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6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020 Empty 6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Fri 07 Aug 2020, 2:22 am

The following is a exclusive…

Jeff Thadeus is shown in a small room as Clarke James enters, Jeff reaches out and shakes his hand and gestures for him to take a seat. James winces as he sits in the chair, clutching at his ribs…

JT: Clarke, thanks very much for taking the time to sit and talk to us, I’m sure you’d rather be relaxing, or rather recovering following your strap match…. How are the ribs?

CJ: Yeah, they’re pretty sore, but I’ll heal. Thanks for having me, been a while since I did one of these interviews.

JT: I guess the first place to start is how you feel? Not your ribs, but about your return, is this how you expected things to go when you came back?

CJ: Well, probably not. I guess there has always been a part of me that loves this business, you know? But when I came back, it was purely to visit Jack and Marsh. Jack and I had such a great run, from out of nowhere really, those kinds of friendships don’t come along in this business very often. We had the merchandise, the rivalry with Jackson and Frank, plus Max. The ‘we are all rainbows’ stuff, the random signings. You know, that was actually real? We would just rock up to random places, tweet that we were there and see how many people would actually turn up. It was so much fun.

JT: And you came so close to making history?!

Clarke chuckles…

CJ: Yeah man, when it all started, it was all thrown together, and sometimes that’s the best way to create. Once it started, the management just ran with it, the Tag Titles, the UK, the International…. And they were behind it all the way. It was us that suggested the World Title, and dropping everything for a shot. We thought they would never buy it, and they did. And you know, that moment in the ring with Jack, afterwards, that was the moment we knew it was over.

But back to your point, I never planned on returning. But, things started, and they approached me and asked if I wanted to stay, and I felt it was right for me. I still got that buzz being in the ring, I’ll just see where it goes.

JT: You’ve had run ins with the Wolf Gang, and some would say some of your actions in your matches haven’t exactly been what you’d call ‘sportsmanlike’, any comment on that?

CJ: I’ve been in the business long enough to have picked up a few tricks of the trade. It’s about being opportunistic. Factions come and go, they try and run roughshod over the roster, lets not forget where I started. As for sportsmanship, I call it doing what it takes to win, and there isn’t a superstar in this business who wouldn’t do exactly the same in my position.

JT: So let’s go back to last week… the World Title match, do you want to explain your actions?

CJ: Explain what?

JT: Many would say that you deliberately cost Jackson the title when you elbowed him?

James shakes his head in disbelief…

CJ: That is nonsense. Let me guess, because it’s Marshall you think I’ve gone out there and done him a favour?

JT: Well, he did help you out?

CJ: Look, this isn’t some sort of ‘I scratch your back, you scratch mine’ deal that we have…

JT: So why were you out there?

CJ: Because they are both friends of mine, two friends who were taking each other to the absolute limit. That match deserved a proper finish, a clear winner. No DQ, no screwy finish, no interference. With everything that goes on here, I was doing right by my friends. When I got blinded, I had absolutely no idea what was going on, who was around me. It was just a reactionary thing?

JT: That cost Jackson his world title?

CJ: You’re looking for something that isn’t there. It was instinct. I’ve been jumped on, ganged up, attacked. Everywhere I turn one of the Wolf Gang puppies is there. I had no idea who or what it was, I instinctively threw my elbow back, I didn’t mean to cost Jackson. And look, I’m happy for Marsh, he deserves it, and everyone saying they wouldn’t have taken advantage is lying. But I genuinely had no idea, and I’m genuinely sorry to Jackson, it was never my intention, there was no setup, there was no collusion. It was just an unfortunate accident, and one I hope he can forgive me for.

Look this has been fun, but I’m not going to sit here and have you suggest that I deliberately cost a friend of mine his World Title. It was an honest mistake. And we’re done…

James gets up, a look of disappointment on his face as he exits out of shot. Thaddeus shrugs as the 6CWcom logo flashes up on screen.

*The Clarke James interview leads into a recap of Marshall Murdoch winning the 6CW Championship. Marshall enters the arena and he holds the world title over his head. He gets on the mic and says he wishes he could live this moment in front of a sell-out crowd but that day will come because he is going to be world champion for a very long time. Marshall talks about how he had begun to doubt himself but he never gave up and after years of busting his a55 he is finally the man and nobody can take that away from him. Murdoch makes it clear that anyone in the back is welcome to step up and try but there isn’t a man in this industry that can beat him.

*Clarke James comes out and he looks delighted for his friend. He apologies for interrupting Marshall’s moment but he wanted to congratulate him and tell him how proud he is. They reminisce about coming up together and CJ always knew Marshall would be a world champion. Murdoch says he is glad CJ is out here with him and that he appreciates him having his back.

*Jackson Jackson interrupts and he snidely remarks about how CJ and Murdoch collaborated to steal his world championship last week. Jackson makes it clear that he blames CJ for what happened and although James tries to explain that it was an accident Jackson is dismissive and says he should have known a screwjob was coming because that is the only way Marshall could beat him. Murdoch steps forward and says he could beat Jackson any day of the week and he doesn’t need anyone’s help. Jackson says he is glad Marshall says that because he is invoking his rematch clause for the following episode of Proving Grounds and promises he will recapture what was stolen from him. Jackson warns CJ to stay away from that match and James tries to apologise again, explaining that they are friends but Jackson tells him they aren’t friends and never were.

*Jackson leaves and Clarke James looks torn whilst Marshall Murdoch hoists the 6CW Championship over his shoulder. The final image is of Marshall and Jackson staring at one another as CJ looks between the two men.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Fri 07 Aug 2020, 2:31 am

*Team Frost are gathered together in the backstage area and it is Perfect Jack taking the lead alongside Cillian Frost. Jack tries to appease Helms & Dicey whilst appealing to their better nature and common hatred of Team Lawless. PJ says he understands Helms isn't a company man and he gets that Dicey doesn't like Helms but this isn't about that. He makes it clear that working together eliminates the Lawless threat and then if they want to tear each other apart then he's sure Cillian Frost will sanction it. Jack tells Helms that he needs to leave his ego at the door because if he truly believes he can win this fight alone then it won't be long until his knee is beyond repair. Dante Phoenix rises and says he is seeing this through to the end and he hopes everyone else will get on the same page because divided they will fall and then there will be no way back. Jack says this is their last chance and they are running out of time, it is vital that they send a message here tonight.

*The scene changes and Miss Jessica is scowling as she watches PJ's speech. Jessica talks about her hatred for Jack and how she never wanted him to be re-signed to the company in the first place. Johnny Lawless steps forward and says it won't matter after Beachfront Brawl because they'll have total control of the company and they can hire & fire whoever they want. Jessica says she will terminate the entirety of Team Frost but not until she has made them suffer. The Lawless twins then turn to their troops and tell them that they are so close now to completing their mission but that their opposition are now desperate so expect the unexpected.

*Christy James tries to grab a quick interview with Jackson Jackson as he enters the backstage area but Jackson had said all he is going to say tonight. Now is about focusing on next week and taking back what has been stolen from him. Guarantees he will be a 2x 6CW Champion.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Fri 07 Aug 2020, 2:32 am

Bout 1
Tornado Tag
Dicey Reilly/Perfect Jack vs James McManus/Jimmy Phillips

*The match starts out with both teams trading shots in the centre of the ring before Phillips knees Dicey in the gut and tosses him outside, following him to continue their fight. PJ is lighting McManus up with stiff chops and then nails a huge overhead belly to belly.

*Phillips launches Dicey against the plexiglass barricade and then scoops him on his shoulders. He looks to run Reilly into the ringpost but Dicey drops behind and sends JP against the steel. In the ring, PJ attempts a “Perfect Slam” but McManus jumps out back and then nails the “River Wensum Plunge” for a two count. McManus goes to the corner and climbs up high for an attempted crossbody but PJ is up in a flash and runs up the turnbuckle before delivering a huge overhead throw. PJ goes back to the top and drops an elbow to the heart for a close two.

*Dicey joins the fray and they hit a double suplex on McManus. Reilly goes to the corner for a frogsplash but Phillips is back up and he drags Dicey down onto the apron before scooping him on his shoulders and nails a sickening Death Valley Driver, slamming Dicey’s head into the apron. Phillips clambers back up from the outside and PJ looks to suplex him into the ring but McManus attacks from behind and then nails a big back suplex, dumping PJ on his neck.

*Phillips joins McManus in the ring and they beatdown on PJ before McManus runs off the ropes and returns with a knee trembler that sends Jack straight into a spinebuster from Phillips for a two count. Phillips drives Jack into the corner and then hits him with a “muscle-buster” before McManus leaps from the second rope with a leg drop for another close call

*McManus looks for “MK Ultra” but Jack rolls down the back and attempts to work into a figure four only for McManus to kick him away and straight into the “Touchdown” from Phillips. Dicey returns and breaks up the count before three. McManus quickly goes on the attack and he drags Dicey up for a “tombstone” but Reilly scrambles off the back and shoves him into Phillips. McManus turns back into the “Craicdown” but Phillips recovers in time to stop the pin.

*Phillips drags Dicey up and flips him for a powerbomb but Dicey lands out front and plants a headbutt into JP’s face. Reilly runs at Phillips but is backdropped over the ropes and onto the apron. He slams his shoulder through the middle rope as JP turns and then manages to suplex him over the top and crashing to the concrete floor below.

*McManus and Jack recover in the ring and they trade blows until McManus rakes the eyes of his opponent and then runs him forward, launching him through the ropes into the ringpost. McManus drags him into a rollup but PJ manages to kick out on two. They get back up McManus lifts Jack on his shoulders for “MK Ultra”.

*On the outside, Dicey slams Phillips’ head off the announce table several times before dragging him forward for a piledriver on the concrete. Phillips counters with a backdrop and then he drags Dicey back up and nails a “dominator” powerbomb that slams Dicey across the corner of the announce desk. In the ring, PJ battles off the back of McManus and scores with five straight German suplexes. Phillips darts back for the ring and attempts the “Game-Changer” clothesline but PJ sidesteps him and Phillips takes out McManus. Jack then hits Phillips with the “Perfect Slam”….

JR: Jack has disposed of Phillips momentarily….

JT: And McManus is already out thanks to his own man….

HE: This is bad….Team Lawless need some reinforcements….

Jack watches Phillips roll from the ring and then he rounds back on McManus, who is trying to stagger up. Jack smirks at his dazed opponent and then easily swipes his legs from under him….


JR: McManus with nowhere to go and nobody to help….

Jack sits right down into the submission and McManus yelps out in agony before tapping his hands to the mat, giving the victory to Perfect Jack…

JT: It’s all over…..Team Frost have answered back here tonight….

JR: They said tonight they’d take the fight to Team Lawless and that is exactly what they’ve done….a glimmer of hope, perhaps, for the future of 6CW…

HE: One measly win means nothing, don’t get carried away….

JT: Nobody is getting carried away but Team Frost have suffered some big losses in recent weeks….tonight they’ve shown that they can get the job done…..

HE: Jack better enjoy that brief success because it’s about to end…

The referee is raising Perfect Jack’s arm in victory as Jimmy Phillips clambers back up on the outside. Phillips is clearly plotting revenge and leaps onto the apron behind PJ’s back…………..CRACK!


Dicey Reilly, despite being in pain, lashes a steel chair across the back of Jimmy Phillips and causes him to crash back down onto the concrete floor. Dicey beckons for his rival to stand back up……….CRACK!

JT: And again….that one was like a gunshot going off…

Dicey smashes the chair over Phillips’ head and leaves him motionless. Reilly winces in pain but then rolls back into the ring to join his teammates. PJ turns around and smirks, reaching out his fist so that Dicey can bump it…

JR: At least these two are on the same page….the veterans….and with their leadership, maybe, just maybe we have a chance of survival….

HE: I wouldn’t bet on it….I know you really want to believe it but when we get to War Games you’ll see the difference in mindset and ability…..this is a false dawn, mark my words……Team Lawless will be back on top by the end of the night and then at Beachfront Brawl they’ll seize control for good…

JT: Well that’s your opinion, Henry, and you are entitled to it but I personally hope Team Frost can pull it off and save this company from the hands of the psychotic Lawless twins….I don’t think the days could get much darker…

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Fri 07 Aug 2020, 2:46 am

*We get a recap of Liam Wood interrupting the UK Championship match last week and the commentary team debate what is next for the feud between Wood/Uryu & The Wolf Gang. The scene then changes to show Robin Reborn & The Wolf Gang in front of the camera. Reborn seems in a far better mood than last week and promises that tonight their opposition will get a true glimpse of the wrath they are capable of. Reborn jokes that the company and its inhabitants seem to believe them some kind of laughing stock but that the only ones laughing when this is all said and done will be them. Reborn wants another shot at the United Kingdom Championship and is adamant he will get one but first and foremost is tonight. Reborn says there will be no mistakes. He welcomes Wood's claim that he is bringing the true form of the Viper but prophesises that the Wolf will rip the head off the snake.
*We get a split screen of Liam Wood & Uryu Ishida getting ready for the upcoming handicap match and then Uryu shoulders the UK Championship and heads out. Fleur Michaels is on hand for a word. She asks about Reborn's demand for another shot at the UK Championship and Uryu says he is happy to defend against any worthy adversary but Reborn needs to prove he deserves it because he didn't get the job done last week. Fleur asks about Wood's attack on Uryu last week and if that will get in the way tonight. Uryu says Wood is and always will be a selfish SOB and so if he wants to be an enemy too then he can get exactly the same as what is coming the way of the Wolf Gang. Uryu has been around a long time and he's overcome plenty like Wood and Reborn before, this is nothing new to him and they are foolish to overlook the veteran. Uryu holds the UK Championship up to the camera and tells everyone that the belt belongs to him and that isn't going to change.

*We get an update on Travis Sharp following the attack by Crime Lord last week and the commentary team say Sharp will be back next week. Crime Lord has been suspended for tonight and he must apologise, in person, to Sharp next week or face further disciplinary action. We get a highlight reel of some of Crime Lord's biggest and most brutal moments and the commentary team debate what is next for the former world champion. The feed seems to be interrupted and Crime Lord appears from a darkened gym, with bodies strewn at his feet. Crime Lord says he will be there next week and he is going to make the whole of 6CW sit up and take notice. It's about time they put some respect back on his name

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Fri 07 Aug 2020, 2:47 am

Bout 2
Liam Wood/Uryu Ishida vs The Wolf Gang

*Uryu enters first and is followed by Liam Wood. The two men are staring at one another with severe dislike but their attention is pulled away by the arrival of the Wolf Gang.

*Drake and Ojore flank the ring as Reborn stands in front and delivers a sermon to the camera. All three them climb up onto the apron and then Wood turns on his heel to forearm smash Drake back to the floor. Uryu runs across and dives into a dropkick that sends Ojore back down before Wood grabs the ropes and uses them to launch Reborn into the ring.

*Wood and Uryu double team Reborn and send him flying with a huge back body drop. They take turns to tee off with punches and kicks before nailing a “Hart Attack” combo. Wood catapults Reborn into the corner and nails a snap dragon suplex as Uryu goes up top. Ishida prepares for the “Split Second” when Ojore grabs him and launches him off to the outside. Wood rushes over to brawl with Ojore but is shoved straight into a spear from Drake. The referee manages to get some semblance of order as Ojore takes control for his team.

*Ojore scores with successive scooped slams and then a big leg drop for a two count. He tags Drake in and they whip Wood off the ropes before hitting a double spinebuster for another near fall. Drake beckons Wood up and tries to pull him in for a “jackhammer” but Wood floats over and stomps on the back of Drake’s knee before running the ropes and nails a “Psycho Crusher” stomp but Ojore breaks it up before the three count.

*Reborn takes the tag now and he climbs up high before hitting an overhang neckbreaker as Wood rises but the “Viper” kicks out. Uryu tries to gee Wood up and he counters a hurricanrana into a lungblower but refuses to tag Uryu in. Ojore tags in and he crushes Wood in the corner with a splash before scooping him onto his shoulders for the “Burning Hammer”. Wood fights off and looks for a running attack but Ojore catches him in midair before hitting a “World’s Strongest Slam” only for Ishida to break it up.

*Ojore motions for a submission (Batista Bite) but Wood squirms free and kicks him away. Wood scrambles back up and he ducks an Ojore attack before nailing the “Manson Driver” from nowhere. Uryu slaps Wood’s back for the tag and that leads to a confrontation between the two. They argue and shove one another which allows Ojore to tag out and Drake clatters Wood with a brutal boot to send him from the ring. Uryu ducks an attack and takes Drake down with a tornado DDT for a two count.

*Uryu hits the “Realisation” calf kick on Drake as he stands and then a standing shooting star but only gets a two. He runs the ropes but Reborn nails a kick in his back. Ishida turns to aim a punch but Reborn guillotines him across the ropes and Drake rises to hit the “Jackhammer”. The three count seems a foregone conclusion but Wood puts Uryu’s foot on the rope from the outside.

*Ojore looks to attack Wood but Wood leapfrogs over him to send him crashing through the barricade, sending the plexiglass into the fan area. Reborn tags in from Drake and orders Drake after Wood. Drake climbs out and begins a fight with Wood that takes them through the crowd toward the backstage area.

*Reborn stalks Uryu with a grin and then looks for the “Wing Clipper” but Uryu surprises him with an inside cradle but only gets a two count. They scramble up and Ishida ducks an attack before hitting an inverted DDT. He goes up high for the “Split Second” but Reborn gets his knees up. Reborn rolls out onto the apron and then springboards in for the “Phenomenal Forearm” but Uryu counters in midair with a sensational dropkick. Reborn staggers up in the corner and Uryu hits a shining wizard before running him out into a bulldog. Uryu staggers up the corner and climbs high but Reborn is back up and swipes his legs. Reborn heads up the turnbuckle as well but Uryu nails a sunset flip powerbomb and then immediately applies the “Sunset” armbar in the centre of the ring whilst Reborn screams in pain.

JT: Folks we have pictures from what is currently going on backstage…

The scene comes into shot in the parking lot and security and backstage personnel are pleading whilst Liam Wood has Drake on top of Cillian Frost’s limousine. Wood looks crazed as he hooks Drake’s arms…

JR: That is the boss’ car….

HE: He isn’t the boss….


Wood listen to none of the please as he drills Drake across the roof and on the windscreen with a sickening “Manson Driver” that leaves the glass cracked and Drake completely motionless…

JR: Liam Wood said he was going to start fighting back against the Wolf Gang, that the Viper’s poison would be on display and there you have it….one member down….

HE: But he’s left his teammate all alone….

JT: Uryu’s on the verge of a huge victory, himself…

The scene goes back to ringside as Uryu looks to set to hand Reborn a submission loss when Ojore returns to the ring with a brutal kick to the kick. He quickly drags Uryu back up and decimates him with the “Burning Hammer”….

HE: You were saying?

JR: The numbers game coming to the forefront for the Wolf Gang once more….

Reborn slowly gets to his feet, cradling his arm, and he looks annoyed. He shakes his arm, regaining the feeling, before demanding Ojore stand Uryu up…

JT: Robin Reborn does not look impressed….

JR: And he’s about to take that out on Uryu Ishida…..


Reborn soars through the air with a springboard forearm to the face of Uryu before dragging him back up into the “God’s Wrath” cradle….


JT: Robin Reborn just knocked off the United Kingdom Champion…

HE: Not for the first time…..he was screwed out of the gold two weeks ago but no longer should he be denied…

JR: Reborn may very well have another championship opportunity in his near future….the alliance between Wood & Uryu did not hold up again here tonight, they are not on the same page…

JT: Wood has never claimed otherwise…he pursued his own issues here tonight and got some form of retribution. Uryu on the other hand has paid the price…

HE: The only common thing they share is that they are both victims in waiting….neither can overcome the whole Wolf Gang…..Uryu took the L tonight but this isn’t a fight Wood can win either…

Reborn grins as Ojore throws him the UK Championship belt. Reborn places one knee on Uryu’s chest and then raises the belt over his head whilst Ojore raises a lone arm in the air. We get another shot of Liam Wood leaving Drake in a wreck, Wood then sees what has happened on a monitor and he snarls before slamming it to the floor…

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Fri 07 Aug 2020, 2:56 am

*Clarke James is in the backstage area getting ready for the main event when Perfect Jack enters. They are friendly for a moment until PJ jokes that CJ cost Jackson on purpose and Clarke gets defensive. CJ says Jack of all people should know that he was friends with Jackson too and had no intention of costing anyone last week. The hostility remains between the two and CJ tells Jack that maybe he should concentrate on his own business instead of casting aspersions elsewhere. PJ goes to leave but tells CJ to watch his back because he's doing a great job of losing friends and alienating people. Tells him soon it'll just be him and Marshall again and look how that has ended up in the past.

*Cillian Frost is talking with Marty Helms about the upcoming battle with Tyler Roth. Helms makes it clear that he doesn't need a pep talk and whilst he'll play ball up until Beachfront Brawl that is as far as this deal goes. Frost says he understands and that 6CW will owe Helms a debt if he helps him win at War Games. Helms tells Frost to just make sure he gets what is coming to him when it is all over. Helms limps out of the room and Charles Kramer enters. Cillian Frost makes it clear he is busy but Kramer continues and reminds Frost that if he needs anything at all he only needs to ask. He remarks about Helms injury and says that if he needs a replacement then Kramer will do anything he can to find one and that 6CW will be so much safer in Frost's hands.

*Tyler Roth is being hyped up by Johnny Lawless ahead of the "No DQ" match with Marty Helms. Roth says he'll put the disappointment of earlier behind Team Lawless when he leaves Marty Helms broken, battered and bloody in the middle of the ring. Roth says he came from Japan to prove a point and tonight is the perfect platform. Roth is confident Marty Helms won't be going to Beachfront Brawl once he is finished and both Jessica & Johnny Lawless look delighted

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Fri 07 Aug 2020, 2:58 am

Bout 3
Marty Helms vs Tyler Roth

*Roth enters first and he loads the ring with chairs, kendo sticks and tables. Marty Helms then walks into the arena with a chain around his neck.

*Roth beckons Helms for the fight as Helms whirls the chain and swings it at his opponent. The first shot catches Roth high on the bicep but then he catches the chain on the second throw and pulls Helms in close before punting his injured knee out from under him. Roth grabs Helms by the legs and then launches him through the air against the turnbuckle

*Roth uses two different kendo sticks to lash across Helms’ knee until they both snap into pieces. Helms heads to the outside for a reprieve but Roth follows, only for Helms to sidestep his onrush to send him into the steel steps. Helms manages to get the steel steps up on his shoulders and launches them at Roth’s head as he rises.

*Helms pulls the steel chain from the ring and chokes Roth with it. He then looks for a running punt to the skull but Roth uses his momentum to lift him into a flapjack and slam him across the announce table. Roth goes to work on Helms’ knee again with an agonising “stretch muffler” and then he drags him up and body presses him before slamming him down on the table, knee first.

*Roth rips Helms’ knee brace off and throws it into the audience area before launching his opponent back in the ring. Helms quickly grabs the steel chain and wraps it around his arm before delivering a “Lights Out” elbow as Roth tries to climb back in. Roth is out cold on the outside as Helms nurses his injured knee.

*Helms finally goes to the outside and has to summon all of his strength to get Roth back in the ring but the time lapse allows Roth to kick out after two. Helms sets two chairs up and then balances an upright table between them. He waits for Roth to stand and then jabs a third chair into his gut, sending Roth back to the corner. Helms delivers three more shots to the stomach with the weapon before he lifts Roth up onto the turnbuckle. He climbs up….

JT: This is an extremely precarious position…

JR: These men went through hell last week during the tables match and now they’re going through it all over again….

HE: And Helms’ knee must be fit to burst, Roth has battered it throughout this fight…

JT: But it is Helms on the front foot, he’s on the edge of what would be a huge victory….


Helms is attempting the superplex from on high when Roth grabs his face and puts fingers in both of his opponent’s eyes. Helms can be heard screaming in pain and then Roth grabs him around the throat and chokeslams him off the top rope through the table….Helms is motionless amidst the wreckage as Roth stands over him, his chest heaving…

JT: Tyler Roth just destroyed Marty Helms in the middle of the ring….

JR: And he’s not done….Helms ain’t moving but that isn’t going to stop Tyler Roth…

HE: Helms has played at being a savage for too long….but this is the true identity of savage…

JT: The man is a fully fledged psychopath…

Roth drags the limp form of Helms up by the wrist and he stares down the barrel of the camera before dragging Helms in close and destroys him with a swinging STO…..the pin and the count are academic…


JR: For a man on one leg Marty Helms took Tyler Roth to his limits here….

HE: But he lost, the same way he would have even at 100%....

JT: At full fitness I’d wager this would be a fight for the ages… it is Tyler Roth has overcome Marty Helms tonight and sent another message to Team Frost…..Roth is going to prove a very formidable obstacle during War Games….

HE: There is no one man on Team Frost that can beat Tyler Roth….

JR: They have four….

Roth is standing over Helms, contemplating his next move, when Dicey Reilly, Perfect Jack and Dante Phoenix appear on the stage. They quickly make their way to ringside as Roth chooses to retreat…

JT: Team Frost showing a united front…

HE: It’s all a smokescreen…..Helms wouldn’t have done the same for any of them in there right now….

JR: Maybe not but this is bigger than him….this is about the future of 6CW….

JT: Tyler Roth picks up another victory since returning to 6CW but he knows he was in a fight tonight and he ain’t sticking around for more…

HE: He doesn’t need to, he did what he came to do….

Roth backs up the ramp with a glare of rage whilst the rest of Team Frost surround the grounded form of Marty Helms. Helms has begun to stir and he is looking up at his allies with unhappiness…

JR: I don’t think this will be the last we hear from this issue before the night is through….War Games is still a month away but the bombs are now falling at a rapid rate…

JT: Team Frost are standing up and fighting back….I doubt Team Lawless are going to let that go without a retaliation…

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Post by JJJohnson Fri 07 Aug 2020, 3:10 am

*Liam Wood is in the backstage area and Fleur Michaels is just informing him that he will go one on one with Uryu Ishida next week when the United Kingdom Champion attacks him. They brawl until security drag them apart. Uryu is furious and wants to get at Wood but is held back. Wood's lip is bloodied and he points at Uryu before telling him that next week he is going to take his head off. We get a shot of Robin Reborn and Ojore watching on a monitor. Reborn says next week they'll let the two implode even further before making their move. Reborn promises that Drake will be avenged and the Wolf Gang will be victorious.

Charles & Karl Kramer are interviewed by Christy James. CK makes it clear that his nephew doesn't care if it is Jackson Jackson or Marshall Murdoch holding the 6CW Championship when they get to Beachfront Brawl because the outcome will be the same. CK tells Christy that the King does not concern himself with the dramas of peasants so he does not care about the love triangle between Murdoch/JJ & CJ but what he does care about is sending a message here tonight. The King is about to make an example out of Clarke James and when he's finished CJ won't ever think about getting involved in a world championship match again. Clarke James is about to bend the knee and "kiss the ring".

*Marty Helms is just entering the backstage area when he is ambushed by Ricky Nelson, James McManus and Jimmy Phillips. Helms takes some big shots and is slammed into a freight door until Dicey Reilly, Perfect Jack and Dante Phoenix make the save. Team Frost get the upper hand and then Johnny Lawless tries to sneak attack Helms with a steel chair but Cillian Frost intercepts. Helms recovers and hits Lawless with the "Lights Out" elbow before he sets the chair up on the concrete and powerbombs Lawless straight through it. Helms and Cillian Frost lock eyes as the rest of Team Frost watch on. Miss Jessica be seen in a rage in her office

*Clarke James is just leaving his locker-room when Marshall Murdoch walks up beside him. CJ asks what Murdoch is doing and is told Marshall is accompanying him to the ring to make sure "that weasel" Charles Kramer doesn't get involved. CJ appreciates the offer but he doesn't think it is a good idea given everything that has happened. Murdoch looks surprised but CJ says he wants to do this alone and he can handle the Kramer Klan. They shake hands and CJ leaves, leaving Marshall confused.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020

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Main Event
Clarke James vs King Karl Kramer

Clarke James vs Karl Kramer

JT: Main event time now ladies and gentlemen and so many connotations and off-shoots stemming from what we are about to see…

JR: The number one contender to the 6CW Championship, the King of 6CW, will go one on one with the best friend of the current champion….

HE: Not only the best friend but the man responsible for Marshall Murdoch being the world champion…

JT: Albeit accidentally…

HE: You surely don’t buy that?

JT: I see no reason not to….Clarke James has made it clear that he had no intention of affecting the outcome of last week’s match and that he regrets what happened….he is friends with both Marshall Murdoch and Jackson Jackson…

HE: He was friends with them….Jackson Jackson made it pretty clear earlier tonight that he holds James responsible for what happened…

JR: Well Jackson is going to get the chance to rectify that next week when he rematches Murdoch for the title….the winner of that match will go on to face Karl Kramer at Beachfront Brawl…

JT: And Kramer will be looking to send a message to the champion, whomever that may be, here tonight by taking out Clarke James…

“O Fortuna” booms through the airwaves as Karl and Charles Kramer step out onto the stage. Kramer is adorned in his royal robe and crown whilst CK holds up the sceptre and points it at his nephew…

HE: Bow to the king…

JT: I’ll pass….

HE: King Karl Kramer is missing only one crown jewel and that is the 6CW Championship….at Beachfront Brawl he has the opportunity and I don’t believe he will pass up on it….he and his uncle will have concocted a watertight plot….

JR: No doubt about that….Karl Kramer had an indifferent start to life here in 6CW bit since linking with uncle he has gone from strength to strength….victory in the Road to Royalty tournament established him as a main event star and now he is one win away from sitting on the only throne that really matters in this business and that is atop the mountain as world champion….

JT: Kramer reaffirmed his credentials last time out by defending his crown and kingdom against Crime Lord….another high profile victory here this evening will add serious weight to the growing claims that he cannot be stopped in his quest for ultimate glory….

Kramer removes his robe and crown before placing them in the arms of his uncle. KK then climbs into the ring and he paces back and forth whilst awaiting his opponent. “Pieces” then screams out of the speaker system….

JR: Whether you believe him or not, there is no denying that Clarke James is trending news right now here in 6CW….

JT: Overnight he found himself thrust into the conversation regarding the future of the 6CW Championship and whilst he may not be a direct player it certainly won’t do him any harm….

HE: James knew exactly what he was doing…..he was irrelevant until he stole the limelight last week…

JR: Irrelevant? I don’t agree in the slightest, Clarke James has never been irrelevant in his career….but I won’t argue that he’s benefitting from the new found spotlight….

JT: We may not be saying that after this bout….James is facing a real challenge here…

Clarke James steps through the ropes and he smirks as he locks eyes with Karl Kramer, the referee stepping between the two combatants. Charles Kramer is shouting advice to his nephew, warning him to not allow CJ under his skin…

JR: This has all the makings of a classic encounter….and I’m sure both Jackson Jackson and Marshall Murdoch will be viewing this with intrigue…

The referee checks both men over for concealed weapons and then CJ turns to head for his corner when Kramer rushes him from behind and attacks him. Kramer traps CJ against the turnbuckle with stomps and punches before unloading with shoulder thrusts to the gut…

JT: Kramer wasting no time here….I may not necessarily agree with his tactics but this aggression is what has got him this far…

The referee backs Kramer away and warns him but CK urges his nephew to go back on the attack. Kramer drives a big back elbow into CJ’s jaw before grabbing his wrist and whips him to the opposite corner. James smashes into the turnbuckle and staggers back out as Kramer runs into him with a heavy clothesline. Kramer urges James up and then headbutts him into the ropes before drilling him with a backbreaker…

JR: Kramer is going to look to use as much heavy artillery as possible in the early going, wear James down…

JT: And he knows Murdoch and Jackson will be watching….he’ll want them to feel every ounce of pain he inflicts…

1………..2………..CJ kicks out. Kramer drags James back up and he lifts him into a suplex position before slamming him back down on his chest. Kramer then easily gutwrenches CJ off the mat and throws him over his head…

HE: Kramer is a powerhouse, that’s too much for James to deal with….I don’t believe Murdoch or Jackson will be able to deal with it either….

JT: Kramer and Murdoch have been to war twice and they are 1-1….Kramer’s power is certainly to his advantage and could be the difference maker with the title on the line….

James stumbles to his feet again and Kramer lifts him onto his shoulders. Kramer looks to spin CJ off into a TKO but James lands out behind and shoves Kramer to the corner. James then sprints in but gets caught with a snap uranage slam (ala Samoa Joe)….

JR: James not able to build an ounce of momentum so far…

James holds his spine as he gets back to his feet and then Kramer crashes him into him with a jumping rear smash. Kramer hooks both of CJ’s arms and then launches him into a snap powerbomb…………….1……………………….2…………………..kickout!

JT: Kramer is looking so composed….I don’t think there will be many that dispute he belongs at this level…

Charles Kramer is looking smug as he watches his nephew drive heavy elbows down into the back of CJ’s neck and then drags him to his feet. He places James’ head between his legs and flips him into a powerbomb position before pushing him higher….

JR: James going for a “Last Ride”….

James jumps out of the move and lands on his feet, staggering slightly on the landing. Kramer whirls around as CJ hits the ropes and dives into a crossbody block…

HE: Kramer knew what was coming….he just has James’ number….

Kramer catches James in his arms and nails three successive rib-breakers before tossing him onto his shoulders and this time scores with the TKO….


JT: James just about finding the wherewithal to kickout there but that did some damage…

JR: Kramer is busting him up…

HE: It’s only a matter of time….

Marshall Murdoch is shown watching in a screen in the backstage area and he looks concerned as he sees Kramer whipping CJ off the ropes and hitting a ring-shaking sidewalk slam….Kramer is taunting CJ….

HE: Marshall Murdoch knows he could very well be looking at his future….should he get past Jackson Jackson then he will suffer the same fate as his buddy….

Kramer is stalking CJ and then he kisses his fist before bouncing off the ropes as his foe rises to his feet….


Kramer leaps through the air for his patented Superman punch but CJ dodges the impact at the final second and snaps off a Russian legsweep. James staggers back to his feet and he quickly grabs Kramer by the head before scoring with a piledriver…

JT: James may just pull of a shock, from nowhere…


HE: You don’t finish off a King that way….

JR: James found his first success of the contest…..can he build?

James stumbles up to his feet and he heads for the corner. He climbs up to the top rope but then Kramer begins to rise so he changes tact with a leaping elbow smash to the back of the head….Kramer staggers into the ropes and then comes forward again as CJ kicks him in the gut….

JT: DDT scores….Charles Kramer doesn’t look so confident anymore….

Kramer’s head plants into the canvass and his uncle can barely look as CJ makes the cover……………..1…………………………2………………..KK powers off the canvass!

HE: Look at the intensity in that kickout…..Karl Kramer is the King of 6CW, his rise cannot be quelled…

The Consultant breathes a sigh of relief but remains worried as CJ grows in confidence. James is back on his feet and stalking Kramer…

JT: A victory here for Clarke James would certainly throw the cat amongst the proverbial….

JR: Knocking off the number one contender to the 6CW Championship…..for some that would equal his own claim for a shot….

JT: Muddying the waters further…..but that way be what is about to happen…..FAITHLESS!

Kramer puts the block in at the final moment with devastating elbows to the head of his foe. James staggers away, seeing stars, and then stumbles forward again…


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Fri 07 Aug 2020, 3:13 am

JT: That’s one way to change the complexity of a match…

The ring shakes as KK obliterates Clarke James into the canvass with his patented spinebuster but then he rolls away to catch his breath. Charles Kramer is banging the sceptre on the apron, urging his nephew to make a cover….

JR: Kramer still feeling the effects of that DDT but he has the chance here to finish this off….

KK nods at his uncle as he crawls up and then drops an arm of CJ’s chest……………..1……………….2……………shoulder up!

JT: James benefitted from that brief lapse there….had Kramer covered immediately I think it would have been over…

HE: Without a doubt…but the record is about to be set straight….

KK uses the ropes to drag himself up and then stumbles over toward the corner. He leans back against the ropes and takes a deep breath before crouching down, sizing up CJ…

JR: Kramer has CJ in his crosshairs…he can sense his moment…..


CJ ducks the clothesline and immediately counters with a neckbreaker as he goes underneath. He staggers over to the corner and quickly climbs to the top rope….


JT: Clarke James about to do the unthinkable…

James lands with the corkscrew senton splash and he sits for a moment, dazed from the landing, before making the cover…


JR: It’s over….

JT: This is a joke!

Charles Kramer is on the apron and distracting the referee, making the pin void. CJ gets to his feet and looks annoyed as he grabs CK and launches him over the top rope…

HE: He can’t do that….

JT: Charlie boy made himself fair game when he stuck his beak in this match….

CK holds his back as he stumbles up and then he pleads with CJ for mercy but James boots him in the gut and then whips him off the ropes…

JR: What a spinebuster….Charles Kramer may be regretting costing CJ this bout….

CJ smirks as he watches the referee roll CK toward the ropes and to the outside. James then turns back to the centre…

JT: He’s got that goddamn sceptre….

KK has his royal sceptre in hand, behind the referee’s back, and he waits for James to turn before he swings it at his head…



James dodges the blow at the final second and then he drops down behind KK with a low-blow before rolling him up…



JT: Clarke James just came so close to stealing this one….

JR: The Kramer Klan may have met their match in rule breaking tonight….

Kramer just about manages to throw James off of him but he is clearly winded from the illegal attack. CJ, buoyed by success, gets back to his feet and he wills his opponent to get back up…

JT: James senses a change in tide here…

HE: Because he cheated…

JT: He might just be able to pull this off……..FAITHLESS!

James grabs KK by the wrist and yanks him forward for the “rock-bottom” but Kramer hauls him away at the final moment. Kramer looks to charge his opponent but CJ sidesteps him and shoves him against the ropes before rolling him up……………….1………………….2…………..kickout!

JR: Close call once again…

They scramble to their feet again and CJ ducks in to attempt “Faithless” again but Kramer counters with an inverted STO (End of Days)….

JT: Kramer needed that to re-establish himself in this contest…

Kramer looks angry as he gets back to his feet and he ushers CJ up before delivering three successive scooped slams. James is wincing in pain as he gets up and Kramer places him into a bearhug….

JT: And now Kramer is going to look to squeeze the life out Clarke James…

HE: And there is no Marshall Murdoch or Jackson Jackson to save the day…

JR: I’m not sure Jackson is bothered about Clarke James right now and Marshall Murdoch was told to stay away….

JT: CJ is a proud man and he wanted to face this battle alone…

HE: More fool him…

Kramer’s arms are wrapped tight are James and he squeezes harder and harder as his opponent struggles against his grip. Charles Kramer is recovering on the outside and he looks pleased to see his nephew back in control…

JR: Charles Kramer will be happy with the sacrifice he made if it means his nephew leaves tonight with the victory….

HE: It’s only moments away….James has nothing left…

CJ’s fight is less and less pronounced and his head slumps against KK’s shoulder as the referee decides it is time to check for a pulse. He raises James’ arm but it falls almost immediately…

JT: Twice more and this is all over….although I wouldn’t blame the official for calling it now…

The referee raises James’ arm again and it slumps. Charles Kramer has a gleeful look on his face as CJ’s arm is lifted for a third and final time…

JR: James is fighting it, he is one resilient so and so…..

JT: But he still needs to find a way out….


James squirms and battles but still can’t get free of Kramer so he chooses to clap both of his hands across the ears of his foe, forcing him to release his hold immediately. KK is disorientated and shaken…

HE: That was dirty tactics…

JT: This is a fight….you do what you have to……FAITHLESS!


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6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results Thursday 6th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Fri 07 Aug 2020, 3:14 am

Kramer suddenly walks straight into the “rock-bottom” and CJ makes the cover………………..1……………………..2…………………3!

JT: Game over….


The referee’s hand is about to touch down for the three when he notices KK’s foot on the bottom rope, unaware that Charles Kramer is responsible…

JR: Why am I not surprised….one day someone is going to kick Charles Kramer’s a55 so bad he won’t be able to impact upon the outcome of his nephew’s matches…

CK is holding his hands up in mock innocence as CJ stares out at him, his face burning with anger. The referee tries to intervene but he can’t stop James from rolling out of the ring…

HE: You stay away from him, you’ve done enough damage….

JT: Kramer is about to get everything that is coming to him…

They do three laps of the ring as CK does his very best to avoid a beatdown and then he dives into the ring. He scrambles for the opposite side but James catches up with him and grabs him from behind…

HE: Unhand him….

JR: Revenge will be sweet for Clarke James…

The referee gets involved and he has words with CJ, warning him, and this prompts James to release his hold on CK. The Consultant is breathing a sigh of relief but the referee is shaking his head, angered by the interference, and orders him from the ring…

JT: I was looking forward to CK taking a whooping….

HE: Only one man taking a beating tonight….

CJ turns away, the referee still attending to CK, and it allows Karl Kramer to drive the royal sceptre straight into his gut. CJ doubles up in pain and KK disposes of the weapon before bouncing off the ropes and leaping into the air….


JT: Charles Kramer set the whole damn thing up….

KK lands the big time Superman punch before stowing away the Royal ring that his uncle had left on the ring apron. He grins and makes the cover as the referee comes back around…

JR: What a joke…


HE: All hail King Kramer….and take a good look because this is the future….this is what is coming at Beachfront Brawl…

JT: Well we know that whoever defends against Kramer at Beachfront will be facing the same handicap situation….and that is no easy feat to overcome….Clarke James looked on the brink of victory at least twice here tonight but the numbers game proved insurmountable….

HE: Because it is….the Kramer Klan are taking over….they cannot be stopped….this is a message sent loud and clear…

JR: I’m not the message is finished…

“O Fortuna” is playing out and the referee raises Karl Kramer’s arm in victory but he doesn’t seem finished with his business. His uncle looks delighted as Kramer grabs the sceptre and stands over CJ before driving it down into his gut….

JT: You won the damn match, Kramer, what more do you want exactly?

HE: He wants the world to know that he is the next 6CW Champion…

Kramer drops the sceptre and then backs up in the corner. The referee is pleading with him but KK shoves him aside and then yells at CJ to stand…

JR: Enough is enough here….

JT: The 6CW Champ is here…

“Papercut” booms through the speakers and Charles Kramer’s face drains of colour as Marshall Murdoch comes walking out onto the stage, thunder in his eyes. Karl Kramer’s attention turns from Clarke James to the man now striding toward the ring…

JT: Marshall Murdoch could hold back no longer…..he’s here to save his friend from further punishment…

HE: Paying him back for the big assist last week…..Murdoch has no business out here….if, somehow, he manages to retain that belt next week then he will be dealt with at Beachfront….why put himself in the firing line tonight….he’s a fool…

JR: Marshall Murdoch has no fear and he is heading out here with purpose….

Karl Kramer is bouncing from one foot to the other, a smile on his face, and he is beckoning for Murdoch to get in the ring and fight him but his uncle is screaming at him to retreat. KK looks annoyed by the orders but then climbs out at the final moment…

JT: Karl Kramer backing down….there’s a surprise…

CK can be heard yelling to his nephew that Murdoch’s time will come but he doesn’t get paid for overtime. The Kramer Klan back into the aisleway but KK is pointing back at Murdoch and still seems like he wants to go back for the fight…

JR: Karl Kramer wants to go to war here…..

HE: But why give it away for free….he’s going to get his shot at the world title in just a few weeks, it’s a given….whoever is holding the 6CW Championship at Beachfront Brawl will have to deal with him and the result is already a foregone conclusion….

JT: But what isn’t a foregone conclusion is who the 6CW Champion will be….


Murdoch and Kramer continue to lock eyes when Murdoch is seized from behind and then drilled into the canvass…



Jackson Jackson is kneeling over the fallen form of Murdoch with intensity radiating from him. The Kramer Klan are watching on with intrigue from the stage…

HE: I thought he’d left the building….

JT: I guess he had a last message to deliver….Jackson Jackson is making it clear that next week he is coming for the 6CW Championship….

The show ends with Clarke James beginning to get to his feet and he locks eyes with Jackson Jackson as the latter picks up the 6CW Championship whilst Marshall Murdoch remains on the deck.

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