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6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020 Empty 6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun Aug 16, 2020 7:01 pm

*The show opens up in the office of Miss Jessica as the two Lawless twins are giving a rallying call to their troops ahead of tonight and the upcoming War Games match at Beachfront Brawl. Johnny Lawless gets passionate as he talks about their "destiny" and how they will be not denied. He calls Dicey Reilly & Perfect Jack leeches and that they have sucked the lifeblood of the company dry for too long, this is the new era and it belongs to them. Miss Jessica lets them all know that there is no turning back, it is do or die and they have to be the ones to strike the fatal blow. Team Lawless are hyped and Miss Jessica hints that the foundations of their opposition are crumbling and even they are starting to see the light, hinting they may be thinking of switching allegiance.

*The scene changes and Team Frost are concerned as it becomes clear that Cillian Frost isn't there and they cannot get hold of him. The arguments break out as they question one another on their loyalty to the cause and that only members of Team Frost knew where the boss of 6CW was staying. Dicey Reilly and Marty Helms have to be separated as Dicey brings up Helms' past with Miss Jessica and how he has never trusted him. Dante Phoenix says this is Jessica's ploy, divide and conquer. Weakening them from within.

*We get a recap of last week as Jackson Jackson declared his intention to rematch for the 6CW Championship tonight and the subsequent attack on Marshall Murdoch. Jackson is now backstage with Christy James and he's ranting on conspiracies. Saying that the only way to take the title off of him was to screw him and that is exactly what management have done. He points to the fact that he refused to join either Team Frost or Team Lawless and that they are all in it together because they know he won't tie the line and keep his mouth shut. He says Clarke James being the special referee tonight is a joke but the whole Murdoch family could be here and he'd still be leaving with his title because nobody and nothing is going to stop him from getting back to the top. Christy asks if Jackson believes CJ that he is sorry and Jackson laughs before saying he's only sorry he got caught on camera. He calls CJ a scumbag and says his true colours are now on display so he knows what to expect tonight. Jackson warns that if CJ tries to screw him again he'll be very sorry.

*The scene changes and Clarke James is standing with Fleur Michaels. CJ reiterates that he didn't mean to cost Jackson the 6CW Championship but now the finger pointing and accusations need to stop because Jackson has his chance to regain the strap here tonight. CJ looks a little crestfallen and explains that he has tried to apologise, he doesn't want to lose a friendship, but he can't do much else. Fleur asks about his role as referee and CJ admits he isn't happy to be put in such a role but he knows why management have done it because they love to create drama. CJ promises to call it down the line and show no favouritism, he just wants to see two of the best in the world have a match for the ages and when all is said and done the rightful man will be world champion.

*Marshall Murdoch is now with Travis Sharp. Sharp seems jumpy on his first appearance since Crime Lord attacked him but Marshall welcomes him back and promises he won't hurt the interviewer. Marshall has the 6CW Championship around his shoulder and makes it clear it won't be going anywhere for a very long time. He's already tired of Jackson's b1tching and moaning and now tonight he is going to take great pleasure in shutting his mouth once and for all. Murdoch understands CJ's predicament but assures his friend that he'll take the whole matter out of his hands when he beats Jackson to a bloody pulp. Marshall explains that he has never liked Jackson but now he pities how pathetic he is for blaming everyone but himself. Marshall dismisses that there is an asterisk over his title win but guarantees that if anyone doubts him then all that will be erased tonight.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun Aug 16, 2020 7:02 pm

Bout 1
6CW Championship
Marshall Murdoch © vs Jackson Jackson
Special Referee: Clarke James

Ding ding

Michael Bird: Ladies and gentlemen; the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the 6CW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

JT: There isn’t a bigger way to kick off a show, folks……rest assured this is prime time action here at Proving Grounds….

JR: Two of the best in the world vying for the richest prize in our industry….this is a match filled with quite some history….

HE: I just think it is fitting that we are based in Glasgow because I am anticipating another robbery here tonight…

JT: A month ago at the “Summer Showdown” Marshall Murdoch shocked the world when he defeated Jackson Jackson to become 6CW Heavyweight Champion….in that match Marshall received an “inadvertent” assist from Clarke James…

HE: Are we still going with that narrative?

JT: CJ maintains it was an accident despite what you and Jackson Jackson believe…..James has attempted to apologise…

HE: You can hardly just say sorry when you’ve just cost a man his most prized possession….

JR: That’s what brings us on to tonight….Jackson Jackson has the chance to reclaim what he believes was stolen from him…

HE: But once again he’s fighting the odds because some bright spark has decided to install CJ as the referee…

JT: I’m not sure who made that decision but I have to admit it seems reckless given the circumstances….whether it was intended or not, Clarke James has become a major player in the world title scene…

“Blind faith” booms through the speakers and Clarke James enters the arena wearing a referee’s jersey. CJ looks a little conflicted as he begins his descent to the ring….

JR: Clarke James seems to be a man carrying a whole host of emotions on his shoulders….on one hand he is delighted that his long time friend, the man he entered this business alongside, has realised a dream to become world champion….but balance that out against the fact that CJ also regards Jackson Jackson as a friend and is being blamed for the title changing hands…

HE: That is because he is to blame….CJ nailed his colours to the mast at “Summer Showdown” and it is a dreadful abuse of power to allow him anywhere near this match here tonight….

JT: I’m not sure CJ is singing from the rooftops about it either….he knows that whatever the outcome here tonight it will impact upon one of his friendships….

Clarke James climbs into the ring and nods at Michael Bird before “Take me to the hospital” rips through the airwaves. Jackson Jackson walks out onto the stage, his usual arrogance nowhere to be seen, and he glares down toward the ring…

JR: Jackson Jackson proved himself for over 200 days as 6CW Champion, time and time again he overcame the odds and defied belief…..nobody believed he could ever stand atop the mountain but he went further than that, he cemented his legacy as a true locker-room leader… tonight he bids to join a very elite list of men who have held this company’s title on two separate occasions…

HE: Well I don’t think he’s ever faced odds like these….the referee is the world champion’s best friend and they’ve already screwed him once….Jackson is going to need a miracle here tonight….

Jackson climbs up into the ring but never takes his eyes off of Clarke James whilst Michael Bird makes his introductions. CJ returns the gaze but then looks away as “Papercut” booms out…

JT: And here comes the world champion….you can argue about the circumstances all you like but Marshall Murdoch busted his balls for ten years to finally get to the top…..

JR: Always regarded as the best to never win a world title and now his first time capturing the gold is shrouded in controversy…

HE: He got the belt didn’t he? He has nothing to complain about…

JT: He hasn’t complained once….but since winning the title he’s had to deal with you and others calling into question the legitimacy of his reign…

HE: He can’t hide from the facts of what happened….if it wasn’t for Clarke James he wouldn’t have that belt…

Marshall stands on the stage and raises the world title over his head. He then makes his way to the ring and climbs inside, the intensity and atmosphere between all three men growing by the second. Marshall looks at the 6CW strap once more before he hands it over to Clarke James…

Jackson: That’s your boy…..wish him luck….

Jackson is pointing at CJ and Marshall, sneering at them, and then Clarke James raises the title belt in the air so that both men can see it. Marshall’s gaze is now fixed, solely, on Jackson Jackson…

JR: Jackson and Marshall didn’t like one another before all of this started and now there is a whole new level to their dislike…

JT: Add the world title into the mix as well as Clarke James as special guest referee and this has all the makings of a match that will go down in the history books…

HE: How to get screwed by the Church…..wait that’s a whole different story altogether….

JR: Let’s not go there…..

JT: 6CW Championship on the line….what a way to open the show….who is going to Beachfront Brawl to defend against King Karl Kramer?

CJ hands the world title out to the timekeeper and then he takes one final look at both competitors before signalling for the bell to get proceedings underway…

JR: Even without a sell-out crowd, the big fight feel is in full swing….

Jackson doesn’t move an inch but his gaze alternates between his opponent and the referee, a sneering grin on his face. Marshall Murdoch is almost crouching, waiting to start, as the challenger bursts forward and dives through the air with a leaping dropkick…

JT: Jackson looking to explode from the traps….we’ve seen this tactic from him before….


Marshall avoids the impact by shifting his body at the very last second and Jackson lands hard on the canvass. The champion then grabs the ankle of his foe…

JT: This is how Marshall won the title….anklelock applied…

Jackson lets out a yell of pain as Marshall twists the ankle but then the challenger throws his bodyweight forward so that Murdoch staggers off balance and clatters into Clarke James…

HE: I notice CJ didn’t throw the elbow in there…he only saves that for certain occasions…

CJ catches Murdoch and they stay upright but then Jackson dropkicks Marshall in the spine and sends them both clattering against the turnbuckle. Jackson quickly drags Marshall away and hits him with a tiger suplex….


HE: Slow, biased count right there…

JT: CJ was recovering from that knock he took in the corner, it was hardly deliberate…

HE: You’ll believe anything….

Jackson shakes his head at CJ as he gets back to his feet but Clarke makes it known that it was a fair count. They exchange words and then Jackson grabs Marshall by the head and tries to pull him into a piledriver…


Marshall blocks the piledriver and then scores with his own variation on the “Alabama” slam. Jackson stumbles back to his feet and Murdoch pulls him into a Muay Thai clinch. He drives knees into the head and then nails a Judo hip throw, taking Jackson down, before applying an Anaconda Vice….

JT: Jackson in danger again here…he had real difficulty dealing with Murdoch on the ground in their first encounter as well…

JR: Marshall is a former UFC star, this is his forte…

JT: Jackson gives up here and he can forget it….the blame game goes out the window and he’s at the back of the queue…

Marshall has the hold locked in tight and he is pressing heavily on Jackson’s throat as he pulls him in close. CJ is kneeling down and asking Jackson if he wants to quit..

HE: Jackson still has his eyes open…..he isn’t going to give in…

JT: CJ may call it if he thinks Jackson can’t get out…

HE: He’d love another opportunity to screw Jackson…

Jackson looks on the verge of passing out so he does the only thing available to himself and jabs his thumb into Marshall’s eyes, forcing a break. CJ is verbally warning Jackson but the challenger doesn’t seem to care as he staggers up, catching his breath….

JR: Jackson Jackson has never had a problem with doing whatever it takes to survive and succeed on the big occasion….it is what made him a great world champion as well as one of the best ever tag team champions….

Marshall is blinking and trying to regain his eyesight as he stands up and Jackson quickly nails a wrist clutch cradle into a pinning predicament………………1………………………2………….kickout. Jackson is quickly back to his feet and he tries to nail a standing “Spanish Fly” but Murdoch elbows his way free…

JT: Neither man has been able to gain a full amount of control thus far….Murdoch completely dominated their first bout but this is a scrappy opening….

Jackson stumbles toward the corner and Murdoch makes a rush for him but the challenger sidesteps and slams MM against the turnbuckle before scooping him onto his shoulders and runs out into a rolling fireman’s carry (Green Bay Plunge) in the centre ring. Jackson gets back to his feet and he climbs the turnbuckle….

JR: The challenger has created a huge opening for himself here and we know what comes next…..JACKSAULT!

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun Aug 16, 2020 7:03 pm


JT: Murdoch didn’t even move….

Jackson gains amazing hang-time off of the double rotation moonsault before landing flush across the prone form of the champion….Jackson is doubled up, wincing in pain, but manages to crawl over to cover…


HE: That was three…..this referee needs investigating….

JT: It was clear as day that Murdoch got the shoulder up….stop creating drama…

HE: Then it was a slow count….

Jackson gets to his feet and immediately gets in CJ’s face, accusing him of impartiality. CJ is trying to reason with his friend but Jackson shoves him in the chest….

JR: Jackson needs to control himself here…..Clarke James is the assigned referee and that is worthy of a disqualification…

James looks annoyed by the shove but he composes himself continues to try and calm the situation. Jackson looks disgusted and then turns his focus back on Murdoch…

JT: Jackson is convinced Clarke James has it in for him here so unless he leaves tonight as the 6CW Champion it is clear he is not going to accept it…

HE: And nor should he because he is being set up…


Jackson looks to finish proceedings with the “pumphandle flatliner” but Marshall lands on his feet and elbows his way to freedom before connecting with a snap codebreaker from nowhere. Both men are down, regaining themselves…

JT: The champion was able to stem the flow a little there….

CJ gives a count and he reaches six before both men are back up. Jackson staggers forward and eats a right hand from the champion before responding with a chop to the chest. They exchange similar shots for another minute before Jackson starts to get the upper hand….

JR: Jackson looking to build back up again….OR NOT!

Murdoch suddenly bursts at the legs and executes a vicious takedown that ploughs Jackson into the mat. He drives down with a huge punches and forearms to the face as the challenger tries to cover up…

JT: Marshall straight back to this roots….straight back to what he knows he is best at and now he’s beating the holy hell out of Jackson Jackson….

JR: No screwjobs involved here….this is just a beatdown….

Jackson tries to roll over for more defence but Marshall continues to punch at his head and create openings. He turns his elbow on point to drive down at the challenger’s skull…

JT: That wouldn’t be allowed inside the octagon but a perfectly legal form of attack here in 6CW….

Marshall gets on top of Jackson and wraps his legs around his waist before managing to roll him onto his back so that he can try to apply a grounded sleeper…

JR: Murdoch is going to look to lock that arm under Jackson’s chin now…

JT: If he does then forget it….Jackson is going to sleep…

Jackson is doing everything he can to squirm and battle against Murdoch’s grip. He is gripping on Marshall’s wrists to prevent him applying the full submission…

JR: Jackson realises the trouble he is in here….he knows he could be seconds away from seeing the 6CW Championship disappear completely from his radar….


Jackson once again flouts the rules as he pulls Marshall’s arm toward him and sinks his teeth in, forcing Murdoch to withdraw and yell out in pain. Jackson struggles away and Clarke James is immediately upon him with a final warning….

HE: You do what you have to….

JT: If Jackson gets disqualified here he has nobody to blame but himself…..that was disgraceful….

Jackson looks angered by CJ’s warning and the two men begin arguing again. Jackson is accusing CJ of favouritism but James shakes his head…

JR: I think even Clarke James is getting sick of Jackson’s whingeing now….

Jackson is jabbing CJ in the chest now and James warns him to back up. Jackson gives him the finger and then turns away as Marshall nails a t-bone suplex…

JT: All the complaining and he walked right into it….

1…………………2………………thr-shoulder up!

JR: And Marshall doesn’t look impressed by Jackson’s tactics…

Marshall is shaking his arm and examining the bite mark with a grimace. He glares at Jackson, contempt all over his features, and then he grips him by the waist and hits a huge German suplex. Marshall keeps his arms locked and he drags Jackson back up before connecting with another two suplexes….

JT: Marshall is looking to punish now….he really didn’t appreciate that bite…

JR: Do you blame him?

They get back up and Jackson tries to grab at the ropes but Marshall shoves him forward instead and crushes him against the turnbuckle before dragging him backward into a rolling “chaos theory” suplex….Marshall stumbles back to his feet and he looks down at Jackson before grabbing his leg….

JT: Anklelock once more and Murdoch has that look in his eye….he wants to break bones here….

Jackson is turned onto his front as Marshall applies the submission hold. The challenger screams out in pain and quickly scrambles across the ring for the ropes….

JR: Murdoch dragging him straight back…he wants to punish Jackson now….

Marshall ups the ante on the submission as Jackson, once again, makes a break for the ropes. Jackson is able to grab at them but Murdoch will not relinquish….

HE: Are you going to do anything CJ or just turn a blind eye….

CJ reaches a count of four but Marshall doesn’t seem to want to release so James is forced to drag his friend away. Marshall, for the first time, looks annoyed but CJ calms him down…

HE: I told you they are in cahoots…..CJ was threatening Jackson with disqualification but here he is just giving the champion a little dressing down…

CJ tells Murdoch to think and Marshall nods his head before heading back toward Jackson. He grabs his ankle and tries to pull him away from the ropes but Jackson holds on and then reaches out with an eye poke whilst CJ isn’t looking….

JT: Another rule break….I’d say Jackson is getting away with plenty here…

Murdoch staggers away and then Jackson grabs him and nails a “Sliced Bread #2” from nowhere….he looks triumphant as he sits on his foe for the cover….


JR: Still not enough….it took Marshall Murdoch ten years to get to the top and he doesn’t want to give it up for anyone…

Jackson quickly gets back to his feet and he beckons Murdoch up before superkicking him in the knees. Marshall drops down on all fours and Jackson grabs his hand before snapping his fingers back…

JT: Now Jackson is gaining some confidence back….now he’s beginning to look like the man who held the 6CW Championship for over 200 days….

Marshall gets up in the corner and is met by a hat trick of huge running dropkicks (ala Daniel Bryan)….he slumps and then Jackson lifts him up onto the turnbuckle…

JR: The challenger going high risk here…..he’s taking a chance…

Jackson climbs up as well and he tries for a top rope “Spanish Fly” but Murdoch clings to the ropes and refuses to budge. Marshall goes to the body of his opponent with solid hooks and then tries to lift Jackson on his shoulders but Jackson then counters off with an incredible top rope hurricanrana….

JT: The whole ring shook there…..Murdoch landed hard on his neck….

JR: And it could be about to get a whole lot worse…..JACKED OFF….OH HE GOT ALL OF IT!



Murdoch’s face is crushed into the canvass by the pumphandle flatliner and Jackson rolls him over before making the cover….


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6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun Aug 16, 2020 7:04 pm



JT: The 6CW Championship elevates men to a level they have never been before….

JR: You seem quiet, Henry…

HE: What do you even say……I have never seen such corrupt officiating in all my time here in 6CW…

JT: Unbelievable and such a downright lie….you weren’t complaining when Miss Jessica was paying off referees….there was nothing wrong with that count from Clarke James, Marshall Murdoch just somehow managed to kick out….

Jackson Jackson is taking deep breaths but looks ready to burst with rage as he gets back up. His focus has completely shifted away from Marshall Murdoch now and he is pointing at Clarke James…

HE: Clarke James needs to pay the price here….he is ruining Jackson Jackson….

JT: Jackson’s downfall is self inflicted here…

Jackson is raging and accusing CJ of foul play but James dismisses him and tries to get him to concentrate on the bout. Jackson shoves CJ in the chest on multiple occasions…

JR: Clarke James is showing real restraint here……for a man who is usually such a hothead…..and you still think he’s corrupt? Jackson is taking real liberties here and getting away with it…

CJ takes a deep breath as Jackson shoves him again and continues his rant. Jackson shakes his head and backs away a few steps before he spits at Clarke James’ feet….

JT: That’s too far….


CJ finally loses patience and he steps forward to throw a punch but then gathers himself at the final second and stops short. Jackson has braced himself for the shot and taunts CJ to go ahead and do it…

JT: It’s like Jackson wants the excuse….he’s goading CJ now….


CJ refuses to retaliate and Jackson calls him “pathetic” before turning away with a sneer and Murdoch leaps forward for the spinning roundhouse kick. Jackson anticipates the blow and he ducks under the impact….


Jackson counters with the pumphandle into a tombstone but Marshall battles free and off the back before shoving Jackson off the ropes….


This time the roundhouse kick connects on the jaw and Marshall drops into the cover….


JR: It’s over…

Ding ding ding

Michael Bird: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner……….AND STILL 6CW World Heavyweight Champion………..Maaaarrrrsssshhhhhaaaallllll Muuuuurrrrrdddddoooooccccchhhhhhh!

JT: Hard fought victory here but Marshall Murdoch has successfully defended the 6CW Championship for the first time….

JR: Jackson Jackson threw it all at him in an attempt to regain his title but Murdoch survived and picks up the win….now he heads to Beachfront Brawl to face King Kramer….

JT: And what next for Jackson Jackson? The challenger practically cost himself here tonight, he was too embroiled in accusations toward Clarke James and he took his eye off the ball…..he got careless and it cost him…

HE: He should be filing a complaint…..Jackson Jackson should once again be 6CW Champion but bias officiating has screwed him again….

JR: Wind it in, Henry….Clarke James called this match right down the middle and he should be commended for keeping his cool considering how Jackson behaved toward him… it or not Jackson Jackson didn’t lose tonight because of Clarke James, he lost because of himself and he needs to shoulder that responsibility……he’s at the back of the queue now and he is the only one to blame for that….

“Papercut” is booming out as Clarke James hands the 6CW Championship to Marshall Murdoch. Murdoch accepts the belt and slings it over his shoulder before touching knuckles with CJ. He motions for CJ to follow him but James shakes his head and points to Jackson, who is still down…

JT: Looks like CJ wants to stay and air this one out….

JR: I’m not sure that is a wise move…

HE: He may as well go out and celebrate with Murdoch….they’ve successfully heisted the 6CW Championship again….

JT: Marshall Murdoch has got the first defence in the bag and now he has two weeks to recoup ahead of what promises to be a hellacious clash at Beachfront Brawl with Karl Kramer….a series decider between two men who have come to know each other very well over the last few months…

JR: That one promises to be an encounter not to be missed…..Murdoch has put so much into tonight but the challenges don’t stop coming…..will he be forced to bend the knee to the King at Beachfront?

Marshall climbs from the ring and breathes a sigh of relief as he pats the 6CW Championship and heads up the ramp. He takes one final look back at the ring as CJ is now waiting for Jackson to stand…

JT: Clarke James looking to bury the hatchet here….

HE: He’s looking to exonerate his guilt, more like….

JR: He has nothing to feel guilty about….

Jackson stands and he and CJ just stare at one another for a minute. Clarke begins to trying to reason with his friend and explain what happened. Jackson listens but looks annoyed as CJ reaches out his hand…

JT: Jackson not accepting that…….unfortunately the former world champion is proving to be a sore loser and blaming everyone else but himself….

Jackson slaps CJ’s hand away and continues to look furious. CJ, however, doesn’t back away and carries on trying to reason with the former champ. Clarke once again reaches out his hand…

JR: Surely Jackson can see that CJ didn’t mean what happened two weeks ago and he tried his best to be fair here tonight….

HE: The damage was done two weeks back and it can’t be undone…..Clarke James is the reason that Jackson Jackson isn’t 6CW Champion, no two ways about it…

JT: Inadvertently or not that may have been the case two weeks ago but Jackson had another chance here tonight and he blew that himself…..he needs to own that…..

Jackson stares at Clarke James’ outstretched hand for what seems like an eternity and then suddenly his shoulders sag as realisation dawns on him. He nods his head and reaches out his own hand…

JR: I think the penny has finally dropped for Jackson Jackson….it takes a brave man to accept your own short comings….

JT: Friendships are an important aspect of life and this one shouldn’t be thrown away….I’m glad to see Jackson accepting the olive branch here….


They shake hands for a mere second before Jackson drills a vicious low-blow between the legs of Clarke James. CJ drops to his knees almost immediately, pain etched all over his face, and Jackson slaps him right across the cheek for good measure…..James tumbles over and JJ spits on him before leaving the ring….

JT: What a disgusting cheap shot from the former world champion….Jackson Jackson should be ashamed of himself after that….

HE: Jackson Jackson is showing everyone that he won’t be made a mug of…..Clarke James thinks he can just screw him out of the world title twice and then shake his hand, have a hug and it’ll all be ok? I don’t think so……CJ deserved that….

JR: I think it is fair to say that this friendship is over….

Jackson climbs from the ring, anger radiating from his eyes, and storms up the ramp as Clarke James continues to writhe in pain on the canvass. Jackson stops at the top of the ramp and he stares back as CJ crawls toward the ropes….the two men stare at one another before the action goes backstage.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun Aug 16, 2020 7:18 pm

*We return from the break and see a recap of the end of the 6CW Championship match. Jackson Jackson is then shown storming backstage. Christy James tries to grab a word on just happened but Jackson is in a rage and says people have taken the pi55 for too long. He says Clarke James thought he could just screw him twice on the pretence of "friendship" but what just happened is a taster of what is to come. Jackson says if Clarke is man enough they can sort out their differences at Beachfront Brawl

*Charles & Karl Kramer are interviewed by Fleur Michaels. They talk about the upcoming handicap match with the Wolf Gang and if CK regrets angering the Lawless twins. Charles Kramer is amused and says if this "punishment" was supposed to strike fear into them then it has failed miserably. CK is confident the Lawless twins won't be around for much longer and he offers his services to Cillian Frost "when the time comes" to help steer 6CW in the right direction. Fleur asks about Marshall Murdoch and the 6CW Championship and CK makes it clear that the title won't belong to Murdoch for much longer, suggesting that beating Jackson Jackson was the biggest mistake he could have made. Fleur asks if this handicap match will put KK at a disadvantage but CK is all smiles. Miss Jessica enters the scene and she trades barbs with CK about the future of the company. Jessica says it is a shame because she saw great promise in Karl Kramer but now he must pay for his uncle's mistakes. KK shakes his head and walks off toward ringside. Jessica wants to know why CK isn't going out to be by his nephew's side and questions if he is scared of what the Wolf Gang may do to him as well but Charles just continues to smile and says he has other matters to attend to. Miss Jessica seethes as Charles Kramer walks away.

*Marty Helms & Dicey Reilly are still arguing with one another whilst Dante Phoenix sits and watches them, looking frustrated. Helms then starts to question Phoenix and whether he's been a mole all along. Phoenix shoots Helms a look of disgust and leaves the room. Dicey is watching Helms with severe dislike and then we get a split screen as Perfect Jack is filling a cup at the water cooler and Johnny Lawless approaches. Lawless propositions PJ and says he can prolong his career, immortalise himself and have another run at the top, just like he deserves, if he makes the correct choice. He knows what 6CW means to Jack but he's contributing to its death by siding with Frost, a man who can't even be bothered to turn up when his boys are going to war. Frost is happy to watch them massacred but be there in person to support them. Lawless offers PJ support and the spot he deserves. PJ is just glaring as Dante Phoenix turns up. Lawless smirks and bows before backing away as Phoenix threatens him.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun Aug 16, 2020 7:31 pm

*The scene is back at ringside as Crime Lord heads out. The commentary team show go over the footage of Crime Lord losing to Karl Kramer a few weeks ago and the subsequent attack on Travis Sharp. Crime Lord was fined and suspended for his actions and now he must apologise to Sharp before being allowed back to active duty. Crime Lord asks Sharp to come out to the ring and it is clear that the interviewer is terrified, even with a team of security. Crime Lord says the security is unnecessary and he recognises the error of his ways. He knows what he has done wrong and he's out here to rectify that. He offers a hand to Sharp and the interviewer is trembling as he goes to shake it but then Crime Lord pulls him into a huge F-5 as the commentary team register their disgust. Crime Lord then completely dismantles the four man security team before getting on the mic. He says he'll be apologising to absolutely nobody because the mistake he has made is not being true to himself since returning to 6CW. Crime Lord says this is just the start and he's putting the whole roster on notice. He says everyone better start watching their back because they've been allowed to live in comfort and luxury for too long but the tax man is here now and it is collection day. Crime Lord dares someone to take action against him for what he has just done because the consequences will be life-changing. Crime Lord calls himself the "wake up call" that 6CW needs.

*Backstage and Uryu Ishida has arrived ahead of his bout with Liam Wood. Uryu admits he is banged up but then what's new because he's been carrying these injuries for the last two years, just allowing them to get steadily worse whilst ignoring the advice of doctors. Uryu calls himself an "eternal optimist" but admits he can't deny the toll these injuries are starting to have on him. Christy James asks what this means for the future but Uryu says he can't be certain. He hints that maybe Liam Wood & Robin Reborn are right when they say this is a "young man's game" and he isn't cut out for it anymore. It is clear that Uryu is deep in thought as he promises that whatever he has in the tank he will give tonight against Liam Wood.

*We get a brief look at Dante Phoenix on the phone. He doesn't seem to be getting the answers he wants and looks increasingly worried. Perfect Jack enters the room as the call ends and Phoenix informs him that Cillian Frost's wife hasn't seen him since he left for the arena earlier that day. Jack says he'll go back outside and see if there is any sign. Phoenix seems to be experiencing some pains in his head and then the lights in the room go off completely. When they come back on there is a green and purple wind-up box in the room. Phoenix winds it up and the jack-in-a-box opens to reveal a laughing clown

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun Aug 16, 2020 7:33 pm

Bout 2
Karl Kramer vs The Wolf Gang

*King Karl Kramer makes his entrance in full royal dress but the commentary team catch on to the fact that he isn’t the real deal and actually a doppelganger. They question where the real Kramer is.

*We get a shot from the backstage area where Miss Jessica is arguing with the Wolf Gang and ordering them out to the ring but Reborn refuses and tells her they aren’t puppets, if she wants her dirty work doing then she needs to find someone else. There is a staredown between members of Team Lawless and The Wolf Gang before Tyler Roth motions for his teammates to follow him out to ringside. Charles Kramer is seen watching from afar with a grin on his face

*The commentary team seem amused that nobody has yet worked out that the real Karl Kramer isn’t out here at ringside but Team Lawless soon swarm. The doppelganger tries to reason with his pursuers but they rip off the crown and snap it before attacking. They beat him down viciously…

JT: This is completely uncalled for….surely by now they’ve realised that isn’t the real Karl Kramer…

JR: I don’t think they care….

HE: Whoever this idiot is he has disrespected Miss Jessica and for that he needs to pay…..he’ll forever rue the day he set foot in this building….

JT: This is just heinous…..why don’t they direct their aggression toward someone who’ll fight back, like Team Frost….because they know they’ll get a response….this is nothing more than shameless bullying…

They rip the robe off of “Kramer” and spit on it before smashing the fake sceptre over his head. Blood is running down his head as Tyler Roth takes the belt out of his jeans…


McManus and Phillips hold “Kramer” up whilst Roth whips him across the back, time and time again, until deep red welts appear and then begin to bleed. The screams of agony fill the air and then subside as the victim seems to pass out from the pain that is being inflicted upon him…

HE: Team Lawless are sending a message to the whole of the 6CW roster….this is the future once Beachfront Brawl is over….step out of line and you will pay…

JT: The future is very bleak if that is the case…

Ricky Nelson is on the outside and he is rummaging underneath the ring before producing a wooden board that is covered in barbed wire…

JR: Someone needs to stop this….

Phillips has dropped into the mounted position and is pummelling “Kramer” with destructive punches, spilling more and more blood, before he relents and they drag their prey to his feet. “Kramer” isn’t even responsive as he is pushed into Tyler Roth….

JT: This is beyond sick….this is straight out of the mind of those two psychopaths in the backstage area…

Roth lifts “Kramer” into a spinebuster position and then drives him down on top of the barbed wire board. More high-pitched screams fill the air as he writhes in agony on the canvass…

HE: Charles Kramer is a clever man not sending his nephew out here tonight….because that should be him….

JT: The real Karl Kramer wouldn’t have gone down without a fight, I assure you of that….

HE: It wouldn’t matter, he is no match for the whole of Team Lawless….nobody is….and The Wolf Gang should start looking over their shoulder because they defied a direct order…

JR: The Wolf Gang made it clear that they will not be pawns in anyone’s game….The Lawless twins are welcome to pursue a war with them too but I’m not sure it would be wise…

JT: Look at these animals….yeah well done, boys, you just beat a civilian within an inch of his life….bravo….so brave and macho…

HE: You need to be quiet, Jeff, before they come and do the same to you….

JT: I don’t give a damn…someone needs to call it how they see it…..if Team Lawless are victorious at Beachfront Brawl I am out of here….there is no way I could work under this kind of regime….what we have just watched is beyond barbaric….

Team Lawless stand in a line with arrogant pride all over their faces and they raise their arms as the fake Kramer lays still at their feet. Medics begin arriving on the scene…

JR: When you look at this and couple it with the fact that nobody knows where Cillian Frost is…I’d say it is time to start worrying…

HE: Frost should have just stayed home and let Jessica run the company…if anything has happened to him it’s all of his own doing…

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun Aug 16, 2020 7:52 pm

*The Wolf Gang are being interviewed immediately following the handicap match and Robin Reborn is furious that Miss Jessica even tried to manipulate them into doing her bidding by using her "privilege". Reborn says this is exactly what the Wolf Gang are standing against and his point has once again been proved. He makes it known that they are not pawns or slaves to the system any longer. They do what they want whenever they want to do it and they don't need anyone's permission. Fleur Michaels asks if they are concerned about repercussions but Reborn dismisses it and says the Lawless clan would be fools to come for them, they don't need that kind of publicity as it will only highlight injustices and persecution that they have worked so hard to cover up for long. Reborn says the only people who should be concerned are the ones in the eyesight of The Wolf, Reborn says they know who they are and says "We're coming" before letting out a howl.

*Clarke James is interviewed by Christy James and he displays a mixture of anger and disappointment. He makes it clear that he never wanted it to come to this, he did everything he could to apologise for what happened but Jackson can't see past his own ego. He says Jackson crossed a line tonight when he kicked him below the belt and although he is reluctant to do so he accepts the challenge for a match at Beachfront Brawl. Clarke says he and Jackson have business to attend to and he will take care of said business.

*Marshall Murdoch is walking through the backstage area with the 6CW Championship when Charles & Karl Kramer step into their path. Murdoch jokes that he just saw Kramer get destroyed by Team Lawless and congratulates him on his amazing powers of recovery. CK tells Murdoch to pursue a career in stand-up comedy because after Beachfront Brawl he won't have a wrestling career left. He tells Murdoch he is looking at the 6CW Champion but Murdoch can't see a mirror anywhere. Murdoch and KK go nose to nose and says why don't they settle it like big boys without the mouthpiece but CK says that isn't an option. He wants to be front row to watch his nephew's crowning achievement because the Kramer Klan are taking over together. Murdoch says he enjoyed beating Jackson tonight but he's going to enjoy beating both their a55es even more. Marshall tells KK that he may have a plastic crown but there's only one king in 6CW and that's the man holding the world title, the same man walking in as champion will be the same man walking out.

*Timothy Allen has returned to 6CW in an interviewing capacity and his first assignment is Liam Wood. Wood says it's like they've gone back to 2013 which is fitting because he was a champion then and that's exactly where he is heading back to. Allen asks about tonight's match with Uryu and what it means for his future. Wood says it is time Uryu hung it up and if he won't do it willingly then maybe tonight is the night to force the issue. Wood said he isn't a good guy or a bad guy, he is the guy and the realest one in the room so he doesn't mind saying it how it is. He says Uryu doesn't belong here anymore so if he won't listen to the doctors then maybe he'll listen to the mortician when they're declaring his death. Wood says Uryu is first on the hit list and then it is Reborn and the Wolf Gang. He hasn't forgotten about them and their time is coming. Wood ponders if a wolf or a snake's bite is worse and then says it is time to find out.

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun Aug 16, 2020 8:16 pm

Bout 3
Liam Wood vs Uryu Ishida

• Proving Grounds returns as Liam Wood is making his way down the ramp to the ring. He stands waiting as "Hold On Tight To Your Dream" hits and Uryu enters the arena. The commentators talk up the injuries suffered by both men in recent weeks at the hands of the Wolf Gang and discuss the less than successful alliance between the pair the previous week.

• As the match starts off, Uryu goes for the fast start, firing away at Wood with punches and kicks in the middle of the ring after there was a deadlock in the lock-up. He backs Wood into the ropes, launching him across the ring to hit a back body drop followed by a rolling thunder. He goes for the pin but Wood easily powers out.

• Uryu continues to take charge of the early proceedings, keeping out of Wood's grasp initially with arm drags and then a monkey flip to the corner. Uryu follows that with a shining wizard/bulldog combination for another pin attempt which Wood escapes from.

• Wood takes control of the contest after blocking an enzaguri kick attempt from Uryu and flipping him so he lands face-first into the mat. Wood follows that up with a vicious boot to the head and then covers, which Uryu kicks out of.

• Liam Wood then proceeds to dominate the next portion of the contest, controlling Uryu with his extra power advantage. He scores a series of near falls, firstly with a belly to belly suplex which is then followed up with a dragon suplex. Another near fall comes after Wood flapjacks Uryu into the canvas before following that up with a Double Arm DDT.

• The former world champion then switches approach, attacking Uryu with a variety of different strikes. He starts with a ground and pound offence on the champion before dragging him to his feet, he hits a superkick to the knee which he then follows with a superkick to the chin of a kneeling Uryu. Another near fall comes after a suplex into the turnbuckle and then subsequently hits a Yakuza Kick.

• Wood lifts up Uryu, he sets up for the Lungblower but Uryu counters that with a hurracanrana.

JT: Much needed counter from Uryu, Wood was totally dominant.

Liam Wood stumbles to his feet, he swings wildly at Uryu who ducks underneath it and then drops Wood with a legsweep DDT. He hooks the leg.

Ref: 1..........................2...............Kick out!

Uryu gets to his feet, he drops a couple of knees into the face before allowing Wood to rise. He goes for the boot to the gut, Wood grabs it only for Uryu to crack him in the side of the head with an Enzaguri kick. Wood falls to one knee, Uryu bounces off the ropes and nails a corkscrew neckbreaker on the rebound. He covers.

Ref: 1...............................2.................Kick out!

Wood forces the shoulder up, Uryu lifts him into the air and connects with an inverted atomic drop. Uryu runs the ropes...

JR: Realisation!

Ref: 1..............................2........................Kick out!

JT: Uryu setting up for Sunset...

HL: Wood escapes!

Uryu goes for the armbar but Wood boots away at his head repeatedly until Uryu stumbles backwards and Wood can get to his feet. Uryu runs in at him but Wood flattens him with a discus lariat. He covers.

Ref: 1...............................2................Kick out!

Liam Wood gets to his feet, he stomps away on the head of Uryu. He then leans down, applying a double underhook hold on Uryu. He drags him to his feet and then launches Uryu out across the ring. The champ rolls to his feet and Wood connects with a big boot to the skull. Cover.

Ref: 1.................................2...................Kick out!

Uryu kicks out. Wood again returns to his ground and pound offence, before eventually rolling away. Uryu gets to his feet, Wood boots him in the gut and lifts him onto his shoulders. He runs to the corner, hitting a turnbuckle powerbomb. Uryu staggers out of the corner and Wood drives him face-first into the canvas with a reverse swinging STO.

HL: Liam Wood has been utterly dominant for the majority of this contest.

JT: Well is it any wonder after he left Uryu at the hands of the Wolf Gang last time out? Both men definitely aren't 100% but Wood clearly in a better physical condition.

Ref: 1..............................2.....................Kick out!

Liam Wood goes to the top rope, he waits for Uryu to rise before diving off and taking him down with a leaping lariat. He bounces off the ropes as Uryu rises...



Ref: 1........................................2.............................Kick out!

Uryu kicks out just in time. Liam Wood stands over him, waiting impatiently for the veteran to rise...

JT: Oh this can't be good...

JR: Here come the Wolf Gang - Robin Reborn flanked by Ojore and Drake, as you say Jeff this can't be good news.

HL: For either of the two men currently in the ring.

Liam Wood is stood waiting for Uryu to rise when he sees the Wolf Gang walking down the ramp. He turns and stares down the ramp, beckoning them on. Reborn laughs to himself as he lets Ojore and Drake walk in front of him. They reach the bottom of the ramp, Reborn begins to direct traffic as Ojore and Drake go towards each set of steps while Reborn stands in between them.
Reborn feigns to step onto the apron and Wood rushes forwards, Reborn steps back with a smile. Ojore and Drake stay on the steps as Wood urges one of them to make move...



Ref: 1..............................................2................................................3!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

JR: Where the hell did that come from?

JT: I have no idea....but Uryu isn't in a good way despite the win...

Liam Wood is on his knees looking stunned by what has happened as Uryu staggers into the ropes and collapses down. The referee is leaning over him and checking on his condition as Uryu signals for a microphone...

JT: Sounds like the UK Champion has something to say...

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun Aug 16, 2020 8:26 pm

*Uryu is helped up by the referee and he shakily holds a mic in his hand. He looks around before lifting the mic to speak.

UI: I...

*Uryu lowers the mic and shakes his head, Reborn & The Wolf Gang are watching from the outside with a smirk

UI: Come on...this day was coming eventually...

*He places the UK Championship in front of him at the mat and stares at it, lifting the mic to speak.

UI: A while ago...before lockdown was even known to us...I went to a local wrestling promotion as a fan, bought a ticket, sat about four or five rows back and watched some young talents in the ring. They had just started out and were loving what they were doing. Their moves flowed with energy and excitement as they went back and forth for about ten minutes. When the match ended the crowd around me barely cheered and clapped, So I started to clap and it got their attention. They looked at me like eager puppies, one of them grabbed a mic and invited me into the ring and then the crowd realised who I was. They gave me a path through and I climbed into the ring. The wrestlers spoke about seeing me in the ring when they were kids and how I excited them...even though I lost. I got an applause and followed them backstage as a few others were there waiting to shake hands with me, yet every hand I shook, I struggled to feel it. Like my hand was a numb brick. I kept a smile on my face and shared a few stories, mainly about how Max Adamson once got caught naked in a Walkabout because he heard that the Men At Work album they played was signed by the band.

*Uryu chuckles and smiles before looking at his left hand.

UI: Well...a few days after that, I go to a private doctor, get checked out and I got a call a week later. Turns out that my time in the ring was up. No more road to go on. I had to stop then and there if I wanted to be able to lift anything heavier than a bag of potatoes. I spoke at length about it with him and said I wouldn't step back in the ring. A few months pass by and 6CW called me, said they needed me back and they had big plans for me. I accepted that offer, keeping them in the dark about my condition. First match back and I could tell my punches were weak. It's why I changed my style to include Sunset. Hell it's even why Marty beat me so fast in the Iron Man tournament, he slammed me down so hard I couldn't feel my left side at all for a few seconds. The recent battle with Ojore, furthered by Drakes damage, the pain told me that I was on a clock and now...times up.

*Uryu starts to break down in tears as he struggles to continue.

UI: I...have no choice but to retire and relinquish the 6CW UK Championship. My career ends like this...and its (beep) I worked so hard every day and this is how it ends!?! I...I can't go any more, just like candle is snuffed out.

*Uryu looks up the ramp & The Wolf Gang, tears streaming down his face.

UI: I asked Miss Jessica for a final request...even if I had one more match in me she wouldn't allow it. Too much of a liability. Well...I asked her if I could present the title to a person of my choosing. She granted this request from a broken down old man and...well..Robin... would you come down to the ring.

*Reborn smirks as he confidently walks to the ring, telling Ojore & Drake to wait behind, sarcastically applauding Uryu's speech. He steps in the ring and stares at the dishevelled Uryu. Liam Wood is watching on in disbelief

UI: It only seems were the guy to finally take me out. You put me on the shelf for good. Congratulations, you earned this. Go on...take the title. You're the're the man to lead 6CW....a true champion...

*As Reborn reaches for the title, Uryu lifts the mic

UI: Over my dead body...

*Uryu suddenly blasts Reborn in the head with the title as Wood smirks. Drake and Ojore begin to storm the ring as Uryu dives out and retreats up the ramp

UI: I won't be giving this title or my career up for any of you sorry sons of b1tches so you want rid of me then you better damn well do something about it....Beachfront Brawl I am going to prove to you and the whole watching world that there's still life in this old dog.....Reborn.....Wood.....Ishida....UK Championship.....

JT: Uryu Ishida just laid down the challenge.....he tricked them all.....incredible....

JR: He made Reborn & Wood look foolish.....they wrote him off and yet he's the one walking out here with his head held high...

HE: He just made the biggest mistake of his life.....because not only is he going to lose the UK Championship at Beachfront Brawl but I guarantee the Wolf Gang are going to take great pleasure in destroying him once and for all...

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun Aug 16, 2020 8:39 pm

*The commentary team go over the final card for Beachfront Brawl; Clarke James vs Jackson Jackson, Uryu vs Wood vs Reborn, Murdoch vs Kramer & War Games. They hype each one and then debate on what has happened to Cillian Frost. We then get a picture from backstage where Crime Lord & Marshall Murdoch are facing off. Crime Lord congratulates Murdoch on finally becoming world champion but warns him that he'll be getting a shot soon enough and when he does it'll be all over in the blink of an eye so Marshall should enjoy each moment. Marshall tells Crime Lord that he always wanted to kick one of his chins off his face so name a time & place so they can do it. Clarke James wanders into shot for a brief COH reunion and he and Crime Lord glare at one another before CL leaves. Marshall & CJ discuss the world title match from earlier and the situation with Jackson. Marshall says he's sorry that CJ lost a friend but that he should watch his back because Jackson is deranged right now. CJ says he'll do what he has to at Beachfront Brawl.
*Christy James tries to interview Miss Jessica about Cillian Frost's whereabouts but she remains coy and looks evil whilst feigning innocence, declaring that she is sure Frost one will turn up eventually. Jessica scolds Frost for leaving his lambs to the slaughter and once again hints of a defector in the camp, saying she doesn't blame them for seeking a true leader and direction.

*Back in Team Frost's locker room and Dante Phoenix is trying to get them all on the same page ahead of the main event. The arguments break out again and Phoenix starts to zone out as he hears continuous and uncontrollable laughter although it all seems to be in his own head.

*Johnny Lawless confronts The Kramers and says they will pay for their little stunt earlier. KK wants to get to grips with Lawless but is held back by his uncle. Lawless says they have made a wise choice because they don't want to make things worse as the rest of Team Lawless appear. Karl Kramer & Tyler Roth stare each other down and then the Kramers bow out, CK wishing them all luck with a smirk. Johnny Lawless then gives another rallying speech and says by the end of the night there will be no doubt where the future of 6CW is heading.

*Robin Reborn is nursing his jaw but he laughs and commends Uryu for "showing balls". He says pride comes before the fall and Ishida's fall at Beachfront Brawl will be memorable. Reborn guarantees he will leave as UK Champion

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun Aug 16, 2020 8:40 pm

Main Event
Lumberjack Match
Jimmy Phillips vs Perfect Jack

JT: As far as main events go they don’t come much bigger, this is chaos, personified, in the making….

JR: It has been, without a doubt, one of the most memorable editions of Proving Grounds that I can remember and we are not done….two weeks from now Team Frost & Team Lawless will enter War Games and battle for control of 6CW….but tonight they have one final chance to aim the barrels over no man’s land…

JT: I can’t help have an ominous feeling in the pit of my stomach….Jessica & Johnny Lawless seem so man sausage-sure of themselves tonight and Cillian Frost still hasn’t arrived…

HE: He’s bottle it….he’s finally seen sense that he can’t win this war and he’s going to wave the white flag….

JR: I somehow doubt that…

HE: The man suffered a serious injury months ago that nearly cost him his long-term health, why risk it again? Get out whilst you can….if he has any sense he’ll stay far away and pull his men out before it costs them too…

JT: Cillian Frost and the team he has assembled are not going to just give in….there’s something going on here and it isn’t “cold feet”….this is a battle for the future of this company and Cillian Frost is passionate about leading 6CW into a golden era, I know that those damn Lawless twins have done something…

HE: And if they have it is all the more reason for Frost to walk away, if he actually can….he isn’t cut out for this, he isn’t built for it…..this is a ruthless business, cut-throat, and you need people like Jessica and Johnny Lawless at the helm…

JT: Like hell you do….

“No less violent” echoes out of the speakers as Jimmy Phillips makes his entrance. Phillips lowers his hood and bobs from one foot to the other, throwing some shadow punches, as the rest of Team Lawless walk out beside him. Tyler Roth, Ricky Nelson, James McManus and Mike Hill all look supremely confident as they allow Phillips to lead the way to the ring….

JT: Well Hill doesn’t need to be out here….

HE: He’s a member of Team Lawless…

JT: He’s not a competitor, he’s a manager….surely he doesn’t qualify as a “lumberjack”….

HE: There’s no rule that stipulates he can’t be out here….

JT: You’re such a damn Lawless fanboy… make me sick….

Phillips climbs up into the ring as the rest of Team Lawless make their way around the ring, laughing and joking between themselves. Phillips has removed his hooded top now and is motioning for his opponent to come out…

JR: I’m surprised Miss Jessica & Johnny Lawless aren’t out here too….

JT: I think Johnny Lawless learnt his damn lesson last week….he stuck his nose in the wrong business and paid the price, he’d do well to remember that and stay where he is safe…

HE: He can go wherever he likes….in two weeks this whole company will be his…

JT: Can you hear something, Jack? Because right now all I’m getting is the sound of (beep) in my ear…

“I am perfection” then booms out, followed by a procession of purple and silver pyros. Perfect Jack appears in the entranceway and he holds up his towel ,with the “6CW” logo on it, to the camera and then kisses it….

JT: All night Team Lawless have tried to spread dissension in the ranks of Team Frost….they know that they lost ground in the war last week and they have now planted the seeds of a defector…

JR: As if there wasn’t enough issues between the members of Team Frost….couple that with the fact their leader isn’t here and I’m not sure how this is going to end up…

HE: In defeat and tears, just as was predicted from the start…..these four men all have massive egos and they cannot co-exist, they are not a team…..and in all honesty I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them was thinking of jumping from the sinking ship….the question is, which one is it?

JT: Well they are presenting a united front at least….

JR: But how long will it last….you can see it in their eyes that they do not trust one another…

Dicey Reilly, Dante Phoenix and finally Marty Helms join Perfect Jack on the stage. PJ is stood a little further forward and he looks back, over his shoulder, at his teammates. All four men are trading looks before Jack turns his focus back toward the ring and starts his descent…

JT: Jack is a 6CW Original….he has faced challenges like this before, he has battled for the survival of this company on more than one occasion…..

JR: And he’s been victorious every time….but the difference between now and then is the trust….Genesis is regarded as the biggest threat 6CW ever faced but back then we were united, we worked together…..Team Lawless present a much different and equally potent danger because we are not on the same page…..Team Frost are divided and we are pretty much out of time to change that….

Jack climbs up into the ring and the referee moves to keep him and Phillips apart. The members of Team Lawless and Team Frost are eyeing one another up on the outside, trading insults, as the official goes over the rules to the two men in the ring….

JT: Lumberjack rules are simple….match can end by pinfall or submission inside the ring….you find yourself outside the ring and you are fair game to the men surrounding the perimeter, anything goes…

JR: It is as chaotic as it sounds and I have absolutely no doubts that this one will erupt soon enough….

JT: We are two weeks out from a landscape changing night at Beachfront Brawl….these men will wage a war for control of the company and you can already sense the tension in the air….this is the pressure cooker…we are at fever pitch now….

Phillips and PJ are glaring at one another, stepping around the ring, and then the bell goes to start the contest. They continue to size one another up and then they launch forward to lockup in the centre….

JR: Traditional start to this contest but I’m not sure how long it will stay that way….

They jostle in the centre of the ring, trying to gain control, and then Phillips snaps free and places PJ in a side headlock. PJ drives the point of his elbow into the ribs of JP and then pulls out before lashing a hard chop to the chest. He pushes Phillips back against the ropes and tees off with a series of backhands before grabbing his wrist and attempts an Irish whip…

JT: Phillips anticipated….BOOM!

Phillips twists inside toward the centre and then drags PJ toward him before lifting him off of his feet with a snap spinebuster. Phillips trash talks PJ and then flips the finger toward Team Frost…

JR: You can just tell that Dicey Reilly wants to get in there and rumble…

HE: He’s welcome to but he’ll be met by the rest of Team Lawless and we know there’ll only be one outcome…

Phillips clubs Jack across the back and then he rags him up and launches him against the turnbuckle. JP drives at the gut of his opponent with sickening stomps and then he lifts PJ onto the top of the turnbuckle….

JT: Phillips is thinking early “muscle buster”….

Jack battles against Phillips’ grip and then drives the point of his elbow down into the top of his foe’s head until he relents. Phillips staggers away and PJ then leaps off the ropes with a double axe handle takedown. Phillips stumbles back to his feet and Jack grabs his arm….


Phillips jumps out back of the attempted slam and then he grabs PJ by the shoulder and runs him forward before launching him from the ring. Jack has barely touched the floor when Team Lawless strike…

JT: Hyena strike…

HE: That’s the name of the game…..this is perfectly legal…

Ricky Nelson sprints up the steel steps and launches through the air with a flying dropkick to the side of Jack’s head as he tries to stand, sending him crashing against the plexiglass barrier. Nelson is just getting on one knee when Marty Helms almost punts his head clean off…

JR: I knew it wouldn’t be long until chaos ensued….

Tyler Roth grabs PJ by the head and smashes him against the plexiglass again and is about to scoop him up when Dicey Reilly clatters into him and they begin to brawl. James McManus and Dante Phoenix are trading shots as Jack pulls himself back up on the apron…

JR: Jack getting out of the firing line…

HE: But he sustained some damage and Phillips can sense it…

Phillips grabs PJ and looks to suplex him back into the ring but Jack floats over the back and quickly rolls him up………………………1…………………………2………………..shoulder up. They scramble to their feet and Phillips looks for a huge lariat but Jack ducks it and snaps off a German suplex….

JT: Perfect Jack is a suplex machine and he’s finding a little rhythm now…

Team Frost and Team Lawless are backing up from one another once more as Jack begins to climb the ropes. He looks down on Phillips and then leaps into a solid elbow drop to the chest……………..1……………………….2………………….Phillips throws an arm up!

JR: A win here would definitely give either team some well needed momentum heading into War Games but let us be realistic the aim here is to keep everyone as healthy as possible….you do not want to be emptying the tank with just two weeks until Beachfront….

JT: Absolutely not….getting the W is always the target but this is not the final battle….this is not the decider and that will be in the back of their minds at all times…

Jack quickly drags Phillips up and attempts the “Perfect Plex” but Phillips shoves him back into the ropes. PJ bounces back and boots Phillips in the face before aiming for a running forearm but JP dodges the blow and cracks off a full nelson slam. He quickly drags Jack up and whips him off the ropes before nailing a pop-up powerbomb….

JR: Might get him the win….


…..shoulder up. Phillips complains to the referee about his count and then motions for Jack to stand back up. He stalks him and then drags him in close…


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6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020

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Jack elbows his way free of Phillips’ clutches and then he clotheslines him over the ropes to the outside. Phillips lands on his feet but staggers and then……BOOM!


Marty Helms takes off, despite his bad knee, and he spears Phillips into the steel steps with crushing impact. Tyler Roth quickly wrenches Helms around the waist and drags him up before launching him against the ringpost and then Dicey Reilly tackles Roth and they spill onto the Spanish announce table, throwing punches at one another. Dante Phoenix scoops Ricky Nelson onto his shoulders but then Mike Hill low-blows him from behind…

JR: Hill shouldn’t even be out there at ringside…..but he’s making his presence known….

HE: Team Lawless are united from the front to back…

James McManus then grabs Phoenix by the shoulder and throws him against the plexiglass barrier before both McManus and Nelson lift him into a back suplex position and then whip forward so that his face crashes down on the top of the steel steps….

JT: Dante Phoenix just got knocked out……PJ FLYING OUT!

Jack sees his teammates in trouble and chooses to suicide dive through the ropes to tackle both Nelson and McManus to the concrete floor. He quickly grabs Jimmy Phillips by the head and throws him back into the ring…

JR: Jack looking to take advantage of the ringside brawl….

Phillips is still hurting from hitting the steel steps and Jack drags him into an overhead belly to belly…………….1……………………..2……………..kickout. PJ gets back up on his feet and he beckons Phillips up before lifting him into a kneebreaker….

JT: Jack setting up…………FIGURE FOUR!

PJ turns his body for the submission but Phillips shoves him away with a boot to the small of the back. Jack sprawls across the middle rope and he gets nailed by a flying “drive-by” kick from Ricky Nelson….

JR: Lumberjacks aren’t supposed to interfere whilst the competitors are in the ring….

JT: As if they were going to follow the rules…

Phillips gets back to his feet and he pulls Jack up before nailing him with the “Touchdown”….

HE: Team Lawless victorious again…

…………shoulder up!

JR: Not so fast…..Perfect Jack isn’t the kind of guy who just lies down….

Phillips is on his knees and looking at the referee with a mixture of disbelief and anger. He punches his fist into the mat and then gets back up…

JT: It ain’t so easy when the referee’s aren’t being paid off or threatened…

HE: It doesn’t matter….nothing can stop the inevitable…

Phillips stands and he does a lap of the ring before coming to rest in the corner. He fixes his gaze upon Jack, waiting for him to rise, and then charges out…



Jack ducks the clothesline at the very last second and then nails the “Olympic” slam………………..1…………………..2…………………..3!

JR: Phillips’ turn to show resilience…

JT: I guess what we said earlier about saving themselves for War Games is not on the agenda…

Jack rolls over onto his back and then uses the ropes to get himself up. He takes a deep breath but then Tyler Roth grabs his feet and drags him under the bottom rope…

JT: Descending into a free for all now….

Roth drives a sickening knee into Jack’s gut and then bench presses him up before slamming him down on top of the Spanish announce table. Marty Helms drags a kendo stick from under the ring and he whacks it straight into Roth’s stomach…

JR: We’ve got a fight on our hands now…

Helms breaks the stick in half as he cracks it across Roth’s spine and then he removes his elbow pad for the “Lights Out” until James McManus hits him with a chopblock to the back of his bad knee…

JT: Cheap move from McManus there….

HE: The injury is there to exploit…

Dicey Reilly spins McManus around and they start trading punches and then Ricky Nelson and Mike Hill get involved so Reilly is outnumbered. Dante Phoenix then climbs up onto the top rope….


Phoenix launches himself into a picture perfect shooting star press that crashes him into everyone on the outside and takes them to the floor. Tyler Roth grabs Perfect Jack and rolls him back into the ring as Jimmy Phillips stalks him and then tries to slam on the coquina clutch…


Jack struggles against the submission and then rushes back into the corner so that he squashes Phillips against the turnbuckle. Jack staggers away, sucking in deep breaths, as Phillips sprints back out toward him….


Jack once again ducks the clothesline attempt before executing a picture perfect hat-trick of German suplexes. He staggers up, sweat pouring from his head, and he grabs both of Phillips’ legs…


Jack is just about to lock in the submission when his attention is drawn to the stage as Miss Jessica & Johnny Lawless walk out, broad smiles upon their faces…

JT: What the hell do these two want?

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020

Post by JJJohnson Sun Aug 16, 2020 8:41 pm

HE: This is soon to be their company, show some respect…

JT: I will when hell freezes over….they’ve looked that damn smug all night and I want to know why…

Tyler Roth has pulled away from the action and is heading up the ramp as Jessica & Johnny stand on either side, continuing to smile down at the ring. The rest of Team Frost are now regrouping at the front of the ring as though preparing themselves for what happens next….

JR: I have a bad feeling about this…

JT: You and me both…..Roth has suddenly withdrawn from proceedings and the damn Lawless twins look like Xmas has come early…


Tyler Roth walks into the backstage area and a few moments pass until he returns, pushing a chair with Cillian Frost tied to it. Frost’s mouth is gagged….

JT: This is sick….what the hell is the meaning of this?

JR: Team Lawless have one last message to send, it would seem…

JT: They can’t….



Jessica’s evil grin continues to radiate malice as Tyler Roth easily picks the chair up off the floor and carries it to the edge of the stage before just throwing Frost through the air, sending him crashing through a series of tables and production equipment….

HE: A rouse all night….they planted the seeds of doubt within Team Frost and whilst they bickered between themselves they have struck with a moment that will not be forgotten…

JT: This is a goddamn disgrace….Tyler Roth has just destroyed Cillian Frost….this goes way beyond…

HE: This is a war, Jeff, and you all knew there would be casualties from the outset…..Cillian Frost does not belong in this business and now you know why…..there is no way he or his team can win at Beachfront Brawl….give it up now before they all suffer the same fate…

Dante Phoenix and Dicey Reilly have already sprinted around to the wreckage to check upon Cillian Frost’s condition as medics begin to arrive on the scene. Phoenix is down on one knee and trying to talk to Frost whilst Marty Helms is still standing in the aisleway, his eyes locked on the Lawless twins…

JR: Jessica promised to get everyone’s attention here tonight but nobody anticipated this…..the battle lines were drawn a long time ago but there is no turning back from this point, it is all or nothing, winner takes all at Beachfront Brawl…

JT: 6CW either lives or dies in two weeks time…

HE: 6CW will be reborn into an era of change…..Cillian Frost’s vision is over…..his team is still as divided as ever, they have no chance…..SEE!

Ricky Nelson has slid a steel chair into the ring and Jimmy Phillips capitalises on Perfect Jack’s attention being elsewhere by slamming the weapon against his spine. Phillips drops the chair and then delivers a huge “Touchdown” on top of it before rolling from the ring as Marty Helms attempts to climb inside….Phillips joins the rest of his gleeful teammates as they head up the ramp to join their leaders…

HE: Take a long look because that is the future….that is what you will see at the end of War Games….Team Lawless standing tall whilst Team Frost mourn their fallen…..we are so close to the end now but the spoilers are already in…

JT: The future of 6CW looks bleak….

JR: This great company has fought many wars over the years but this may just be one step too far…

Cillian Frost is being lifted onto a stretcher as Dicey Reilly and Dante Phoenix remain at his side. Marty Helms is standing in the ring and glaring up at Team Lawless whilst Perfect Jack is sat in the corner, wincing at the pain he has endured during his bout. Johnny Lawless is hyping up his team whilst Miss Jessica looks down upon Cillian Frost with sickening pleasure.

JR: Ladies and gentlemen we are out of time but we will see you in two weeks’ time at Beachfront Brawl for the “End of Days” battle inside War Games…….Team Frost or Team Lawless….only one can survive…..who will control 6CW when the smoke clears and all is said and done?

HE: Take a long look at your television screen right now and you’ll have your answers…

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6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020 Empty Re: 6CW Proving Grounds Results 16th August 2020

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