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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 10:52 pm

Dark match
Victor Smith vs Order & Law

HA: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the pre-show for Beachfront Brawl…..the fans are ready, we are ready for promises to be an amazing night of action….but before the main card gets under way we have so much bonus entertainment for you right now….

HE: Victor Smith and Order & Law both had impressive debut two weeks ago but tonight they collide in a handicap match for the newcomers here in 6CW….

HA: All the numbers outweigh Smith here this is a great chance for all three men to showcase themselves and hopefully lead them on to better things…

"Red right hand" is playing out as Tom Order and Godwin Law are climbing into the ring, receiving a good ovation from the crowd. They seem to be in discussion about a few things and then "Saviour" by Rise Against blasts out to an even better reception….

HA: Victor Smith shows his courage two weeks ago when he defeated Man Mountain Mike despite a huge size disparity….he used skill to accomplish his task and he could have a bright future here in 6CW….

HE: He took a beating and fluked a win….don't get carried away…

Smith greets the fans before climbing up into the ring to face his opponents. They size him up and share a few jokes but Smith merely smiles at them as the referee goes over his instructions…

HA: This is a huge stepping stone….a win here tonight could propel any of these men onto bigger things….all it takes is one break….

Tom Order takes control for his team as the bell sounds to start the match. They lockup in the centre of the ring and Order applies a side headlock but Smith bounces off the ropes and pushes him away, flooring him with a dropkick as he returns. Order staggers back up and Smith snapmares him to the canvass again beforerunning the ropes and returning with a huge knee to the face…………………….1………………….2…………shoulder up!

HA: I'm impressed by Smith already….considering his lack of experience he is really settling in here…

HE: He'll get found out soon enough….

Smith pulls Order up and connects with a snap suplex before heading to the corner. He climbs up high and then he leaps through the air….

HA: Got a little carried away with himself there did Victor Smith….

Order drives his knees up, blocking the frogsplash, and Smith rolls away in agony. Order scrambles to the corner and tags in Godwin Law…

HA: We don't know a lot about our German friend really….but I was impressed with what I saw on Anarchy last time out…

Law runs into Smith in the corner and clotheslines him before climbing onto the ropes and delivering a ten punch combo. He drops down with a monkey flip like move that allows him to transition over and apply an armbar in the centre of the ring….

HE: That was impressive….

HA: Law is a submission expert….this is bad for Smith….

Law really cranks up the pressure on the arm and Smith is forced to pull to the corner quickly and grab the ropes. Smith rubs at his shoulder as he gets up and Law jumps on his back, trying to pull him down into a choke…

HE: Law looking to end this quickly….

HA: Smith needs to be careful….

Smith manages to rush backwards into the corner and crushes Law against the turnbuckle. He staggers away to regain his composure and then he charges back in…

HE: Law had him scouted…

Law spins around the ropes and lands a kick over the top, staggering Smith backwards. Law pulls himself onto the top turnbuckle and leaps off, catching Smith with a beautiful hurricanrana…

HA: Really good stuff here from Godwin Law…

HE: He's looking to finish it…

Smith staggers back up and Law scoops him onto his shoulders. He spins him around and then looks for a GTS….Smith catches Law's knee on the way down and spins him around before kicking him in the gut and nailing a piledriver…………..1…………………..2…………..kickout!

HA: Smith has already shown how tough he is….can he ride this one out….

Smith pulls Law up and looks for a suplex but Law floats over the back and rolls him up…………1………….2………shoulder up. They scramble up and Law ducks under his opponent and makes the tag….

HE: This is a handicap match after all…the numbers game will tell…

Order catapults over the ropes and knocks Smith down with a shoulder tackle. Smith stumbles back up and is taken out by dropkick/german suplex combo………………1………………..2………….kickout!

HA: If Order and Law win tonight you have to believe their sights will be set on conquering the tag team division….

HE: That has to be their goal….but there is a lot of great teams around, it won't be easy…

Order tries to drag Smith up and turn him into a reverse neckbreaker but Smith spins out and kicks his opponent in the gut before nailing him with a lifting reverse DDT…………..1……………..2…………..shoulder up. Smith stumbles to the corner again and he climbs high as he waits for Order to stand….

HA: Incoming!

The crossbody lands from on high but Order rolls through……………..1………………2………..kickout. They scramble back to their feet and Order rushes forwards but Smith sidesteps him and sends him clattering into his partner…

HE: Law didn't see that coming….

The clash of heads sends Godwin Law flying to the outside in a heap. Order stumbles around and Smith kicks him in the gut and delivers a brainbuster. He then rolls over and transitions his body so that he has Order trapped with a guillotine choke….

HA: Order is going nowhere in a hurry here….

HE: Law needs to get back up….

Godwin Law is groggy, clutching his head, as he stumbles back to his feet. He dives under the bottom rope to make the save but it is a moment too late as Order taps out…

HA: Tom Order couldn't take anymore….Victor Smith has yet another fantastic victory here in 6CW….you taking notice yet, brother?

HE: He got lucky again….if it wasn't for that clash of heads he was never winning….

HA: You really are full of it sometimes…

Smith rolls from the ring and has his hand raised in victory as Law checks on Order in the middle of the ring. The crowd are applauding and Smith bows to them….

HA: I look forward to what happens next for Victor Smith….but not as much as what we are all looking forward to next here tonight…..we are just moments away from Beachfront Brawl ladies and gentlemen and believe me when I tell you that this is one event you do not want to miss….

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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 10:53 pm

The show opens with flames from a pit on the beach. The camera sits on this image from a distance, a man sat beside the flames unmoved. The smoke rises into the air as flames spit and flicker. The voice of Harold Lloyd speaks softly over it.

HA: Welcome to the United Arab Emirates. We're live in Abu Dhabi. This is 6CW Beachfront Brawl, playtime is over, it's time for war!

*Old Thing Back, the Beachfront Brawl theme, plays and we cut to a video package showing every champion and their opponents, before the images of Thunder and Reborn lifting their world titles for the first time.

Finally we see images of each competitor in the main event, images first from years before in their early careers, then moving on to showing them as they are now, before ending on the shocked face of Cassius Zhi on the night of JJ's return, and the video fades.

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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 10:57 pm

*From earlier this week:

Max Adamson steps out from the airport, walks to his chauffeur and the limo that awaits him. As his bags are placed in the back, Max is approached by Charlotte Grey

MA: Oh come on, Shiela, I'm not working right now. Leave me be.

CG: Max, we're heading for an all out war between company men who hate each other and love their legacies; so what might this mean in the grand scheme of the Max Adamson story?

*Max smiles

MA: I like that. "The Max Adamson Story - starring Russell Crowe." Yeah, I reckon you'd be heaps stoked to watch that one. Russell travelling around the world getting into fights; it'll be like that Mickey Rourke film but with a charismatic lead character.

*Charlotte stares at Adamson, bemused and a little taken aback by the arrogance that never leaves him.

MA: Close your mouth love.

*Charlotte composes herself

CG: Are you not worried by how Beachfront Brawl 2016 could tarnish the legacy of Max Adamson?

*Adamson looks up at the clear blue sky, then around at the rush of life swirling by

MA: The legacy of Max Adamson...Miss Grey, my legacy makes men jealous, envious and even a little turned on. But the tale of the record holding Australian champion gets better or worse depending on me and me alone.

CG: I--

*Adamson lifts his hand and stops Charlotte in her tracks

MA: I appreciate what you're here to do, but I'm here to do a job too. Beachfront Brawl, for the first time in 6CW pay-per-view history, is a PPV that is not about Max Adamson. I'm going into a match to fight for some good lads and a great company...

*He starts to walk away but is stopped by Charlotte's next question

CG: But with split loyalties, which company is really Max Adamson's true ally here?

*Adamson sighs

MA: it's things like that that do it, you know? Chip away until nothing is left

*With that he walks on and the scene fades

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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 10:58 pm

*Back to tonight and Aaron Heath stands with Timothy Allen. Over his right arm rests his International Title, and in his left hand is half a pint of Guinness

TA: You join me now with International title holder Aaron Heath

*He turns to Heath to start the interview, but all of a sudden Heath is playing the over dramatic drunk.

AH: 'Ey! You! Gimme a hug you old b***ard!

*Heath wraps his arm around Allen, spilling Guinness on him first, then stumbles back

AH: Awh no, tippy de dee! I've spilled a tipple on ye!

*He points all of sudden over into the distance

AH: It's a leprechaun! Watch him, he eats four leaf clovers! Pots of gold! Hahahaha.

*The laughter comes from his own voice rather than the exaggerated accent

AH: Fooled ya! You thought I was as dumb as one of them Boys in Green. I'm sure you're Robbie Keane to see me lose tonight, Allen, but this is just like any Irish football adventure: fun for a while but then they go home. Hopefully O'Callaghan will never return after I become the first British Empire champion!

*Allen rolls his eyes

TA: I'm not sure that's the name, Heath

AH: Whatever, just so long as the UK makes some good international links, then O'Callaghan can stick with his EU buddies and go down the s***ter with Corbyn, Sinn Fein and whatever other nonsense he loves.

*Allen tries to ask one more question but Heath stumbles away shouting


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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 10:58 pm

Match One
Parasite Killers vs Brandon Perez & Jack Hurst

*The camera pans around the arena in Dubai, as the 6CW faithful are going crazy at the start of Beachfront Brawl. Signs such as "HaramBAE wouldn't grab my p*ssy", "Dad = Chris Jericho" and "Brandon Perez stole my girlfriend" are prominent as we reach the Lloyd brothers who are sat at ringside*

HA: "Welcome to Beachfront Brawl people, and first up we have ourselves a tag team bout between the team of Hurst and Perez and the Parasite Killers"

HE: "An intriguing tag team matchup between two teams looking to get themselves up the pecking order"

HA: "The Parasite Killers of course missed out on the chance to fight for the tag team titles tonight, and one thinks they will be up for a little revenge. With that, lets get to the action"

The fans give a mixed reaction to Hurst and Perez as they come out, the fans clearly behind Perez who acts up and tries to hype them up to the dismay of Jack Hurst.

HA: "This team really needs to pull themselves together and buck up their ideas partner"

HE: "They sure do inde....LOOK OUT!"

As Hurst and Perez are making their way down the ramp, suddenly from nowhere the Parasite Killers rush them from behind flattening both superstars. McManus and Fanatic throw Brandon Perez into the steel steps taking him out of contention for a moment...before turning their attentions to the fallen Hurst.


As the referee tries to intervene, McManus hisses and scares him away as Fanatic hits Hurst with some vicious punches to the skull. Then McManus and Fanatic begin to drag Hurst up the ramp by his ears...with Perez still laid strewn on the floor.

HE: "What on earth are these guys doing here?!?"

McManus and Fanatic get Hurst to the top of the ramp, and as he begins to struggle they both hit him with a flurry of punches...then they both grab him by the throat...



The Parasite Killers double chokeslam Jack Hurst off the stage and through some tables down below, as EMTs rush to his side as soon as possible. The monsters stand tall above him, raising their hands aloft before turning their attention to the ring where Brandon Perez has now rolled into one corner, with a referee checking on him

HA: "Leave him alone, or just start the match and get it over with!"

The Parasite Killers make their way down to the ring, with Perez still in the corner being seen to by the the Parasite Killers enter the ring, the referee tries to wave them away but they throw him aside and go after Perez. Then suddenly a dozen refs run down to the ring and restrain the two monsters, as the original referee is talking to Perez.

HA: "Absolute chaos out here folks, and I'm not sure this match will even begin, such a shame for the paying viewer"

HE: "The referee seems to be asking Perez, who is clearly suffering from the effects of being thrown into the steel steps, if he wishes to go ahead with the match"

As the Parasite Killers are restrained, the referee is seen asking Brandon Perez if he wishes to have the match, but gesturing that Hurst will not be able to participate. The crowd are booing the Parasite Killers all the time this is happening....

HA: "Perez is stirring to his feet now, and, and what's he doing, he's gesturing to the Parasite Killers to sniff his genitals and shouting "COME ON!"

Perez rises and tells the referee to begin the match, so the Parasite Killers are told to get to their corner which they do, the dozen referees leave the ring and we start the match with Brandon Perez in the ring with James McManus....

Ding, ding, ding!

McManus and Perez lock up in the middle of the ring, but the big man powers perez to the mat, and begins to work on the already hurt Perez with a series of stomps to the chest. McManus then picks up Perez and hard Irish whips him into the corner, forcing Perez to fall flat on his face from the velocity of the whip. McManus taunts the crowd, who are not happy with what is occuring. McManus now lifts up Perez and drags him over to the corner with Fanatic and makes the tag. Fanatic then lifts Perez up and hits him with a scoop slam and covers

Ref: 1..........2.........kick out!

HA: "Why is Brandon Perez doing this?! He's only going to get hurt!"

HE: "Bravado brother, Bravado"

The Fanatic gets to his feet, he boots down on the head of Perez with a series of hefty stomps. He drags up hos opponent, where he then launches him out across the ring. Fanatic hits a spinebuster on the rebound, he then runs the ropes and leaps into the air, connecting with a big splash. Cover.

Ref: 1................2..............Kick out!

Perez kicks out, The Fanatic allows him to his feet before throwing him down with a snap suplex. Perez rolls up, Fanatic swats away a clothesline attempt, he then grabs his opponent by the waist and delivers a side suplex, bridging into the pin.

Ref: 1..................2...............Kick out!

HA: Fanatic on fire here!

The Fanatic allows Perezto his feet once again, before launching him out across the ring. Fanatic stops him dead in his tracks with a hand across the throat, before pushing Perez forcefully down into the canvas, his back crashing into the mat. Perez somehow rolls up, Fanatic boots him in the gut and nails a piledriver. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..................2.................Kick out!

HA: "McManus is signalling for the tag, and to end it here!"

McManus pleads with his partner to tag him in, Fanatic obliges as he drags Perez's motionless carcass across the ring and tags in his partner. McManus bends down and picks up the lifeless Perez, spits in his face, then lifts him up....


Ref: 1.............2................3!

Ding, ding, ding!

McManus hits Perez with a devastating Tombstone Piledriver ending the contest. The referee goes to lift his hand up in the air victorious, but McManus swats him away as Fanatic joins him in the ring and they hold each others arms aloft as they stand over Brandon Perez and 6CW Beachfront Brawl cuts away....

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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 10:58 pm

*We go backstage now where Miss Jessica is standing in front of a crowded press room.

MJ: Uh-hum. Ladies and gentlemen of the assorted media, and those from the 6CW universe, thank you for joining me.

Tonight we will see the Tag Team champions, Perfect Execution, the lead faces beside me in the Mount Rushmore of 6CW, leading the tag team division again through another time of turbulence.

After years of of meandering, led by the rather disturbing Red Arrows, into Hill and Steel, before my boys rescued not only those titles, but the company itself.

Yet! Yet...again we will be forced defend our titles against miscreants. And I want to know I have gathered you here today to write articles, get the chance to question me, and spread this message.

You are all very lucky to be in my presence, so think very carefully now as I welcome you to open questioning.

*She looks out at the reporters in front of her, and smiles to see no hands up.

MJ: whilst I'm not surprised, I do encourage you that now is your chance to talk to me candidly

*A hand goes up

R: are you not scared that faced with such brutal competition, this time there is nowhere for Lex and Jack to run?

*Miss Jessica gives her a cold stare and just skips onto another question

R2: Will you still care for Lex when he comes back from this match without his title?

*Jessica raises an eyebrow in a quiet rage

R3: Can Perfect Execution survive this? And will they even take the rematch?

MJ: This interview is over!!

*Jessica storms off stage as reporters shout questions at her

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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 11:01 pm

*The camera cuts quickly backstage to Blue Dragon and Logan Kincade

BD: None of the bulls*** and games, none of the faux press Love sacks.

LK: We are about to send the message to everyone in this place about what is done to big mouths and little men.

BD: We make our mark on this company and make the first scar on this night to the heart of 6CW. We take the titles from Perfect Execution. Then we see the rest come the end of the night.

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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 11:02 pm

HA: It is now time for the first title match of the evening, and wow, what a match up this one promises to be.

HE: This is a real match for the ages, one of the biggest tag team titles matches that this company has witnessed in some time.

HA: One of the greatest tag teams in this company's history, Perfect Execution, defend their titles this evening up against the latest pretenders to their crown, the 6WF legends Logan Kincade and Blue Dragon.

HE: It's exceedingly rare in a Perfect Execution match that you can't describe them as clear favourites, but I and many other experts, have this match down as a real toss of the coin contest.

HA: What it does promise to be is a really intriguing clash of styles, the technical wizardry of Perfect Execution against the unrelenting, high impact brawling style of Kincade and Blue Dragon.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman...the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the 6CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS...

Introducing first...the a combined weight of 518lbs...the team of LOGAN KINCAADEEEE AND BLUE DRAGONNNNN!

'Due to the Graphic Nature of this Broadcast, Viewer Discretion is Advised' blasts out over the speakers and then there is static for a few seconds until "Before I forget" kicks in. The crowd descend into boos as Logan Kincade and Blue Dragon march out through the curtain alongside each other. They touch fists at the top of the ramp before marching down the ramp to the ring. They step in, glaring across at their opponents.

HE: You have to hand it to Blue Dragon and Logan Kincade, they came into 6CW and wanted to make an impact. They didn't wait for an opportunity, they created one by attacking Perfect Execution on their debut.

HA: We should have expected nothing less from these two, they care little for reputation and even less for rules. If they want something, they try to take it. And more often than not, they succeed.

Ring Announcer: And now...weighing in at a combined weight of 500lbs...accompanied to the ring by Miss Jessica...they are the reigning and defending 6CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOORRLLDDDD...the team of Perfect Jack and Lex Hart...PERFECT EXECUTIIOOONNNNN!

"I am perfection" blazes out around the arena and that quickly mixes into "Be Myself" as the 6CW Tag Team Champions Perfect Execution strut out onto the stage. Lex Hart and Perfect Jack stand alongside each other at the top of the ramp, holding their title belts aloft arrogantly and continuing to do so as they walk down the ramp to the ring. They step into the ring and smirk across at their opposition as Miss Jessica applauds her charges from the outside.

HA: A lot of people would have tried to avoid Blue Dragon and Logan Kincade, but Miss Jessica made it perfectly clear on the final edition of Anarchy that her boys wanted their chance for revenge on Kincade and Blue Dragon.

HE: They're champions Harold, true champions, that's what they do. They fight the best there is to offer...and for the most part, they beat them. Lots of people act like the best, these two included, the difference is, they are the best.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The bell rings to kick the match off and Lex Hart locks up with Blue Dragon. Hart locks in a side headlock on BD, who counters with a belly to back suplex but Hart lands on his feet and goes for the schoolboy pin.

Blue Dragon powers out before the ref even gets to make a 1 count, they rise to their feet simultaneously. Blue Dragon rocks Hart back with a forearm smash to the face, he flies in with another smash but Hart blocks and then counters with a hip toss takedown.

Blue Dragon rolls up to his feet, Hart boots him in the stomach and Blue Dragon lurches forward, Hart follows that with a vicious kick to the face. BD jolts back, Lex runs in and takes him down with a spinning heel kick. He covers.

Ref: 1.................2.........Kick out!

Blue Dragon kicks out, and Lex Hart immediately goes on the offensive with a series of knee drops down into the face of his tag team rival. Lex then applies a front facelock, Blue Dragon gets to his feet and drives Hart back into a neutral corner and then drives a series of shoulder thrusts up into the abdomen of Hart.

BD props Lex up onto the 2nd rope, he hits a flurry of body punches and then follows that with a big right uppercut to the chin. He then lifts Hart onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry position, walking out of the corner and delivering a gutbuster. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.................2..........Kick out!

Lex Hart forces the shoulder up off the canvas, Blue Dragon makes the tag to Logan Kincade. He steps into the ring as Blue Dragon picks up Hart by the waist in a bearhug position, Kincade runs in and takes Hart down with a flying clothesline. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..............2...........Kick out!

Kincade goes on the offensive, firing in a succession of stomps down into the head of Lex Hart. He rolls towards the ropes, but Kincade grabs Hart by the legs, drags him back slightly before falling down into him with a vicious forearm to the face. Kincade is quick to tag out to Blue Dragon, Kincade then returns to Hart.

He again grabs his legs, and then falls back, catapulting Hart forward straight into the on-rushing Blue Dragon who delivers a leaping high knee to the face. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..................2..............Kick out!

HA: Some good early double team-work from Blue Dragon and Logan Kincade, keeping Hart isolated from his tag partner.

Blue Dragon allows Lex Hart to his feet, he then kicks him in the stomach before scooping Hart into the air to hit a scoop slam. Hart rolls up and BD nails a second scoop slam. Hart gets to his feet for a third time, Blue Dragon lifts him onto his shoulders and connects with a powerslam. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..................2.............Kick out!

Hart forces the shoulder up. Blue Dragon stands waiting for him to rise before lifting him onto his shoulders in a powerbomb position. Hart drives some punches down into the top of Blue Dragon's head, and eventually manages to free himself.

Lex drops down the back of Blue Dragon and then hits him with a chopblock. Blue Dragon falls down to one knee, Hart regains his composure for a moment and then lines up Blue Dragon before cracking a superkick into the back of the head. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.................2...........Kick out!

Blue Dragon kicks out and Lex Hart is finally able to slow the pace of the match down, locking in a sleeper hold. Blue Dragon slowly gets up to his feet and Hart drops him down with a backbreaker. Hart drags Blue Dragon towards the corner, hits a couple of stomps to the stomach before going to the bottom rope. Hart then performs an outstanding triple moonsault that has the fans on their feet applauding. Cover.

HE: Incredible athleticism from Lex Hart.

Ref: 1..................2...............Kick out!

Hart gets to his feet and makes the tag to Perfect Jack, who enters the match for the first time. Hart and Jack Irish whip Blue Dragon to the corner. Lex runs in and hits a dropkick, Perfect Jack follows that with a dropkick of his own. The duo then lift BD to the 2nd rope, before hitting a double Northern Lights suplex. Hart leaves the ring as Jack covers Blue Dragon.

Ref: 1.................2.............Kick out!

Perfect Jack locks in an armbar hold, he lifts BD to his feet before Irish whipping him across the ring. Jack then hits a snap belly to belly suplex. Blue Dragon rolls to his feet, throwing a wild punch which Jack ducks under and counters with a snapmare. Perfect Jack then runs the ropes, hitting a running knee to the face. Cover.

Ref: 1......................2.............Kick out!

Blue Dragon forces the shoulder up off the canvas. Perfect Jack hauls him to his feet in a front facelock, dragging him towards a neutral corner. Perfect Jack then hits him with a snap suplex into the turnbuckles that Miss Jessica applauds on the outside.

Perfect Jack then heads up to the 2nd rope, where he dives down and connects with an elbow drop to the face. He covers.

Ref: 1...............2...........Kick out!

Perfect Jack lifts up Blue Dragon, he walks to the corner and tags in Lex Hart. He climbs to the top rope, Perfect Jack hits an atomic drop. Hart then flies off the top rope, nailing a crossbody block and covers.

Ref: 1..................2.............Kick out!

Lex Hart rolls to his feet, he stands waiting for Blue Dragon to rise. He hits an arm drag, Blue Dragon rolls up and Hart plants him face-first into the mat with a drop toe hold. BD sits up and Lex drills him in the face with a superkick. Cover.

Ref: 1...................2..............Kick out!

Blue Dragon again forces the shoulder up. Lex tags in Perfect Jack once more, he hauls up BD and hits an inverted atomic drop. Hart then runs the ropes...


HE: Tremendous combination move!

Ref: 1.....................2.....................Kick out!

Perfect Jack stands over BD, waiting for him to rise. He boots him in the gut...

HE: Perfect Plex!

Blue Dragon blocks the Perfect Plex and then fires in some european uppercuts, forcing a release. Blue Dragon then rolls out of the ring, looking to earn himself some rest-bite.

HA: Blue Dragon looking to take the sting out of this....


HA: Suicide Dive from Perfect Jack!



Blue Dragon looks down at Jack, who is lay on the announce table writhing in pain, and smirks. He then sees Miss Jessica and walks towards her. She steps back quickly...

HA: Lex Hart not taking that!

Lex comes running along, the apron, he dives off going for a clothesline on Blue Dragon but he ducks...

HE: Brogue Kick from Kincade!

HA: This could be a game-changer. Hart and Jack both down on the outside, Kincade and Blue Dragon now have a real chance to press home their advantage.

Blue Dragon rolls Perfect Jack into the ring and then covers.

Ref: 1....................2...............Kick out!

Perfect Jack forces the shoulder up. Blue Dragon hauls him to his feet, throwing him to the corner abdomen first. Blue Dragon then runs in, hitting a big splash to the back. Jack falls backwards and Blue Dragon levels him with a German suplex. Cover.

Ref: 1...................2.................Kick out!

Blue Dragon tags in Logan Kincade. BD drags Perfect Jack to his feet, he holds him by the legs in a spinebuster position as Kincade jumps into the air and delivers a back-cracker. Cover.

Ref: 1.................2...........Kick out!

Logan Kincade allows Perfect Jack to sit up before swatting him down to the canvas with a clubbing right hand. , Logan then stomps away on the head of the tag team champion until the referee steps in.

Kincade steps back, Jack gets to his feet and Logan runs in, hitting a vicious boot to the head. Logan covers.

Ref: 1...............2........Kick out!

Jack powers the shoulder up, Kincade applies a side headlock on the tag team champion. He hauls up Perfect Jack, running to the middle of the ring and hitting a bulldog. Kincade gets to his feet, Jack stirs to his feet and Kincade hits a leaping clothesline. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.................2..............Kick out!

Logan Kincade drags Perfect Jack towards the corner, where he makes the tag to Blue Dragon. Logan Kincade fires off a series of headbutts, which Blue Dragon then follows up with a series of brutal body punches. Kincade then hits a short-arm clothesline, before throwing Perfect Jack into the path of Blue Dragon who nails a pop-up powerbomb. Cover.

Ref: 1...................2..............Kick out!

Blue Dragon hauls Perfect Jack to his feet, making the tag to Logan Kincade once again. Blue Dragon and Kincade hold PJ up in a suplex position before walking to the top rope, dropping him down abdomen first. They then apply a double front facelock...

HA: Double Spike DDT!

Ref: 1....................2................Kick out!

Kincade motions for Blue Dragon to re-enter the ring, they both wait impatiently for Perfect Jack to rise...

HE: Superkick/Big Boot combination!

Ref: 1...........................2...........................Lex Hart breaks the pin!

Lex Hart flies in, nailing a springboard knee drop down onto Kincade. Blue Dragon storms the ring, he runs at Hart who pulls down the top rope and sends Blue Dragon down to the outside. He springboards over the top rope before nailing an Asai Moonsault down onto BD.

Lex steps onto the apron, Perfect Jack and Kincade rise at the same time. Jack tries to get to the corner but Logan cuts him off with a chopblock. He applies a sleeper, setting up for Blind Justice but Jack counters with a jawbreaker, followed by a snapmare. He runs in to hit a neck snap, rolling through to tag in Hart.

Lex climbs to the top rope, he dives off and nails a leg drop. He covers.

Ref: 1..................2..............Kick out!

Hart lifts up Logan Kincade, he kicks him in the stomach and then connects with a suplex. He keeps the hold applied, bringing Kincade back to his feet and nailing a second suplex. Hart brings Kincade up to a vertical base once more, hitting a third suplex, bridging over into the pin.

Ref: 1.................2..............Kick out!

Lex stalks Logan, waiting for him to rise...



Ref: 1..............................2...........................Kick out!

HA: Kick out from Kincade!

HE: Four former world champions in this match and that fighting spirit is there for all to see this evening.

Lex makes the tag to Perfect Jack, he steps into the ring. The pair pick up Kincade, they set up for a double Fisherman's suplex, only for Blue Dragon to storm the ring, taking out Jack with a double axe handle to the back of the head.

Blue Dragon pulls up Lex Hart, throwing him out over the top rope. BD steps down to the outside, he picks up Hart over his shoulders and then smashes him into the steel ring post back first. He then flips Lex onto his shoulders and connects with a Fireman's Carry Slam onto the steel steps.

BD climbs onto the ring apron, Logan and Jack are up. Perfect Jack tries to exchange punches but Kincade easily comes out on top, he locks in the sleeper....


Ref: 1.............................2...............................Kick out!

Perfect Jack forces the shoulder up. Logan tags in Blue Dragon, he lifts up the Perfect Execution man, kneeing him in the stomach. Blue Dragon then connects with a Death Note. Cover.

Ref: 1........................2......................Kick out!

Blue Dragon punches the canvas in frustration. Logan steps back into the ring, the duo haul up Jack, grabbing him by the throat....



Ref: 1.........................2................................Miss Jessica puts Jack's leg on the bottom rope!

HA: That's what she's there for!

Blue Dragon and Kincade in particular protest furiously. They then pick up Perfect Jack, throwing him into the corner. Blue Dragon starts booting away at him, the referee begins a 5 count.

Ref: 1.............................2..........................3.....................4...................

HE: Barely a break from Blue Dragon, he needs to be careful here!

The referee warns Blue Dragon, he pushes the ref back and then continues to unload with a flurry of punches, the ref begins his 5 count...

Ref: 1.................2................3................4......................5!

HA: Blue Dragon continuing to punch away on Perfect Jack!

HE: But he didn't break the count!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman...the winner of this match by way of DISQUALIFICATION and STILL YOUR 6CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...PERFECT EXECUTIONNNN!

HA: What a tremendous match, two great tag teams going at it tooth and nail, throwing everything they had at each other.

HE: Blue Dragon and Logan Kincade were dominating but they simply couldn't put Perfect Jack or Hart away and it seems that frustration overcame them.

HA: We know this is what they're renowned for, the hard-hitting, no nonsense style but they've really lost their cool, and potentially the tag team titles, this evening.

Blue Dragon continues the beat-down on Jack in the corner as Kincade grabs one of the tag title belts. He rolls in, Blue Dragon is about to throw Perfect Jack into his path but Lex Hart gets onto the apron. Kincade sees him coming and drills Hart with the tag title to the head, sending Lex flying to the outside.

Logan returns to the middle of the ring, BD whips Perfect Jack forward and Kincade nails him with the title belt too. Kincade lies the belt out on the canvas, Blue Dragon hauls up Perfect Jack and drives him down onto the belt with death note.

HA: They might not be walking out tag team champions, but they seem pretty satisfied with their nights work.

HE: On the flip side, Perfect Execution walk out champions but I'm sure they won't forget this match in a hurry.

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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 11:03 pm

*The camera returns to the flames outside. But now stand 3 figures. As the camera zooms closer we can see Joshua, Plague and Ojore. Plague laughs loudly and walks away, the pair remaining nodding each other and following.

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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 11:04 pm

Match Three
The Return of Xtreme
Ojore, Edward Plague and Joshua vs Cerberus, Engel Harlequin and Mike Masters

HA: The return of Xtreme is only a matter of seconds away and I truly believe that these men are ready to take it further than we've ever seen before...

HE: Is that possible?! We've seen these men set on fire, thrown from from heights that should end careers, tangled in barbed wire...we've seen these men cheat death...

HA: They look ready to do it again...6 men ready to drag each other to hell...

as the bell rings the 6 men in the ring remain stood on their respective sides, sizing each other up as Engel and Joshua lock eyes. The pair move across the ring and end up toe to toe but don't throw a strike, instead they motion at their partners causing the four other men to charge forward clashing around the pairing of Joshua and Engel who remain unmoved

HA: Engel and Joshua seem to be the eye of the storm...neither ready to fight yet despite the chaos unfolding around them

HE: These two have been destined to fight...Engel seeing Joshua as the man who had what he wanted and now he wants to take it away...

Engel and Joshua remain unmoved as Cerberus and Ojore trade blows with the two men crashing over the ropes and down to the outside. On the other side of Joshua and Engel Plague and Masters begin to brawl with Plague landing a kick to the gut of the smaller man and throwing him to the outside before following out himself leaving the two Joshua and Engel stood nose to nose, a smile covering Engel's face as the tension continues to build until Engel throws the first punch only for Joshua to return in kind, the pair exchanging rapid fire punches, neither moving an inch

HA: This is chaos already and I promise you it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better!

On the outside Ojore has sent Cerberus crashing in to the guard rail but as he runs in Cerberus is able to get his boot up staggering back the former Xtreme Champion, Cerberus quickly pulls a seat from the crowd and slams it in to Ojore's back sending Ojore down, Cerberus shouts for him to get back up readying the steel chair once again. On the other side of the ringside area Plague has begun to throw around Masters, throwing him in to the guard rail back first before sending him in to the ring apron, as Plague attempts to carry on the attack Masters is able to reach under the apron and grab a bag, throwing it in to Plague's eyes

HA: Masters using his brains here and now Plague cannot see! I think he threw sawdust in to the face of the man we call the Reverend!

HE: All is fair in love and war!

Back in the ring Joshua and Engel continue to battle back and forth with strikes with Joshua taking control forcing Engel back against the ropes. Joshua quickly begins to tie up the arms of Engel in the ropes before rolling out of the ring and lifting the ring steps on to the apron, the fans are stunned as Joshua then lifts the steps up and begins to charge as a defenceless Engel

HA: Engel might have his head taken off here!

HE: NO! Here's Cerberus! What a chair shot to back to stop Joshua in his tracks!

Joshua slumps down over the ring steps as Cerberus lands another chair shot, this time crashing Joshua's head between the chair and the steps, Engel laughs sickly as he screams at Cerberus to let him out which he obliges. On the outside the camera focuses on the back of Ojore who has begun to pull himself up, the welts from numerous chair shots already blistering.

HA: Joshua is in trouble's two on one!

HE: It's about to be three...I don't think Plague can see yet and Masters looks ready to take him out!

The action moves to the ringside area where Masters has pulled a kendo stick from under the ring, he stalks a partially blinded Plague landing sick shots across the back tearing the clothing of Plague. Plague stumbles towards the aisle as a fifth kendo strike leaves the weapon in pieces, Masters allows Plague to crawl away as he once again looks under the ring for a weapon to use

HE: The team of Engel, Masters and Cerberus have divided and conquered! Why aren't they pinning Joshua though? That chair shot would have left him out cold!

HA: I don't know if this is about winning...I think Engel wants to send a message and the scary thought is, he might be pulling the strings!

In the ring Engel and Cerberus have pulled a lifeless Joshua up to his feet and have thrown him in to the turnbuckle, Engel runs in hitting a hard running forearm as Cerberus brings a second chair in to the ring before sliding out again, some of the fans covering their eyes as he pulls a glass pane from under the ring, sliding it in to Engel who laughs before looking back at Joshua

HA: These two have something sick planned!

HE: It might have to wait! Ojore!

As Cerberus climbs back in to the ring the fans are shocked as Ojore tackles him in to the corner before hitting a huge belly to belly forcing him to roll out of the ring. Engel attempts to grab a chair but Ojore scoops him on to his shoulder and hits a samoan drop on to the ring steps that remain in the ring, he them wedges the ring steps in to the corner turnbuckle, dragging Engel up

HA: This isn't going to end well for Engel!

Ojore wastes no time throwing Engel head first in to the ring steps causing the metal to bend in with the force, Cerberus runs back in but is caught with a kick to the gut


HE: Here comes Engel!

Engel hits a running forearms that staggers Ojore back before Engel begins to land strikes pushing Ojore back in to the turnbuckle. On the outside Masters has continued to land weapon shots to Plague as a trail of bent and broken chairs litter the aiseway leading up to the stage where Masters continue to stalk Plague, as Masters runs in though a worn down Plague is able to duck a chair shot landing a kick to the gut before throwing Masters in to the stage setting causing one of the glass panels to crack, Plague drops to his knees as Masters pull himself up but as he reaches his feet Plague charges forward spearing Masters in to the set, again causing the panel to crack further.

HA: Slowly but surely this match is descending in to chaos!

HE: Some of the fans can hardly watch!

In the ring Ojore has fought back once again and begins to beat down Engel who fights back with a punch of his own, Ojore shakes off the attack before charging in...

HE: What a reversal!

HA: Engel was able to use Ojore's momentum against him!

HE: Both men are down!

The fans are stunned as the replay shows Engel hitting his Sister Abigail finisher out of nowhere leaving both men down, rolling on to the apron. Back on the stage Plague has taken back control an has pulled Masters up, the fans gasping every time Plague throws Masters in to the glass panels on the stage set cracking each one

HA: If Plague keeps this up Masters will be torn apart!

HE: I think that's his plan!

Plague shakes off the earlier damage and pulls Masters up once again, this time landing a kick to the gut and lifting him high on to his shoulders!

HA: I can't watch!

The fans are stunned in to silence as Plague runs forward with Masters on his shoulders before tackling Masters through the first glass panel, the EMT's quickly rush in but after a few moments they are sent back as Plague and Masters crash through the second panel sending glass flying on to the stage, the camera zooming in to show the torn skin of both men

HA: Plague has left Masters a bloody mess but he's also done it to himself as well!

HE: He always was a man who enjoyed pain...what a freak!

The EMT's attempt to get to Masters but Plague pushes them away, propping Masters again the third and final glass panel before taking a step back and launching himself at Masters, once again sending the pair crashing through the shattering glass, the camera moves in closer but as it surveys the wreckage both men are gone.

HA: We need to get cameras backstage...or security!

HE: We're going to need a swat team with those two going at it!

As the camera moves back to the ring the four remaining men have dragged themselves to their feet, the bruises and cuts already showing on their bodies. Joshua's forehead stained with blood from the chair/ringstep conchairto, Engel's face crimson red from his impact with the ringsteps, the pair stair across the ring from each other as Cerberus and Ojore charge in, once again clashing in the middle of the ring

HA: Joshua and Engel seemingly happy to allow these two monsters to go at's almost like they only want to fight each other...

HE: I wouldn't want to get between Ojore and Cerberus if I was them to be fair!

The fans jump to their feet as Cerberus and Ojore begin to battle back and forth as Cerberus gets the upperhand throwing Ojore down and out of the ring once again following down leaving Engel and Joshua alone.

HA: Engel has spoken about Joshua as if this was his destiny...

HE: Who would wish that upon themselves?!

Engel and Joshua begin to circle the ring, the blood running down their faces. Joshua looks to land a knee strike to the gut but Engel catches it hitting a brilliant belly to back reversal sending Joshua crashing down on to the other set up chair leaving both crushed. Engel sits up quickly and looks at Joshua pushing himself up and begins to laugh to himself, twitching as he begins to stalk his prey

HA: Joshua is in trouble here and he's not the only one!

HE: Cerberus has a sick smile on his face!

Cerberus continues to throw Ojore around the ringside area before pulling the pane of glass from the ring and placing it against the ring apron, the fans wince as he then throws Ojore in to it, causing it to shatter and imbed in Ojore's back, the blood beginning to flow down the Ugandan Superstar

HA: Ojore needs the EMT's right now!

HE: I don't think he thinks that!

To the shock of the fans and Cerberus, Ojore charges quickly hitting a spear that sends both men through the guard rail and in to the time keepers section, both men remain down as Engel has climbed from the ring, pulling out various items and weapons and launching them in to the ring. Joshua is now on his feet and is watching intently, almost allowing Engel to fill the ring with items of destruction

HE: We've seen men torn apart by glass and bust wide open with chairs and stairs and I feel like that will be the easiest part of this match to stomach...

HA: I think you might be right...this is not going to be for the weak of heart!

HE: What the hell is Engel doing?!

As Engel finishes filling the ring with weapons he pulls out one last time, the fans are stunned as the camera moves in closer revealing a make shift coffin with the word Joshua carved in to it repeatedly, Engel looks at the camera and screams


Engel then slides back in to the ring and he and Joshua once again stand across from each other, the fans on their feet but suddenly their attention is taken away by the action on the outside as Cerberus and Ojore are back up with Cerberus once again landing repeated chair shots to Ojore

HA: Ojore's back is a mess...each chair shot seems to dig the broken glass further in to his skin...this is hard to watch!

HE: It's about to get harder!

Cerberus drops the bent chair to the floor before pulling a ladder from under the ring and placing it between the ring apron and the guard rail, he then drags Ojore up on to apron and signals for the end. Joshua attempts to get involved but as he does Engel runs in landing a chair shot to the head before dragging Joshua to the ropes and hand cuffing him

HA: Engel is forcing Joshua to watch whatever Cerberus has planned for Ojore!

HE: We're about to find out!

The whole crowd is stunned as Cerberus throws Ojore in to the ring and drives a knee in to his nose as he gets to his feet, Cerberus then screams at Ojore to get up before dragging him up putting his head between his legs




The replay shows Ojore being powerbombed from inside the ring down through the ladder and hard on to the concrete below, as we come back Cerberus remains stood at the ropes, a sick smile on his face.

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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 11:05 pm

*With Ojore now down Cerberus turns and faces Joshua, the sick smile even wider as he looks around at the weapons at his disposal. He takes a second before pulling up the ringsteps and taking a step back before readying himself

HA: There is nowhere for Joshua to go...he was going to do this to Engel earlier and now it seems to be his fate


As Cerberus readies himself to launch the steps at a handcuffed and defenceless Joshua Engel steps in the way, twitching like crazy and shaking his head, he shouts at Cerberus to put the stairs down and points at the stage.

HE: Is Engel ordering Cerberus to leave?! I guess we're going to find out who the leader is of this dysfunctional he actually going?!

Cerberus drops the stairs and looks at Engel before shaking his head, Engel's eyes widen before a scowl covers his bloody face and he can be heard screaming over the noise of the crowd


*Cerberus stares intently at Engel before breaking the chains on Joshua’s wrists. Engel smiles gleefully and throws the longest-reigning 6CW champion the company has ever had down to the outside and leads him away from the ring.

HA: What is he doing?

HE: I don’t know! I don’t ever want to be on that wavelength!

HA: Oh god, Ojore needs to stay down...

HE: Oh god...What an impact!

HA: This has descended in to chaos!

*With the ringsteps left in the ring, Cerberus drives them down onto the head of Ojore, who had rolled back to fight but not been able to get off of his knees.

HA: CHOKESLAM on to the ringsteps!

HE: Cerberus is reminding the world why it is he who was the King of Xtreme, and he who won the TV title!

*Away from the chaos in the ring, Engel and Joshua are on the stage at the top of the ramp. Engel gestures to the crowd as he stands above Joshua’s humbled body.



HE: He's a monster...we've seen him do it all!

Joshua throws Engel over his shoulders and collapses from the strain of it…both men now lifeless on the ramp

HA: Joshua showing just how far you have to go to beat him! This is amazing resilience!

Ceberus begins to scour the ring as Ojore gets to his knees once, some of the fans look away as Cerberus begins to pick up weapons and use them on Ojore, a chair shot, he drops the chair...a trash can, he throws it to the outside but Ojore remains on his knees, his blood pouring down his face

HE: I think Cerberus is starting to realise just how hard putting Ojore really is!

HA: He might have found an idea!

Cerberus quickly picks up a chain and moves behind an almost out of it Ojore wrapping the chain around his throat and locking in a modified version of his own submission finisher


The camera focuses on the crimson red face of Ojore as his eyes begin to fade and the damage already taken clearly becomes a little too much for him, the ref checks and after a few more moments is forced to call for the bell as Ojore becomes unresponsive

HA: It's over! Although their team have all but been torn apart Cerberus, Engel and Masters have won...

HE: They put up a fight but monsters or cannot take that damage and carry on!

As we return from the replay Cerberus is already out of the ring and walking down the aisle as Engel begins to rise from the devastating impact of the fall to the metal of the stage, he takes a second to survey the scene before seeing Joshua on the floor, beginning to come to

HA: I don't know if Engel knows what happened?!

HE: I don't think he ever knows what's going on! He’s intent on ending Joshua one way or another…I don’t think the match being over matters a damn to him!

HA: Engel and Joshua are not done out there…somebody tell that madman that the match is over!!

HE: I don’t think he cares, brother. And Joshua is back to his knees…

Engel shakes his head and begins to beat Joshua down, the blood running spraying off his fists with every clubbing blow. He leaves the lifeless body there and goes to ringside to collect his special plaything...

HE: I don’t wanna see what happens with that coffin

HA: We need security! Joshua is in real danger here!

Engel slides it to the stage and opens the coffin to reveal it full of barbed wire, lining nearly every inch of it. Engel then looks down at Joshua before pulling him up and lifting him on to his shoulders

HA: I can't watch! Where the hell is security?!

HE: I think it's too late!

Engel hits an AA style manoeuvre sending Joshua crashing down in to the barbedwire filled coffin before slamming the door shut. Engel drops to a seated position and begins to rock as he looks at the destruction he just caused. Security arrive and drag him away as EMT's attempt to open the coffin only to realise that Joshua has become tangled within the barbed wire and the door has become locked

HA: Joshua has become stuck within the coffin...they need to get him out of here

HE: I think they've realised that there's only one way to do it

The EMT's carefully pull the coffin and use the stretcher to take the coffin to the back.

E: heheheh...What a lovely day for a funeral...hehehehehehe

HA: I can't believe what we've just seen and I cannot imagine how Joshua will recover from such a disgusting attack...the match was bad enough but that was something else...

HE: Engel came here to destroy Joshua and despite not getting the win for his team I think he got what he wanted...he brought a coffin with Joshua's name on it and sadly, he got to use it.

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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 11:06 pm

*McManus and The Fanatic are backstage with Charlotte Grey. The message on the screen says this was filmed right as the Parasite Killers returned to the back after their win

CG: Gentlemen, a vicious act out there. Was the brutal pre-match attack a sign of your ring rustiness? Are you worried about being in a straight up match

*The Fanatic turns furiously to Charlotte Grey but McManus puts a hand on his chest

JM: Oh, you're gonna try one of those interviews. We're smart men, Charlotte, you saw that out there. We got the quickest route to victory and took it. Sure, we could beat those idiots, but why not get things done and over?

*Charlotte stands in the silence before realising that was not a rhetorical question

CG: Oh! Because, umm, competitive honour?

*McManus laughs heartily as Fanatic just stares at Grey.

JM: Oh so naive. From now on just watch. Learn. Enjoy. We are going to teach you a lesson on how wrestling can be made into a simple art form.

*He slaps Fanatic on the chest and beckons him to walk away with him as the scene fades.

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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 11:06 pm

*Meanwhile Zhi and Marsh are shown meeting each other in a 6CW corridor.

CZ: We can't say we didn't start this

*The pair break out in very wild smiles

MM: And now let's end it

CZ: Such sweet symphony, orchestrated to perfection

*They smile once more and then both walk into the same changing room.

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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 11:09 pm

*Tim Allen is with O'Callaghan

TA: I'm here with the calmest fighter I can ever remember pre-title match.

*He turns to O'Callaghan

TA: Mr O'Callaghan; you are seemingly unmoved by the intensity of this match tonight. Is this helpful to you, or could we question whether you are mentally prepared?

*O'Callaghan takes a slow breath in and answers without looking at Allen

O'C: There is no panic or agitation; I am the best fighter, not only in this match but in this company. Quality is unstoppable, and I am the pedestal to meet.

TA: So you will just be looking to talent tonight?

O'C: I always have. Nothing else will matter

*With that he walks away

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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 11:09 pm

Match Four
UK & International Title Unification Match
Aaron Heath vs O'Callaghan

He: its title unification time, and what a bout we have in store for you here tonight. It’s the UK Champion Aaron Heath up against International Champion O'Callaghan and its winner takes all. I really can't call this one

Ha: I'm with you, we have two completely conflicting styles on show tonight. We'll see one of the best pure technical wrestlers on show tonight in O'Callaghan up against the brawling style of Aaron Heath

'Run This Town' starts to play as O'Callaghan enters the fray to a mixed reception from the crowd. He walks open armed down to the ring soaking in both the positive and negative reactions from the fans before sliding inside the ring and climbing the turnbuckle

Ha: Like I said, one of the best wrestlers on the roster. He can go toe to toe with anybody, he just needs to make sure this bout goes at his pace, get in the groove early and not get drawn in to a fight with Heath who no doubt will be looking to do just that

'Time Bomb, baby' starts to ring out as the crowd descend in to a chorus of boos as Heath swaggers out to the stage eyes fixed on his opponent in the ring. He walks down the ramp ignoring the boos of the crowd, his eyes not once moving from O'Callaghan

He: Heath is as focused as I think I've ever seen him tonight, the look of a man who knows that by the end of this match he could have it all or nothing, and knowing this kid, he'll be demanding it of himself to achieve the former

Both men hand their titles to the official who raises them in the air before handed them to the timekeeper and the bell is rung. Heath and O'Callaghan circle each other in the middle of the ring before tying up. O'Callaghan uses his wrestling advantage to gain the upper hand, going immediately in to a head lock and then spins out in to a waist lock and rips Heath through the air dropping him belly first to the mat

O'Callaghan backs away allowing Heath to get to his feet. The two tie up again and O'Callaghan once again goes for the head lock, Heath this time drags him down by the back of the head to the mat drawing the attention of the official as Heath pleads his innocence

Ha: Less of that Heath, you don't want to get yourself disqualified now

O’Callaghan gets back to his feet holding the back of his neck, Heath tries to quickly take advantage and runs at O'Callaghan aiming a clothesline at him but he ducks underneath and locks his arms around the waist of Heath again.

He tries to wrestle Heath to the ground again but this time is met with resistance as Heath forces his way out and goes behind O’Callaghan with a waist lock of his own. He works his way up in to a head lock and then spins out taking a confused O'Callaghan down into a roll up pin attempt



O'Callaghan kicks out and quickly gets to his feet but is taken down with an arm drag into an arm bar

Ha: Wow, dare I say that Heath is currently out-wrestling O'Callaghan here?

O'Callaghan forces his way up to his feet whilst Heath keeps the arm bar locked in, he pushes him against the ropes and then whips him across the ring. Heath bounces off the opposite ropes and O'Callaghan takes him down with an arm drag in to a head lock, Heath quickly counters and locks O'Callaghan in with a head scissors but O’Callaghan quickly gets free as both men rush to their feet drawing applause from the crowd

He: You know, I think you may be right. At the minute Heath looks as he's done his homework, he's hanging with O'Callaghan at every step

The two men circle in the centre of the ring and tie up again. This time Heath gets the upper hand and begins to back O'Callaghan towards the corner of the corner of the ring. He pushes him up against the turnbuckle and the official orders him to break up, surprisingly he does at the first time of asking


As Heath breaks up he catches O'Callaghan with a knee to the gut squashing him up in the corner and then repeatedly continues to beat him down into a seated position. He drags him up to his feet and whips him with force into the opposite corner and then sends O'Callaghan flying through the air with a big body drop as he bounces out of the corner and quickly goes for the pin



He: it started a wrestling match; Heath just made this a fight

Heath drags O’Callaghan up to his feet and whips him against the ropes before running at the opposite ropes and taking him down with a flying forearm. He mounts him and begins to rain down big right hands as O'Callaghan tries to cover up

The official forces Heath to stop his assault and the UK Champion gets up to his feet. he backs away from O'Callaghan only time enough to allow the International Champion to start getting to his feet, as he does Heath closes in and connects with a knee to the gut and then connects with a suplex and goes for another pin



Ha: O'Callaghan not beaten that easily

Heath drags O'Callaghan up by the head and slaps him in the face talking trash whilst he does before pushing a groggy O'Callaghan off in to the centre of the ring

He: SUPER KI....


The crowd cheer as O'Callaghan catches the leg of Heath on the attempted super kick and locks in a standing ankle lock. Heath tries to hop toward the ropes to break the hold but each time he does O'Callaghan drags him back in to the centre of the ring and then he trips him down to the mat

Ha: This could be it. Heath has nowhere to go

Heath claws at the canvas as the official positions himself in place to look for the submission. Heath slowly begins to drag his way across the mat, inching towards the bottom rope as O’Callaghan wraps his legs around Heath to apply more and more pressure. Heath raises his hand in the air and it falls just short of the bottom rope as O'Callaghan grips the ankle tighter causing Heath to let out cries of pain

He: This is it, O'Callaghan is about to unify the International and UK Championships

The arm drops


He: The damage may have already been done though

O'Callaghan breaks the hold at the request of the official and gets to his feet. He looks at Heath almost in shock that he didn't submit. He goes to seize the opportunity whilst his opponent is down but the official stops him in his tracks before checking on the ankle of Heath.

Heath pushes the official away and pulls himself up using the ropes for support. He limps into the centre of the ring and in to a waiting O'Callaghan who lifts him and drops him with a leg breaker and then he keeps hold of the leg and delivers several kicks to the inside before spinning Heath over and locking in a single crab

He: Another submission attempt from O'Callaghan, he's turned this in to the wrestling match he would have wanted, this is where he thrives

Ha: Agreed, this could only be a matter of time now

Heath once again is forced to drag his way toward the ropes and break the submission. This time O'Callaghan isn't stopped from staying on the attack and he reaches down to lift Heath up


Ha: You gotta do what you gotta do

O'Callaghan stagger back temporarily blinded by the thumb to the eye from Heath who is slowly pulling himself to his feet. He limps over to O'Callaghan and takes his standing leg out with a chop block to the back of the knee and then goes to work on it.

He drags him toward the ropes and puts the leg across the bottom rope before springboarding off the second rope and brings his body weight crashing down across the knee. He slides out of the ring and grabs O'Callaghan by the legs dragging him toward the ringpost and then wraps the legs around the steel. Despite the pleads of the official he continues to do so several times more before sliding back in the ring. He gets to his feet still favouring the injured leg of his own shaking it off and loosening it up.

He grabs the leg of O'Callaghan and drags him into the middle of the ring and then drops his elbow to the inside. He gets to his feet and drags O'Callaghan to his feet, kicks him in the mid-section and plants him in the centre of the ring with a DDT






Heath gets in the face of the official and grabs him by the collar of his jersey threatening him. He turns back to O'Callaghan and chokes him blatantly on the canvas drawing more boos from the crowd.

The official forces him to break and he gets back to his feet cockily stamping on O'Callaghan every time he also tries to get up. He raises his arms in the air victoriously before mimicking the title around his waist and then he drags O'Callaghan to his feet and locks his arms around his waist before sending him flying through the air with a German suplex, he rolls through and drags him back to his feet and rips him through the air with a second, followed by a third German suplex

He: Considering all out pre fight talk was building up O'Callaghan to be the pure wrestling machine in this one, I have to say that Heath has more than held his own

Ha: He has, and he could have him here after the trip German suplex




O'Callaghan throws his arm in the air again breaking the cover. Heath gets up, a look of disgust etched on his face. He stares down at O'Callaghan before signalling for the end and grabs the legs of O'Callaghan

Ha: What’s he got in store here?


Heath looks around at the crowd baying for his blood as he sets O'Callaghan in position for the sharpshooter. He makes the first motion stepping in to the submission set up





He: That was close, Heath caught off guard. He's back on his feet


O'Callaghan has a second wind, running on adrenalin and is the quicker of the two to his feet and takes Heath down in to the cross face. Heath quickly gets to the bottom rope and O'Callaghan quickly spins out down the body and goes back to the ankle lock and drags Heath off of the bottom rope back in to the middle of the ring

Ha: I have been so impressed with O'Callaghan, he took a fair bit of punishment in that middle section just then and now is back on top

Heath furiously kicks out with his free leg and manages to catch O'Callaghan flush with a few good shots. He eventually forces him to break the submission and he pulls himself to his feet. He meets O'Callaghan in the middle of the ring and drops him with a forearm shot and then backs away as O'Callaghan tries to get to his feet



As Heath goes for the curb stomp, O'Callaghan summons enough strength to flick him up in the air and then catches him with an uppercut as he comes crashing down. O'Callaghan exits the ring to the apron and climbs to the top rope

Ha: The big occasions will always bring out the best in stars like O'Callaghan......FROG SPLASH!!! HE GOT SOME HANG TIME ON THAT ONE





O'Callaghan sits up and pleads with the official for a three count to no avail. He begins to stalk a groggy Heath who slowly gets to his feet and as he does he wraps his arms around his waist and rips him through the air with a German suplex, he rolls through and lefts him again and connects with a second German Suplex and rolls through to attempt a third

He: Heath elbowing himself free, looking for a clothesline







O'Callaghan looks to the heavens for inspiration as he pulls himself to his feet. He lifts Heath up to his feet and hits a Randy Orton-esque back breaker and then bounces off the ropes and follows up with a swinging neckbreaker for the pin



Heath kicks out again and O'Callaghan scratches at his head before looking up to the top rope

He: I think O'Callaghan is starting to realise he's going to have to pull out something special to get the W here tonight

O'Callaghan once again exits the ring to the apron and climbs to the top rope. He stares down at Heath and composes himself on the top rope, obviously uneasy with what he has in store

Ha: 450 splash

He: But Heath rolled away, O'Callaghan ate nothing but mat there..........ACT OF VIOLENCE. WE GOT OUR CHAMP





He: I really have no idea. Heath thought he had him with the curb stomp

Heath slowly gets to his feet, physically exhausted from the encounter and he shouts abuse at O'Callaghan to do the same. O'Callaghan slowly begins to pull himself up

Ha: I have no idea how either of these are still going

He: These two titles here at ringside that's how....SUPER KICK. STICK A FORK IN THIS BECAUSE IT'S DONE





Heath hits the mat repeatedly in frustration before grabbing O'Callaghan by the head and driving it into the mat all the time hurling insults at him. He drags him to his feet and lifts him up across his chest

He: He's going to send him flying here with a fall away slam


Both men are down in the middle of the ring, neither moving much except for breathing heavily. They crawl over to opposite corners of the ring and use the ropes to pull themselves up, both men clearly out on their feet. They meet in the centre of the ring and tie up, neither men really takes advantage and then move toward the ropes, breaking as the official calls for them to

Ha: I think that just goes to show neither man has much left in the tank in this one

Heath tries to blindside O'Callaghan with a big right hand which is blocked and O'Callaghan tries to drag Heath down in to the crossface again

Ha: Can O'Callaghan get this locked in here. it could be over if he does

He: Wait a second





ding ding ding

Ha: I can't believe that. A brilliant back and forth match displaying the best of both men has ended like that

MB: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner, by way of pinfall and NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION.......AARON HEATHHHHHHHHHHHHH

The crowd are booing loudly as Heath exits the ring to ringside and holds his arm aloft in victory as the official races around and hands him both titles.

We see replays of O'Callaghan trying to lock in the cross face as Heath catches him with a low blow that goes unseen by the official and then rolls him into the pin using the ropes for leverage

Ha: He cheated, clear as day. I'm disgusted. What a match to have ended like that. You have to feel for O'Callaghan, this should be restarted

He: To be fair, it was always going to take something like that to end this one. Heath just did what needed to be done and now he has the titles to show

Heath backs up the ramp with both titles draped over either shoulder staring back down at O'Callaghan in the ring who looks on, a look of anger on his face. He mutters something under his breath in the direction of Heath who smiles cockily before exiting to back stage with his titles

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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 11:10 pm

*Robin Reborn stands backstage. The crowd pop as they see him on the big screen. He is focused, listening to music and bristling with intensity.


*The 6CW Champion opens his eyes and turns to see the EWF Champion waiting for him.

RR: I'd be getting prepared if I were you.

*Thunder smiles

T: Why?

*Reborn looks at his title on his shoulder, looks at the EWF on Thunder's shoulder and then points at it

RR: Don't make it easy for me to take it.

*Thunder is unmoved

T: It never will be, and I've got this second shoulder here too.

RR: All the smiley smiles got to let you down one day, kid. Time to be a man or be left on the mat.

T: Bring it on, Robin. Challenge is to be embraced in this world.

*The pair stare with clear distaste for each other before both walking away.

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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 11:10 pm

*The scene changes to Dicey alone in the changing room

"No Sally?"

*Dicey looks up

DR: She's getting my money right, or something hip hop.

*The camera shows JJ standing in the room with Dicey

JJ: Always the warm welcome.

DR: I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to put 6WF to bed.

JJ: You wanna remember who you hanging with tonight, Dicey. You'll need us.

*Dicey looks JJ directly in the eyes

DR: You'll go to bat for someone tonight, JJ, but I can't trust it'll be 6CW. It might not even be for 6WF. JJ has always served JJ.

*JJ steps away with his hands up

JJ: I'm here for Cassius. Beating his company down is just a bonus

DR: Well you can leave when I finish it.

*JJ goes to the door

JJ: This is just the start. Call it the re-up.

*JJ walks out and leaves Dicey to stew over the confrontation

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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 11:10 pm

*Gazzy is in a 6CW office strapping tape to his knees, sat on a desk chair. Christy is pacing back and forth

CJ: And you promise, I mean 100% promise me you'll step away if you can't do this out there. Leave them, lose the match, I don't care, none of it is important as staying safe

*Gazzy continues to strap

GD: I'm not going out there to lose

*Christy stops and places a hand on each cheek of her husband

CJ: We are more important than a fight, Gazzy

*Gazzy looks her in the eye

GD: I'm safe. I'm not 100%, but the doc said I can fight. And that's what I am. A fighter.

*Gazzy goes back to strapping as Christy's shoulders drop and she sits on the floor, helping him strap up.

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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 11:52 pm

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman...the following contest is a FATAL FOUR WAY MATCH scheduled for TWO FALLS...and is for both the EWF AND 6CW CHAMPIONSHIPS OF THE WORLDDDDDDDD!

HA: Yes that's right folks, you heard him correctly. This is a Fatal Four Way match with not one, but two falls.

HE: Instead of both the EWF and 6CW Titles being on the line at the same time, Thunder's EWF World Title will be competed for in the first fall and then Robin Reborn will be defending his 6CW Title in the second fall.

HA: Tonight, we could potentially see a new Undisputed Champion crowned, or two new champions. This match could change the very landscape of 6CW.

HE: And even with all of that, let's not forget the levels of personal animosity that exist between the four men in this match-up. It's a match like no other we've seen here in 6CW. The stakes are higher than ever.

HA: One thing is for sure, I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of either World Champion.

Ring Announcer: Introducing the first challenger...he hails from New York, United States and weighs in at 225lbs...VINCENT COSTELLOOOOO!

I FOUGHT THE LAW & THE LAW WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd immediately burst into uproar in reaction to the above words screaming out around the arena, the words Costello’s Law appear on the big screen and are intwined by the thorns of a red rose. ‘Killing in the name of’ by Rage Against The Machine instantaneously kicks in and the beat of the music reverberates around the arena!

Costello then appears from behind the curtain and stands on the stage looking out around the arena before beating his chest and shouting Costello's law at the top of his voice, Emmy walking behind him. He pause's on the entrance ramp to point and shout at the fans, goes to give his t-shirt to a fan at ringside and then throws it on the floor before laughing and entering the ring.

HA: It was a huge shock to see this man back in 6CW, but even more so to see him alongside Emmy.

HE: He tried to end Thunder's career Harold, let's remember that for a second. And then he brings along Wood's ex girlfriend for the ride too. This man is sick. And I love it!

Ring Announcer: And the second challenger...hailing from Hereford, England and weighing in at 235lbs...LIIAAAM WOOODDDDD!

The lights go out as Revival Mode by Every Time I Die blasts from the speakers, suddenly a single spotlight appears on the stage revealing Liam Wood stood there wearing his World Eater biker style cut. Wood remains under the atmospheric blue light continuing to stand on the stage soaking in the boos of the fans. Wood then swaggers to the ring as the spotlight follows his every footstep, Wood ignores the fans but clearly enjoys their need to get his attention. Wood reaches the ring and rolls in under the bottom rope before standing in the middle of the ring. After another pause with Wood staring down the ramp, the lights return to normal. He takes one glare at Emmy before staring down Costello.

HE: For my money, this man should still be EWF World Champion. He was robbed by that coward Thunder at Night of Glory. Some friend.

HA: Really Henry? Wood totally betrayed him!

Ring Announcer: And now...he hails from Hereford, England and weighs in at 220lbs...the reigning and defending EWF CHAMPION OF THE WORLD...THUNDEERRRR!

As the opening vocals and guitar riff hit, fog fills the entrance ramp, lasers piercing through the fog. Thunder appears through the curtain, he looks out to the crowd. He taps his heart three times before pointing out to the crowd in a circle, ending with him facing the back. He slams his fist down in to the stage, he pauses for a moment on his knee before, getting back up, arms stretched challenging the locker room. Thunder spins on his heels before heading down the ramp.

Thunder walks down the ramp, moving from side to side, tapping the hands of the fans until he reaches the bottom of the ramp. Once there he makes he way around ring side tapping the hands of the fans as he goes. Then he climbs the steps and wipes his feet on the ring apron before climbing between the ropes. Thunder climbs up on the second rope in the corner and bows to the crowd, before dropping down and moving to the opposite corner and doing the same. Thunder kisses the EWF title before passing it to the ref.

HA: For so long, this man fought to win that world title. And now, in his first defence, he faces one hell of a job to keep it.

HE: He certainly does Henry, and I don't rate his chances highly at all.

Ring Announcer; Finally...weighing in at 238lbs...the reigning and defending 6CW CHAMPION OF THE WOOORRRLLDDDD...ROBINN REBOOOORRNNNN!

“Stronger” blares out as the fans erupt into cheers and smoke pours out onto the stage. After a few moments, Robin Reborn leaps through the smoke, before landing in a forward role, leading to louder cheers from the fans. Reborn then jogs down to the ring, tagging fans hands as he goes, before sliding in under the bottom rope. Reborn then paces around the ring, looking out at the fans before turning to his opponents and holding aloft the 6CW Title.

HA: He won that title after a hellacious hell in a cell match with Joshua...and now he faces this defence. I don't envy Robin Reborn at all.

HE: It was an amazing win against Big Josh, but I still have it down as a fluke Harold.

HA: The first fall is about to get under way, and it's Thunder's EWF World Title on the line!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The bell rings to kick things off. The four men circle the ring for a few moments, before Vincent Costello is the first man to step forward. He surveys the scene, and then beckons either Liam Wood or Thunder forward. The long-time rivals stare across at each other, before they both converge on Costello.

HA: Clever from Reborn, stepping out the ring and letting these three sort out their differences.

HE: Showing an experience that belies his lack of big match practice.

Liam Wood and Thunder flail away at Costello, both reining in punches on the former World Champion but with a large percentage not connecting. Wood and Thunder take a moment, looking at each other and then they nod. Wood takes a few steps back, looking as if he is going towards Reborn, as soon as Costello walks towards Thunder, Wood takes down Costello with a chopblock.

Costello falls down to one knee, Wood immediately nails a number of knees up into the face of Costello. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1....................2..............Kick out!

Wood rolls away, Thunder takes over. He stomps down on Costello, but constantly looking over his shoulder at Wood who is stood there smirking. Thunder lifts up Costello, he then Irish whips him into the corner. Thunder sprints in, nailing a huge splash on Costello. He falls forward, Thunder scoops Costello onto his shoulders before delivering a Samoan Drop. Thunder follows that with the SunShot(Standing Moonsault). Cover.

Ref: 1.....................2..............Kick out!

HA: It's a surprise to see these two working together, and quite frankly, I can't see them holding out too long. There's simply too much anger and hatred in that relationship.

HE: Perhaps only paling in comparison to those feelings both have towards Costello.

Liam Wood again takes over the offensive. He leans over, placing Costello into a double underhook hold. He hauls him to his feet, and then throws Costello out across the ring with a double underhook suplex. Costello rises, walking straight into a belly to belly suplex. Vincent Costello again stumbles up to his feet, Wood boots him in the gut and then delivers a swinging reverse STO. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.................2..............Kick out!

Vincent Costello kicks out, Liam Wood continues the attack, locking in an armbar hold on Vincent Costello. He counters with an Irish whip, sending Wood hurtling towards the corner. Costello follows in but Wood counters with a flapjack down onto the top turnbuckle. Wood takes a few steps a back before turning on the spot, sprinting in and connecting with a Yakuza Kick. Costello slumps to the mat and Wood covers.

Ref: 1...................2..............Kick out!

Thunder steps back in to the fray, he applies an armbar hold too. He lifts Costello to his feet but instead walks to the corner, climbing up to the top rope and delivering an Old School. Costello rolls up to his feet, Thunder scoop slams him to the mat and then climbs to the top rope. Thunder dives down off the top rope, delivering a big leg drop across the throat. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.....................2............Kick out!

HA: Robin Reborn still biding his time here.

HE: It's clever Harold, and I can't believe I'm saying that about Reborn. Wood and Thunder almost seem to have forgotten this match is two falls they've gone off at such a fast pace.

HA: And obviously at this junction, he hasn't got his world title to worry about too much.

HE: It's also clever from Thunder though, with his title on the line. He needs to keep himself at the heart of the action, he wants to be in control at all times.

Costello drives the shoulder up, Thunder stands waiting for Costello to rise before lifting him up onto his shoulders and then dropping him to the mat with an Electric Chair Drop. Costello rolls up, Thunder takes him down with a short arm clothesline. Thunder then runs to the corner, he leaps onto the 2nd rope and back off to build some momentum before running in and taking down Costello with a big clothesline. He covers.

Ref: 1......................2.............Kick out!

Thunder rolls away, Liam Wood takes over from his rival. He slows things down for a few moments, locking in a grounded full nelson. He follows that with knees into the back, before bringing Costello to a vertical base. He then throws down his old foe with a Full Nelson Slam. Wood goes to the top rope, diving down and connecting with a big elbow to the heart. Cover.

Ref: 1.......................2...............Kick out!

Wood gets up to his feet, he begins talking with Thunder who nods. He picks up Costello and then hits a firm Irish whip, sending Costello flying towards the ropes. He lands on the apron but is soon sent flying by Wood who delivers a huge big boot to the skull.

HA: Costello temporarily out of the action, I wonder if this will bring Reborn into proceedings...

HE: I think I know what it means...

Wood is standing by the ropes, he leans over and trash talks Costello. Thunder strides forward and quick as a flash, Liam Wood turns around and takes down Thunder with a discus clothesline. Thunder rolls up, he throws a groggy punch which Wood ducks underneath, he hooks the arms of Thunder from behind and then throws him down to the canvas with a Tiger Suplex, bridging over into the pin attempt.

Ref: 1...................2..............Kick out!

Liam Wood hauls up Thunder, he Irish whips him out across the ring and then connects with a spinebuster on the rebound. Wood then dives down onto Thunder, firing in a series of huge punches(ground and pound style) into the face of the man who took his title belts. Wood eventually rolls away, he lets Thunder rise to his feet before dropping him down to the mat with a Double Arm DDT. Cover.

Ref: 1.....................2..............Kick out!

Thunder kicks out, Liam Wood grabs his right knee and then drives it down into the canvas continually. Wood then sets up for an ankle lock but Thunder uses his leg strength to flip Wood over, only for the former champion to land on his feet and then drill the current EWF Champion with a superkick to the chin. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1......................2................Kick out!

Liam Wood drags up Thunder, he boots him in the gut. He places Thunder onto his shoulders, setting up for a Lung-Blower but Thunder counters with a hurracanrana. Wood rolls up to his feet and walks straight into a cactus clothesline from Thunder. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1....................2................Kick out!

This time it is Wood who is forced into powering the shoulder up off the mat. Thunder walks back towards the corner, waiting for Wood to rise before sprinting in and connecting with a running Tornado DDT. Thunder then steps onto the ring apron, before springboarding in off the top rope and nailing a leg drop down across the throat. Cover.

Ref: 1.....................2..............Kick out!

Thunder leans down, he hauls Wood up from the canvas by the waist and then up into the air, where he plants him with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Thunder then runs off the ropes, connecting with a rolling Thunder. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1.....................2.................Kick out!

HA: Thunder and Wood exchanging huge moves here, both desperate for that title.

Wood forces the shoulder up. Thunder waits for him to rise, before hitting a big dropkick. Wood stumbles back and Thunder runs in, nailing another big dropkick. Wood falls back into the turnbuckles, Thunder sprints in...

HE: Boot up from Wood!

Thunder staggers back, Wood runs out of the corner...


Ref: 1.................................2.....................Kick out!

HE: Thunder gets the kick out after the first finishing move we've seen in this contest!

HA: It looks as if Wood is lining up a second straight away!

Liam Wood drags up Thunder, he goes to Irish whip him into the ropes for the World Eater but Thunder reverses the momentum...



Ref: 1................................2.........................Reborn breaks the pin!

HA: And there he is!

HE: First time in the match he gets involved and it saves his shot at becoming Undisputed Champ!

HA: We thought those two were the natural allies in this match but it seems not.

HE: There are no allies in a situation like this Harold!

Robin Reborn quickly grabs Wood by the head, he throws over the top rope. Wood lands on the apron, Reborn then runs in and nails a big dropkick which sends Wood flying off the apron. Reborn turns around, Thunder is just beginning to stir so Reborn drills him with a roundhouse kick to the side of the head. Cover.

Ref: 1......................2..............Kick out!

Robin Reborn locks in an armbar hold on Thunder, finally looking to slow down the pace of the match. Thunder slowly gets up to his feet, and Reborn throws him down with an arm drag take-down. The EWF Champ rolls to his feet, Reborn sprints in and connects with a head-scissors takedown. Thunder stumbles to his feet and Reborn connects with a spinning shoot kick to the stomach, Reborn runs the ropes, sunset flipping over the top into a pinfall.

Ref: 1...................2...............Kick out!

Robin Reborn stands over Thunder, he hits a standing leg drop across the throat. He then waits for Thunder to rise before taking him down with an arm drag. Thunder rolls to his feet, Reborn attempts a hip toss, Thunder blocks and then attempts a hip toss of his own but Reborn ducks that, he scoops the EWF Champion under the shoulders and then throws him down with a Northern Lights suplex, bridging over into the pin.

Ref: 1...................2.............Kick out!

Robin Reborn stands waiting for Thunder to rise, when he does so, the former tag team champion connects with a running dropkick to the face. Reborn then heads to the top rope...


Ref: 1......................2................Kick out!

Reborn drags up Thunder, he throws him into the ropes and then connects with a spinebuster on the rebound. Reborn climbs to the top rope, he steadies himself...



Ref: 1.................................2...........................Kick out!



Reborn goes back up to the top rope, he sets himself again, but this time Costello is there. He clambers up to the top rope himself, hitting a series of clubbing blows to the back of the head. Costello swings onto the 2nd rope, he lifts Reborn onto his shoulders and then nails a rolling firemans carry slam. Cover.

Ref: 1....................2................Kick out!

Vincent Costello drags up Robin Reborn, he kicks him in the stomach and follows that with a series of big punches down into the back. He lifts Reborn up into the air and then connects with a hesitation suplex. Reborn stumbles up to his feet, Costello hits a swinging neckbreaker. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1......................2................Kick out!

HA: This match has really broken down now!

Vincent Costello beats down on Reborn with a series of stomps down to the face. He then locks in an armbar, before hauling Reborn to his feet. He slings him across the shoulders, walking to the corner and delivering a Snake Eyes. Reborn stumbles back, Costello levels him with a short-arm clothesline. Cover.

Ref: 1.......................2................Kick out!

Robin Reborn forces the shoulder up, Vincent Costello lifts him to his feet and then onto his shoulders for a powerbomb position...



Reborn is taken away from Costello by Wood. Costello quickly grabs Wood, turning him around and nailing a knee to the gut. Costello then bounces off the ropes...


Ref: 1................................2............................Kick out!


Costello is quick to drag Wood to his feet, he Irish whips him out across the ring and sets up for the Omerta...


Costello stumbles up to his feet, Wood kicks him in the stomach...



Ref: 1....................................2..............................Reborn breaks the pinfall!

Robin Reborn dives in, hitting a double axe handle down onto Liam Wood. He rolls away, Reborn is about to go for the cover when Thunder drills him with a superkick. Thunder climbs up to the top rope, lining up Costello...


Ref: 1................................................2...........................................................3!



Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman...the winner of the first fall by way of PINFALL and STILLLLL EWF CHAMPION OF THE WORLD...THUNDEERRRRRRR!

HA: Back and Forth all the way, but Thunder manages to retain his world title that he won at Night of Glory.

HE: Now the only man capable of becoming Undisputed Champion and I would say he's in prime position to do so. Hell, he's the only one standing so far.

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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 11:52 pm

Thunder is urging the referee to ring the bell once again, as soon as he does, Thunder hooks the leg of Costello.

Ref: 1..........................2........................Kick out!

HA: It didn't get the win but very clever thinking from Thunder!

Thunder quickly drags up Costello, he hits him with a running powerslam before going to the top rope. Thunder dives down...



HE: Can he take advantage here and secure a shock win to capture the 6CW Title?

Thunder rolls away, writhing in pain. Costello is quick to lift him to his feet, he whips Thunder into the ropes, nailing a Gorilla Press Slam into a gutbuster. Cover.

Ref: 1...................2.............Kick out!

Thunder forces the shoulder up. Costello drags him to his feet, Irish whipping him firmly into the corner. Costello then sprints in and connects with a big boot, dropping Thunder down to the floor. Costello proceeds to stomp a mudhole down into Thunder, boots reining in down on the head of the EWF World Champion.

Costello then steps back, before pulling the trademark brass knuckles out of his trunks. Thunder stumbles forward and Costello drills him with the knuckles.

HA: He can't do that!

HE: It's a fatal four way Harold, there's no disqualifications here!

Ref: 1.........................2.....................Kick out!

Thunder forces the shoulder up, Vincent Costello drags him to his feet and whips Thunder into the ropes. He sets up for Omerta but Thunder uses the momentum to dive over the top rope towards Liam Wood...




Liam Wood steps onto the ring apron, he smirks down at the wreckage of Thunder on the outside, only for Costello to throw him in over the top rope with a hip toss. Wood rolls to his feet, Costello throws him into the ropes...


Ref: 1...............................2..........................Kick out!


Costello drags Wood to his feet, throwing him into the corner. He follows that with a clothesline. Costello then puts Wood up onto the top rope, he joins him up there. Costello grabs Wood into a superplex position, Wood tries to fight it but Costello knees him in the gut. He then leaps back off the top rope...


Ref: 1..........................2........................Kick out!


Ref: 1..........................2.......................Kick out!


Liam Wood drags up Vincent Costello, he boots him in the stomach and then places Costello onto his shoulders...




Wood has the submission hold locked in, dead centre of the ring. He is wrenching back brutally on the submission hold, with Costello fading fast. Wood is screaming at the ref to check on Costello. Initiially he refuses but eventually relents, he grab the arm of Costello. It drops once...

It drops twice...


Reborn makes the save with a last minute flying dropkick. Wood rolls away, Reborn lifts him to his feet only for Wood to prod him in the eye. Reborn staggers, ending back in Wood's path. He goes for a pele kick, Reborn side steps. Wood lands on his feet, only for Reborn to hit a pele kick of his own. Liam Wood stumbles back, Reborn boots him in the gut and then nails a snap DDT! He covers.

Ref: 1........................2..................Kick out!

Wood forces the shoulder up. Robin Reborn is quickly onto the attack, picking up Reborn and whipping towards the corner. Reborn sprints in, hitting a shining wizard. He then lifts Wood onto the top rope, before following Wood up there himself...


Ref: 1............................2.....................Kick out!

Reborn is unperturbed, he gets to his feet, waiting for Wood to rise...


Ref: 1.............................2.................................Thunder breaks the pinfall!

Thunder drags up Reborn by the head, throwing him down to the outside. He turns around towards the ropes, springboarding off them as Costello approaches him...

HA: Slingshot Bullhammer!

Ref: 1........................2..................Kick out!

Costello stumbles to his feet as Thunder waits for him to rise. Thunder nails a Rock Bottom on Costello, and then goes up top...

HE: The more they tire, the more that is on the line, the more risks they take...

HA: Of course, Thunder, Wood and Reborn are all so comfortable up top!


Ref: 1....................................2........................................Kick out!


Thunder drags up Costello, Irish whipping him into the corner and nailing a stinger splash. Thunder then places Costello up onto the top rope, before scooping him onto his shoulders...

HE: Powerbomb....WOOD!



Wood nails the incredible neckbreaker but before the fans can take it in, Thunder lifts quickly throws Wood into the ropes...



Liam Wood quickly pulls up Thunder, throwing him into the ropes...




Reborn nails Wood with the superkick, but covers Thunder.

Ref: 1............................................2............................................................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!






Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman...the winner of the second pinfall and STILLLLL 6CW CHAMPION OF THE WORRRLDDDD...ROBINNN REBOORRNNNNNNN!

HA: How the hell did he do that?!

HE: Cowardice, fluke. You name it Harold, he certainly didn't earn it. That was Wood's win again.

HA: I don't think anyone can quite believe what we just saw.

HE: How in the hell have we not seen a title belt change hands here?!

HA: Tremendous effort and fight from Thunder and Robin Reborn, they walk away still champions.

*Beachfront Brawl goes to a commercial with Reborn clutching the title belt on the mat, exhausted as the other three are lay in various places around the ring.

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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 11:52 pm

*Backstage stand 5 men. 5 men drawn together by power, who stand apart as they meet.

CL: Dont think this is about any friendship, any loyalty or any bond.

CZ: A good message to start discussions. Welcoming as ever...

CL: I don't care, Zhi. Your mindgames for the camera are all laudable but none of that bulls*** sells back here

CZ: I am merely ensuring we win the War and the Games, old friend

CL: I've never been your friend

*The two state at each other and Faith steps forward

CF: This isn't about friendship. Even Murdoch and Zhi there are transparent. We all see through the buddy act; just which of you will stab the other in the back first?

MM: What do you want me to prove, Faith? Cos after tonight I can wrap you up in 1004 holds before you can even ask for an Irn Bru.

*The intense silence returns, before being broken by Hill

MH: Gentlemen, this isn't about who hates who back here. Cos we all hate them more. The idea of what they think they are and what they say about our legacies. Which means I don't care about your stories back here, I have my own ideas and they do not involve losing to those washed up pieces of s***

*With that Hill walks away, and the group breaks to finish any preparations

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Post by Mat Mon 10 Oct 2016, 11:53 pm

*The scene changes to the five men of Team 6CW. They are together with the same kind of intense silence, no noise between them as they wait in the changing room together. Finally Gazzy takes the lead

GD: All we have to do tonight is go out there and prove we are the better wrestlers. And I don't think that is something we have to overthink; it's what we are and what we have always been.

*He turns to Steel

GD: Geoff, we all know you have one goal tonight. But make sure you keep us all in mind. If you're gonna take Hill down, do it smart.

*Steel doesn't once meet Gazzy's eye contact

DR: Who is listening to you? You think you're in charge? Geoff here is the only one I do trust. Your body let you down

*Dicey then turns to point to JJ and Max

DR: and these two, I don't know what team they're on.

JJ: Any team opposing Zhi

DR: Yeah well that story has moved on, like this industry has. We've brought back War Games to keep you retired veterans happy, but this is 2016 now, 6WF is dead and your old rivalries can f*** off with them.

*Dicey stares around the room then walks away and out of it.

MA: I think that's Irish for all for one and one for all.

*Gazzy shakes his head at Adamson as the four men filter out of the room

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Post by Mat Tue 11 Oct 2016, 1:48 am

Main Event
War Games
Cassius Zhi/Cameron Faith/Crime Lord/Mike Hill /Marshall Murdoch vs Dicey Reilly/JJ Johnson/Max Adamson/GazzyD/Geoff Steel

Ding ding

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is your main event of the evening and it will be WAR GAMES!

*Crowd pop

HA: Here we go, Henry…..the one we have all been waiting for….the end is nigh…

HE: Don't say that, don't forebode this anymore than it already is….ten men are about to enter this structure and I have absolutely no idea if any of them are going to walk out…

HA: That is only the beginning of this story….because this is also about the future of this company, we are staring down the barrel here…..facing a very real threat from five mercenaries who are hell-bent on destruction….if 6CW loses tonight we could be looking at the end for this brand…

HE: It's been a hell of a night already but there has been an eerie feeling here in Dubai all evening……the 6CW Universe knows what is at stake here….

HA: And just take a look at this structure right here…..two rings side by side, covered by this demonic cage…there is nothing good that will come out of this contest….

Ring Announcer:  In this match, one member of Team 6CW and one member of Team 6WF shall begin. Every five minutes after a new superstar shall be selected at random to enter the match, with Team 6WF having the advantage. This process will continue until all ten superstars have entered the match and during this time eliminations can occur. Eliminations can occur by pinfall or submission only and these falls can count ANYWHERE!

HA: I'm glad the rules of the match have been cleared up….

HE: I think there should be a last minute change…..this is too dangerous….

The cameras pan around the two adjoining rings as the WarGames cage lowers around it. There is a door on either side of the cage but it does not lower to the ringside floor but just around the ring itself. The crowd in attendance watch in awe as the structure is illuminated by an eerie blue glow and then they begin to cheer….

HA: So two men are about to step inside this cage and get this match up underway….

HE: One from either side….who is it going to be?

All eyes turn towards the stage and then "Out of the black" booms through the speakers to an almighty chorus of boos from the fans. Crime Lord strides out onto the stage with a confident smirk on his face, raising his arms in the air despite the abuse being aimed his way…

HA: Big pick for 6WF's first entrant into this match…

HE: They've gone all in with this one…

HA: But then Crime Lord has proven over the years that he is a big game player and it is matches like this where he excels….one of the most dominant champions in 6WF history….

Crime Lord cricks his neck from side to side and then begins his descent to the ring. He eyes up the cage in front of him and then he climbs up the steel steps and enters through the first door. He runs his hand along the inside of the steel mesh as he paces the ring….

HA: Crime Lord looks right at home…

HE: That isn't a good sign…

HA: Not only was Crime Lord dominant as a world champion but he was also 6WF's most successful hardcore wrestler….this kind of environment suits him right down to the ground…

HE: And he is just one of five threats to the future of 6CW….

HA: Yes he is….but fortunately for us we have five of our own threats….and here is the first of those….

There is a huge pop from the audience as "Last Resort" rips through the speakers and pyros burst high into the air. Geoff Steel storms out onto the stage wearing a "6CW" shirt and he points to the logo on the front, turning the noise up another notch….

HA: What an ovation here for Geoff Steel….one of 6CW's most loyal fighters…..he has bled for this company before and tonight he will not hesitate to do it again….

HE: Steel is a tough son of a b1tch alright…..and a former world champion….

HA: Steel won his 6CW Championship inside the Elimination Chamber so he also has experience in match ups just like this…..he will not be daunted by this task whatsoever…

Steel walks all the way around the ringside area, tagging hands with the adoring fans, and then he removes his shirt and heads for the doorway….

HA: Crime Lord and Geoff Steel to start us off here then….five minutes on the timer before our next entrant….

HE: But eliminations can occur in that time frame?

HA: They certainly can….pinfalls and submissions perfectly legal at any point during this contest….OH CMON!

*Crowd boo furiously

HE: I'm not surprised….

Steel heads for the steps when Crime Lord runs across and slams all his bodyweight into the door, sending it flying open and clattering into the top of Steel's head. Steel collapses on the floor outside the structure as the audience voices their fury…

HA: 6WF are not going to play by the rules here…..we knew that and here is the proof….

The referee in the ring and the two officials on the outside are arguing with Crime Lord but he merely grins as he climbs through the doorway and drops to the ring floor. Steel is still clutching his head as Crime Lord drags him up and smashes his head off the top of the announce table…

HE: 6WF immediately in control here and that is not what we wanted….

HA: Easier said than done but Steel needs to try and ride this out….

Crime Lord keeps hold of the back of Steel's neck as he turns him around and then runs him face-first into the wall of the cage. Steel slumps down on his knees as Crime Lord yanks the cage door open again….

HA: The officials trying to get this action inside the WarGames structure….

Crime Lord chases the outside referees away and then seizes Steel and throws him through the door to the inside. He climbs up after his opponent and finally the door is shut behind him…

HE: Now these men are trapped within the confines of this structure….I don't know if it isn't safer on the outside…

Steel is slumped on the deck and trying to crawl for the ropes. Crime Lord stalks his prey for a moment and then he backs up in the corner with a glint in his eye….

HA: Crime Lord may be looking for the quick elimination here…..DRIVE BY!


The crowd burst as Crime Lord rushes in for the knee to the temple but Steel catches him and swipes his legs, attempting to lock in the "steelworks" liontamer. Crime Lord is thrashing from side to side, trying to prevent the submission…

HA: Geoff Steel has beaten so many greats over the years with this hold….if he can get it locked….

Crime Lord manages to use the power in his legs to push Steel backwards into the corner. He then scrambles back up and he runs in, diving for a splash…

HE: Nobody home….SPEAR!

Steel moves aside and sends Crime Lord against the turnbuckle before running across the ring and returning with a big time spear in the middle of the ring…
……….Crime Lord throws his shoulder up!

HA: Easier said than done but Steel would really benefit from getting an elimination here….because in a couple of minutes he will be outnumbered…

Crime Lord gets back up and Steel nails him with three European uppercuts and then a big scooped slam. Steel bounces off the ropes and returns with a legdrop……………1……………2……….kickout. Steel gets back to his feet and he grabs Crime Lord by the head and drags him up….

HE: He's going for it…..BLADECUTTER!

Steel looks for the piledriver but Crime Lord bulldozes him back into the corner and unloads with shoulder thrusts to the gut. He then grabs Steel's arm and looks to whip him across the ring….

HA: Great counter again from Geoff Steel….

Steel turns inside and he drags Crime Lord into his path before kicking him in the gut and planting him with a huge DDT…

HE: Getting closer….

HA: But not yet enough…

*Claxon sounds

HE: Steel needs to be really careful now…

Boos from the crowd as "The next big thing" plays through the speakers and Mike Hill swaggers out onto the stage. He trash talks the fans as he makes his way down the rampway…

HA: Geoff Steel's former tag team partner….now bitter enemy…

HE: Hill's allegiance has always been to 6WF so him turning his back on Steel shouldn't have been entirely unexpected….

HA: Steel has been itching to exact revenge on Hill for some time now….perhaps tonight he can…

The door of the cage is opened up and Hill climbs inside, entering in the opposite ring to the action. Steel drops Crime Lord with a solid headbutt and then he turns his attention to Hill….

HE: Geoff wants to waste no time….

Hill looks a little apprehensive as Steel shakes his head and quickly climbs into the next ring. They fly towards one another and begin to unload with right hands…

HA: The dislike is paramount….they are trying to maim one another…

Steel's blows are more forceful and he rocks Hill back on his heels. He then grabs his arm and whips him towards the ropes but Hill leaps into a springboard…

HE: Incoming…

Hill looks for a flying crossbody but Steel catches him in his arms. Hill looks frightened as Steel parades him around the ring and then launches his opponent with a huge fall away slam…

HA: Brilliant….you wouldn't think Steel was outnumbered here….


Steel looks to continue to his assault on Hill when he is clattered from behind by Crime Lord. The crowd boo as Crime Lord runs Steel forward and lashes him against the side of the cage…

HA: That's how quickly things can change in this match….

Hill is back up and his strut returns as he sees Steel on the deck. He and Crime Lord stomp down on their opponent before Hill delivers a standing shooting star press…

HE: Once upon a time Hill and Crime Lord were a part of the Dynasty stable that ran roughshod over 6WF….tonight they are aiming to do the same to 6CW….

Crime Lord easily drags Steel up and he hits him with a belly to belly suplex as Hill heads for the ropes. He gets to the top rope and points down at Steel before launching off with a big legdrop…
………..Steel kicks out!

HA: Geoff Steel is a resilient son of a gun but taking sustained damage will have an effect on any man…

Hill taunts Steel as he gets up, lashing chops at his chest and slapping him around the head. He signals to Crime Lord and they both whip Steel across the ring…

*Crowd cheer

HA: Steel showing his guts….

Steel ducks both men on the comeback and rushes the opposite side before returning with a huge double clothesline. Hill staggers up in the corner and Steel crashes against him with a splash before running the opposite side and doing the same to Crime Lord. Steel beckons Hill out and he scoops him up before running him into a powerslam….Crime Lord staggers into Steel's path and receives the same treatment…..

HE: Steel all fired up….

Steel points to the ropes and the crowd go wild. He clambers up high and then he soars through the air, crashing down on Hill with a huge flying headbutt to the chest…………………….1……………………2…………


Boos as Crime Lord's knee explodes into Steel's temple. The former world champion looks irate as he drops down and covers Steel…

HE: Steel barely hanging on now….

HA: He's in a bad way….

Hill staggers up and begins to scale the ropes as Crime Lord picks Steel up and nails a backbreaker. Steel is flat in the centre as Hill is up high….

HE: They're looking to finish Steel off here….

*Claxon sounds

HA: Talk about in the nick of time…

There is a huge ovation from the crowd as "Radioactive" blasts out and Max Adamson strides out onto the stage. He rips his vest off as he rushes down the aisle towards the structure…

HA: Max Adamson is a man with history in both companies but tonight he fights for 6CW…

HE: And there have been a few who have questioned Max's loyalty to the cause but I think he's one of us….

HA: I'd bet on it…

Hill changes direction and leaps towards Max instead but takes a huge double fisted axe handle to the gut for his troubles. Crime Lord rushes over but Max drops him with a big clothesline, amping the crowd up and starting a "6C-Dub" chant….

HA: Renewed hope in camp 6CW….

Crime Lord gets back up and Max takes him down with an armdrag before ducking a right hand and dropping him with a neckbreaker. Hill is back up in the corner and Max runs at him, nailing a monkey flip that sends Hill flying ontop of Crime Lord….

HE: Max is cleaning house here…

Hill stumbles back up and Max grabs him by the throat. He then shows his power by benching Hill up into the air and he launches him over the ropes and into the second ring….

HA: Max signalling to Steel that they separate this fight…

Adamson points at Hill and nods his head at Geoff Steel, who grins and climbs through the ropes. Max then turns his attention back to Crime Lord and he scoops him onto his shoulders…


Crime Lord scrambles off the back and he pushes Max into the ropes. He looks for a big boot as Max returns but Adamson catches his boot and spins him around…


Cheers as Max drills his foe with a big time suplex. He keeps his hands locked as he drags Crime Lord back up, connecting with a second…………..and then a third….

HE: Hat- trick complete….

HA: Max sensing a weakening in Crime Lord….a first elimination?

Geoff Steel flips Mike Hill up for a powerbomb but Hill lands vicious right hands to the forehead and then counters out with a falling headscissors. They get back up and Hill dodges a running forearm before springboarding onto the ropes….

HE: Tornado DDT!

Hill plants Steel……………….1………………….2…………kickout. Hill scrambles back to his feet and he pulls him up by the head before signalling to the crowd….

HA: Hill's looking to end this….OVER THE…

Hill looks for "diamond dust" but Steel shows great power to just hold his foe in midair and then just launches him at the side of the cage, Hill dropping down behind the ropes after impact. In the opposite ring Max is lining Crime Lord up….


Crime Lord gets his boot up and flattens Adamson as he runs in looking for the spear. Crime Lord looks angry as he drops down ontop of Max and begins to unload with right hands….

HA: The violent and vicious side of Crime Lord on sight here for all to see…

He eventually stands up and then he backs into the corner and waits for his opponent to rise. Max is a little groggy as Crime Lord runs towards him…


Max dodges the impact and rolls Crime Lord up………………1…………….2…………kickout. They scurry up and Max ducks a right hand before kicking Crime Lord in the stomach….


……..Crime Lord throws his shoulder up!

HE: So close to our first elimination….

Geoff Steel has Mike Hill's head pressed against the side of the cage whilst repeatedly punching him in the back and kidneys. He leaves Hill slumped there, trapped behind the ropes, and then runs the opposite side and returns with a huge splash…

HA: Mike Hill is feeling the fury of Geoff Steel right now….

HE: 6CW more than holding our own in this match…

*Claxon sounds

"Ain't no stopping me" booms out to more boos as Cameron Faith makes his entrance. He makes his way down to the ring but instead of entering, he decides to stroll around the outside…

HA: Cameron Faith believes he is the forgotten man in this match….that he has been overlooked by so many…

HE: In a way he has but you have to understand that most others in this contest have been around a lot longer than Faith….they have more history, more experience… doesn't mean he isn't a danger…

HA: I'd say he is a danger and he should not be underestimated…

HE: Right now he's really riding this entrance out….

Geoff Steel is stood beckoning for Faith to get inside the cage but Faith continues to prowl the outside. Max Adamson has seen enough and he climbs through the door to give chase….

HA: Faith has waited long enough….

Faith sprints away from Max and then rolls inside the opposite cage door. Max clambers back up in the doorway as Faith comes roaring back towards him…BOOM!

HE: Lights out, Cameron Faith…

Adamson shows agility to drop back off the apron and slam the cage door, smashing it against Faith's head and sending him slumped on the deck. Max opens the door back up and climbs inside….

HA: Cameron Faith tried to play games there and they backfired on him big time….

The top of Faith's head is bleeding as he staggers into the corner, clearly in a lot of pain. Max rushes into him with a clothesline and then lifts him up onto the top rope….

HE: Max Adamson has Faith all over the place here…

Geoff Steel pulls Mike Hill up in the centre of the ring and looks for the "bladecutter" but Hill swipes Steel's legs and then catapults him into the corner, where he knocks into Faith and Max, knocking them off balance.

HA: Adamson lost his footing there….DAMMIT!

Crime Lord is back up and he nails a brutal low blow on Max, whilst he is still stood on the ropes. Faith shoves Adamson down onto the canvass with a crash as Hill springboards from one ring to the other….


Hill slams down on Max's chest and drives all the wind from him. Adamson is in a lot of trouble as he staggers back up into Crime Lord's path…

HA: This is a bad situation….LOCK N LOAD!

HE: Wow!

Cameron Faith superkicks Adamson's head just before Crime Lord swings the Australian into the F-5. Crime Lord fixes Faith a stern glare before hooking both of Max's legs…

HA: Jeez….6CW loses its first member…

HE: Steel is in there all by himself right now….and he's nowhere near 100%....

Faith is still rubbing the top of his head whilst Hill and Crime Lord turn their attention to the opposite ring, where Steel is struggling to his feet….

HA: Look at these damn hyenas…..

All three members of Team 6WF climb through the ropes to surround Steel. The crowd are booing viciously but it only seems to give the 6WF'ers more confidence…

HE: Steel trapped here now….

Steel looks from one to the other and then he beckons them to bring it on, sparking a roar from the crowd. All three men immediately start pummelling him, beating down to the floor where they then begin to stomp on him.

*Claxon sounds

*Crowd pop

HA: Here comes backup…

HE: Not a moment too soon…

"limelight" echoes all around and the crowd go wild for the arrival of GazzyD. He sprints down the ramp on his way to the ring…

HA: GazzyD's first match in a 6CW ring since Night of Glory last year…..he was dragged into this war by 6WF following a cowardly assault on him despite his retirement…

HE: The 6WF'ers don't respect that GazzyD was retired….they have a mission…

Gazzy flies into the ring and he sprints to the ropes before springboarding over to the next ring and wipes out Hill and Faith with a flying dropkick. Crime Looks for a running clothesline but Gazzy ducks it and runs the ropes before returning with a flying headscissors that sends Crime Lord over the top rope and into the next ring….

HA: GazzyD showing no signs of ring rust…

HE: But it has been a long time and we still don't know the extent of the injuries he suffered a few weeks ago….let alone the damage done in previous years which was the reason he retired in the first place….

Hill gets back up and Gazzy nails him with a spinning heel kick. He then does the same to Cameron Faith, leaving them side by side. Gazzy then runs the ropes and rolls back….


Gazzy nails the double rolling splash on his opponents and then back to his feet. He watches Crime Lord getting up in the opposite ring and he springboards over, taking him down with a one handed bulldog….

HE: GazzyD is fresh and he is using that freshness to take the fight to his rivals…

Gazzy heads off the ropes again and returns with a handspring into a standing moonsault on Crime Lord. He beckons him back up and then he kicks him in the gut….


Crime Lord prevents the finisher and then scoops Gazzy up on his shoulders, out of nowhere. The crowd boo as Crime Lord spins Gazzy around….


Gazzy spins off the back and drills Crime Lord with a full nelson front facebuster….


………..Mike Hill breaks the count!

HA: Crime Lord was nearly out of there…

Hill lands a flurry of punches to GazzyD's back as he tries to stand. He pulls him up and tries to flip him into a powerbomb but GazzyD drops out front and in one fluid motion nails a codebreaker that sends Hill back through the ropes to the other ring….Geoff Steel is back up and he drags Hill up and runs him into the cage wall….

HE: Steel loving every minute of this….

Time and again Steel runs Hill around the ring, smashing his head clean against the cell wall. Hill's face is busted up as he sways into the centre of the ring and Steel swipes his legs…

HA: Steelworks locked in!

Cameron Faith looks to burst in but GazzyD leaps through the air with knees to the back sending Faith toppling to the floor. Hill is screaming in pain as Steel jams his knee clean into his spine, increasing the pressure on the submission beyond breaking point….

HE: He's tapping out…

HA: Geoff Steel has himself a little revenge over Mike Hill…

The crowd cheer as Steel eventually releases the hold and leaves Hill in a heap on the floor. Gazzy and Steel high five each other and then turn their attention to their opposition….

HA: We are back on a level playing field right now….

HE: This is the time to make it count….

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Post by Mat Tue 11 Oct 2016, 1:50 am

Faith is back on his feet and he is whipped across the ring by both men before being launched high by a huge double backdrop. Crime Lord is making it back to his feet in the next ring…

HA: I don't know what Gazzy and Steel are planning here….OH YES!

Steel stands next to the ropes as Gazzy runs across the ring and comes hurtling back. Steel uses Gazzy's momentum to push him high into the air, allowing Gazzy to soar to the next ring and catch Crime Lord with a dragonrana……………1……………..2………..Crime Lord just manages to kick out. They get back up and Gazzy kicks him in the gut….


Crime Lord shoves Gazzy back into the corner and then chases in, only to receive sharp knees right to the face. He staggers back as Gazzy lifts himself onto the second rope and then launches off…

HA: Crime Lord caught him….LOCK N….

Crime Lord swings Gazzy onto his shoulders for the F-5 but Steel rushes in and delivers a crunching spear, Gazzy dropping ontop of Crime Lord………………1………………….2…………….shoulder up!

HE: We have momentum here, we need to capitalise…

Gazzy pulls Crime Lord closer to the turnbuckle and then he grips the top rope and leaps up, delivering a picture perfect split-legged moonsault. Crime Lord is clearly groggy as he begins to crawl back up….

HA: If we could get rid of Crime Lord that would be huge….

*claxon sounds

HE: We have to strike now…

"Papercut" echoes to boos as Marshall Murdoch makes his entrance. He moves quickly down to the ring and Geoff Steel makes a beeline straight for the doorway….


Murdoch pulls a chair from under the ring and wraps it right across the top of Steel's head. Steel is slumped through the ropes so Marshall slams the cage door on him for good measure…

HE: I think Steel is out…

GazzyD comes running across and he dives over the top rope and spins Murdoch back to the outside and delivers a thunderous DDT on the hard flooring….

Crowd: Holy (beep) x10

HA: All hell breaking loose now…

Geoff Steel is completely flat on his back in the centre of the ring as Cameron Faith comes across. He smirks at Steel and then he heads for the corner and climbs the rope….

HE: Steel is a sitting duck….

HA: Faith looking to put an exclamation point on this….

The flashbulbs go off as Faith delivers a double rotation moonsault from on high……………1…………………..2……………..3!

HE: We've lost another….

HA: 6WF's willingness to go the extra mile is hurting us here….we need to fight just as dirty as them….

Faith kneels over Steel with a grin on his face before the cameras pan to the outside. GazzyD is back up on his feet and he is gazing up at the War Games structure…

HE: The match is inside Gazzy….

HA: There are no rulings to say the contest has to stay within the confines of the cage…

Gazzy grabs Marshall by the head and he drags him around the ring to the announce area, bouncing his head off the top of the announce desk for good measure. Marshall slumps there as Gazzy heads for the ring apron and begins to search underneath….

HA: GazzyD looking to get a little hardcore here….

The crowd pop as Gazzy pulls a ladder from underneath the ring and he sets it up next to the table. The fans are chanting his name as he begins to scale the heights….

HE: I don't think this is wise…

HA: GazzyD has never shied away from anything….

Crowd: gazzyD x10

Gazzy stands up high and he looks down at Murdoch, still slumped on the table, and then he nods his head as he goes…..


Crowd: Holy (beep) x10

The arena is on their feet, the noise insane, as Gazzy soars from the top of the ladder and drills himself and Marshall Murdoch through the table on the outside. The wreckage is everywhere….

HA: Remember pinfalls and submissions do count anywhere….

HE: I think Cameron Faith knows that…

Faith is suddenly pulling at the cage door in an attempt to open up and climb out. He manages to push it open and is just climbing through the ropes when….

"La….la la….la wait til' I get my money right"

*Crowd pop


"Ante Up" rips through the airwaves as JJ Johnson comes storming out onto the stage, the fans in attendance on their feet. JJ wastes no time in his run down to the ring and meets Faith head on with a flying clothesline, intercepting him before he can get to GazzyD….

HE: Listen to the noise in here now…

Crowd: JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ!

HA: JJ Johnson's first match back…..coming to the aid of Team 6CW against men representing the company where he made his name….

JJ yanks Faith up and he runs him forward and then launches him into the timekeeper's area, sending staff members running for cover as Faith crashes into tables, chairs and podiums. JJ beats his chest with fury and then turns his head towards the doorway, where Crime Lord is standing….

HE: Two former world champions….two men who have nothing but dislike for one another….JJ Johnson…..Crime Lord… we go!

Crime Lord climbs through the ropes and drops to the outside, meeting JJ head to head with furious punches. They continue to lay into one another until JJ lands a brutal body blow and then runs Crime Lord forwards, smashing his head clean into the side of the cage…

HA: JJ Johnson said he didn't return for 6CW….he didn't return for 6WF…..he return for his army of fans, the people chanting his name tonight like never before….

Cameron Faith is stumbling back and JJ grabs him by the arm and then whips him forwards…..BOOM!....The steel steps explode as Faith hits them with serious impact and is sent crumpling to the floor….JJ then makes his way towards the broken announce table to see if GazzyD is ok….

HE: Gazzy has to be in serious pain here….

HA: Gazzy lives for this kind of night, this kind of action….

Gazzy is clearly having a lot of issues so JJ puts him into a seated position on the floor and turns away. Crime Lord is back up and JJ grabs him by the head, only to be scooped up and dropped across the security railing….

HA: For all of Crime Lord's success in 6WF he has always felt that he didn't get the recognition he deserved….men like JJ Johnson, Hero, The Saint, Cassius Zhi were given plaudit after plaudit whilst he was barely talked about….despite dominating for such a long period of time….

HE: It's one of the main reasons he is part of this crusade….he wants to finally prove he is number one….

Crime Lord picks JJ up in a bearhug and he crashes him back into the cage before spinning him around and crashing him into the security barrier. He repeats the process three more times and then just drops JJ in a heap on the floor. Crime Lord then walks around to the timekeeper's area and he picks up two steel chairs before walking back…

HA: This does not look good now at all….

Cameron Faith is back up and Crime Lord throws him a chair before motioning to him what to do next. Faith doesn't look happy about receiving orders but he nods his head all the same….

HE: JJ's return could be very shortlived here….

HA: This is wrong…don't do it….

They both swing their chairs at JJ's head but he ducks and they clatter into each other. JJ takes his chance and he kicks Faith in the gut before pulling his chair off him and he swings it forwards…..CRACK!

HA: Lights out for Crime Lord….

Crime Lord is on the deck after the chair thunders off his head. JJ then jabs the chair in Faith's gut and smashes it across his spine…

HE: This is what we needed to see….JJ doing what is necessary….

HA: Oh my….

The intensity reaches fever pitch as the claxon goes off again and "They Say" creeps out of the speakers. There is a fantastic camera shot of JJ stood in the aisleway, steel chair in hand, as Cassius Zhi appears on the stage….

HA: You'd have to have lived under a rock for the past decade near enough to not understand this right here…..this feud, this rivalry has consumed both men….their hatred toward one another may be more than any other we have ever witnessed….spanned two companies….

Cassius stands at the top of the ramp and JJ at the bottom. JJ's chest is heaving in and out whilst there is a vindictive smile playing around Cassius' mouth. JJ drops the steel chair as the two men begin to march toward the other….

HE: You can hear those shots….you can feel the burning hatred in each and every one of them….

The two men continue to slug it out and then Cassius knees JJ right in the stomach. Johnson stumbles away, winded, and ends up against the side of the cage. Cassius comes forward but then JJ bursts towards him and tackles him to the floor….

HA: No give up, never any change in the deepest loathing these men feel for each other….

JJ rains down punches on Cassius as Zhi tries to cover up and block them. Marshall Murdoch then comes from nowhere and kicks JJ in the side of the head….

HE: The numbers game suiting 6WF right now….

HA: And Murdoch and Zhi have been quite a formidable duo since arriving here in 6CW….

HE: Well all of these men share a common bond….it is what unites them and I hate to say it but right now they are more united than us…

JJ is trying to get up but Murdoch lands a huge right hand and then Cameron Faith and Crime Lord are back to their feet and Johnson is surrounded. They tee off on him and take him to the floor, where a savage stomping begins…

HA: A goddamn pack mentality….JJ is taking a beating here….

HE; Jesus Chris, Harold…..Look….


Crowd: Holy (beep) x10
This is awesome….This is awesome……This is awesome!


All eyes turn to the top of the cage, where GazzyD has climbed to without being noticed. He walks along the roof and then he perches on the edge. All four members of Team 6WF look up in unison as Gazzy leaps off with an incredible crossbody and wipes them all out…

HE: No consideration for his own welfare….

HA: Arguably the most daredevil son of a gun we have ever known…..this is what 6CW means to GazzyD…

Gazzy pulls Cameron Faith up and he throws him through the doorway and back into the cage. Faith is on his knees and pleading for mercy as Gazzy stands in front of him…

HA: Don't listen to a damn word he says Gazzy…that man left you in a pool of your own blood….

HE: And so did he…..

Boos as Crime Lord comes from behind and lashes a steel chair across the spine of GazzyD, dropping him in a heap. Marshall Murdoch staggers up and he grabs another steel chair and pulls himself into the ring whilst Cassius Zhi slowly follows…..

HA: This is not good…..

HE: JJ's on the outside….Gazzy inside with these wolves…

Crime Lord and Marshall begin to decimate GazzyD with hellacious chair shots to the back. JJ staggers back up and makes a beeline for the door but finds his way barred by Cassius Zhi. JJ runs around the ring to the other door but Cameron Faith is blocking that one off….

HA: This is sickening….JJ has to watch this…

JJ searches underneath the ring and the crowd cheer as he produces a huge steel chain. He makes his way back around to the doorway as Crime Lord drags Gazzy back to his feet….

HE: Gazzy can barely stand….leave him alone…..


Murdoch and Crime Lord deliver sickening blows in unison with the steel chairs to the side of GazzyD's head. He is unconscious before he hits the deck…JJ swings the chain at Cassius but Zhi just steps back and laughs….

HE: JJ can't do a damn thing….


HA: GazzyD needs medical attention here…..this isn't good at all…

Gazzy is still unmoving as EMT's rush down to the ring with a stretcher. JJ is irate on the outside whilst the members of Team 6WF look extremely pleased with themselves….

HE: We are in big trouble here and GazzyD is in a bad, bad way….

The medics manage to get Gazzy out of the cage and onto the stretcher. The claxon sounds for the final time and the crowd go wild as "Born to fight" rips out….

HA: Probably not the situation Dicey Reilly wanted to enter to….

HE: But he's been fighting near enough alone his entire life….this is no different….

HA: JJ and Dicey may not trust each other but right now they're all each other has got….

Dicey joins JJ at the side of GazzyD. They stare at one another whilst they listen to the crowd. They exchange angry words but after another look down at Gazzy they nod their head at each other…

*Crowd pop

HA: Whether it is just for one night JJ and Dicey are gonna have to work together here….

They both order the doors open as they take to opposite sides of the cage. JJ dives in and is immediately set upon by Marshall Murdoch as Cassius steps back to admire. Dicey dives into the cage and is met by Crime Lord and Cameron Faith…

HE: We are really, really up against it here now….

Dicey unloads with right hands on both men and then he clotheslines them both to floor. JJ battles out of Murdoch's clutches and nails him with a pele kick. Cassius comes forward but JJ rushes into him and tackles him into the corner, exploding with right hands….

HA: This is more than what we could have even expected here tonight….

Marshall comes running in but JJ sidesteps and sends him clattering into Cassius. Murdoch staggers out and JJ boots him in the gut before running the ropes….

HE: Scissors kick….JJ feeling it…

JJ lands the kick to the back of Murdoch's head and spins back to his feet. He raises an arm to the crowd but then he sees Dicey being ground down by Crime Lord and Faith. Johnson quickly climbs into the next ring as Faith leaps towards him….

HA: JJ ducked it….

JJ ducks Faith's superkick and in one motion scoops him onto his shoulders and nails an F-U. Crime Lord is waiting for JJ and he scoops him up on his shoulders….


JJ scrambles off the back and he pushes Crime Lord away, straight into a huge diving clothesline from Dicey. Crime Lord gets back up and they both suplex him into the air and then haul him at the side of the cage…

HA: The whole structure just shook….

Marshall is just climbing through the ropes into the next ring as JJ nails him with another scissors kick, causing him to flop through onto the canvass. Murdoch is groggy as Dicey flips him up on his shoulders and runs him forward, powerbombing him into the turnbuckle….

HE: Murdoch all over the place here……HANGOVER CURE!

Huge cheers as Dicey thunders into Marshall with the brutal knee to the face. He drags him out and covers as JJ stands guard…

HA: That is some teamwork right there….

Crime Lord is at sixes and sevens as he tries to make it back to his feet. JJ begins to stalk him, talking trash as he does so. Crime Lord staggers around….


*Crowd cheer

Faith looks for his superkick again but JJ moves away and the kick detonates on Crime Lord's jaw, leaving him slumped in a heap. Faith looks shocked by what he has done but has no time to think as JJ boots him in the gut….


JJ delivers the stunner with authority. Faith staggers back and Dicey boots him in the stomach and lifts him up into the air….


HA: This is sensational…


HE: Just like that we are evened up….Dicey Reilly and JJ Johnson are on fire here….

JJ is backed up in the corner as Dicey gets to one knee. They glare at one another for a few moments and then their eyes turn to the two remaining members of Team 6WF….

HA: You can feel the electricity in the air…one of these teams, representing two great companies is going to be victorious here tonight….this match has ebbed and flowed….back and forth….

HE: And now in the ring we have four men with a combined eight world title reigns between them…..all of them first ballot hall of famers…

HA: But only one can win….

JJ looks to go after Cassius but he stops and looks at Dicey. There is a respectful nod as JJ points to Zhi and tells Dicey to go get him…

HE: JJ hates Cassius more than anyone but he knows that there are certain fights for certain people at a given time….this is Dicey Reilly's fight….

JJ instead beckons Crime Lord up and he slugs him back to the ropes and looks for an Irish whip. Crime Lord uses his power to reverse but JJ flies back and wipes him out with a huge lariat. They get back up and JJ scoops Crime Lord onto his shoulders….


Crime Lord elbows his way free and he shoves JJ into the corner. He runs in after but JJ sidesteps and sends his opponent against the turnbuckle. He beckons him back out and drills him with a release spinebuster…

HE Look at those two go…

In the other ring, Dicey and Cassius are firing off shots like pistols. Cassius responds to Dicey's right hands with chops but Reilly is relentless. He backs Zhi up in the corner and really unloads….

HA: Every time Dicey has got anywhere near Cassius Zhi and gaining revenge he has been thwarted by outside interference….finally now he can release all the frustration that has built up…

Zhi slumps down in a seated position as Dicey backs away, his eyes blazing with fury. Dicey then rushes back in and swings his leg forward…


Cassius manages to move and counters with a drop toe hold, sending Dicey crashing into the lower turnbuckles. Zhi begins to crawl back to his feet and he beckons for Dicey to get up…


Dicey ducks the roundhouse kick and counters with a huge back suplex. He rolls on top of Cassius and begins to unload again…

HE: This isn't a wrestling match for Dicey Reilly…..this is a fight….

JJ is trying to drag Crime Lord up but receives a rake to the eyes for his trouble. Crime Lord then scoops JJ up and detonates with a full nelson slam. He backs up in the corner and motions for JJ to rise before he runs forward…


Crime Lord swings his leg at JJ's head but Johnson catches it and drags Crime Lord's feet out from under him, applying a sickening anklelock in the centre of the ring. Crime Lord is screaming in agony and desperately trying to crawl for safety but there isn't any….

HE: This is JJ's signature hold….he has done so much damage over the years with this….

The crowd are on their feet as Crime Lord continues to howl in agony and JJ rips at the ankle, turning it an unnatural angles. Crime Lord's hand shakes on the verge of tapping….

HA: This would be huge in the context of this match….OH CMON!

Crime Lord somehow manages to turn out on his back and he kicks forwards with his free foot, catching JJ right between the legs. The crowd are booing furiously as JJ drops to the canvass and Crime Lord tries to get the feeling back in his ankle….

HE: This match has been carnage…

Dicey Reilly has Cassius Zhi in the centre of the ring for the "craicdown" but Cassius swipes his opponent's legs and then catapults him into the cage wall. Cassius gets back up and he roundhouse kicks Dicey in the back of the head, slumping him into the cage again….

HA: This is disgusting….

Cassius suddenly grabs Dicey by the head and begins to grate his face against the mesh. Zhi's laughter can be heard as the blood begins to ooze from Reilly's face…

HE: Dicey is a bloody mess now…

Dicey drops down to his knees, bleeding heavily as Cassius stands over him with a triumphant smile. In the opposite ring JJ and Crime Lord are back to their feet and Crime Lord scoops JJ up…


JJ elbows at Crime Lord's jaw until he is released and then scoops him up and drills him with "emerald fusion". The cheers are ringing out as JJ heads for the corner and climbs up top…

HE: JJ looking to finish it here….

HA: We all know what comes now….SHOOTING STAR…

Cassius grabs JJ's foot and pulls it out from under him, crotching JJ on the top rope. The crowd are booing furiously but Cassius just laughs as he backs away. Crime Lord stumbles back up and he pulls JJ off the ropes onto his shoulders….

HA: This isn't right….


The ring shakes as Crime Lord drills JJ with an almighty F-5………..he nods his head and smirks as he hooks the leg….


*Crowd pop

HE: How on earth…

HA: You never and I mean never rule out the heart of JJ Johnson….

The fans are bouncing but Crime Lord looks irate. He scrambles up and grabs the referee by the front of the shirt, but the official assures him it was a two count….

HE: Crime Lord cannot believe it….

HA: Cassius Zhi can…

Cassius is almost admiring as he watches JJ's resilience. Crime Lord shakes his head furiously as he beckons JJ back up and scoops him onto his shoulders again….


JJ is destroyed by another F-5. Crime Lord crawls towards the cover but then looks at Cassius watching him. Zhi's eyes seem to be mocking Crime Lord….

HA: It's almost as though Cassius is telling Crime Lord it isn't enough…

Crime Lord punches his fist into the mat with fury and then he grabs JJ by the head and hauls him back up once more. He scoops JJ up once more and stares at Cassius the entire time….


The third F-5 connects and JJ is unmoving as Crime Lord rolls him over and covers……………………..1…………………….2………………….3!

HA: JJ Johnson's triumphant return is over….

HE: But my god what did it take to keep him down….

HA: Crime Lord has been on a roll in this match….he has proven a lot here tonight….

Crime Lord gets to his feet, shaking his head at JJ, and he and Cassius stare at one another. They both then turn to Dicey Reilly, who is trying to get up but bleeding copiously…

HA: Once again the hopes of 6CW rest on the shoulders of that man right there…..Dicey Reilly is all alone….

HE: And he is battered and bloody….

Crime Lord climbs into the ring with Cassius and they surround Dicey. Reilly staggers to his feet, blood everywhere, and he turns from one to the other and gives them the finger….

HA: You have to admire the balls of Dicey Reilly…..the toughest son of a b1tch I have ever known….

Crime Lord spits at Dicey's feet and then rushes him back into the corner, unloading with shoulder thrust after shoulder thrust. Cassius backs away, grinning, as Crime Lord continues his assault….

HE: Crime Lord has been in this match over thirty minutes and still he is dominant….

HA: And Cassius is happy for him to do the work…

JJ Johnson is on the outside of the cage now and being checked on by officials. He is clearly having a lot of trouble with his ribs as he hobbles around the outside. In the ring, Dicey is lifted up to the top rope and Crime Lord climbs up after him….

HE: What a superplex…

The ring shakes as Crime Lord delivers the top rope suplex. He makes the cover…………..1………………2……….Dicey kicks out. Crime Lord gets up and he points to Cassius…

HA: Crime Lord wants Zhi to do some work….

Cassius laughs as he walks forwards and stalks Dicey. Crime Lord then walks to the doorway of the cage and begins to badmouth JJ as he leaves…

Crime Lord: I told you….nothing but a has-been…..I own your a55, Johnson….

*Crowd pop


The door of the cage is open as JJ wraps the steel chain, from earlier, around his fist and crashes it into the Crime Lord's face. Johnson staggers back, wincing from the pain in his ribs, whilst Dicey low blows Cassius and scrambles towards Crime Lord….rolling him up with a fistful of tights….



HA: Oh wow…

Crowd: 6C-Dub x10

HA: We are one on one….

HE: I don't give a damn how we're doing it but my god I love it….JJ Johnson just took out Crime Lord….

JJ is sat in the aisleway, grinning, as the three count is made. Dicey Reilly is bleeding all over the canvass but the noise from the crowd sparks him into life….

HA: Cassius Zhi and Dicey Reilly…..poetic really that these are the last two men in this match….

Crime Lord is on the outside now and surrounded by referees. He looks furious and is trying to push back into the cage….

HE: Crime Lord is beside himself….this was his match…

Crime Lord turns to JJ and makes a beeline for him. JJ is hobbling back up, although in no state to fight, as security flood down to get in between them…

HA: Crime Lord wants to rip JJ limb from limb now….

HE: This is insane…

The two men are shouting insults at each other whilst they are held back and restrained. Crime Lord looks ready to burst….

HA: Crime Lord is not going to forget this….this will not be the last we hear on this subject….

HE: But now it comes down to this…..Dicey Reilly and Cassius Zhi…

As Crime Lord and JJ are escorted from the ringside area the cameras pan back to the ring. Dicey and Cassius are back up on their feet and glaring at each other. There is blood all over Dicey's face and chest….

HA: I don't think any of us are ever going to forget this….

The two men storm forwards and again they trade shots. Blood and sweat spray everywhere as their heads are rocked back. Dicey begins to send Cassius towards the ropes but then Zhi responds with an eye poke, drawing the fury of the fans…

HE: Is Dicey Reilly going to able to hold off the most dangerous man in professional wrestling?

HA: If anybody can do it, Dicey Reilly is that man….he's fighting for 6CW here, the company he loves…

Cassius grabs Dicey and tries to run him towards the cage but Dicey shifts his footing and launches Cassius high against the wall. Cassius is all over the place as Dicey grabs him again and launches him into the side of the cage…

HA: This would be the biggest, most impressive victory of Dicey Reilly's entire career….this would cement his legacy as one of the greatest ever…

Cassius staggers away and he drops down in the corner. Dicey spits blood and then rushes at his foe, driving his knee right into the side of Cassius' jaw…


The crowd are wild as Dicey drags Cassius away from the ropes and covers……………1……………….2………..shoulder up!


There are groans from the crowd as Cassius gets his shoulder up off the mat. Dicey holds his head in his hands for a second and then he gets back up. He grabs Cassius by the head and he yanks him up…


Cassius counters with a backdrop. He screams like a primal animal as he waits for Dicey to stand up and then he leaps up into the air…


HE: Got him…

The roundhouse kick connects with the skull of Dicey…………………1………………………2……………3!


*Crowd pop

HE: Wow…

HA: This is what this company means to Dicey Reilly….YOU CAN'T COMPREHEND IT CAN YOU, ZHI?

Cassius' eyes bulge as the referee signals a two count. He clambers back up and he pushes the official aside as he begins to stalk Dicey again….

HE: Cassius is ready to end this….Dicey is a sitting duck….

HA: 6CW's fading here….heartbeat is slowed…..SHOCKWAVE!


Dicey somehow dodges Cassius' attack and he kicks him in the gut, delivering an almighty craicdown piledriver in the centre of the ring….

HA: He got all of it….this is it…

Crowd: ONE…


Somehow, some way Cassius manages to kick out at the very last instant. Dicey just rolls off the cover, his features distorted by blood…

HE: This is incredible….these two men have thrown everything at each other…

HA: This is a main event beyond our wildest dreams….the pride in both of these companies is unreal…

HE: They said 6WF is dead but the performances of their old guard tonight suggest perhaps there is still life….

Dicey is clinging to the ropes, barely able to stand, and he uses them as a crutch to reach his feet once more. He staggers over to Cassius, who is on his knees, and he grabs him by the head and drags him up….

HA: Another one? Finish him Dicey….


Cassius swipes Dicey's legs at the final second and catapults him into the cage wall. Dicey just stays there, unmoving, as Cassius crawls back up and thunders into the back of him. He then spends the next sixty seconds grating Dicey's face again….

HA: This is too much….Dicey's lost so much blood…

Cassius pulls Dicey's face away from the cage and laughs before he repeatedly smashes his head against the mesh. Over and over, Dicey's skull collides with the unforgiving steel…

HE: This has to stop…

Twenty…..thirty times, Dicey's head is thundered against the cage. Finally, Cassius releases and Dicey just drops like a dead weight….

HA: I can't watch anymore of this…

Cassius just stands over Dicey, an ugly grimace on his face. There are extremely concerned faces from the audience and the members of staff around ringside…

HE: This should be stopped….Dicey Reilly has nothing left…

HA: Dicey Reilly would rather die than have this contest called off….as long as he is breathing he will keep coming….

HE: But how much longer do you think he will breathe?

Dicey's hand stretches out onto Cassius' boot, drawing a reaction from the fans. A vein twitches in the side of Cassius' head as the referee pleads with him to end the match…

HA: I don't want to see Dicey Reilly's career ended here but he knows nothing else but fighting….

Cassius reaches down and he takes Dicey's blood all over his hands. He then draws on his own chest with it….

HE: That is one sick, deprived man…


Cassius then draws a cross through the acronym in Dicey's blood

*Crowd boo furiously

HE: And now what?

Cassius kneels down and he lifts Dicey's head so that he can look into his eyes. Dicey is barely conscious as Cassius continues to look at him and then he smiles. He pulls the dead weight of Dicey up….

HA: This is enough here……NO WAY!

Cassius' eyes are full of malice as he suddenly scoops Dicey up onto his shoulders. He walks him around the ring, parading him to the audience, and then he walks back to the centre….


Cassius drills Dicey with JJ's "VIP Experience" in the middle of the ring. He rolls Dicey over and crosses his arms over his chest as though presiding over a funeral….the referee looks extremely concerned as he quickly counts…

HA: Dear lord….

There are screams and even tears from certain fans as the bell sounds to end the contest. The ring is stained with blood as the cage begins to lift toward the rafters and "They Say" echoes out of the speakers.

HE: I don't even know what to say here…..Dicey Reilly needs some serious help…

HA: 6CW needs help….Dicey Reilly needs the hospital and fast….I can't even comment on this right now…

Cassius Zhi continues to kneel over Dicey's broken and beaten body, a cold and unemotional stare on his face. Medics are already on site to check on Dicey's condition….

HA: Tonight was about honour and pride but this has taken it all to a whole new level….is this new world order for 6CW?

HE: I have never seen anything quite as hellacious….these men put it all on the line but in the end there is one man standing….

HA: What a very scary sight this is for 6CW….

Cassius finally stands tall in the middle of the ring and he watches as Dicey Reilly is taken from the ring by the EMT's. He still displays no emotion at all…

HA: Folks this has been an incredible evening….one we will never, ever forget…it's just a shame to see it end on this note….

HE: The violence has gone beyond anything…..there are always casualties in war but will any of these men ever be the same again…

Cassius suddenly climbs from the ring and he reaches underneath the apron and pulls something out. He heads towards Dicey Reilly…

HA: Enough is enough….leave him alone…..

Cassius stands over Dicey for a second and then he lays a "6WF" t-shirt on his battered body. The boos from the crowd are unmerciful as Cassius finally cracks an evil smile as the show comes to an end.

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