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6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020 Empty 6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon 23 Mar - 21:13

(Miss Jessica opens the show. She wants to address the rumours regarding her ability to run 6CW in the light of the recent attacks and injuries. She says she has the full backing of the 6CW Board and she will bring order to the establishment. Says she is currently weighing up the future of Marty Helms and that she will also be cutting loose some of the dead wood from the roster in coming weeks if they do not prove their worth to the company. She announces Day of Reckoning for April 26th and then informs that as of next week there will be no live crowd due to the Coronavirus)

(We get a VT of Dante Phoenix. Phoenix is taking a sip from a whiskey bottle and talks to the camera about how Engel Harlequin & Johnny Lawless have awoken a demon inside of him that makes Engel’s violent tendencies look tame. Phoenix wants to thank them for showing him that whatever they do to him can never compare to the pain he has suffered in losing his family so now is time to embrace his darkness. Phoenix drags out Johnny Lawless, who is strapped to a chair, and he tells Engel Harlequin that he has a list of demands that if Harlequin meets he will set Lawless free. But if Harlequin doesn’t comply then he’s going to add a few new scars to Lawless’ addled body)
(Damion Onyx is interviewed by Fleur Michaels but refuses to talk about his poor run of form ever since competing for the world title. Onyx wants to blame 6CW management and the fans for his downfall. Says he has been forced to compete through injuries. Blames meat eaters for the coronavirus. Vows to be the saviour of the masses)


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon 23 Mar - 21:14

Bout 1
Damion Onyx vs Dante Phoenix

*We get a recap of Phoenix abducting Johnny Lawless last week. Phoenix gets on the mic and he tells Engel Harlequin that they are far from done. If Harlequin wants to see Lawless again then he’ll meet him and agree to his demands

*Onyx interrupts. Tells Phoenix to stop whining and complaining. He’s been forced by 6CW management to compete with injuries but he doesn’t b1tch about it. He comes to represent the Vegan Life and how it makes him better than everyone else. Tonight he’s going to prove he’s better than Dante Phoenix and give him something to complain about

*Onyx looks to ground Phoenix earlier and get his submission game going but Dante is able to squirm free from the floor and hits a running V trigger knee. He then hits a springboard disaster kick for a two

*Phoenix hits running double knees to the chest of Onyx in the corner and then lifts him onto the top rope before nailing a springboard cutter for another near fall.

*Phoenix looks to set up for the “Dante’s Inferno” backbreaker but Onyx fights off and nails a big full nelson slam. He then runs the ropes and returns with a huge boot to the face for a two count.

*Onyx nails a big back suplex, landing Phoenix on the back of his neck, and then locks in a chokehold. Phoenix struggles and nearly passes out but manages to drag himself to the ropes in time.

*Onyx waits for Phoenix to rise and then puts him in a bearhug. Phoenix struggles and once again almost passes out but then claps his hands around the ears of Onyx in desperation, breaking the hold. Phoenix runs the ropes but comes back into a spinebuster for a close two.

*Phoenix rolls to the apron for some respite but Onyx drags him back through and attempts the “Extinction” DDT but Dante fights free and guillotines Onyx across the top rope, sending him across the ring. Phoenix hits a buckshot lariat and then he whips Onyx off the ropes and connects with a pop-up superkick for a two count

*Phoenix looks for a downward spiral but Onyx elbows his way free. Phoenix runs at him but is backdropped over the top rope onto the apron. Phoenix nails a step-up kick to Onyx’s head and then connects with the “Golden plumage” slingshot DDT for a two. Dante goes up high and hits a meteora as Onyx rises before a falcon arrow gets another two

*Dante attempts to get a D’Arce Choke in but Onyx fights free and nails a chokeslam backbreaker. He grabs Phoenix by the arm

JT: Onyx looking for the kimura now….

JR: I can’t believe the resilience of this guy….Phoenix has hit him with everything….

HE: Phoenix can’t close the show, story of his 6CW career, and he’s in there with a future world champion…

Phoenix senses the danger and then he rushes Onyx back into the corner. He nails a shoulder thrust before pulling Onyx out and lifting him onto his shoulders…


Onyx gets his hands in the face of Phoenix, raking his eyes, and manages to drop off the back. He spins Dante around and lifts him onto his shoulders before running him into a powerslam. Onyx looks at the crowd and his opponent in disgust before heading for the corner…

JR: Both of these men have been on a poor run of form as of late….they are desperate for the victory…

JT: Phoenix still hasn’t won a match but his efforts cannot be denied….

Onyx begins to climb the ropes but Phoenix is up and swipes his legs, causing Onyx to crotch on the turnbuckle (facing out to the crowd). Phoenix takes a deep breath and then he clambers up behind Onyx….



Phoenix connects with the sickening inverted frankensteiner from on high that leaves Onyx in a heap. The former world title challenger is on his knees in the centre of the ring, his eyes out of focus, as Dante stumbles up…



Phoenix looks as determined as ever as Onyx beckons him on and then he connects with the “Black Mass” roundhouse kick to the jaw…

JR: Could it be…


JT: It is….the streak is over….

HE: I don’t believe what we have seen here….

JR: Dante Phoenix just picked up his first ever 6CW victory….he looked as focused and as determined as I have ever seen him here tonight…

JT: I guess this war with Engel Harlequin and Johnny Lawless has awoken something inside of him….

HE: I can’t believe it…

JT: Damion Onyx’s poor run continues……maybe the Vegan Life isn’t the be all and end all….

HE: It’s just a blip…..he was inches away from winning the world title a couple of months ago, that form will return…

“Into the fire” is booming through the speakers as Dante Phoenix kneels in the middle of the ring and soaks up what has just happened. Slowly a smile crosses his face as the referee raises his arm…

JT: For months Dante Phoenix has been chasing that elusive victory but tonight he is finally off the mark…

HE: Well boo for him…..Phoenix needs to be more concerned with Engel Harlequin hunting him down….he may have his first victory but I don’t think he’ll have a career once Engel gets a hold of him again…

Damion Onyx is shown limping up the walkway, looking downbeat, as Phoenix continues to bask in the adulation of the audience. The lights then go down…

JR: Oh my…

HE: Phoenix called him out….he must have known what was coming…

JT: Engel Harlequin may be imminent….

The lights come back on and Engel is stood in the centre of the ring but Dante Phoenix is nowhere to be seen. Engel’s eyes are darting around and then the crowd erupt….


JR: Engel isn’t the only one who can work the smoke and mirrors!

Engel’s eyes travel upwards as Dante Phoenix is stood in the rafters looking down on him. The two men’s eyes remain locked and then Phoenix begins to laugh

HE: It seems this feud with Engel Harlequin has tapped Phoenix in the head too…..

JT: Sometimes the only way to beat someone like Engel is to become what you loathe…..Harlequin and Lawless have made this extremely personal and now Dante Phoenix looks ready to step right to them and finish this fight…

The staredown between both men continues before we go backstage.


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon 23 Mar - 21:16

(Miss Jessica has Marty Helms in her office. Helms refuses to apologise for ending his feud with Cerberus or the attack on Frank Horrigan. Says he proved he’s more man than anyone else on the roster and that he deserves a world title shot. Jessica tells him he’s lucky to have a job and his lack of remorse isn’t doing him any favours. Helms calls her a company b1tch and Jessica says she wants him gone from the building whilst she decides his fate)
(Angelo Trust/Ricky Nelson & Mike Hill are interviewed by Christy James. They seem pleased with what they did to Scott Harris last week. They talk about a new dawn for their alliance and that they are finally on the same page. Trust talks about the ignorance of society and how we are seeing that in plain sight with the goings on in the world right now. Blames brain-dead idiots like Harris and promises to make him pay. We get a cut scene of Scott Harris being examined by doctors. The doctor flags up the concussion but Harris tells him he’s going out to fight whether he has approval or not)


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon 23 Mar - 21:17

Bout 2
Angelo Trust vs Scott Harris

*Harris is checked over by a ringside doctor despite his earlier medical. The doctor wants to call the bout a no contest but Harris argues he should be allowed to fight

*Angelo Trust enters and he mocks Harris from the ring. Harris wants to get in and fight but officials keep him back.

*Miss Jessica comes out and says she doesn’t want any more injuries on her watch and that Harris has to forfeit the match. Trust continues to mock from the ring and Harris tries to storm him but is continued to be held back. After a few more minutes of complaints Harris decides to bite the bullet
JT: This is not how Scott Harris would have hoped for this night to go down…

JR: No it isn’t, Harris is a fighter to the end but safety has to be the priority…

HE: Jessica addressed all of this at the top of the show so it should come as no surprise….she’s got corporate breathing down her neck and Harris is carrying an injury….there’s no way he should be allowed to compete…

JT: Harris is concussed and that injury has to be looked after….The Sharpshooter is a warrior but sometimes you need to be protected from yourself…

The crowd are applauding Harris but he looks dejected as he stands on the stage with his head bowed, hands on his hips. Miss Jessica takes one last look at Harris and then disappears into the backstage area.

JR: Best thing Scott Harris can do is heal up and come back healthy….then he can pursue his revenge on Angelo Trust and RICKY NELSON!

*Crowd boo


Nelson suddenly storms out from the back and he clocks Harris from behind, knocking him down. He lays the boot in and then drops into the full guard to land punches…

JR: Goddamn cowardly attack but we shouldn’t be surprised….this is how they laid Harris out two weeks ago…

HE: Time to put Harris out of his misery…

Cheers ring out as Harris manages to reverse position and he begins to hammer down with elbows, forearms and punches as Nelson tries to cover up. Harris looks thunderous…

JT: Looks like Harris might get the fight he was looking for after all…CMON NOW!

The boos return, echoing to the rafters, as Angelo Trust runs across the walkway and he dives into the back of Harris’ head with a sickening “last call” knee. Harris is slumped, face-first, on the steel as Trust helps Nelson up…

JR: It looks like these two are finally on the same page…

JT: They’re becoming quite the pain in the a55…

HE: They’re making waves, which is more than can be said for Scott Harris…

JT: The man is carrying a pre-existing injury and he’s been jumped for the second show in a row….

Nelson and Trust nod at each other and then they look back at Harris, who is barely stirring. They then begin to drag him up…

JR: Enough is enough here….those same officials that stopped Harris competing need to be out here now stopping this assault…

JT: Miss Jessica needs to act…..


Crowd: Holy (beep) x10

Miss Jessica is back out on the stage, surrounded by security, to accost Nelson and Trust after they haul Harris off the side of the side, sending him crashing through two tables to the concrete floor. Nelson and Trust seem pleased with their handiwork as Jessica shrieks at them…

JT: This is the last thing Miss Jessica will have wanted here tonight…

JR: Another unprovoked assault on a member of the 6CW roster…..I’d say controlled chaos is now just chaos…

JT: Is her grip slipping?

HE: If anyone can get this roster in order it’s Miss Jessica…

JR: Once upon a time I may have believed that but it cannot be denied that this is getting out of hand now….Scott Harris is in need of serious medical attention…

JT: And Jessica said at the top of the show that she would severely reprimand anyone guilty of actions such as what we have just witnessed….it’ll be interesting to see what happens to Nelson and Trust now…

HE: She already fined Marty Helms £250,000….

JT: Then I guess another fine is imminent…

Trust and Nelson look a little annoyed by Jessica’s outburst but they agree to follow her into the backstage area as security flank them. The cameras then show the EMT’s tending to Scott Harris on the arena floor.

JR: Our well wishes go out to Scott Harris at this time and hopefully he’ll be on the mend in no time….


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon 23 Mar - 21:18

(Miss Jessica admonishes Trust and Nelson. Fines them both £25,000 for their attack on Harris. Mike Hill protests and vows to take this up with management. Jessica says she has full support of the board and it is time to get tough. They leave and then Jessica turns around to face Jackson Jackson. The world champion is seething and demands his world title match be cancelled tonight and replaced with a no holds barred fight against Helms. Jessica tells Jackson that Helms may not even have a job next week and that the world title match will go ahead. Jackson is unhappy with the decision)

(Jimmy Phillips is talking with Travis Sharp. Phillips says he doesn’t give a damn what people think of him or the run he’s been on because he knows just how talented he is. Says he has returned to his roots for inspiration and that the world is going to start recognising how good he is. Puts the locker-room on notice and says it all starts tonight when he puts Crime Lord in his place)


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon 23 Mar - 21:19

Bout 3
Hero vs O'Callaghan

*Hero enters first and gets on the mic. He prophesises about the future and the rise of a holy power. Says 6CW will fall in line just as 6WF did. Vows to show us the light and welcome us to his new kingdom

*O’Callaghan interrupts and shakes his head as he and Hero go head to head. They trade shots and then OC whips Hero off the ropes and looks for a tilt-a-whirl but Hero counters with a headscissors takedown

*Hero looks for a superkick but OC ducks and nails a big release German. O’Callaghan goes up high for a frogsplash but Hero drives his knees up. Hero then springboards off the ropes into a foot stomp. Hero hits a “twist of fate” and then goes high for a shooting star press but OC rolls from the ring.

*Hero runs along the ropes and then dives off into a shooting star takedown on the outside. He rolls OC back in and then bides his time on the apron before springboarding in big tornado DDT for a two count.

*Hero beckons O’Callaghan up for the “Encore” but OC catches his foot and hits a dragon screw before attempting the sharpshooter. Hero kicks out and catches O’Callaghan in the face before escaping. He crawls up in the corner and OC rushes at him but Hero drives his knees up. Hero lifts himself onto the turnbuckle and leaps off for an attempted “Canadian destroyer” but OC blocks it and lashes Hero back into the corner.

*OC hits a big lariat against the turnbuckle and then drags Hero out and nails a brainbuster before going high and nails a frogsplash for a two count. O’Callaghan ushers Hero up for the cobra clutch but Hero nails a blindside low-blow and then a disaster kick for a very close two

*Hero argues with the referee and then prepares for the “Encore” again but OC spins him around and nails a “sky high” powerbomb before locking in the sharpshooter, much to the delight of the audience.

HE: Fight it, Hero…

JT: Hero is in a whole world of trouble here…..this is O’Callaghan’s go to manoeuvre…

JR: He’s made so many opponents tap to this hold….even the great JJ Johnson couldn’t withstand this…

Hero is yelling in agony, his face contorted, as he tries desperately to claw his way across the canvass toward the ropes. OC is sat right back in the hold, arching his rival’s back at a horrific angle, as the referee kneels down to see if Hero wants to give up…

JT: Hero with absolutely nowhere to go here….

JR: He’s talked up such a big game in recent weeks ever since he disposed of Vincent Costello but that’s about to all come crashing down here…he’s gonna tap…

HE: He’s not….he never would….

JT: I don’t seen an alternative for him….


Out of nowhere a hooded figure rolls into the ring and he nails O’Callaghan with a codebreaker before he can even react. There is a lot of shock throughout the arena, some boos then begin to filter through…

JT: What the…..who the hell is that?

JR: There has been speculation for weeks that Hero had someone watching his back……is this the “Guardian Angel”?

HE: Hero always has a plan…..he’s done it again…

The referee quickly calls for the bell as the hooded figure continues to stand over the fallen O’Callaghan. Hero, holding the bottom of his back, begins to recover and starts to laugh as he looks on at what has happened…

JT: Hero has made a career off of mass manipulation and here we go again…

JR: The Following has returned clearly….



Hero gets to his feet and the hooded figure drops to one knee in front of him. Hero nods in acceptance of the action and then he pulls back the hood…


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon 23 Mar - 21:20






Marshall stands and Hero allows him a hug before they turn to the crowd and raise their arms. O’Callaghan is slowly stirring, using the ropes for stability, and then he turns back toward the centre as Marshall nails him with the “Marshall Law” kick….

HE: Marshall just kicked O’Callaghan into another lifetime…

JT: What does this mean for the future of 6CW? The Church were one of the most formidable groups to ever grace professional wrestling….

JR: They seized absolute power in 6WF years ago…..are we about to see the same thing here in 6CW?

Hero presses his finger to his lips, mocking the reaction from the crowd, and then he takes a microphone. He walks circles around the ring as Marshall remains still in the centre…

Hero: Do I have your attention now?

*Crowd boo

Hero: Everybody ignored the old, broken down man…..mistook my prophecy for the ramblings of a madman stuck in the past….for weeks I have been telling you all what was coming but you chose, in your arrogance, to turn a blind eye…

You considered me irrelevant….but now, now you’ll listen….now you’ll watch…..The Church of Hero has returned and we’ll sweep this forsaken company in a more devastating fashion than Covid-19 ever could…

*The boos grow louder

Hero: I am the singular greatest star in this history of this business and now comes the time for me to claim my ninth world title….I am retaking what belongs to me and I will sit upon the throne from this day until my last day…..from the dirt the king has returned….LONG LIVE THE KING!

JT: As delusional as ever….

JR: Delusional, maybe, but this is a dangerous moment for 6CW…

Hero: My loyal servant has returned to me…..he has seen the error of his ways and repented for his sins… my benevolence I have forgiven him and shown him the light….and together we will lead 6CW into the light….

*Hero suddenly stops talking and looks a little surprised as Marshall Murdoch puts a hand on the microphone. Hero looks at his disciple but then he smiles and nods

Hero: Marshall wishes to tell you all about the journey he has been on….the path of enlightenment has been a righteous one….so allow the “Guardian Angel” to speak…

*Marshall nods and takes the microphone from Hero

Marshall: It has been a long, arduous, journey…I can’t even recall the last time I stood inside a wrestling ring but I know that version of me was far from how I want to be remembered….

As a loyal disciple of The Church of Hero I was feared….I was respected….I had the best run I have ever had in this business… doesn’t it make sense to return to my roots?

*More boos from the audience

Marshall: Hero welcomed me with open arms when nobody else wanted me……they shut me out, they tried to keep me down….they stifled me and my development….but I will not be stifled any longer…

They call me the “Guardian Angel” but in reality that is far from what I am… see my wings have been clipped and the “Fallen” would be more apt….I was driven down in the gutter and left to rot, I had to claw my way back up….I had to fight for every last morsel….

And I didn’t come back here to stand in the shadows…

*Marshall begins to undo his robe as Hero’s face registers some shock

Marshall: I’m not here to answer the call….I’m not here to bend the knee to a false prophet… see I answer to no God, I answer to nobody…..

*Cheers begin to resonate around the Emirates Arena

Marshall: I am a mercenary of my own making….hand-picked by me to return here to 6CW to show the world just who the hell Marshall Murdoch really is…

I do not follow….I will not follow

*Marshall rounds on Hero now

Marshall: I helped to remove Vincent Costello because he was weak, a pathetic caricature of what he once represented……just like you…

*The crowd pop

Marshall: So much of your success was handed to you on a plate by men who were bigger and stronger than you…..they were strong in body but weak in mind, they bent to your will and allowed you to manipulate their actions…..I know because I was one of them….

You used your influence to brainwash your “followers” into believing you were the way and you were the light but now I see just how pathetic that was……men like me, like Clarke James (big cheers for the mention of CJ) were infinitely more talented than you ever could be but you curtailed any chance of our success….you buried us to enhance your own claim to the throne…

*Hero is shaking his head

Marshall: But I’ve had a long time to think and contemplate my revenge….you see I’ve done the fan meetings, the All Access events….I’ve lost count of the amount of “fans” and people in the business who have told me that I underachieved in this business….that I should have been a multi-time world champion…..

And I’ve shouldered my portion of the blame because I allowed myself to be manipulated….but now is the time for you to be held accountable for yours… clipped my wings….and in doing so you left a mark on me that can never be removed….

Inadvertently you have made me the “Chosen One” and I have returned to 6CW for two things… is to finally get my hands on the World Heavyweight Championship…

*The crowd pop

Marshall: And the second is to burn your goddamn church to the ground you sorry son of a b1tch!

*Hero doesn’t react quick enough as Marshall throws the mic down and then almost decapitates Hero with the spinning roundhouse kick to the face. The crowd inside the Emirates are going wild



HE: I can’t believe what we have just seen….I thought Marshall was here to help Hero….this was supposed to be a reunion…

JT: It was, for about five minutes, but only long enough for Marshall to let Hero know that he will follow him no longer…..Marshall is back and he has his eyes firmly set on being the man here in 6CW…

JR: First he has promised to end Hero once and for all…

JT: The landscape of 6CW just altered, significantly….

Cheers and chants continue to ring around the arena as Marshall stands over the fallen form of Hero and talks trash. He then removes some rosary beads from around his neck and drops them down on Hero’s chest before walking away

JT: What a moment this is….incredible scenes here at Proving Grounds…

JR: I still can’t believe it…..Marshall Murdoch was the “Guardian Angel”….

JT: Now he’s the “Chosen One”…

HE: But he helped Hero get rid of Costello, I don’t understand…

JT: I believe it was his way in….he manipulated Hero in the same way Hero has always manipulated everyone else….Costello was collateral damage…a victim of the impending war…

JR: I can’t wait to see what happens next…

Marshall climbs out onto the walkway and strides up toward the entranceway as the chances continue to chant his name. We get one last look at Hero, still motionless in the ring, before Marshall stares down the barrel of the camera and then heads backstage.


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon 23 Mar - 21:21

(Crime Lord is backstage with Travis Sharp. Crime Lord has just watched Marshall Murdoch’s return on the big screen but he is unimpressed. The Church and all its baggage is old news. It’s a fad, they come and go but the one remaining constant in this business is him. He is the most dominant superstar on the roster and he is proving that week in and week out. He will prove that again tonight against Jimmy Phillips and sooner rather than later he will get his shot at what belongs to him; the 6CW World Heavyweight Championship. Says he doesn’t play at being a bad guy, he really just is one)

(O’Callaghan is talking to Christy James and he is furious about another loss. Says he had Hero beaten and he was robbed. Demands he gets a shot at Marshall Murdoch for attacking him but in reality he’ll fight anyone, he was born for this. Says he will be out in the ring next week and he’ll prove he’s the best fighter that Dublin ever produced. The best 6CW ever produced. The best in the world and he dares anyone to come and prove otherwise)

(Charles Kramer is backstage watching the end of the Hero bout. He then turns and is face to face with Marshall Murdoch. Murdoch says his cheque “bounced” and that Kramer owes him for hiring him to take out Costello. Kramer says he was merely the mediator between he and Hero. Murdoch says he doesn’t care, the payment defers to Kramer because Hero won’t be around much longer to pay his debts. Murdoch doesn’t care what scheme Kramer is plotting because he will not hesitate to put him out of his misery. Hiring a mercenary like him can have serious consequences. Karl Kramer suddenly appears and goes face to face with Murdoch. The Consultant makes the introductions and Murdoch laughs. Kramer says any issue that Murdoch has with his uncle will become a family issue if Murdoch doesn’t leave. Murdoch says he isn’t going anywhere and now the debt is on both of them. Murdoch leaves and Kramer demands to know what his uncle is up to. The Consultant says to leave “business matters” to him)


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon 23 Mar - 21:22

Bout 4
Crime Lord vs Jimmy Phillips

*Crime Lord and Phillips go face to face with an intense staredown before the contest starts. They trade words and then shove one another. Crime Lord throws the first punch and they trade shots until CL backs JP up onto the ropes. Crime Lord looks for an Irish whip but Phillips reverses it and then nails a huge flapjack takedown on the return

*Phillips tries to put Crime Lord in a full nelson but struggles to get it locked in so he turns it into a full nelson slam. He then runs the ropes for the “Game Changer” clothesline but Crime Lord ducks it and connects with a huge release German suplex

*Crime Lord hits a huge belly to belly slam for a two count. He beckons Phillips up and scoops him onto his shoulders for the “Lock n Load” but Phillips fights out of it and runs the ropes before exploding back for a spear for the two.

*Phillips hits a big time stalling suplex and then heads for the corner. He climbs up top and beckons Crime Lord to stand before launching into a huge lariat takedown. He ushers Crime Lord up for the “Touchdown” but Crime Lord counters into an STO. Crime Lord goes to the corner and builds for the “Drive By” but runs straight into a big time spinebuster for a two count

*Phillips runs Crime Lord back into the corner and hits multiple shoulder thrusts. He lifts him onto the top rope and carries him out for a muscle buster but Crime Lord slips off and connects with a running big boot for a two.

*Crime Lord tries to twist Phillips into the “Custody” but Phillips shoves him into the turnbuckle and nails a pendulum backbreaker. He beckons Crime Lord back up and hits a fall away slam for another close two.

HE: What an incredible match this is…

JR: One of the best we’ve seen here at Proving Grounds…

JT: One of the best televised contests I’ve seen in a long time….

HE: I think Jimmy Phillips is showing the world that “The Talent” is one to watch in 2020….

Phillips stands and he takes a deep breath before pounding his chest. He stalks Crime Lord, waiting for him to rise, and then grabs him by the arm and drags him in…


Crime Lord uses his free hand to palm strike Phillips in the face, breaking his vision, and then he slips free and drags JP into a DDT. Crime Lord quickly crawls to the corner and then sprints out…


JT: He just kneed Phillips into next week!

The sickening knee connects to the temple……………………1………………………..2………………3!

HE: Phillips kicked out…

JT: Real grit and toughness being shown here by the Ohio native…

Crime Lord grabs the referee by the front of the shirt and complains about the speed of the count but the official shoves him off…

JR: First time since we have seen frustration from Crime Lord since he returned…

JT: Phillips proving his toughest challenge yet…

Crime Lord yells out in anger and then he motions for Phillips to stand. The “Talent” is slow to rise and then walks straight into the path of his opponent…


Crime Lord tries to get Phillips up for the tombstone but Phillips wriggles off the back…


Phillips synches in for the coquina clutch as Crime Lord struggles against his grip. Crime Lord starts to flail but then he lunges forward and down onto one knee as he hauls Phillips over his shoulder onto the canvass…

JR: Crime Lord looked in big danger there…

Phillips gets back up and he charges forward but straight into a back elbow to the mouth that stops him in his tracks. Crime Lord lifts him up on his shoulders…





The referee’s hand is an inch from the canvass as Crime Lord throws his shoulder up off the mat. The crowd look on in disbelief and applaud the action…

JT: Neither man may be the most popular with this audience but nobody can deny how good this contest is…

JR: I’m in awe of the efforts of both men…

HE: Crime Lord hasn’t been pushed like this in years…

JT: The undefeated return is in serious jeopardy….

Phillips stumbles up and into the ropes as they keep him on his feet. He wipes some sweat from his brow and sucks up a deep breath before turning back toward his opponent. Crime Lord is slowly rising, looking winded, as Phillips shakes his head…

JT: Phillips knows that a win here would do wonders for his career…

JR: Puts him right back in the mix…..GAME-CHANGER!



Phillips runs the ropes and returns for the huge clothesline as Crime Lord ducks into the move and in one fluid motion lifts Phillips up, drilling him with the F-5 for the victory. Back live and “Out of the black” is booming through the speakers as the referee raises Crime Lord’s arm in victory!

JR: What a match….

HE: That will live long in the memory…6CW doing absolute bits…

JT: Crime Lord was pushed a damn sight more than anyone anticipated here tonight….Phillips showed that he has one hell of a future here in 6CW…

JR: They went life and death in a match of the year candidate but Crime Lord’s undefeated run continues…

HE: It’s hard to imagine anything stopping him getting back to the mountain top at this rate…

JR: Phillips has come as close as anyone but even that wasn’t enough…

JT: I think if both of these men can replicate that kind of form on a consistent basis then we may be witnessing the dominant forces in the future of 6CW…

Phillips sits up against the ropes, wincing slightly, and looks annoyed as Crime Lord continues to celebrate his win. Crime Lord looks down at JP and gives a wry smirk before climbing out onto the walkway, heading for the back.


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon 23 Mar - 21:23

(Liam Wood and Varyag are backstage. Wood is beside himself with rage at the constant failings of Varyag. He slaps the big man across the chest and tells him that he will not tolerate many more failings. Blames Varyag for making him look like a joke and that drastic action must be taken. Wood slaps Varyag’s chest again and the big man clenches his fist. Wood dares him to throw a punch, says it’s time he put that anger to use and that Karl Kramer is their first target)

(Miss Jessica is in her office looking stressed. Charles Kramer enters. Jessica says she doesn’t have time to deal with this but Kramer takes a seat and starts questioning Jessica’s control of 6CW. Miss Jessica warns Kramer not to cross her and that she has full support of the B.O.D but Kramer assures her he’s had meetings of his own with the Directors. Jessica wants to know what he’s plotting and why he hired Marshall Murdoch to return but Kramer smiles and says all will be revealed in good time. Says Johnny Lawless used a very interesting line a few weeks ago about everyone having a “file” and that both Jessica’s and Lawless’ files have made for very enlightening reading. Kramer leaves and Jessica has to calm herself from going hysterical)


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon 23 Mar - 21:24

Bout 5
Karl Kramer vs Liam Wood

*Wood admonishes Varyag as they make their entrance and both men cross words. Kramer enters with his uncle, who gives final instructions before sending his man into battle

*Kramer and Wood spend a good minute just staring at one another and then Wood shoves his opponent in the chest. Kramer seems amused and responds with a headbutt before running through Wood with a huge clothesline

*Wood rises and Kramer looks to run him into a powerslam but Wood slides off the back and shoves his opponent into the turnbuckle. Wood follows in with a yakuza kick to the jaw and then drags Kramer out into a reverse swinging STO for a two count

*Wood climbs to the top rope and looks for a flying lariat but Kramer catches him and nails a throwaway suplex into the opposite turnbuckle. Wood staggers up and Kramer nails a spinning belly to belly slam for another two.

*Kramer flips Wood up for a powerbomb but Wood falls out front and nails a big European uppercut. He follows up with snap jabs and then a superkick to the stomach before hitting a double armed DDT for a two count

*Charles Kramer and Wood get into a slanging match but then Varyag walks around to confront CK. KK climbs onto the apron to protect his uncle and then Wood takes advantage with a running spear that sends both men crashing to the hard floor

*Wood looks for the count out victory but Kramer gets back in at eight. Wood kicks him in the gut and looks for the “Manson Driver” but Kramer counters with a backdrop. Kramer backs into the corner and looks for the “Cannonball Run” but sprints straight into a superkick to the jaw from Wood. Wood then follows up with a snap dragon suplex and heads up top before nailing an elbow drop for a two count

*Wood motions Kramer up and then runs the ropes for the “Psycho Crusher” stomp but runs into a pop-up powerbomb. Kramer hits three scoop slams in a row and then a running splash in the corner.
JT: Kramer’s got Wood all at sea here….




Kramer pulls Wood out and drills him with the ring-shaking spinebuster. The three count is inevitable but Varyag clambers onto the apron to distract the referee…

JT: Karl Kramer should be completing the biggest win of his career thus far…

HE: Varyag looking after his boss….

Kramer gets to his feet, angry, and he goes head to head with Varyag. The referee tries to keep them apart but then Kramer levels him with a right hand that sends him crashing down to the outside…

JR: Kramer far from happy…

JT: Can you blame him? He had this match in the bag…

Charles Kramer shouts words of encouragement to his nephew and then motions for him to finish the job. KK nods his head and turns back toward the centre of the ring…


Wood is back up and he boots his opponent in the stomach before drilling him with the underhook piledriver…


HE: It’s over…

JT: Kramer’s foot on the ropes…

JR: He has his uncle to thank for that…

JT: I guess they’re even now then….

The referee’s hand is an inch from the mat when Charles Kramer places KK’s boot on the ropes. Wood glares through the rope at The Consultant…

HE: Charles Kramer better start thinking about being somewhere else and fast because Wood looks pi55ed…

JT: Kramer just took certain victory away from him in the same way Varyag denied Cannonball…

CK already begins to move around the outside as Wood rolls from the ring and pursues him. Kramer does a lap of the ring and begins to climb the steps onto the walkway as Wood grabs him by the back of his collar…

JR: Charles Kramer in big trouble now…


Wood looks ready to exact revenge on The Consultant when Kramer jumps over the top rope and ploughs his head straight into the chest of Wood, knocking him down. Wood is clearly struggling to catch his breath as KK drags him back up and powerbombs him over the ropes and back into the ring….

JT: Kramer just put himself right back into the driving seat….

JR: Huge assist from his uncle……CANNONBALL RUN!

Kramer climbs into the ring and he motions for Wood to rise before rushing at him and dives into the huge clothesline that spins Wood inside out. The crowd are applauding as Kramer makes the cover...


Varyag is back up and he drags the referee under the bottom rope and launches him at the barricade. Varyag then rolls into the ring and he screams for another official from the back before running at Kramer…


Kramer ducks the huge lariat and Wood takes the full impact. Varyag looks stunned by his actions before Kramer spins him around and drills him with the “Karnage” spinebuster. CK then throws his cane into the hands of his nephew…

HE: He can’t do that!

Wood stumbles up and Kramer smashes the cane over the top of his head, laying him flat. Charles Kramer is shaking the referee awake on the outside…

JT: This has all backfired on Varyag and Wood once again…

The referee is dazed but he rolls under the bottom rope and he counts, slowly………………….1……………………….2…………………..3!

JR: This is not going to go down well….

JT: It is if you’re a member of the Kramer Klan….

HE: This is a disaster…

“O Fortuna” blasts out as Kramer gets to his feet and raises his arms in victory. Charles Kramer is applauding from the outside as his nephew stares down at Wood with a smirk…

JR: Karl Kramer got down and dirty tonight….he fought Liam Wood and Varyag with their own tactics and he’s come out with a huge victory…

JT: Biggest one of his career so far….Kramer has made a big statement here….meanwhile the issues between Liam Wood and Varyag are worsening by the week…

HE: Nothing is going right….Wood needs to make a choice because Varyag is becoming extremely detrimental to his career…

Kramer joins the Consultant on the apron and he nods at his uncle before throwing him his cane back and following him up the walkway to the backstage area. In the ring, Varyag is approaching Wood…

JR: Wood isn’t looking too good…

JT: Neither of them do but Wood will be nursing a bad head after that shot with the cane….OH MY!

Wood suddenly just slaps Varyag across the face and shakes his head with a cold fury before turning his back and exiting the ring. Wood storms across the walkway, never looking back, as Varyag rubs his jaw in the ring.

HE: I think Varyag is lucky to get off that lightly…

JT: I’m sure Liam Wood will have plenty more to say after he’s got over his headache….if I was Varyag I’d prepare myself…


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon 23 Mar - 21:25

(Perfect Jack is interviewed by Christy James. Jack talks up his current run of form and says he feels in better shape than he has in years. Says he believes he still has what it takes to be a big time player here in 6CW and that although he doesn’t see eye to eye with Miss Jessica he doesn’t see how she can deny him a title shot if he continues to win)

(The scene cuts to James & Jenny McManus. They are watching the end of PJ’s interview and McManus mocks him as an “old man” and says that now is his time. Says Jack is done and he’ll show that tonight. Fleur Michaels interrupts and wants to talk about Marty Helms and what happened to Cerberus last week. McManus doesn’t want to talk about that and blames it all on Helms although, of course, he’s happy Cerberus is now out of the picture. Fleur asks about the tensions between McManus and Helms but the UK Champion plays it down and says Helms is a loose-cannon who probably won’t be employed by the company next week. McManus says if you want to look at potential challengers to the world title then look no further than the current UK Champion. Says he doesn’t need Helms to reach the top and that he’ll get there before him anyway. McManus says this is all about him now and he didn’t come here for a place at the table, he came to take it all)

(We get a cutscene of Dante Phoenix appearing outside an old abandoned big top tent that we come to recognise as the “Circus of Horrors”. Phoenix takes a swig from his whiskey bottle and then is shown lighting a rag and placing it inside the bottle before launching it inside the tent and watches on as smoke starts to billow out and then the flames light up the night sky. Phoenix continues to watch the devastation in front of him with no trace of emotion before the scene ends)


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon 23 Mar - 21:26

Bout 6
James McManus vs Perfect Jack

*McManus is accompanied by his wife to ringside. Perfect Jack receives a hero’s welcome. McManus gets into his opponent’s face and raises the UK Title

*Both men start out by trying to get the upper hand in the wrestling stakes. McManus takes his man to the ground but Jack gets the upper hand and attempts an armbar. They scramble back to their feet and PJ swipes the legs of his opponent before attempting a figure four but McManus rolls him up for a two

*McManus lands a knee to the gut as they rise and looks for a powerbomb but Jack lands out on his feet and lands multiple chops and European uppercuts before whipping his opponent to the corner. PJ runs in but McManus drives his feet up in the face of his opponent and then runs out into a swinging neckbreaker for a two count

*Jack attempts to leapfrog his man as they get up but McManus catches him and nails a powerbomb before turning PJ over into a Boston crab. Jack is in a world of pain but survives over three minutes in the hold before reaching the ropes

*McManus looks for a backbreaker but PJ backflips out of the hold and nails a hat-trick of German suplexes. He winces at the pain in his back and then goes up top. Jenny McManus provides a distraction and it allows the UK Champion to get back up and swipe PJ’s feet. McManus hits a superplex for a two.

*McManus tees up for the “MK Ultra” but PJ slides off and then spins his opponent into a t-bone suplex. They get back up and Jack scores a northern lights suplex for a two. Jack then attempts the “Perfect Slam” but McManus jumps out the side and then nails a spinebuster for the two.

*McManus tries to get Jack up for a tombstone but PJ battles off the back and shoves McManus into the referee, temporarily knocking him down. Jack hits a dragon suplex but there is nobody to make the count. PJ tries to revive the referee as Jenny rolls a can of hairspray to her husband

*McManus sprays the can in Jack’s eyes and then hits the “River Wensum Plunge”. The referee comes around and makes the count but Jack amazingly kicks out at two

*McManus argues with the referee and demands he count faster. He then beckons Jack up and builds for the “MK Ultra” but Jack rolls down his back and pulls him into pin for a two count. They get up and McManus looks for a running boot but PJ dodges and hits a chopblock before putting McManus in the figure four.

*McManus is screaming in pain and lasts a couple of minutes but eventually he has to tap out, only for Jenny to distract the referee so that he can’t call the decision. Jack releases the submission and confronts Jenny

JR: Perfect Jack should have a big W against his name….McManus tapped…

HE: The referee can’t call what he didn’t see…

Jenny McManus holds her hands up in mock innocence as she backs away from the ring apron. PJ spits in frustration and then turns back to the centre ring. McManus is slowly rising, limping, and Jack lifts him into a kneebreaker…


McManus jolts up and seems to jam his thumb into the eye of Jack, blinding him again…

JR: Second time McManus has blinded Jack in this match….

McManus scrambles up and he scoops Jack onto his shoulders before running him into a powerslam……………………1………………………2………………..kickout!

JT: This has been another fabulous back and forth contest here at Proving Grounds…

JR: One that Perfect Jack should have won twice by now…

McManus screams at the referee and punches the mat in frustration. He gets back up and takes some deep breaths before beckoning Jack to rise…

JT: Two of the most in form superstars in 6CW putting on a show….and it is the United Kingdom Champion looking to close the night….TOMBSTONE!

Jack drives his elbow into the jaw of McManus, rolling his eyes, and he slips off the shoulder of his opponent before dragging him in close…



HE: McManus showing why he’s a champion…

Perfect Jack now looks surprised as McManus manages to push his shoulder up off the mat. Jack stumbles up and looks out at the capacity crowd, feeding off their energy, and then begins to psyche himself up…

JT: Victory here for Jack and I don’t think anyone can deny he deserves a shot at championship gold…

JR: He can sense that he’s so close to finishing the job…

Jenny grabs her husband by the ankle and tugs him toward the bottom rope. McManus stumbles out and uses his wife as a support…

JT: Jenny McManus is certainly influencing this match…

JR: She’s looking out for her husband’s best interests, I guess….

HE: Like any good wife should…

JT: McManus is supposed to be champion and he’s walking out of here….

Boos fill the air as McManus shakes his head and puts his arm around his wife’s shoulder, leading her up onto the walkway and toward the backstage area. Perfect Jack remains in the ring, hands on his hips, as the referee counts….

JR: Early tonight James McManus told Marty Helms that he may just beat him to the world title but these are not the actions befitting of anyone holding championship gold…

JT: Cowardly move right here…

HE: Cowardly? McManus is preserving himself for future bouts that actually matter….he’s proven he’s better than Perfect Jack…

JT: How? Jack should have won this match at least twice and he would have if it wasn’t for Jenny McManus….McManus is high-tailing out of here to save himself from an a55 beating….

HE: Ridiculous thing to say….McManus is the United Kingdom Champion, he has nothing to prove….

The bell rings as the count reaches ten and the boos continue as McManus takes one last look back at PJ and then escorts his wife into the back. Perfect Jack is shaking his head in disappointment as the referee raises his arm in victory….

JT: Not the way Jack would have wanted to win this match but a victory is a victory and his incredible streak continues…

JR: A win over the UK Champion is a real statement….the veteran is on a roll and he shouldn’t be denied a shot at gold in the very near future…

JT: As for McManus, well he needs to reconsider how he takes care of business if he’s wanting to break into the world title scene….I don’t think Marty Helms will be overly worried about the competition after that…

HE: People have slept on McManus for years…nobody believed he could be UK Champion and he proved them wrong….keep doubting him and watch what happens…


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon 23 Mar - 21:27

(Uryu Ishida is interviewed by Christy James. Uryu admits his form has been sporadic ever since 6CW re-opened its doors but this is the opportunity of a lifetime for him and he will seize it with both hands. He knows Jackson isn’t fully focused because of what happened to Horrigan and he’s sorry about the tragedy but that he hopes the champion isn’t overlooking him because he’s coming for the world title here tonight and fully intends on leaving with the gold. Uryu talks about the correlation of their careers and that tonight he can finally prove that he belongs at the top of the mountain)

(Marshall Murdoch is set to leave the building when Miss Jessica stops him. Jessica congratulates Marshall on his return and putting Hero back in his box where he belongs. Marshall says they both know Hero will keep coming back until he can’t. Jessica says that’s why she is here because Hero has demanded Marshall pay for his actions and challenged him to a match next week with both their careers on the line. Marshall seems surprised and Jessica smiles when she tells him it will be a no holds barred affair)

(Liam Wood is verbally abusing Varyag for his loss to Kramer. Wood looks dishevelled and starts to question himself before walking out. Varyag is left alone and then says that a “wake up call” is coming)

(Jackson Jackson is interviewed by Travis Sharp. Jackson isn’t full of his usual bravado and calls out Marty Helms. Jackson puts 6CW on the spot and says that if they fire Helms without granting them a fight then he’ll walk from the company, now is truly the time for an ultimatum. Sharp asks if Jackson is overlooking Uryu and the match tonight. Jackson admits he doesn’t want to defend his title but he’s obligated to do so and he gave his word that he would. Says Uryu will have to deal with the rage pent up inside of him until he can get his hands on Helms. Sharp wants to know if Jackson’s mindset could lead to him losing the 6CW Title here tonight but JJ says that isn’t an option)


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon 23 Mar - 21:28

Main Event
6CW World Heavyweight Championship
Jackson Jackson (c) vs Uryu Ishida

Ding ding

Michael Bird: Ladies and gentlemen it is now time for the main event of the evening!

*Crowd pop

JT: What a night it has been already….

JR: Marshall Murdoch is back and he will face Hero in a no holds barred match at the next Proving Grounds….the power struggle for 6CW seems to have been taken up a notch….Dante Phoenix and Engel Harlequin will go face to face next week…..

JT: Day of Reckoning has been announced for April 26th and as if that wasn’t enough….now the 6CW World Heavyweight Championship is on the line…

HE: I still can’t believe Uryu has a shot at the title when there is a whole roster more deserving…

JT: I’d say Uryu is long overdue a crack at the 6CW Championship, he practically had the title in his grasp before 6CW took a hiatus in early 2019….

HE: But what has he done since then?

JR: Uryu is back on a win streak and there’s no denying that he and the world champion have history….in a lot of ways this matchup makes sense…

HE: Not to me…..Marty Helms should be in there challenging…

JT: Helms is a legitimate bada55 and no doubt a serious threat to anyone and everyone on the 6CW, including the world champion, but he has crossed so many lines that I’m not sure he deserves a way back….Miss Jessica is evaluating his position on the roster following his barbaric attacks on both Cerberus and Frank Horrigan….the man practically ended two careers in one night…

The lights in the arena dim and then “Time stands still” booms through the speakers to a rousing ovation from the 6CW faithful. A small pyrotechnic display lights up the entrance before the first combatant enters the fray…

Mike Bird: Introducing first, the challenger…………from Nottingham…..weighing in at 204 pounds……..Uuuuurrrrryyyyuuuuuuuu Iiissssssshhhhhhhiiiiiiidddddddaaaaaaaa!

JR: The veteran….now 45 years of age, is this the time when Uryu Ishida finally realises a career-long dream and becomes the world heavyweight champion?

JT: Started out as a TAW original, Uryu enjoyed moments of success during his career in 6WF but he has really found his own during the last few years here in 6CW….there is no doubt that he improved with age and may just be hitting his peak, which is quite incredible…

HE: Don’t talk so ridiculous….he somehow hit a hot streak at the back end of 2018 but that is done now, he’s a washed up old man and that will be proven here tonight….it’s outrageous that he has this shot…

JR: Uryu has seen it all in this business but shots at the big time have been few and far between….tonight he stands on the brink of greatness…..

JT: A few years ago Uryu proved his mettle against the great Cassius Zhi….he followed that up by announcing his main event capabilities in a historic rivalry with Max Adamson….but the consistency has always let him down, he has never been able to maintain a run to the mountain top… his advanced years there may not be many more opportunities like this one….

Uryu stands on the stage for a few moments and soaks up the incredible atmosphere. He removes his robe and looks up at the ceiling, a feint smile on his face, and then heads across the walkway to the ring. He nods in appreciation of the fans’ support….

JT: So many of these fans in attendance tonight would love to see Uryu as the 6CW Champion…

HE: If that’s true they are sick and deluded….they should all be quarantined because that is an illness worse than corona…

JT: What a horrible thing to joke about….

HE: The truth hurts, Jeff…..

Uryu climbs onto the turnbuckle and continues to be showered in praise and adulation by the supporters in attendance. The lights then dim again and “Take me to the hospital” echoes through the sound system…

Mike Bird: And his opponent…………from London…………weighing in at 225 pounds…..he is the reigning and defending 6CW World Heavyweight Champion………….Jaaaaacccckkkkssssoooonnnnn Jaaaacccckkkkssssssooooooonnnnn!

JT: The man so good they named him twice…..the world champion…..Jackson Jackson is making the third defence of his championship here this evening….

JR: And he’s proven time and again that he is a true champion….he has defied the odds on so many occasions that he can no longer be looked upon as an underdog….

HE: He certainly isn’t tonight…..he barely has to turn up to beat Uryu…

JT: Nonsense….and even if there is any kind of gulf in ability or levels you have to take into account the mindset of the champion here tonight, is he fully focused on the challenge ahead of him?

JR: When Jackson accepted the challenge from Uryu two weeks ago he was riding the crest of a wave…he was fresh off of defending his title against Liam Wood and moments away from the reunion of The TA…..but since then he has watched his best friend, Frank Horrigan, be brutalised in front of his very eyes whilst he was forced to watch….

JT: Marty Helms tortured Horrigan whilst Jackson was handcuffed to the ropes, there is no telling the kind of mental and psychological damage that has done to Jackson….he’s been at Horrigan’s side for the last couple of weeks and there is no way he has been training to the level he usually would….

HE: A 50% version of Jackson should be enough….

JR: You are being highly disrespectful of Uryu’s ability…..and plus we don’t even know what percentage Jackson is at….He’s been through the wringer, mentally and physically….

JT: Earlier tonight Jackson Jackson demanded Miss Jessica reinstate Marty Helms and set them a match….he was adamant on that and it leads me to believe he is conflicted in his focus….Jackson Jackson is and has been a tremendous world champion but he needs to concentrate on what is right in front of him because if he doesn’t then Uryu Ishida may just compound his misery here tonight….

Jackson climbs through the ropes and unstraps the 6CW Title from his waist as he goes face to face with Uryu. They stare at one another for a few moments and then Ishida offers a handshake…

HE: It’s a trick, Jackson…

JT: Uryu isn’t really a man for tricks…..he’s showing respect….

JR: Uryu and Jackson’s paths have crossed before…..both men have aligned with Max Adamson at some point too…..this matchup has been in the making for quite some time….

The crowd start up a “Get well Horrigan” chant and Jackson looks moved by it. He nods his head and then accepts Uryu’s handshake. They then back off into opposite corners as the referee gives his final instructions…

JT: Pleasantries exchanged but now it is game time….

JR: This is the business end…..main events don’t come much bigger than this….Proving Grounds….March 23rd, 6CW World Heavyweight Championship on the line….

JT: Jackson Jackson or Uryu Ishida, who leaves with the title?

The bell sounds as both men come out from their corners and begin to circle one another. Uryu looks for a quick lashing kick at the back of the champion’s calf but Jackson rides it out and then drives forward with a sharp forearm to the mouth of his opponent. He snaps a few more punches off as he backs Uryu to the ropes and then whips him across the ring but Ishida flies back and nails a leaping headscissors that sends the champion flying under the bottom rope…

JR: Jackson didn’t see that one coming….


Jackson gets up on the outside, momentarily stunned, but then Uryu dives through the middle ropes and wipes him out again with a suicide dive. Ishida stands and soaks up the cheers of the audience…

JT: The fans in attendance enjoyed that….Uryu not looking his age right now…

JR: In these uncertain times it is so important the general public have something to keep their minds occupied….6CW is providing that here tonight…

JT: And although all shows from next week will be behind closed doors you can guarantee that the entertainment will not stop, ladies and gentlemen….

Uryu grabs Jackson and he launches him under the bottom rope. He then clambers up onto the apron and springboards over into a sunset plancha across the body of the champion. Jackson stumbles back up and Uryu hits him with a running dropkick to the chest (ala Finn Balor) that sends him crashing back into the corner. Ishida then darts in and connects with a monkey flip….

JT: Jackson is flat on his back, centre ring….

JR: Perfect opportunity for Uryu and he senses it…..SPLIT SEC…

Uryu leaps up top, the crowd urging him on, and he prepares for the patented 450 splash but Jackson rolls out of the ring, sensing the danger. The champion rubs his chest, feeling the effects of the dropkick, and then Uryu leaps through the air…


Jackson moves out of the firing line, just in time, and Uryu crashes against the ringside barrier. The challenger is in a heap on the floor as Jackson continues to recover…

JT: That was a game changing moment right there…..Uryu started this match in a flash but that crash landing may have ended his chances of being world champion…

HE: He had no chances….

The referee’s count is at five when Jackson drags Uryu up and launches him back into the ring. JJ then pulls himself onto the apron and he waits for Ishida to rise before catapulting himself into a discus elbow smash takedown……………….1……………………2…………………Uryu gets his shoulder up!

JR: Jackson is going to impose his will now….he knows that Uryu is hurting and he can build on that, wear him down….

JT: And in the back of his mind he will see this as an opportunity to send a message…


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon 23 Mar - 21:28

Jackson helps Uryu up and then connects with a big vertical suplex. He swivels his hips and drags Uryu up into a second suplex before repeating the process for a third time….Uryu, however, floats over the back of his foe and rolls him up but Jackson rolls right through onto his feet and nails a snap roundhouse kick to the temple of Ishida………………..1……………………2………………kickout again!

JR: Jackson, no doubt, wants Marty Helms to be aware of what he is capable of but he just needs to stay on Uryu….he has to remember how important his 6CW Championship is….

Jackson yells out, the frustration clear, and then he ushers Uryu up and lifts him into an inverted atomic drop. He grabs the challenger’s arm and whips him into the corner before rushing in after him, only to take two solid knees to the face. Jackson staggers back as Uryu lifts himself onto the second rope…


*Huge cheers from the crowd

Jackson, although dazed, shows amazing fleet footedness to leap onto the second rope and nails a Spanish Fly on Uryu………………..1………………….2…………….Ishida just manages to pop his shoulder off the mat!

JR: That move will take a lot out of you….we know Uryu’s tough but how much can his 45 year old body take?

JT: Bernard Hopkins was world champion in boxing at 50 years old so I wouldn’t take the age of the challenger as a defining factor….

Jackson has a quick word with the referee about the speed of his count and then he gets back up onto his feet. He shoves Uryu back into the corner and lands vicious stomps to the midsection before leaping up and slams his knee under the challenger’s jaw. JJ lifts Uryu onto the top rope and then climbs up after him…

JR: Looks like Jackson is attempting as many high impact moves as he possibly can…

JT: But Uryu can sense the trouble he is in and he’s not making it easy…

Jackson seems to be setting up for a superplex but Uryu battles out with a flurry of punches to the body and then he grabs Jackson’s head and slams it down into the turnbuckle….


JR: Stunning offense….

HE: That’s not good….

Jackson’s head is smashed into the canvass and he rolls backwards onto his knees, his eyes unfocused, after being powerbombed from the top rope. Ishida stumbles up and then he sprints across and nails a devastating shining wizard to the face…


JT: We so nearly had a new world champion right there….

JR: Jackson Jackson’s turn to show his toughness….

Uryu gets to his feet and stumbles over to the ropes to steady himself. He watches as Jackson starts to rise and then leaps toward him for a superkick…

HE: Jackson still too quick….


Jackson ducks the kick but Uryu shows his own athleticism to leap back in the opposite direction with an enzeguiri to the temple of the champion. Jackson is stunned, frozen to the spot, as Uryu runs to the ropes and springboards onto them….


Ishida nails a crunching tornado DDT that drives Jackson down on the top of his head. The champion tries to stumble up but Uryu then hooks his arms and connects with a legsweep double armed DDT….




JT: This crowd thought that was it…..Uryu showing the world that he’s in with a big chance here….

JR: You’re not so condemning of him now, Henry…

HE: He still won’t win….

Uryu takes a deep breath as he watches the champion trying to reach his feet. He nods in acknowledgement of the cheers he is receiving from the audience and then he attempts a half nelson into a gutbuster…

JT: Jackson blocked that…..JACKED OFF!

JR: Uryu came so close to being “Jacked Off” there…

Jackson drives a knee to the gut and then he spins through and attempts his finisher but Ishida counters in midair by spinning around the shoulders of the champion and then falls out back into an inverted DDT. The crowd applaud the action and then Ishida crawls to the corner and he climbs up top…

JT: Uryu has just opened the door here…..this is his chance….

JR: The moment he’s waited his entire career for……5,000 plus on their feet, millions watching at home…..SPLIT SECOND!

The anticipation grows in the arena as Uryu climbs up top and then launches off into a 450 splash but the champion drives his knees up into the gut at the very final second and then pulls Uryu into a cradle………………….1……………………2…………………3!

HE: Got him…

JT: He didn’t but he wasn’t a million miles away…..Jackson Jackson almost got full capitalisation on Uryu’s misstep….

JR: I thought that was it…

More cheers go up around the Emirates Arena as the crowd show their appreciation for the action. Jackson gets to his feet and he waits for Uryu to stand and then he hooks his arms from behind…


Uryu drives his head back into the nose of Jackson and then he slips out of his grasp and hits a backstabber. They crawl back up and Uryu runs the ropes before returning with a variation on a scissors kick to the back of the neck. He beckons Jackson to his feet and then lashes a vicious kick to his calf, dropping him to one knee, before running the ropes again and returns with a diving double knee to the face….

JT: That could be all….what a combination….


HE: Did he….?

JR: So, so close…

Uryu thinks he has the three and he asks the referee for confirmation but is told it was a two. Ishida bows his head in frustration and then crawls back to his feet as he waits for Jackson to rise. He grabs him in a Muay Thai clinch and nails knees to the face before dragging him down for an attempted piledriver…

JT: Jackson swiped his legs…

The champion pulls Uryu’s feet out from under him and then bridges over the top…………….1……………2………..Uryu bridges out and then shows amazing skills to roll through whilst they are still on the ground…



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6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon 23 Mar - 21:29

JT: That is a truly sensational transition….

HE: This is bad….

JT: Jackson Jackson’s world title hangs in the balance now…

Uryu bridges through into the fujiwara armbar as Jackson’s yells of pain fill the air. The champion is trying to shift his body across the ring but he has all of Ishida’s bodyweight on top of him….

JR: Jackson has overcome some pretty insurmountable odds during his reign but this may be the biggest threat he has ever faced….

JT: Uryu Ishida set to make history here….

The referee is knelt down, asking Jackson if he wants to quit, but the champion is adamant the match will continue. Uryu is really tugging up on the arms, putting increasing pressure on the joints…

JR: I really don’t see how Jackson can withstand much more of this…..his arms will break…

HE: I really didn’t think Uryu had a chance…

JT: He’s been underestimated before but if he ends tonight as the world champion I guarantee it won’t ever happen again….

Jackson cannot drag himself any closer to the ropes but is able to move his body in a circular motion as Uryu continues to apply pressure. Ishida’s grip slips slightly as his body shifts off to the side of Jackson but still he keeps the hold locked in…

JR: If anything, that change in position is only going to break Jackson’s arm quicker….I can’t see this going much longer…

JT: Uryu Ishida is about to realise a dream……WE HAVE A NEW….

Cheers ring out from the Jackson Jackson supporters as, somehow, the world champion manages to turn his body so that his left boot is underneath the bottom rope. The referee shakes Uryu to make him release the hold and Ishida immediately does so, holding his arms up…

JR: Uryu thinks he won the match….

JT: I don’t think he did…..did Jackson tap?

HE: There seems to be some confusion….I thought his foot was under the ropes…

JR: We may need VAR here…

The referee is talking to Uryu but Ishida is insisting that he felt Jackson tap. The official is shaking his head and motioning to Jackson’s foot under the bottom rope…

JT: This is going to lead to big controversy I’m sure…..the referee is saying the match must continue…

JR: Whilst Uryu is certain Jackson tapped…

HE: He would say that…

JT: He’d know better than anyone…..we’ve got the replays right in front of us, now…..OH MY!

JR: That is so hard to call…

The instant replays show Jackson’s foot finding refuge under the bottom rope but just milliseconds before his hand seems to involuntarily twitch out…

JT: You cannot discern if that was a definite tap…

JR: I’d say it was…

HE: And you can’t tell whether that happened first or the foot found the ropes….I’m saying the ropes…

JT: That is a nightmare decision for the referee…..but he’s made the call that Jackson found the ropes and this match will continue…

JR: That has divided the audience…

There are split reactions from the crowd as the referee once again insists to Uryu that the match will continue. Ishida shakes his head in disbelief…

JT: Uryu truly believes he should be the 6CW Champion…

JR: He needs to use that energy….he’s still in pole position….

Ishida shakes his head and then he turns as Jackson Jackson begins to stir. He drags the champion up by the head and looks for a piledriver but Jackson counters with a backdrop but Uryu lands out on his feet and then springboards onto the ropes before leaping back with a dragonrana……………………1…………………..2………………….Jackson kicks out. They scramble back up and Uryu lands a backheel kick to the gut, doubling Jackson up, before he runs to the ropes and leaps onto the second rope before twisting back….


Jackson steps back and then connects with a sickening superkick to the jaw as Uryu is in mid-flight. The challenger sways on the spot and the champion nails a wrist clutch into a flipped cradle…………..1……………………2………………kickout!

JT: Even when Jackson’s back against the wall he is extremely dangerous….

JR: Which is why he is the current world champion….

Jackson kneels on the canvass for a moment and talks to himself before getting back to his feet. He waits for Uryu to begin to rise and then he drags him in close…


Uryu slides out and tries to take the champion down again for a submission but Jackson steps to the side and then throws Ishida at the turnbuckle. Uryu tries to come out but Jackson uses the ropes to leap up and kick his opponent under the chin before lifting him onto the turnbuckle…

JR: Superplex…

Uryu drives his forearm into Jackson’s face but then Jackson responds with a big European uppercut before scoring with an incredible Northern lights suplex from the top rope…

JT: Serious impact….the world champion starting to feel his way into a groove now…

*Boos from the crowd

JR: What is he doing here?

The cameras pan into the crowd to show Marty Helms making his way through the audience. Security appear as Helms makes his way to the front row…

HE: He’s got a ticket….he’s just here to enjoy the show…

JT: He’s not supposed to be in the building….

Helms holds out a ticket to security and smirks as they seem confused as of what to do. Helms pulls a seat out and takes it as Jackson Jackson sets eyes on him…

JR: Not what Jackson Jackson was hoping to see….

JT: Can the champion remain focused?

Jackson walks to the ropes and is staring out at Helms as the newcomer returns the gaze. Jackson opens up the ropes and beckons for Helms to get in the ring with him…

JT: Jackson needs to keep his concentration here…..Marty Helms is not his opponent tonight and the world title is on the line…

Helms sneers and puts his feet up on the ringside barrier as Jackson turns back to the action. Uryu is groggy, holding his back, as Jackson makes his way over…


Uryu stops short and rolls Jackson up……………………..1…………………………..2……………….kickout. They both scramble back up and Jackson misses with a forearm smash as Uryu grabs him in a headlock before nailing a springboard bulldog….
……………thr-shoulder up!

JT: Jackson took his eye off the ball and it almost cost him his championship…

Marty Helms seems to be enjoying himself as he watches on. Ishida staggers to his feet and he ushers Jackson to his feet before running forward and nails a leaping slingblade takedown…

JR: Now what….?

More boos fill the air as James & Jenny McManus walk out onto the stage. The UK Champion and his wife make their way across the walkway and down the steps to ringside as Marty Helms stands from his seat…

HE: They are just here for a first hand view of such a huge matchup….

JT: They have no business out here…

Uryu has leapt up onto the top rope for the 450 splash when he realises what is going on. McManus pauses next to the ringside barrier and glares at Marty Helms…

JR: The dislike is palpable here….

JT: If Helms and McManus have issues to sort out then they need to find a date and a place….this isn’t it….

McManus turns and looks up at Uryu, smiling, as the challenger shakes his head and turns back to the prone champion. Uryu listens to the roar of the crowd…

JT: Uryu is still on the cusp here….SPLIT SECOND!

Uryu attempts the 450 splash but Jackson is already starting to stir so the challenger leaps off the top with double mule kick to the back. Uryu forward rolls upon landing and back onto his feet before jumping back at the champion….

JR: Ducked it…..JACKED OFF!


Jackson ducks under the big time kick and then drills Uryu with the pumphandle flatliner out of nowhere…


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020

Post by JJJohnson Mon 23 Mar - 21:30


JT: It’s over…

*Huge boos

JR: What on earth is going on?

The referee’s hand comes hurtling down for the three as Jenny McManus grabs Uryu’s foot and puts it on the bottom rope. The crowd are incensed and making their feelings known as the official relays the information to the champion…

HE: There has to be a method to this…

JT: The McManus’s have no business here….Jackson Jackson should have just won this match….

JR: I don’t know what the play is here….


The boos are quickly replaced by cheers as Jackson uses the top rope to vault over and wipes McManus out with a flying crossbody. Jenny backs away with an evil grin and then…

*Crowd pop


Jackson suddenly whirls around and punches Marty Helms right in the face, knocking him down in his seat, before heading back for the ring apron. He climbs up as Uryu starts to stumble up and then he jumps over the ropes and flattens him with a hurricanrana that sends Ishida, face-first, into the turnbuckle. Uryu is down as Jackson clambers up the turnbuckle….



JT: Uryu not willing to give up on his shot at the title…

The double rotation moonsault lands but Uryu displays his heart and defiance to kick out just before the three count can be completed. Jackson holds his head in his hands…

JR: Jackson cannot believe it…..I don’t think he really believed Uryu could be a match for him here tonight….

JT: Win, lose or draw Uryu is showing he’s still got it…

Jackson is talking to the referee but the official indicates that Uryu definitely got his shoulder up. Jenny McManus is helping her husband up on the outside as Jackson runs to the ropes and baseball slides McManus in the back, sending them both crashing to the floor. Jackson pulls himself back up on the apron and he shouts for Ishida to rise before catapulting back in….



Uryu catches Jackson in mid-flight and amazingly turns his leap into a spiked piledriver, drilling Jackson right on the top of his head. Ishida is clearly hurt, holding his ribs, as he stumbles up and heads for the ropes…

JT: This is it Uryu….this is your chance…..the chance of a lifetime…

JR: Years in the business….blood, sweat and tears are about to culminate in a SPLIT SECOND!

HE: Ahhhhh!


The flashbulbs go off and the crowd go wild as Uryu launches from the top rope and he lands an almighty 450 splash to the prone form of the world champion….




Ding ding ding

The referee’s hand comes crashing down for the three as Marty Helms storms the ring and almost punts Uryu’s head clean off of his shoulders. The referee immediately calls for the bell as the boos and abuse ring down from the audience….

JR: Was the count complete…?

JT: Marty Helms has just cost Uryu the world championship…..this whole bout descended into mayhem the moment Helms and McManus turned up…

Helms stands over Uryu and Jackson as the crowd continue to boo. The referee is yelling at Helms to get out of the ring but Helms grabs him by the scruff of the neck and then launches him backwards onto the deck…

JT: Marty Helms should be looking at termination here….after the assaults on Cerberus and Horrigan two weeks ago, now he has disobeyed an order from Miss Jessica to even be here….

HE: Marty Helms is hell-bent on getting his hands on the 6CW Championship…

JR: I don’t know if these are the actions to make that happen…

Helms drags the lifeless form of Uryu off of Jackson Jackson and then he flips him up and drills him with a huge sit-down powerbomb….

JT: This was one of the best world title matches I have seen in a long time and it has been ruined….

JR: Uryu has been absolutely decimated here….he was on the brink of a career-defining victory and now he’s a broken mess…

HE: Marty Helms leaves devastation wherever he goes….

*Crowd pop

Jackson Jackson, although groggy, is back up and he sprints at Helms from the side and leaps into a big flying forearm to the temple. Helms staggers off the corner and Jackson tears after him with kicks, punches and knees as Helms tries to cover up…

JT: Jackson has weeks of frustration and fury to get off of his chest….Marty Helms made the world champion watch as he destroyed his best friend a fortnight ago…

JR: And now it is payback…

*Huge boos

James McManus suddenly clatters into Jackson from behind with a huge lariat to the neck. He then drags the world champion to the centre of the ring…


McManus obliterates Jackson into the canvass and remains on his knees as he stares at Marty Helms, who is standing in the corner. McManus slowly stands as Helms walks out toward him…

JT: Champion and challenger have both been absolutely destroyed by these jackals…

HE: These two aren’t jackals, Jeff….they’re lions and they are fighting for control of the pride….this is a declaration of war…

JR: Are they back on the same page?

JT: I don’t think these two men will ever see eye to eye but it is clear they have a common goal….and if they’re in the same place at the same time I think we are going to see a lot more of this kind of devastation…

The boos continue to rain in from the audience as Marty Helms and James McManus glare at one another whilst Uryu and Jackson remain motionless on the canvass.

JT: The pursuit for the 6CW World Championship just took a whole new turn….Jackson Jackson is a hunted man….

JR: The lure of the gold leads men to do dastardly things and we have witnessed that here this evening….

HE: I don’t think I can wait another ten days to see what happens next…

JT: I’m afraid you’re gonna have to, Henry, because we are out of time…..thank you for joining us folks… time out we’ll be live but we will be broadcasting from a behind closed doors location….the action, however, will remain as outstanding as ever….so we’ll see you ten days, ladies and gentlemen, but in the meantime please stay safe and keep yourselves and your loved ones safe too…..goodnight!


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Monday 23rd March 2020

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