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Frampton and Algieri

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Frampton and Algieri Empty Frampton and Algieri

Post by AdamT Fri 15 Apr 2016, 2:57 pm

These guys have to be long lost brothers. Any time I see a pic of Algieri, I think Carl has grown.

Anyway! How does everyone see Spence vs Algieri??

Spence should win very easily. He also said he would be happy to come to the UK and face Brook. Now that would be a mouth watering fight.


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Frampton and Algieri Empty Re: Frampton and Algieri

Post by Baby faced assassin Fri 15 Apr 2016, 4:38 pm

No way Spence comes to the UK no chance at all

Spence should really beat Algieri without too much trouble, yes Algieri did well against Khan but he caught khan off guard and just flat out isn't THAT good, he's just a level below the top level

Would be a good yard stick though because spence hasn't really been in with much and the last fight I saw he did take a few clean shots. Sadly Algieri doest have the pop to bother him if he does land but has a good enough chin himself to survive

Spence has great balance and is a wicked body puncher and maybe that's a way for him to stop Chris as Algieri hasn't the stength at the weight to take shots like those

Spence UD with a knockdown of 2 along the way
Baby faced assassin
Baby faced assassin

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