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2021 predictions

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2021 predictions Empty 2021 predictions

Post by Oioi Sat 26 Dec 2020 - 10:21

Shall we try and predict next year's slam winners, Olympics winner, and year end no. 1? Might be worth predicting which of these will actually go ahead while we're at it! I expect the slams will go ahead in some capacity but I'm leaning towards the Olympics being postponed another year - it's just such a massive number of athletes from all around the world but still possible with extremely thorough planning.

Anyway, my predictions:

Aus open: Thiem
French open: Nadal
Wimbledon: Djokovic
US Open: Thiem or Medvedev
Olympics: Djokovic
Year end no. 1: Djokovic

I think the hard court slams are going to be extremely hard fought between 6 or 7 players for the next couple of years and I see Thiem now having a little window of a year or two to rack up a few titles with the big 3's physically declining a bit (at least in my estimation) and the "next gen" guys not quite being there yet. Almost went for Medvedev at the US Open, rate his game massively when he's up for it but he needs to be completely mentally engaged for his game style to work and it sometimes doesn't seem the case with him.

This years French convinced me that Nadal is simply too much of a beast to ever bet against even with his advancing years. So few players are comfortable on grass these days so Djokovic seems to be the est pick there. Think he'll be super motivated for the Olympics after the disappointment of 2016. Also, I sense his physicality has declined quite a bit this year (perhaps getting covid had an effect?) and the tourney being best of 3 may help him. Don't see anyone matching his consistency across the year and surfaces so going for him for yet another year end number 1.

Looking forward to your predictions!


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2021 predictions Empty Re: 2021 predictions

Post by Henman Bill Sun 10 Jan 2021 - 22:49

You would think there would be enough vaccinations out there by then to have the Olympics go ahead, you would also think that it would seem reasonable to give the athletes priority on vaccinations and have all of them vaccinated (or all that want to). I think they might just make it, but perhaps with restrictions.

Not sure I want to make predictions as I don´t follow closely enough any more, but maybe someone else can.

Henman Bill

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2021 predictions Empty Re: 2021 predictions

Post by MrInvisible Sat 6 Feb 2021 - 19:29

My predictions:

Aus Open: Tsitsipas
French Open: Nadal
Wimbledon: Djokovic
US Open: Thiem
If the Olympics go ahead, Medvedev to get the gold
Federer to bow out and call it a day if Olympics goes ahead (if not he'll retire in 2022).

In the womens' Osaka, Kenin, Halep and a newcomer to win the slams. Would love Kvitova to win a slam this year but not sure she can make it.


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2021 predictions Empty Re: 2021 predictions

Post by sirfredperry Mon 8 Feb 2021 - 17:27

My predictions for the 2021 Slams

AO - Djoko
French - Nadal
Wimbledon - Djoko
USO - Thiem
Olympics - Federer (probably not, but it would be something to see)

As for the women, it's fantastically difficult to predict. The most recent Slams have seen a host of new winners. Halep is always a good bet and there could be further GS titles for Osaka and Barty.


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2021 predictions Empty Re: 2021 predictions

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