing but static but suddenly the picture clears revealing the face of the former EWF Television and World Heavyweight Champion The Viper Liam Wood causing the fans to cheer. Wood, filming himself on a hand held camera places the camera down and steps back revealing himself to be stood in the backstage area of the MGS, his face slightly shadowed by the darkness emphasising the emotion on his face. Wood clicks his neck as a smile covers his face, he removes his EWF hoody before throwing it on the ground revealing his new t shirt underneath. Wood continues to keep eye contact with the camera as he walks back and forth going from one side to the other, as he walks he begins to speak.

“So tonight is the night? The night where people finally get to see what will happen when Liam Wood goes face to face with his B...F...F...Thunder! I've been thinking about this from the moment he walked back through the door and I knew that sooner or later it would come down to us going head to head because we're two of the best this company has...the fans wanted it and deep down...I think we both...wanted...NO...needed it too.”

Wood pauses as he stops pacing, instead walking over and picking up the camera and continuing to film himself as he speaks.

“The thing I don't get though is this whole talk of him “having my back”, this whole talk of us “looking out for each other” or the people asking why I'm “turning on him”...the reason I don't get it, is because I have no idea what this even means anymore...he has my back? What the HELL does that even mean?!...”

Wood looks down at the floor and shakes his head

“...sure, he's my best friend...sure, he's been there for me in the past and yeah...I can easily say that he is like a brother to me BUT him having my back in the Elimination Chamber means nothing.”

“We are walking in to that match to win it, we want to head to Night Of Glory with the chance of becoming champion...every man in that damn match wants nothing more than that at one point in time...Thunder will have to decide if he's ready to put me him having my back is nothing but a distraction, it's nothing but a sense of security that doesn't truly exist because the moment I get my chance...I'm taking it and I expect him to do the same damn thing...”

Wood stops as some of the fans boo him for saying he's take his chance against Thunder in tonight's main event. A look for frustration covers his face as he begins to walk, talking in to the camera as he does.

“You don't get it do you...maybe I need to explain this in person?!”

Wood continue to walk as the cheering gets louder and he makes his way out on to the stage at the MGS which is now nearly at full capacity, the majority of the fans go crazy and Wood pauses to soak this in. Wood begins to walk along the aisle as the fans reach out to him, he taps hands with a few but is quickly stopped in his tracks as an attractive female fan reaches out for a hug, Wood goes to reciprocate but quickly notices her wearing a Thuner t-shirt causing him to shake his head.

Wood then leans in to the fan whispering in her ear, the fan blushes and kisses Wood on the cheek before Wood removes his own t-shirt passing it to the girl who to the shock of the fans removes the Thunder t-shirt putting Wood's on instead. Wood takes the Thunder t-shirt and put's it over his shoulder before smiling at the fan and moving in to the ring with a microphone. As the fans chant for him some boo as he tosses the Thunder t-shirt on the ground and drops the handheld camera causing it to break and turn to static before the titatron turns off leaving Wood in the ring.

Wood once again lifts the microphone to his lips and speaks.

“Now, I can hear some of you dislike the idea of me taking out my best friend Thunder tonight but at one point that is the reality that we have to deal can close your eyes and cover your ears but it WILL's not personal and it never will be...Thunder is just one of five guys who stand in between me and what I's unfortunate BUT it's the way it has to be!”

“The thing is though, I'm not out here ask the few that are to stop booing me because in all honesty, it doesn't matter...”

More boo's begin to be heard

“What? Does that shock you? The truth is, I have done nothing wrong and tonight, if I have to be the man to take out Thunder along with the other guys in that chamber then, so be it! It's up to you if you want to boo me but I'll say it clearly right now that I am not out here for you...I'm out here for the ones who realise that I didn't put my body on the line night after night to go easy on people...I'm out here for the fans who know what has to be done and that includes fighting someone that I care about...I know that and he knows that...the ones who boo us for that need to realise it too.”

Wood lowers the microphone, slowly walking about the ring as the boo's begin to die out. A “LET'S GO VIPER” and “LET'S GO THUNDER” chant break out in the ring causing Wood to nod in approval before speaking once again.

“I think though, a lot of people are getting a head of themselves when it comes to the main event because despite the hype...this match isn't about Liam Wood and Thunder...this isn't about The Oncoming Storm and The Viper...this match involves 6 of the biggest names in this company...this match will steal the show and put a fear in to the man who the winner goes on to face because he will know that they have dragged themselves through hell! I plan to be that man because I have been walking through hell for too DAMN long!”

The fans cheers go crazy, the boo's heard before are now gone. The MGS is on it's feet as Wood paces the ring with the microphone still raised to his lips. Wood waits for the fans to calm before addressing some of his opponents in tonight's match.

“You see, I don't call this match Hell lightly, I know for a fact that I am going to have to look deep within myself to pull through but I know that I am the man who can walk in to this match with a dream and walk out with a damn future...a lot of people are getting hyped up because we have two “legends” in the chamber with the new kids but from day one I have told people that I am a future Hall Of Famer, that I am a legend in the making and it doesn't matter if you're jerome Dubois or Keith cannot stop what is destined to happen.”

“Keith Leone, earlier this week said that he had some resentment towards me due to comments that I had made and all I have to say is...GOOD! I want to walk in to that match knowing that I am public enemy number one...that I cannot trust a damn man in there because I need the fear of getting taken out or stabbed in the back to keep me EWF, I took on Fear itself...I was a second away at all times of having my career ended and it did nothing but push me until I was hungrier than wasn't until I was truly in danger that I became the man that I should be...I want Leone to hate me, I want to be in his head because while I'm in that chamber thinking about survival...he'll be thinking about revenge, he'll let his heart rule his head and he'll make know, that's the difference...I walk in to this match with my eyes open for the first time in a LONG time...he's walking in with this feeling of impending doom, he lost to JJ...the newer fans couldn't care less about him and now he's got little old me letting him know that I have no respect for what he represents...sure, he's a talented wrestler with an amazing history but how long before the history books turn to dust and your reputation is nothing but a memory?! I'm sure Jerome Dubois knows exactly how that feels...he might be in the Hall Of Fame but in that'll mean nothing...nowhere to run, nowhere to dirty tricks to steal a win...that Chamber is going to expose both of you and I cannot wait!”

Wood walks over to the turnbuckle and hops up, sitting on it and looking towards the stage

“and to top off this match we have the “new breed” of 6CW...two men who have shown just how talented they are but have ruined it by teaming up with sycophantic parasites. The International Champion Jax Cutler and my biggest fan Mike Masters...two men who realised that on their own the world would eat them up and swallow them whole...they became puppets for men who could care less about this business and they know that in that Chamber...without their masters pulling the strings...they'll be exposed too!”


“You know, it's sad really because they really could be the future of this company...Mike Masters and Jax Cutler have everything you need to make it but they let themselves get weighed down by men who will drop them the moment a bigger and better thing comes along...they had a chance to fight, they had a chance to be different but instead they became sheep...they conformed and they did as they were told...”

“...and that's why I laughed when people thought that I could ever be associated with that creep Michael Jones...He represents everything wrong with this business...actually, he represents everything wrong with this world and THAT is why I fight for what I do...that is why I will put my body on the line just to ruin HIS night and that is why it is me against the World!”

Wood lowers the mic and remains on the turnbuckle as the fans chant his name.


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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by MtotheC Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:06 pm

Maddison Square Gardens goes quiet for a moment before the silence is broken by...

I FOUGHT THE LAW & THE LAW WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boos ring around the arena but are drowned out by an explosion of aggressive cheers from the 6CW fans in attendance...

The opening beat of 'Killing in the name' by Rage Against The Machine starts to play... but instead of kicking in continues to repeat over and over building towards the entrance of the EWF Champion

HA: That's the signature music of Vincent Costello but where is he?

HE: Thank God for Vincent Costello, I for one couldn't take much more of Grace's BS!!!

The tron flickers into life, the beat of the opening chords from VC's music still continuing to play...

The camera shot shows us the the New York skyline.... All the major landmarks are visible which prompts a huge pop from the New York crowd!

HE: Costello showing Grace he's not the only one who knows how to work a crowd!

The words 'Costello's Law' light up around the image of the skyline, the words appearing as flames from a birds eye view... burnt into the streets of Hell's Kitchen

Suddenly the repeating beat of the music stops and the first verse kicks in, a flurry of purple pyrotechnics explode from the side of the stage and the EWF champion bursts out from behind the curtain the title placed over his shoulder...

HE: Just listen to that ovation, welcome home Vincent!!!!!!!

HA: There isn't another city in the world where Costello would get a reaction like this... Born and bred just a stones throw from this very arena

VC pauses on the stage, aggressively gesturing towards the ring, he can be heard shouting "this is my yard" at the top of his voice!

Making his way to the ring he acknowledges the positive reaction from the crowd with nothing more than the occasional nod to these New York fans who continue to blow the roof off of this arena

HA: Costello certainly has a strong following here in his home town but there's no disputing that Anthony Grace has the backing of the fans in this contest.

HE: Sure the kids who watch his movies love him, but just listen to these New Yorkers... Just listen to the real wrestling fans... They are fully in the corner of Costello's Law!

Costello now inside the ring unstraps the world title and lifts it towards all four corners of the crowd... Audible boos can be heard but they are over shadowed by the response from his own supporters!

Costello circles Grace who is standing in the middle of the ring, pacing up and down Costello raises the microphone to speak...

Costello: Would you do all of us a favour and SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!

The crowd pop

What you need to understand about New York is that we don't pander to self righteous, sell outs like you Grace... Sure there might be a few out of towners in this arena, a few tourists that are here for the show to massage your ego but the people of New York don't want you here, WE don't like you and WE have zero tolerance for your believe to achieve garbage!

Now you and your friends... Friends like the 6CW General Manager Dean Andrews


Friends like the CEO's of corporate sponsors


Think they can buy and talk and politick their way to my title... Well bigger and more talented men than you have tried Anthony and they all came to same conclusion... That when you mess with Costello's Law the result is always the same... Spectacular, failure!

Jason Sparkz, Enforcer, Liam Wood, Jerome Dubois, JJ Johnson they all messed with Costello's Law and one by one they all met the same fate... Defeat!

You see this is more than just a game to me, this more than just a fight.., this is my life... To reference it in terms you might understand... This is Hunger Games bit%h... It's dog eat dog and right now you're looking at the biggest, baddest dog in the yard... This title, this business means everything to me and the very thought of you walking out of New York City with my title makes me sick to the pit of my stomach... So right here, right now in front of 20 thousand New Yorkers and the world watching at home I guaran-damn-tee that if you wanna take what I've got, you'll have to prise it from cold, dead fingers... You hear me?!

HA: Wow Costello drawing a line in the stand here tonight

HE: That's how much the title means to him brother... It's his whole world!

I didn't scratch and crawl and take every opportunity that I could so that 'Mr Hollywood smile' who just happened to wake up one day and decide 'I want to be a sports entertainer' could take everything I've worked for... It is my destiny to headline Night of Glory as the world champion, to go to the biggest event in wrestling history as the standard barer of excellence and dominance in this business and nothing is gonna stop me, not when I'm sooo close I can almost taste it!

You say you're not afraid of me... Well you should be... I'm dangerous... You should know that there are things inside me without remorse, without compassion, things that are dead. Things that can hurt you, things that can scar you... You see I've never had powerful friends, I've never had people to hand me this and that like it was nothing, all I had was my physical and mental powers and the lack of remorse to use them... And you should know that tonight I will use everything in my arsenal, everything within my power to ensure that Costello's Law prevails... No matter what... Without remorse!

You and your 'friends' have backed me into a corner, threatened to take what is mine and jeopardise everything I have been working towards... Well tonight I'm not just gonna win, I'm not just gonna defend my tittle I'm gonna show your friends exactly what happens when you threaten Costello's Law, I'm gonna take their golden ticket, their free lunch, their golden goose and I'm gonna beat it until it's unrecognisable... I'm gonna destroy the very fabric of what believe to achieve stands for until all that's left is a toothless Hollywood smile of broken ideals.

So you pray to God Grace, you'd better pray to every God there is, the old and the new because when that bell rings and you realise that inside that ring they can't help you, when you come to the reality that no matter how many general mangers and CEO's you have in your pocket they can't save you from the beating I'm gonna give you... it'll be too late!

So we will see how big this heart is you talk about so boastfully, we will see how powerful these friends are you have acquired so tactfully and we will see just how good you really are... because from where I'm standing you are the biggest joke 6CW has every produced... A hollow shell of promotional garbage that I'm gonna shatter into a thousand pieces! But know this Grace... When that bell rings I'm gonna hit you square in the chin, I'm gonna hit you hard... And when you take that first punch the reality of your situation is gonna wash over you like a tidal wave, the reality that you can't live with what I'm gonna bring, the reality that you are out of your depth!!

Costello's Law says for you Anthony Grace reality is a bit%h!!!!

MSG erupts as Costello lowers the microphone, boos and cheers rings around the arena from both factions of supporters



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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by Guest Sun Apr 12, 2015 7:17 pm

We’re inside Madison Square Garden, fans are taking their seats eagerly awaiting some 6CW action as we focus on the commentary team at ringside. Harold and Henry are in place and spring into life as the camera focuses on them

Ha: Ladies and gentlemen, good evening and thank you for joining us here at the world famous Madison Square Garden. As always beside is Henry, and we’re both counting down the days until Revolution

He: we are indeed, its gonna be one hell of a show. We’ve got an Elimination chamber were 6 of the best will duke it out for a chance at one of the titles at the biggest event of the year, and speaking of titles we’ve got Hollywood A Lister and usually fan favourite Anthony Grace going up against the Champ Vincent Costello, and in Costellos own back yard no less

Ha: that’s true, and you have to wonder what kind of reaction Grace will get from the fans. He’s used to people clamoring over him but he won’t be going up against just one angry New Yorker in Vincent Costello, he’ll be going up against 20,000

He: and then last but not least, we’ve got another chapter in what has been one of the most historic rivalries in 6CWs history as gazzyD defends his title against Max Adamson, and given some of the wars these two men have had over the past two years, this one could be worth the entry fee alone

Ha: But that’s all next week, tonight we continue down the road to Night of Glory with some action from the 6CW lower leagues, we’ve got some the hottest talent that you won’t have heard of yet, but that’s about to…..

Harold is cut off as the guitar intro from Rush’s Limelight begins to play and the fans in attendance jump to their feet

Ha: Listen to this ovation, we weren’t expecting to see the champ here tonight

Gazzy walks out to the stage with title draped over his shoulder, he’s wearing a New York Rangers jersey which draws even bigger cheers from the crowd, walks down to the ring, stopping occasionally to high five a younger fan before climbing inside the ring and grabbing a mic from the ringside announcer. Gazzy takes a minute to soak in the moment before holding the mic to his mouth


Huge cheers from the crowd

He: God, this guy will do anything for a cheap pop

G: I love this city, I really do, and what a moment for me, not just to be stood here in the world famous Madison Sqaure Garden, but to be stood here as your 6CW Heavyweight Champion. Its for moments like this, when I see your faces, hear your reactions, this is why I love this business, this is why all those beatings I took over the last couple of years on my way to the top were totally worth it, and in just over a weeks time. I’m going to step back in this very ring and put this title on the line, and believe when I say……..I’m not ready for this feeling to go away any time soon

A huge gazzy chant rings around the arena

G: and I’m not taking this lightly. I know that has hard as it was to keep on rising back up every time Max beat me down till I won this title from him, it’s going to be even tougher to keep it, because it isn’t just the former champ who’s going to be gunning for me, it will be every single 6CW superstar back there in that dressing, even those who you’ll see here tonight who are still working their way to the big leagues, and I’m Ok with that because I welcome all comers, I welcome the chance to continuously prove myself against the best this industry has to offer, I welcome the chance to etch my name in history as one of the greatest champions this company has ever known.

So Max, I know you’re itching for this rematch, and I know you’re gonna throw everything at me and more. So I’m out here to send a warning shot your way……….BRING IT!!! I know this isn’t gonna be no walk in the park, I know this is going to be another epic battle in the war that has been gazzyD versus Max Adamson…..but I also know that when all is said and done I’m going to beat you just like the Rangers will beat the Penguins in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs

Again huge cheers from the crowd accompanied by a Lets go Rangers chant

G: I’m not willing to give up this belt that quickly Max, because the truth of the matter is this, as much as you’ve made my life hell these last two years, I still respect you as competitor, and your title reign of nearly year is a fantastic achievement there’s no denying that, you etched you name in the 6CW history books as the longest reigning 6CW champion we’ve seen. But………21st April you need to remember you’re stepping into the ring with the original History Maker, and in a years time it will be my name, not yours etched in the history of this company.

And I know that there 7 other superstars backstage with a vested interest in what happens in our match which is why I don’t care if you’re a goth weirdo who plays with dolls or a nerd who thinks he’s a superhero, I don’t care if you’re some emo punk who’s sulking that the world is against you or if you’re some returning legend trying for one more pay day, hell I don’t even care if you’re some boring bumhole with all the wits and cunning of a stuffed iguana, Masters that’s you! What I’m trying to say is I don’t care who wants a shot at this at Night of Glory, because if you want some………COME GET SOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by TwisT Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:05 pm

Grace looks around at the crowd as the two factions continue to show their feelings.


HE: Talk about splitting 6CW in two……

HA: I think you will find that the majority of this capacity crowd are in support for Anthony Grace.

Grace stares at Costello and smirks. He then starts applauding the EWF champion. Costello glares at Grace before the leader of the COG’s starts to speak.

AG: Mr. Costello, I would to congratulate you. NEVER have I seen such conviction over holding a title as irreplaceable as that. Whereas previously I thought you were totally different to me, I NOW see that we are very much alike.

Grace stops as all of the fans boo at this, before he calm’s them down.

AG: No, let me explain! Mr. Costello has come out here and emphasised just how much that title MEANS to him. How he would stop at nothing so as long as it is around his waist. How hard he had to work to get to this point…….

He stares at Costello:

AG: You could easily have been describing me.

Costello goes to speak by Grace cuts in.

AG: There is no need to disagree Mr. Costello, it is perfectly clear. I have worked just as hard to try and prove my doubters wrong and I have been REWARDED with a shot at that very title. I have beaten huge names in this business and past legends to get to this position. The very thought that all your HOPES, DREAMS and ASPIRATIONS are finally going to be forged in one eventful nights entertainment. We are two men that share that ideal Mr. Costello…….we know how hard we have had to work to get to this point.

Grace starts to pace the ring.

AG: But my issue is this…….once you reach that top, what is NEXT? Do you continue to strive for excellence or perhaps feel like this is the best it is ever going to be? You see Mr. Costello, I have reached that pinnacle in lots of different areas. Climbed to the top of the mountain and boy did it feel good! But it is at that point that I strived for a new challenge. I BELIEVED I could BETTER myself and excel in another capacity. It is what brought Anthony Grace to 6CW and it is what will take Anthony Grace to pastures new after I have done everything I can here. I evolve. I better myself. I use each day as an excuse to thank the Lord that I am part of this Earth. I use each day to think of new accomplishments and ACHIEVING them!

Grace turns to Costello.

AG: But never do I think I have already won. Never do I think there is not more to be done. Never do I stop and feel that accomplishments cannot be attained! That is why Mr. Costello, your reality would only wash over someone that doesn’t feel like a new day cannot bring new things. Who gives in at the first hurdle and satisfies themselves with simpler tasks. Someone who is HAPPY to live their life without nothing to show for it! That isn’t me, Mr. Costello and it NEVER will be!

The crowd cheer at this and Grace smiles wide.

AG: So please give me everything you have in the match……give me your ALL! Because at that point I will never have felt more alive. Here I am, at the MSG, fighting for the biggest title in our profession! This isn’t something to be scared of Mr. Costello. This isn’t something to walk away from on the threat of violence! No, this is a test to EMBRACE! A destiny to be FULFILLED! A moment in time that myself and millions of my supporters will cherish and NOT be afraid of!

Grace smiles at Costello.

AG: I BELIEVE I have earned this shot. I know the COG’s do too. And I am going to do everything I can to grab this chance with every fibre of my being. So don’t stand still…….don’t be satisified with what you have accomplished. Run forward! Face the new battle head on! And provide these people with a reason why you are champion! Because if I do win…..God willing…..on Tuesday night, I will BLESS each day that I have the title around my waist. And I will show the whole world that being EWF champion can mean even GREATER things. I will climb that mountain and then jump HIGH to the heavens!

He turns back to the crowd.

AG: THAT is the reality! And THAT can be ACHIEVED if you……


Grace turns back to Costello and smirks.


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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by President Trump Mon Apr 13, 2015 3:25 pm

The Red Arrows walk out on stage to a huge pop from the crowd, Dicey starts clapping inside the ring

Dicey: Great speech lads, it really stoke my fiery heart, you two really could make a livin from it and go down the Ultimate Warrior path.....motivational speaking not heart attack but you two are too good to just walk away from 6CW, you know since you rebuilt the place and the Tag Division, we wouldn’t e here if it weren’t for you two upstanding gentlemen you two are truly my heroes...lets here it for the conquering heroes

Dicey and Jack start to clap again and get the whole crowd to follow suit

Dicey: Oh but what’s that I hear you all ask, where would The Red Arrows be if it weren’t for me and Jack, I’ll tell you where....they would be slinging burgers at their local Burger King so sorry if I don’t roll out the red carpet kids but you only build on the strong foundation we left this place with, do you think it was easy leaving here, do you? You say you know but you have no idea what this place did to us, Jack left at a time there was nothing here and went on to further his wrestling career and did so but he came back because this is his home, I stayed to the bitter end I left this place on the shoulders of my friends holding the Undisputed title, the only person to hold it, sis you think I wanted to leave here, my home, the only place I have ever felt I belonged, hell no but that was out of my hands and by the time this place was rising from the flames I had other commitments, I had friends that need help and hell I just wanted a rest, just to be a normal guy for once, I think after all those years of holding this place together in the good and bad I deserved at least that

Crowd: DICEY!!!

Dicey: But I came back and as for Jack here (Dicey pats him on the chest) if it weren’t for this guy there would not even be a Tag Division in 6CW, along with the likes of Gazzy you two wouldn’t be a team, he is probably the most decorated Tag team wrestler this place has had, Revolution were the best team around across the board and you two talk about respect, as I said kids you only get respect when you give it, where was the respect shown to Jack when he pulled your sorry arses out of the fire a few weeks ago? I didn’t see you walking up and shaking his hand and thanking him, no you b1tched and cried to whomever would listen about how you didn’t need his help, well I’m sorry to say but from where I was sitting in the front row you need it in bucket loads but your young pride wouldn’t let you two be men and give credit where it was due and in doing that you brought all this on yourself


Dicey: This isn’t about good vs bad, I don’t care who is in the ring with me because I will be there to fight and if you have done your homework like you say you have you will know unlike Miss J I don’t go down easy, you two are cheered on by the crowd and I leave it up to them to make their own minds up, they aren’t stupid, I wouldn’t ask them to boo anyone because I know better I respect their judgement and if they like you then so be it, it doesn’t mean I have to or Jack has to, I think you two are arrogance, complacent, whiney little kids that kick and scream if they don’t get what they want, you haven’t had a good challenge for those titles around your waist in a long time and because you are threatened by us you look to make this personal, you think we should show you respect because you are the champions because you helped rebuild this company, you have it in your head that we are the types that play games to get what we want, that we chose you two to get at so we could get back our glory years to ruffle some feathers but I’ll let you in on the secret, before I came back I hadn’t even a clue who you two jokers were never mind you being the Champs, I don’t care what you have helped do here, I came back because my friend asked me to help him out because he was trying to do the right thing but these two “Champions” these two role models didn’t have enough about them to walk up and shake his hand but instead called him out, you poked the bear kids and it’s time for him to start swinging those big claws

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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by Dolphin Ziggler Mon Apr 13, 2015 6:32 pm

RR: And if that damn Jack in the box next to you really cared about saving people then he'd pull your head out yo a** before you suffocated, b****!

*The crowd have a mix of laughter and boos. A "Lets go Reborn! Perfect Jack" back and forth starts in the audience. Hurst waits for it to die down

JH: You call us arrogant and complacent, yet you came back here not even knowing our names. Whilst you were out there pretending the wrestling world started and stopped with PJ n Drunken, I was in the Snake Pit following GazzyD around and learning everything I could learn. When I was watching Revolution I was honing my craft. More than anything, you two will be the reason you lose. Cos guys like you once inspired me to be the best I could be. And guys like you are why the Red Arrows have called out every pair who wanted to face us and any team from any era to bring their challenge. Being the best isn't about how long you hold these titles, its about who you beat.

RR: We the Park Rangers, son, so Yogi and your Boo-Boo might wanna step out the way. In our woods, bears get put down

* "Let's go Yogi! PARK RANGERS"

JH: We wanted to shake your hands, we wanted you to understand where we're coming from. But you just want this to be some silly rivalry. We could have done this as respect, about being the best team in the world. Goodness, you used to be heroes.

RR: But if you want the young boys to come up, show you up and knock yo' asses down we can play it that way too, son

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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by Perfect Jack Mon Apr 13, 2015 9:44 pm

The chants for the red arrow dies down abit as Perfect Jack speaks.

PJ: BOO HOO. Enough already, you guys flip flop more often than the soles of Dicey's boots. Like Dicey has said, you need to earn our respect. You say you rebuilt 6CW, but the truth be told, guys like us, and fans like them...

Jack points to the crowd as they cheer his and Dicey's name.

PJ: BUILT 6CW. So when you say to us, all you wanted to was shake our hands? Then why cry and complain when I save you both from an ass whooping of a life time. Seems to me those titles have gone to your head, I guess that means me and Dicey have only one thing to do, and that's take them off your hands. I don't have any problem doing that, do you Dicey?

DR: None at all.

PJ: So if I were you Red Arrows, I'd cherish those titles, because at Revolution, Old Spice are back in town and we're set to be come 6cw tag team champions again because like they say, if we weren't here, you wouldn't be here.

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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by Thunder87 Tue Apr 14, 2015 9:52 am

The scene opens as people begin to enter the arena ready for Revolution. Thunder is still throwing himself on to the chamber floor. Tim Allan can be seen in the background at the top of the ramp, making his way towards ringside. Thunder throws himself of the room of a chamber to the steel below, as Tim arrives at the bottom of the ramp and cringes at the impact.

Tim Allen
What is he doing?

Brett Unknown
Impact conditioning.

Tim Allen
Well, ok I can see he’s busy I’ll find him later.

The chamber begins to rise so, that it’s out of the way for the rest of the show. Thunder rolls from the chamber floor into the ring as the chamber, passes above the ropes. He lands on one knee and one fist, posing slightly. He looks over to Allen and Unknown and gestures for Tim to join him. Tim climbs the steps and through the ropes into the ring. Thunder offers him a hand shake which he takes, Thunder and Tim talk, clearly Tim is a little unsure about interviewing right now.

What’s wrong Tim? You seem a little put out.

Wwell, thing is Thunder, I usually use this time to try out my one man show act.

I thought you did that as people were entering? I mean what’s the point of doing it with no one around?

Unknown face palms. Thunder tilts to the side of Tim enabling to see Unknowns face palm. Thunder turns his head slowly to look around the arena, his eyes widen as he oh’s, the fact that people were making their way to their seats, dawns on him. Thunder shrugs, brings his hand up slapping the mic out of Tim’s hand, sending it flying upwards. Thunder plucks the mic out of the air and turns on the spot.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the Revolution. I’m here to officially greet you all to show… Ok, I’ll level with you, I’ve been here afternoon training and I lost track of time but, that doesn’t mean I’m not stoked to see you all. I tell you what, you can have the choice of your free pre show. Option a, I leave you in fantastic hands of Timmy “the Microphone Master” Allen for an awesome one man show, that will have you laughing in the aisles. Or option b, I can stick around and talk to you guys.

Thunder pauses, he gestures to Timmy, trying to the fans interested however, they just keep chanting his name. Tim smiles and a gestures for Thunder to go for it. Thunder gives up the ghost and shakes Tim’s hand as he makes his way out of the ring. Thunder raises the mic to speak but, lowers it to his chest, thinking, looking. He strokes his chin before walking to the ropes, he drops down and rolls under the bottom rope, to sit on the apron. He turns his head and points to a camera man standing by the commentary table.

Come on buddy, come over here, not everyone can see from where they are in relation to where I am.

The camera man moves in front of Thunder, who looks a little confussed.

Hey, you’re new right?

Yes mister Thunder, sir.

No, no, don’t, just don’t do that. Drop the formality, my name is Thunder, that’s all you need to call. I wear no tie, so, I’m not a sir and mister is my father. What’s your name kid?


Nice to meet you Gregg, let’s hear it for Gregg.

Thunder takes the camera from Gregg, showing everyone who he is. The crowd chant his name as he begins to blush. He reaches out and grabs the camera back.

You’re camera shy huh? I can dig that, sorry man, never again I swear. Right, now that the fun and games out of the way, let’s get some what serious and talk about tonight. It’s a big night filled with many great matches. Alex the Kidd makes his pay per view debut, should be a great match, I mean did you see their first clash the other week? I will be watching with great interest at this kid’s future. The UK championship is on the line in a triple threat. So, much bad blood has spilt between Enigma and D Maccy already, throw in Bucky any thing can and will happen.

Unknown walks over, Thunder leans over to listen, covering the mic. Unknown tells him to stop marking out and talk about his match not everything else on the card. He tells Thunder that he has to focus on his match. Thunder uncovers the mic as he sighs.

This guy wants me to talk only about my match, is that what you guys want too?

Unknown face palms again but, to his surprise the fans agree with him.

Well, I’m out voted. You see Brett, give these guys a choice and they may surprise you and take your side. My match, my match, my, ah, yes, right, ok. Tonight, I step foot in to the elimination chamber, that monstrosity up there. I step in there with the cream of the crop, the best 6CW has to offer… well, some of the best we have to offer. We have, Liam Wood, Mike Masters, Keith Leone and some other guys whose names escape me right now.

I know I should probably start with the elephant in the room, Liam but, I don’t want to. I want start with Keith Leone, the one guy around here who seems to understand the I have high morals. Now, I get it, I have a lot of respect for Keith and tonight, I earn his. When I think of Keith I think of the Wolverine, they’re both no nonsense ass kickers with, discipline. You can’t always tell with either man but, both have more restraint, more control, more discipline than most normal men. They both also keep coming back.

Bones’ lap dog, Mike Masters, has said a lot of stuff recently, including that my win over him during the build to tonight was a fluke. Well, fluke or not, I still won the match. You can claim it was a fluke, that it was luck that it was a one hit wonder all you like but, the record books still count it as a pinfall I hold over you. Tonight, I answer Masters claims and prove it was no fluke. I compared Keith to the Wolverine, I kinda like the idea of comparing my opponents to comic book characters so, I think I’m going to do that again right here. If Masters is a comic book character he’s the Batman villain, Scarface. Not because he’s dangerous, or a criminal master mind but, because every time he opens his mouth Bones’ voice comes out and Bones’ hand is up his ass.

Jax Cutler, the guys at home in a fist fight, there really isn’t much more to say about this guy. Sound brawler but, throw something different at this guy, I don’t think he’s going to catch it. He reminds me a lot of the Batman villain, the Mad Hatter, easily forgettable.

Jerome Dubious, a self entitled Pride of France, well, I used to call myself the Pride of England, just as legit and when these false prides clash, the battle will be just legit as the battle of Waterloo, with the same result. Killer Moth, that’s who is. A guy whose all mouth, no trouser.

And with that, I’m going to go in the back, grab a beer and watch Revolution. Peace and chocolate.

Thunder drops off the apron and taps the hands of the first few fans that have made their way to the front seats. Thunder pulls out a marker and signs a few shirts and takes a few photos with them, before making his way up the ramp. He stops half way and partly turns back waving good bye before, carrying on up the ramp and through the curtain. A minute or two passes before Thunder bursts back through the curtain.

One more thing… Liam “the Viper” Wood. The elephant in the room. You, he, everyone wants to know what I meant by I have his back, it’s simple, I wanted him to know we’re still buds despite being in the ring against each other we’re still friends. Outside that ring, that chamber, we’re solid, inside the ring if needs be, I’m going to kick your ass son. His comic book counter part? Batman, it’s that simple. If you need me to spell out the similarities ok, both men have questionable methods, both men are essentially good guys and both, are emotionally unstable, brooding bastards.

Thunder turns to leave again, stopping in his tracks and turning back to the crowd.

Oh, I almost forgot. I hear you questioning, “Thunder, who do you think you are?” That is also simple, there is only one man that is laid back and humours, yet serious when he needs to be, and driven by the collective will power of the guardians of the wrestleverse… I am Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern.

Thunder disappears through the curtain again. Brett Unknown begins to make his way up the ramp. As he reaches the top he goes to go through the curtain but, is knocked aside as Thunder burst’s back through the curtain one last time.

One last thing. It’s on, like Donkey Kong!

Unknown shakes his head and pushes Thunder back through the curtain as the scene fades.


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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by Paul Mac 6CW Tue Apr 14, 2015 10:18 am

Inside Madison Square Garden, the fans are packed in their thousands all chanting for their favourites. The atmosphere is electric only days away from 6CW Revolution

HA: Listen to this crowd. 6CW may be about as British as Yorkshire tea but this reception shows that 6CW has grown to prominence on the International stage. WOW Henry – Wembley Arena is iconic but this is the home of wrestling

Madison Square Garden, there aint no place like it

HE: New York, New York Harold. We are in the land of the free, the land of opportunity and these fans are loving this opportunity to see their 6CW superstars up close and personal

HA: And what a series of events we have seen this week alone since we rolled into the Big Apple. A 6CW PPV is so much more than just a three hour show showcasing the best that the company has to offer. We put on an event that will rock a city to its core

HE: 6CW leaves a legacy, a footprint across the globe. New York city will forever remember the time the 6CW circus rode into town

The lights dim and pink and white strobe lights flash across the arena. The crowd are booing in expectation

The video screen begins a countdown from five












The silhouette of a man stood arms stretched out to his side with his back to the fans can be seen on stage

HA: Is he for real?

HE: The ego has returned Harold

Fireworks and pyro explode piercing the noise from the booing crowd. By Myself blasts out of the speakers, the lights come up and Lex Hart spins on his heel to face the crowd. He has a huge grin on his face and is wearing an AMERICA SUCKS t shirt

HA: As if he wasn’t hated enough

HE: Lex Hart has already proved us wrong in so many ways. Never did I see him coming back to 6CW and I definitely never expected the level of intensity he has shown since his return

HA: Lex is one of the best we have ever seen but he was away for so long, parting from 6CW on such acrimonious terms that nobody ever thought he would waltz back in with such reckless abandon. I hate to say it but could he be more dangerous than when he left?

HE: Well for one thing he has added one very dangerous thing to his arsenal this time around. Miss Jessica is one of the most devious, sly individuals to ever grace a wrestling company, probably only second to, well Lex himself and that hierarchy is interchangeable on any day of the week depending on who you ask

HA: Lex has shown he has learnt nothing in his time away to make us think he shows any remorse for his actions. If anything he appears more intent on destroying anything he sees as a threat to him being the most powerful man in wrestling, and right now JJ Johnson is the man in his sights

HE: Lex feels JJ represents everything that is sullied about the wrestling business. Hart grew up in the Hart dungeon; he has a twisted view of what represents ‘pure’ wrestling. In his mind all of his actions are completely justified. He will do whatever it takes

Lex is walking down the ramp, he shares crossed words with the fans and is smiling at the reaction he is getting

HA: Lex feeds off being the most hated man in the business. He has no conscious at all, his actions are completely without consequence in his mind – He has a sole focus on achieving a goal, a goal that for now ends with ending the career of JJ Johnson – What he has planned next is anyone’s guess

HE: On past history, for the sake of 6CW let’s hope that JJ has what it takes to defeat Lex at Revolution but I can’t help think that it won’t be as straight forward as that

HA: Lex always has an angle, as good as he is in the ring he is a master of manipulation and mind games. In just a couple of months he has gotten under JJ’s skin like no one before, these two men have spent much of their careers apart for various reasons but we have seen without a shadow of a doubt that these two have a deep hatred for one another. There is no doubt after Anarchy that JJ wants to rip Lex’s head clean off his shoulders

HE: I am surprised Lex is out here tonight, he is no coward but then again he is no fool. He must know that JJ will be watching his every move

HA: His ego has been known to get him into trouble in the past. I can’t help but think that Lex just couldn’t resist the limelight. That would explain his return to 6CW and his arrival here tonight – He wanted to be the main man again

Lex rolls into the ring, picking up a mic he walks to each corner surveying the crowd. Lex smiles at the banners around the ring

JJ is the king of wrestling and Lex is the queen #pinkpants
Jessica sucks but Lex bends over

Lex walks to the centre of the ring and lifts the mic
LH: God this place is a s*** hole!!!

The crowd are baying for blood as Lex smiles

HE: If JJ doesn’t get to Lex first there will be at least fifteen thousand New Yorkers standing in line for first go

LH: England is dreary but at least it has character. A city that never sleeps? No wonder, some punk would steal your wallet the moment you close your eyes!!

No wonder you cheer for Johnson. A man who has stolen so much from this business, a man so undeserving of his stature in professional wrestling. Wrestling greats are weeping in their graves at the fact he is heralded as a legend

JJ Johnson is nothing more than a fraud and a failure. He failed in Hollywood, he failed in 6WF and week after week he fails in 6CW and yet he continues to laud over that locker room like a wrestling god whilst I am looked down as an outcast as a pariah

You have been brainwashed to forget what this business truly means. You have had bright lights and spectacle shoved down your throats so much that now you think that’s what wrestling means, that that’s what is important

You are happy with a watered down product which has no real substance. This is heralded as a golden age for 6CW but this company is closer to ruin than ever before and JJ Johnson is the figure head of all that is poisonous within 6CW

JJ Johnson does not care about wrestling. JJ Johnson only cares about JJ Johnson

JJ Johnson is only in this for himself and the sooner you all realise that the better this company will be……

“Remember the name” booms through the speakers and the fans go crazy. Lex’ eyes widen as he stares at the ramp

HA: Oh my god business is about to pick up!!!!

Lex is standing in the middle of the ring, his eyes narrow as the curtains are pushed open

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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by Marky Tue Apr 14, 2015 11:59 am

The opening notes to "New York New York" are heard inside Madison Square Garden, and the crowd appreciate it as a familiar voice starts singing, the crowd begin to boo as Max Adamson walks out from behind the curtain wearing his ring attire, with a t-shirt that reads "Welcome to Adamson Square Garden";

Max: "Start spreading the news
I'm taking my belt
I want to be a part of it
New Champ, New Champ..."

(Adamson mimics hitting a home run and carries on singing in his rough sounding Australian voice)

Max: "These size 12 boots
Are longing to kick
Right through the very heart of him
Gazzy, Gazzy..."

(Adamson smirks as the New York crowd jeer him, he continues regardless)

Max: "I wanna wake up
In a city that never sleeps
And find that I'm number one
Top of the list
King of the hill
Your brand new Champ..."

(Adamson does some very dodgy looking dancing as he walks down the ramp before continuing)

Max: "GazzyD's title reign, is melting away...
I'll be the new World Champion, in old New York
Cos I can beat him here
I'll beat him anywhere
And you'll all see
New Champ
New Champ!
Dun dun da da dun, dun dun da da dun, dun dun da da dun..."

(Adamson slides into the ring under the bottom rope and gets to his feet)


(Adamson stands and takes in the non-existant applause as the crowd boo and a loud "You suck" chant echoes around the arena. Adamson holds his arms out wide and laughs before speaking)

Max: Welcome to Adamson Square Garden, and I am in an electric mood tonight! Because by the end of Revolution, the sham known as GazzyD's World Title reign will be OVER. Tonight, the Adamson Show is back on the air with your Australian hero once again holding the top prize in Professional Wrestling. Tonight, Max Adamson will right the wrongs of February, when I reclaim what is rightfully mine. Gazzy, you've had your fun, but considering you've not had one single title defence since you stole that from me, your title reign will be seen as a sham by even the most vocal of your fans, because make no mistake Gareth, that title is coming home to papa. I've ordered some new gold polish to get rid of your greasy fingerprints and rest assured I've got my Urgent PM to Mat ready to go just in case. But it won't come to that.

(Adamson smirks as the crowd continue to chant Gazzy's name)

Max: You might think my original record ten and a half month reign was long. You aint seen nothing yet. When I win back that Championship, and when I become a three time 6CW World Champion, I am going to surpass the records I smashed first time around. I will break my own record title reign. I never really lost that title, if there was any justice I would have already started celebrating a whole 12 months as World Champion. But rest assured I will still be doing that this time next year.

(Adamson paces the ring as he continues despite the booing)

Max: I know some of you think I'm getting ahead of myself, but I mean it. I am the rightful World Champion, I am the only man in this industry who can do what I do. And I am going to take back what is mine, that 6CW World Heavyweight Championship. It is property of Max Adamson, and I am going to end a bad two months in style. GazzyD's false pretense as the World Champion is ending soon. And it's ending here, in Adamson Square Garden, home of the New Adamson Knicks and the New Adamson Rangers. Home of the place where you will see Max Adamson, once again, kick GazzyD's backside, send him all the way back to Manchester with his tail between his legs, and Christy's Winkle between her legs. Welcome back, to the Adamson Show.


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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by TheCultOfPersonality Tue Apr 14, 2015 2:15 pm

As Wood remains on the turnbuckle taking in the atmosphere from the fans, "Born a champion" hits to the crowds dismay as Masters strolls onto the entrance ramp. He jumps on the spot and does his signature pose before pointing to the curtains were Mr. Jones also makes he way out to a chorus of boos. The duo make their way to the ring as Masters is gestures a sarcastic clap towards Wood.

"You Sold Out" chants can be heard directed at Masters to his amusement as Masters and Mr. Jones grab seperate microphones. Masters walks over to turnbuckle and taunts the crowd as Mr. Jones' eyes remained locked to Liam Woods.

MM: You sold out chants huh...we're still chanting that nonsense aye? *Turns his direction to Wood* Oh hey Liam...can I call you Liam? I think were on that first name basis right? Cool cool. You know I heard you at the back talking, well talking a load of nonsense to be quite frank but hey, these people just ate every word you said right? I mean you got the crowd chanting your name and all and well that's quite impressive. But you know the one thing that stood out to me was how you said I'm your biggest fan. Like O...M...G Liam, I cannot believe you picked up on that. I am a fan of yours, a big fan. In fact, me and Jonesy both our fans of your work. Like what's not to hate, I mean you've won a whole lot of gold here, you're superstar of the year! Talented is an understatement, you truly are a legend in this industry. Now it may sound like I'm kissing your as$ but you yourself can't deny that you're a pretty big deal around here. But at the same am I. I may not have a long list of accomplishments like yourself but what I do have is the wrestling ability to outshine anyone, anytime and that includes you. You see I've got these people talking, whether they like me or not they can't deny the show off is the future of this business.

MJ: That's right Masters you are the future of this business, but you see that future can also involve you Mr. Wood.

*Huge boos echo around the arena as Mr. Jones nods his head to the reaction from the fans*

MJ: Just look at the abundance of talent in the ring right now. These fans are in awe, you have Mike Masters, Liam Wood and one of the greatest masterminds this industry has ever seen, me Michael Jones. You see I would have loved to have done this in private but you just gave me no choice. *Cough blocking me on twitter didn't help either cough*. Liam Wood against the world. Do you really think you can concur this world by yourself? You see this world has a lot of bad people, it also has good people. But most importantly, this world has smart people. Mr. Wood, I know you're an intelligent man. Why do you think I've been keeping a close eye on you. We have the same ambition. We want power, we want control. It can be us...against the world.

Mike Masters smiles as he just leans on the ropes while Mr. Jones and Liam Wood stare eachother down.


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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by x12x Tue Apr 14, 2015 10:28 pm

Wood remains perched on the turnbuckle with a smug smile across his face. He takes a second, first looking at Mr Jones and then at Masters before dropping down and moving towards Masters. Wood lifts the mic to his lips and first communicates with his opponent here tonight.

“Do you hear what Jones is saying Mikey? Do you really know what he means when he says it could be us against the world?”

Masters nods and looks over at Jones who smiles, Wood laughs and shakes his head

“I know for a fact that you hear that sentence and you see the three of us walking off in to the sunshine together with smiles across our faces but the sad truth is...when Jonesy says “us” just wouldn't be a part of that see, the issue're a great talent but you've allowed yourself to be tricked in to shaking hands with the devil...this man *points at Jones* will chew you up and spit you out once something better comes along”

Masters once again looks over at Jones who shakes his head and laughs off Wood's claim.

“Do you really see yourself being a part of this man's life if I was to get involved? You'd be old'd be just another name on the list of people who were no longer needed by Michael Jones? His brother Drake Calihan...GONE! His neice Kelsey...GONE! He even had his own son put out of business...that's what makes you think you could even stand a chance?!
Now, I can already hear you talking about how you're irreplaceable but I'm pretty sure Enforcer thought that too but they bring in Max and we all know what happened...Jones got rid of him!”

Wood begins to slowly walk around Masters who smugly looks in to the air, almost ignoring his words. Jones attempts to speak but Wood puts a hand up to him, his eyes still on Masters as Wood continues to speak.

“I have a question for you...if you're as good as you say you are...if you're the future...if you CAN really outshine us all...why is Jones window shopping in the first place for a new member of whatever the hell this is?!”

Wood sarcastically shrugs his shoulders before continuing

“We all know that our ego's are too big to be partners, so it makes sense that one of us would become the back of us would be option two and who out of the men in this ring do you really think that would be?” The former EWF Champion...or the man who didn't make it...a man who held a single's title for a companies entire run...or a man who lost his team the tag team titles...the superstar of the year...or a loud mouth who's only truly the his head?”

“It's not really a brain teaser is it Mikey? Luckily for you though...the idea of joining up with that vulture over their...makes me feel sick! That man destroyed a company I love and tried to do the same to this one...he's a parasite and the sooner he's dead...the better!”

The fans react in shock as the words come out of Wood's mouth, some even feeling sorry for Michael Jones.

“The sad thing is, although I'm going to enjoy kicking your ass's not personal and I kind of feel bad for're a great talent but you're throwing it away by letting that man drag you down and when you have an anchor around your neck it doesn't matter how good you are because you'll never be able to achieve anything until you set yourself free...he claims that “we” can achieve great things together but there will never be a “we”, there will never be an us and until you get rid of that son of a b¡tch...there will never be a future for Mike Masters”

Wood finally acknowledges Jones, walking over to the former 6CW owner and standing toe to toe with him, he lifts the microphone before speaking

“You're scum!”

The crowd cheer like crazy as Wood walks to the ropes and drops to the outside, walking towards the exit


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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by The Last Outlaw Wed Apr 15, 2015 5:16 pm

The scene opens outside of the ticket office at Madison Square Garden, the camera starts to move along the line with fans cheering as the camera passes them by. The camera finally works its way to the back of the cue the camera pauses and we see Jonathan Daniels walking towards the camera he stops taking a deep breath as he does so.

JD: Can you smell that in the air….. It is the smell of excitement, it is the smell of anticipation and for you Terrance Kray it is the smell of realisation. The realisation that you have put your foot in your mouth by asking for a match against me. I have fought hard to get back to 6CW and I will be DAMNED if someone like you thinks they can derail me from my path. You see Terrance I am here to stay and I will fight you and I will fight anybody else who wants to get in my way. I know against you it is going to be a fight and that is no problem for me but for you it will be a nightmare.

Daniels starts make his way down the line of fans with small chants of let's go Daniels followed instantly by Daniels sucks. Daniels stops in his tracks at the sight of a Union Jack flag.

JD: Now this is a sight to see some of Kray's fellow Brits and I assume you think he can win.

FAN: Not only will he win but he is going to give you a bleedin' good hiding mate.

Daniels laughs at the fans response and starts to walk away towards the building itself.

JD: This guy is priceless, he really thinks you can beat me Terry all I can say for him is the sun must have got to his head. Don't let his confidence go to your head or the last thing you will be remembering about revolution is how you got carted away in an ambulance after I beat you senseless. Revolution means that we are all but a stone's throw from Night of Glory and I will begin my trail on the road to Night of Glory with victory against you. I am going to show the reason why I am the man who is on the most prominent rise within this industry of ours, so for all the fans who are going to see Revolution sit back and enjoy the ride as I take Terrance Kray to school.

The Last Outlaw

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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by JJJohnson Wed Apr 15, 2015 6:51 pm

*The crowd in the Garden go nuts as JJ Johnson appears on the stage, dressed in jeans and a white vest. He whips off his sunglasses and his eyes blaze with fury as he stares down the ramp towards Lex Hart.

HA: We might just get a preview of Revolution right here…

*JJ walks from one side of the stage to the other, breathing in the rousing reception he is receiving from the audience. He then pauses at the top of the ramp and he lifts a microphone up towards his mouth…

Crowd: JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ!

HE: Listen to these mindless apes…

HA: It doesn’t matter where we go, JJ Johnson will always be universally accepted as the icon that he is…

*JJ lifts the mic and he raises his left hand at the same time, pointing down towards Lex.

JJ: You know Lex it don’t matter where we go….LA, London, Tokyo or even right here in NEW YORK CITY…

*Crowd pop

JJ: Everytime I hear your voice all I want to do is separate that abnormally large head from your shoulders…

*Cheers from the crowd as Lex looks at JJ with loathing

JJ: And I don’t give a damn what kind of fanfare you try to drum up, I don’t care about this sense of entitlement that you walk around with…..because in just a few days none of that is going to matter… Revolution when JJ Johnson has his boot wedged further up yo a55 than you could ever get up Jessica’s you are going to realise that returning to this company was the biggest mistake of yo pathetic little life…

HE: Why do they always have to drag Jessica into it?

HA: You know very well that she brings it on herself…

JJ: I’ll admit that you’ve got under my skin, more so than I ever anticipated…

*Lex smiles but JJ shakes his head

JJ: I wouldn’t get carried away home boy, because the worst thing you can ever do is (beep) off a guy like me….because after everything you’ve done, all that (beep) that you’ve spouted…JJ Johnson ain’t going to be satisfied with kicking you back under that rock you crawled out from under….in fact I’m gonna pick that rock up and I’m going to bash in yo skull until your blood runs through the streets of this city…

*Huge cheers again

JJ: Because at Revolution we ain’t gonna wrestle….I don’t care about your heritage, I don’t give a damn about the skills you got in between those ropes… Revolution me and you are going to fight….and when its over you’ll never fight again…

*Lex is goading JJ and trash talking him

JJ: I know you like to talk, Lex… flap yo gums almost as well as Jessica can suck a (beep) but talk is cheap and you’ll find that out when my foot is crushing your windpipe…words can’t save you, they ain’t gone back you up when the lights are on bright and I’m ripping yo throat out…

All you need to know is that you brought this all on yourself when you decided to slide back in here like the snake you are and cost JJ Johnson his opportunity at the world championship….you brought this on yourself when you then cost me the championship for a second time…..and most importantly, you sorry son of a b1tch, you brought this on yourself when two weeks ago you put your hands on my queen…

Crowd: Bran-di x10

HA: Lex Hart showing no remorse for his actions…

HE: Brandi didn’t get hurt did she?

HA: Only because JJ saved her before Lex could do anything….

JJ: Many men have gone down that route before, decided to bring my family into proceedings and make this personal….thinking that they gone throw me off my stride, thinking they gone take advantage of my emotional state…

But you can look them up, each and every one of them, and find out for yourself exactly what happens to you when you choose to play those kind of games with me….you can prepare yourself for the fate that awaits you in this very arena on Tuesday night…..or you can feign ignorance and wait for it to happen…either way you gone get got…..when I’m through with you you’re going to wish you were still getting anally pummelled by the cast of “Backdoor Benders II-The Prison Shower-room”….

*The crowd laugh as Lex looks even more furious

JJ: You got the gaul to stand here and call me a failure….a thief and a cancer that infects the very bowels of this industry…..and yet everywhere I go these people chant my name…

Crowd: JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ!

*Lex is shaking his head as JJ smiles at the crowd

JJ: So if I’m all of those things that you say then I’d sure love to know what the people of New York City think about you….

HE: No….don’t do it…

HA: I don’t think the crowd need any encouraging….

Crowd: A55hole x20

JJ: See I can be whatever you want to be, Lex….I really don’t mind because the only opinion that matters around here is that of the people that have been behind my career since day one….not the fools who tried to pull me back down, not the obstacles or the critics….I know who my family is…

*There is another roar from the audience

JJ: And I know that’s a real alien concept to you…..your own family, quite frankly one of the biggest and best and wrestling history, don’t even want anything to do with you….not even Miss Jessica is exclusive to you…..hell I think I saw her getting a couple of “Red Arrows” in the backstage area on my way out here….

*Lex boots the ropes and screams at JJ to come down to the ring

JJ: You know what, Lex, for once I agree with you…see we can stand here all night and trade insults but where is the fun in that….I wanted to try and toe the line and wait until Revolution but looking at your face just makes me want to break some bones…

*JJ begins to make his way down the ramp, drawing cheers from the crowd. He gets into the aisleway when a wall of security guards appear in front of him. The crowd begin to boo and JJ smiles.

JJ: Seems like someone got more lives than a cat….but don’t worry, I’ve waited nearly two months and I can wait another few days….


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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by TheCultOfPersonality Thu Apr 16, 2015 2:34 pm

As Wood heads for the exit, his attention is drawn back to the ring as Masters begins talking again.

MM: You know what Liam, you're really starting to pi$s me off. How dare you talk to Mr. Jones like that. This man absolutely changed the landscape of this business when was he charge. He made 6CW relevant. He got people talking, in fact, he's one of the reasons why my career got going. If it wasn't for him and his sadistic ways, I wouldn't be any were near the show stealer I am now. While I was pandering to these people, I totally forgot what was most important, and that's me. This man showed me the way and released the destructive side of Mike Masters. That destruction started with the dismantling of the pathetic crowd pleaser, Scott Harris. And it will continue when I dismantle the likes of you tonight at Revolution. This man you labelled a vulture was the missing piece in my puzzle. That missing piece is my ticket to the main event of Night of Glory. And what you're too fickle to understand is he can be you're missing piece too when fighting the world.

MM: You see you claim that its now all about you, you don't care what these fans think about you....Liam Wood against the world! But deep down you do care about these people don't you Liam. I mean how does it feel when these people chant "Let's go Thunder" instead of "Let's go Viper". It seems pretty clear to me, the oncoming storm is passing over you Wood, and it's clear you don't like it. So you need to do something I did, and that's embrace the hate. Forgot about you're friendship, why you even care about Thunder, I mean he's just holding you down dude.

*Masters lowers his microphone as a mixture of chants for Thunder and Wood echo around the arena once again*

MM: Thunder got lucky on Anarchy, I let my guard slip for a second. But you see Liam Wood's bestie, at Revolution were gonna be inside an elimination chamber. Surrouded by skin slashing steel. It's gonna become nasty, you're gonna see Masters become nasty. The resident superhero will not no what hit him. You see Thunder, while you continue to build you're relationship with these fans by comparing the likes of me to make believe characters and making everyone laugh, I am training. Putting in know a little something about that? While you were on vacation for god knows how long, I was stealing the show week in and week out and I plan to continue that tonight. But hey Liam, you continue broadcasting you're feelings for Thunder while I am running rings around the pair of you.

MM: Speaking of work, hey another legend is back to steal our spotlight Liam, don't you see anything wrong with this. Of course you don't. But yeah that's right I'm talking about you, Keith Leone. You know what people say you should respect your elders, this man is quite possibly a future hall of famer. But that's doesn't answer the question why he's still around this business. What Keith, you here to pick up you're final paycheck, I mean let's not get it twisted, Night of Glory is were all the moneys at right? You sir need to leave because you're no match for the future, and that's me. Speaking of hall of famers, Mr. Dubois! He reminds me abit of myself to be honest. But you see theirs one big difference. Huge infact. He's french. And you see I've been with a french chick. Hey Liam, you been with a french girl, let me tell you something, they're crazy. I mean really crazy. So Sir Dubois, I am wary of you're threat but at the end of the day you too are no match for the show off! And finally, the last man I plan to eliminate is the biggest of them all. He's big, he's bad but he's no match to the speed and stamina I possess. You see Liam, you compare me and Cutler saying were both just puppets, but the difference between me and Jax is I can talk for myself, I don't let Jonesy do the talking for me. I'm actions and words. And I will defeat them you all at Revolution because I am that damn good!

*Masters drops his microphone to the ground and Mr. Jones raises his to more boo's*

MJ: You see Mr. Wood, this thing me and Mike Masters have got going's not friendship, it's business. You can talk all you want about my past, ooo I did this, and I did that you can talk all you want about the past, the past is nothing more than a backstory. I know what I am capable off. You see Mr. Wood, whenever I want something, I usually get it. I wanted to be associated with Masters, and I initiated my pitch to Masters and he accepted. He knows what I want and I know what he wants. Mike Masters is the future and I too am future for 6CW. Masters is a future world champion. I am destined to take power and control because that is what I do. It's almost like me, and Masters too are fighting this world. Liam, we have the same agenda. If you don't want to be apart of it then that's fine, we will just destroy you and end you're career just like we did too my own son. Masters and I, are best for business and you can believe that, Liam.

Mr. Jones drops his microphone as both him and Masters stare down Liam Wood.


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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by x12x Fri Apr 17, 2015 8:34 am

Wood stops in his tracks on the stage turning back towards the ring and looking at Masters and Jones standing tall. Wood lets a puzzled look cover his face as he listens to Master and Jones address him. As the two men stop speaking Wood lifts the mic to his lips, first addressing Masters.

“How dare I Mike? How dare I speak about the “amazing” Mr Jones?! Well I'm sorry but I can see the truth about your little situation and I can see how it's going to end when you fail him one too many'll be left like the other victims who gave him the time of'll be just another body laid to waste and you'll be forgotten...”

“ more stealing the show... more fighting for the spotlight...'ll be gone and forgotten.”

Wood pauses as both Masters and Jones refute his claims

“Hey, but maybe I'm wrong about this whole situation...maybe you two are the perfect couple because let's face's just as likely that either of you will turn on the other in a heart beat, it's just as likely that Mikey boy here will stab his sugar daddy in the back when things just don't go his see Mikey, you're claiming he's the missing part of the puzzle but he's really the anchor weighing you down and the moment you see that, I'll be shocked you don't knock his teeth out!”

The fans carry on cheering for Wood as he smugly smiles at his opponent here tonight, continuing to speak, almost ignoring Michael Jones

“That's the difference between you and me...I learn from my mistakes...I saw what him and his brother did to EWF...I saw what they tried to do to this company and I thought you did as were one of the men who got rid of the Authority, you along side his very own son put all you had on the line to make sure that he was gone but now you shake his hand?”

“This man tried to leach off of this company and squeeze every penny out of it...he took a business that we love and tried his best to destroy those around him...including you! You want to claim that Thunder is holding me back?! You're a joke Mike...I guess now you've got him pulling the strings that kind of makes're even trying his second rate mind game bullsh¡t”

Wood lowers the microphone for a second, sarcastically clapping before speaking once again

“You really think that telling me that these fans love Thunder more than me is going to get to me? God damn Mikey, you couldn't be further from the truth...I'm going in to that match not caring what ANYONE thinks, so get your head in the game, battle me in the ring and cut out the BS! You might buy in to his attitude that the war is won by mind games but that's because that man in that cheap suit is weak, that man has the spine of a jelly fish and I've seen more guts in an 11 year old kid!”

“So ask yourself a question, do you really want THAT man being the person who represents you? A man you once got rid of, a man who would stab you in the back and a man who is already looking for your replacement! That's right isn't it Jonesy?"

Mr Jones shakes his head and attempts to speak back but Wood instantly cuts him off

“That was a rhetorical question Michael...not just because we know that the answer is yes, not only because you're track record already proves it but because nobody in this arena could give a sh¡t what you're about to say...I know for a fact that I can't...what about all of you?”

Wood holds the microphone out to the crowd who emphatically chant a loud “HELL NO!” causing Wood to smile before finally addressing Michael Jones properly.

“Michael, you say that we shouldn't talk about the past because you and your little puppet here are the future but I'm not about forgiving and forgetting and I will be damned if I ignore what you tried to do...and please quote me that I said TRIED.”

“You tried and you failed...just like Mikey will do here tonight, just like YOU will do when you fail to get me to join whatever the hell this make sure that these threats are more than just empty words because I am not the sort of man who you want to threaten...I'm not about reverse psychology and I'm not about shaking hands with the likes of you...”

“ don't claim our agenda's are the same at all because if you do it one too many times...I'll know those words from your mouth along with the few teeth that you have left in your old're a weak, old man who plays on idiots like Mike Masters who think that they can't do it on their own despite their're a parasite and I honestly cannot believe that he
*points at Masters* has fallen for your lies, you're actively trying to replace him and he just stands there trying to help the're not much better've teamed up with a man who took this company back and now you want me? A man who beat your efforts in EWF and a man who would happily beat the hell out of you right now?”

A scowl covers Wood's face as he stares at Jones

“You're a joke and I will reiterate what I said, I honestly think this place would be better if you were dead.”

Wood drops the microphone, the sound of the crowd cheering like crazy is all that can be heard as Wood poses for the fans before leaving the stage and exiting to the back.


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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by Crimey Fri Apr 17, 2015 12:30 pm

*Harry Lloyd is stood backstage, alone, speaking to camera.*

HA: Hello, with Revolution just days away I got the opportunity to interview a key man going forward for the main event. He is the manager, friend and advocate for Jax Cutler; Michael Hathaway. Here is that interview.

*The scene changes to an interview area, there is a big table with two mugs on it, and a big window behind it showing New York City. Harry Lloyd is sat in one chair, whilst Michael Hathaway is in another. He is sharply dressed in a blue suit and light grey shirt. His grey hair is slicked back and he has a smooth grin.*

HA: Welcome 6CW viewers to this exclusive interview, only available on I am here with Michael Hathaway just 4 days away from the big event where his client; Jax Cutler, has the biggest opportunity of his career when he steps into the Elimination Chamber with five other men. The winner gets a world title shot at Night of Glory. Welcome Mr. Hathaway.

*Michael Hathaway smiles.*

MH: Hello Harry.

HA: So this is undoubtedly the biggest match of Jax's career, even for an athlete as accomplished as he is, the nerves are surely huge?

MH: You don't get where Jax has gotten in life by getting nervous, you get there by being confident in yourself and your abilities. Does the Chamber scare Jax Cutler? No. Do the five other guys in there scare Jax Cutler? No. Does the thought of facing one of the world champions at Night of Glory scare Jax Cutler? No. The truth is Harry, Jax Cutler will never be fazed here in 6CW. This is what he was born to do, he's a pure athlete and professional wrestling is tailor-made for his skills. Whether that is performing in match one against Johnny-nobody or fighting in the main event against the best 6CW has to offer. Jax Cutler delivers the goods. 

HA: The problem is that Jax, as pointed out by some of the other guys, hasn't always delivered. He lost last week for instance. He's not the unstoppable monster you make out he is.

MH: You've got it wrong Harry, I don't want people to think of Jax Cutler as an unstoppable monster. I want people to think of Jax is an athlete of the highest calibre. To claim he is a monster is disrespectful to level of hard work he put in as a human being. And as a human being he makes mistakes. Jax Cutler is not the finished article by any means, but when he is this good as a unpolished gem, imagine, just imagine for a second what he will be like when he has honed his craft to perfection. Right now, we're at the beginning, we're at step two or three in the "masterplan" and already he is a two time International Champion and in reality he should have never lost the belt and already he is main eventing, he is being considered for world title opportunities at Night of Glory and ALREADY when people talk about 6CW it doesn't take long for them to bring up Jax Cutler.

I talk Jax Cutler up, that's my job as a promoter...but I damn well believe every word I say and so should you. I have seen Jax Cutler train, I have seen Jax Cutler when he was in MMA. He is a succeeder, he sees things, he does things, he succeeds at them. Never before in the history of 6CW will you have seen an athlete with the sheer will to win as Jax Cutler. Then you look at physique, at his fitness levels, his speed, his strength, it's pulled from a comic book. It's unreal. Then his technical abilities are absolutely of the highest order, he sees weaknesses, he tackles flaws and he damn well knows how to hurt people. 

I'm not a stupid man Harry, I have done this for a long time for lots of different people and I know the real deal when I see it and Jax Cutler is the real deal. 6CW has never seen anything like him and never will again. The combination of power, speed and intelligence? It's almost unfair. Then you throw me into it...I have a mind for business, I have a mind for promotion...but I'm also eyes on the outside and when you combine my vision with Jax's knowledge...beautiful. Jax Cutler has all the natural gifts in the world and he has the best manager in wrestling behind him. I'm smart, I know what sells and 6CW should listen to me because Jax Cutler sells, he puts butts in seats and that's because he's so god-damn impressive. I could represent any wrestler I want, every wrestler in 6CW would be desperate to have me behind them, but I would choose Jax Cutler every time because he is once-in-a-lifetime, must-see, the Real Deal.

HA: What do you say then to those that feel like Jax Cutler can never reach his full potential whilst being backed by you?

MH: I'd say that they're ignorant Harry. 

HA: Care to go into any more detail?

MH: Jax Cutler is a fantastic athlete...athlete...not fantastic celebrity, not fantastic interviewer, not fantastic public speaker. Jax Cutler is a fantastic athlete because of his focus and doing this kind of thing, that makes somebody less focused. When you look at some of the guys here in 6CW, they're chomping at the bit to get these interviews, desperate to spray out their rubbish. Why? Because it covers up what they do in the ring. You talk well enough Harry and people forget whatever you're doing in the ring.

HA: Is that not what you do for Jax then? You keep telling us he's great, is that you covering?

MH: Clever Harry...very clever. It's very different because this is my job, you know it's my job, the public knows this is my job. I am paid to talk about Jax Cutler. With those guys out there, they say these things and dress it up as honest and them being passionate but the truth is that they're more slimy than I am, they're dishonest, they're lying to you, they're lying to the fans and they're lying to themselves. They pretend to be above me and above this, but they're worse because they hide behind a shield. I am honest about my job as a promoter, so you can choose whether or not to take what I say as gospel, something I urge people to do, or you can ignore me as PR waffle. Those guys...they pretend that they're real, which makes them more fake than anybody.

I found Jax Cutler when he was young and I gave him direction, I channel his energies in the right way, down the right path and towards success. Jax Cutler doesn't need me and I don't need him, this is a mutually beneficial relationship. He doesn't employ me because he's scared of facing you Harry and I don't represent Jax Cutler to use him as a substitute for me. I don't want to be a wrestler. The reason we work together is because that's the best chance of success for both of us. Jax Cutler wants to be successful because he's driven by it. Driven by success, by money, by hurting more and better people. I want Jax Cutler to be successful because I chose him, I spotted his talent and I think he deserves it.

HA: Who is the biggest threat do you think in the Elimination Chamber?

MH: Jax Cutler.

HA: Aha! Who is the biggest threat to Jax Cutler? Keith Leone beat Jax last week, there are multiple world champs in there.

MH: If I thought like that Harry I wouldn't be very good at motivating Jax Cutler. When I look at the other competitors, I view them only as more opportunities for Jax to get what he wants. Of course I've done my homework but I wouldn't be a very good tactician if I gave away all my secrets here with you. Jax Cutler is prepared, he knows their strengths, he knows their weaknesses. The truth is Harry that it should be them who is concerned about Jax Cutler. We've only seen a fraction of what Jax is capable of here in 6CW. Who knows what he can pull out when his back is against the wall? When caged up with five other men. 

They've all got their own agendas in there, they've got their motivations, their ideas of winning. Some people in there hate the others' guts, there's history, grudges, friendships, long feuds. Jax Cutler has an advantage because he walks in as a lone man, as a sportsman first and foremost. He's not after revenge or getting over over a rival, he's after the prize at the end. He wants to take a step forward and he wants to be world champion and the quickest route to that is walking out of the Elimination Chamber winning. If that means taking advantage of the fact that nobody else in there is as focused as him, so be it.

HA: The Elimination Chamber is totally new territory for him though, how do you go about preparing for such a hellish match?

MH: I'll tell you this now, an exclusive, Jax Cutler CANNOT WAIT to get into the Chamber. No interferences, no rules, just the cage to lock them in together. This is something he is excited for. Eager to get in there and tear the other guys up. He knows that athletically he is capable of more than anybody else in there, wrestling wise nobody else can hold a candle to him and you put him in a locked cage with the other people...heaven. Jax Cutler doesn't get scared and the Elimination Chamber is an opportunity not hell. 

HA: Any last words?

*Michael Hathaway looks into the camera.*

MH: Keith Leone, Jerome Dubois, Liam Wood, Thunder, Mike Masters....prepare yourself for Jax Cutler because you're about to be locked in a cage with the best of the best, you're locked in a cage with the Real Deal, the Main Event. You're locked in a cage with a man capable of tearing your limbs off and beating you round the head with them. You're locked in there with a nightmare of an opponent. At Revolution, a new king of 6CW will be crowned and his name will be Jax Cutler. Long live the King.


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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by x12x Sat Apr 18, 2015 8:01 pm

Our scene opens in a darkened room, the only light to be seen illuminates the features of a lone figure with a sick smile across his face. The darkness hides his identity but as he begins to speak, it is revealed as Marinov Krasimir, the voice of the Death Squad.

“Just three short days remain until a revolution begins...”

the smile widens as he continues to speak

“ see, in just three days time...the walls begin to close in on the unworthy and the weak...the men who cling on to power as if it gives them relevance...The Death Squad will begin to rise!”

“We have sat and watched as the so called champions have attempted with their little mind games and we are ready to speak...we aren't going to call them names, we aren't going to claim that they are simple tasks to complete and we will not allow their words to go unpunished...”

The smile slowly but surely disappears

“...This week...The Arrows...They speak of us as “dead weights”, they claim that we hold them down and that we have fallen at their greatness but what I say to them is they need to be ready for us...we are not going away without a fight and if you allow yourself to think that we will be easy...then you will be punished like the brats that you are.”

“Jack Hurst and Robin both seem infatuated by this idea of a match against a legendary lust for it as if it means more than the titles you hold around your waist and you allow yourself to underestimate the force that you will be going up against in just three days time.”

The lights in the room go on revealing El Rey Castile and Varyag stood either side with their 2x4's with nails pushed through them across their shoulders. Castile has a smug look across his face as Varyag stares holes through the lens, his teeth gritted as Marinov speaks.

“El Rey Castile...The King...a man who will put his body on the line and ensure that you are left amazed by his talents...and...Varyag...the Russian Warlord...a beast who will break you in half with no remorse...The Death Squad is not something you two boys can just look past because if you do...while you stare lovingly in to the eyes of Perfect Jack and Dicey Reilly...these two men will hurt you all...they will take away any chance of a “dream” match and they will make it a nightmare because they are not happy with you claiming them to be easy targets...”

Varyag drops his weapon to the ground and leans towards the camera. Varyag speaks, putting a smile on Marinov's face

Four little by one...they fall


As Varyag shouts WE RISE he lands a fist on the table in front of Marinov
The scene fades to black with the Death Squad stood in the darkness


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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

Post by Nay Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:51 pm

*The crowd inside Madison Square Garden let out a huge as “Bawitdaba” plays out of the speakers. The lights in the arena dim down and cast the darkness all around, drawing more cheers from the crowd. After a thirty second lapse a voice echoes through the speakers…


Pyros blast high into the sky as the music continues to play out leaving a silhouette of a man, arms hoisted to his side through the smoke.

HA: Quite a debut for thing young man, first beating Dennis Hart then having to fight off Tyler Roth.

HE: Tyler was just welcoming Kidd to 6CW with a little bit of gentle hazing. The way Kidd reacted was nothing short of a disgrace.

HA: Disgrace? The only disgrace was Roth, he thought Kidd was an easy target.

*Kidd spins around and stands at the top of the ramp, microphone in hand. He’s wearing a Knicks top, black trunks with an orange tribal pattern and matching orange streak through his hair.*

RK: It’s MSG Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Crowd Cheer*

RK: One of the greatest wrestling venues in the world and I am about to make my PPV debut. I’m just not sure it gets any better than this.

HE: Enjoy it while it lasts Kidd, because it’s soon going to turn nasty

*Ryker starts to pace across the stage*

RK: But being here isn’t all fun and games, no, tonight I face the supposed baddest man on the planet, Tyler Roth. A man who call himself The Prototype, The Demolition Man.

Let’s get one thing straight though, the only thing getting demolished tonight is Tyler Roth’s reputation.

Sure Roth has the size, the strength but I will do whatever the hell it takes to make sure I get the Win. See Ryker Kidd is the face of a new generation and that ring is my cradle of innovation.


I mean what’s the world going to think of a 6” 4 292 pound monster when he comes down to the ring, tries throw his weight around only to be beaten by little old me in the middle of that ring.

Roth you may be used to being the playground bully trying to ram kid’s heads down the toilet but tonight you have picked on the wrong guy, tonight the only thing going down the toilet is your career.

Tonight Ryker Kidd truly announces himself on the world stage.

*The crowd erupt into RYKER cheers as he turns to leave the arena*

HE: What the hell is he talking about?

HA: Ryker’s only just turned 18, I guess his life experience doesn’t go past school


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6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015 Empty Re: 6CW PRESENTS REVOLUTION Tuesday 21st April 2015

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